Nash (2020)

Nash The fourth book in the scorching hot NEW YORK TIMES bestselling MARKED MEN New Adult series Nash Donovan tattooist and good time guy never knew his father Instead he was brought up by his Uncle Phi
  • Title: Nash
  • Author: Jay Crownover
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  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The fourth book in the scorching hot NEW YORK TIMES bestselling MARKED MEN New Adult series Nash Donovan, tattooist and good time guy, never knew his father Instead, he was brought up by his Uncle Phil, the best role model and mentor