The Generals (2020)

The Generals They were the leaders the men who made the decisions that changed the outcome of battlesd the fate of continents From the awesome landing at Normandy to the tortorous campaigns of the South Pacific
  • Title: The Generals
  • Author: W.E.B. Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780515084559
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • They were the leaders, the men who made the decisions that changed the outcome of battlesd the fate of continents From the awesome landing at Normandy to the tortorous campaigns of the South Pacific, from the frozen hills of Korea to the devastated wastes of Dien Bien Phu, they had earned their stars Now they led America s finest against her most relentless enemy deThey were the leaders, the men who made the decisions that changed the outcome of battlesd the fate of continents From the awesome landing at Normandy to the tortorous campaigns of the South Pacific, from the frozen hills of Korea to the devastated wastes of Dien Bien Phu, they had earned their stars Now they led America s finest against her most relentless enemy deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia It was a new kind of war, but the Generals led a new kind of army, ready for battle and for glory
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    1. Here things have continued to escalate and there are men imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton.Many of us remember that This novel centers around a rescue attempt to bring those prisoners home.In a prior volume one of the characters was called, baby killer That was an odd period in history I stopped at a car wash in my dress greens in 74 and was cursed at by the young woman employed at the place She made reference to my coming in in my green suit.Yes it was an odd time Felter at one point noted that tr [...]

    2. This review covers the entire Brotherhood of War series which I read shortly after they came out in the 1980s and have re read many times since Like too many writers, after his initial successes Griffin became interested in the money than the art But his first works The Brotherhood and The Corps gave what I thought to be an accurate pictures of military life Griffin s style is what I call Republican Formulaic normal bureaucracy in this case soldiers are not effective only the special dudes Spec [...]

    3. I ve read this series several times over the last 20 years or so, and just started it again after a 5 year layoff Reading it again I ve forgotten how good of a storyteller Griffin was before writing with his son in his last few books While this one sets the stage for each of his other series i.e Corps, Vigilantes, Philadelphia police series with a rich guy who always bucks the system to beat up the bad guy, with this one you have good character developmet and dialogue, and get a history of the A [...]

    4. This book shows the familiar men and women from previous volumes at the heights of the military careers The title is deceiving, though not all of them make it to General Still, we share in the spectacularly bad decisions of Craig Lowell the fierce dedication of Sandy Felter the forceful, all or nothing commitment of Rudy MacMillan and see a younger generation begin to emerge in their own right.This book felt like an ending, so I was a bit surprised to find there are three volumes in the series [...]

    5. Solid 4.5 stars Unsatisfied with the current series bearing the WEB Griffin name, I m in the midst of re reading the older series Brotherhood of War is one of his best series Once the Griffin book get into the early 2000s pub dates , they lose some luster The Generals is one of his better pieces There is somewhat of an abrupt ending, followed by the epilogue that explains away the retirements of prominent characters However, the series does continue as Griffin goes back in time after The Genera [...]

    6. To much rah rahism for the military and the army in particular.To much fascination for one rank pulling rank on other ranks Typical military one up manship B S.And I m a Vietnam vet.

    7. I really enjoyed this book It reads quickly and so the reader is not bogged down in minutiae as in so many military stories There are few definitions of military terms so there is no need to be afraid of jingo Yes, these men are fierce patriots of the United States of America, but they are soldiers and as such supposed to be This story takes place during the Vietnam War and that may make some readers uncomfortable, but there is little in the way of politics in this book Yes, the presidents are m [...]

    8. Some reviewers said that this was a week ending to the series, but I disagree.Griffin was true to his characters, giving them drama and adventure The culmination of the careers of all these officers came together in a secret mission to rescue prisoners of war in North Vietnam The same personalities that I have enjoyed so much in the previous five books came out again in a memorable story Felter, Lowell, Macmillan, Belmon, Hanrahan, and the whole cast were all here.I have to add my voice to those [...]

    9. Another great addition to Griffin s Brotherhood of War series SPOILERSI was very surprised to find, in the epilogue, that all the main characters retire at the end of the book The epilogue tells about the retired life of Lowell, Bellmon, Hanrahan, Felter, Craig, and all the others This is only book 6 in the series I don t know what the last books in the series are about, then The epic saga of Lowell, Felter, MacMillan, and the others seems to have come to a close It ended with a bang literally, [...]

    10. I first fell in love with Griffin s series beginning with the Corps Series Then along came Brotherhood of War Like The Corps, his characters are engaging and richly colorful But, the Brotherhood of War, while still very dynamic, seems to focus a little less on the world of war and fighting and on the culture of the US Army, especially the officer s corps Reading this series, I was intrigued by the almost country club like atmosphere Griffin sees in play among the US Army officers and the histor [...]

    11. Its as if he got tired of writing the series, and took what should have reasonably been three books, compressed two of them into a single volume, and didn t even bother writing the one in the middle instead making vague allusions to it that amount to a few sentences Honestly one of the least satisfying ends to a series I can think of There are some later prequels, I know, but really doesn t change things on that front.

    12. These men started out in WWII in the lower ranks and advanced to the highest ranks over time Being able to adapt to changes in time, situations and events, they proved themselves as leaders of men This book showed how one has to shoulder responsibilities for vast amounts of men and equipment It also showed how men have to settle down a bit, but still have the want to be out in the action Good reading.

    13. Quite the impact on all of our familiar characters, that we ve come to know through the entire series thus far Some things that I never saw coming down the pipeline.Takes us through the Cuban Missile Crisis and a raid on the Hanoi Hilton to rescue American POWs Started off a little slow, but got into the thick of things I d recommend the entire series, and am looking forward to the next one The New Breed with heavy anticipation on what Griffin does next.

    14. Book 6 of the Brotherhood series finds our heroes conducting operations during the Vietnam Conflict Their characters are further developed and they continue to act in the same way that they always have, except they re older and wiser It isn t much, really, about the generalsrather, continues to develop all the characters I enjoyed the book and am already on to number 7, The Aviators which seems to write over some of the epilogue from The Generals.

    15. It was obvious that this was intended to be the final book in the series, and then he went and wrote three I was hooked on the characters from having read The Aviators book 8 , and then went back and read the rest from one to the end This one takes place leaving gaps that are filled in by the later books.

    16. a review of The GeneralsThe brotherhood of war series is my only experience with this author, it is a must read for anyone interested in military life Regardless, I am not military but find the entire series fascinating based on his development of the characters They have become like family Also, you learn so much history from WWII through the Vietnam war What a great read

    17. The LBJ Years and Vietnam Lowell s nephew Geoff Craig becomes the toast of Vietnam and launches into his career, as Craig Lowell roams from one pussy emergency to the next Nixon keeps the Mouse Felter and a POW rescue mission is launched where Lowell leads the op which rescues his girlfriend s husband.

    18. The entire Brotherhood of War series is excellent Once I read The Lieutenants I couldn t stop until I reached the end of the series The 9 book series follows a group of characters through their careers in the military from WWII to the Vietnam era.

    19. I reread this and I only read the first half because I absolutely hate the second half In the second half protagnonists change character and it seems that Mr Griffin decided to crank this out so he could meet a deadline There is one of his books that I hate than this one but this one sucks in the second half.

    20. The Generals Brotherhood of War 6 by W.E.B Griffin Jove 1986 Fiction Military These battle tested men had fought in WWII, Korea, and now they were the leaders and decision makers in a new type of war in Vietnam My rating 7 10, finished 1986.

    21. I ve read all the books in the series While the first novels were excellent, I really don t understand why each successive series had and scenes devoted to drinking It became a real distraction from the plots.

    22. at first i dont understand the plot but when i read it at chapter 2 much good im blown away with the book itelf much enjoyable and really im addicted to it

    23. Not good I found it hard to finish Story was not captivating and the writing was cluncky Enough said don t waste your time there are much better books to be read.

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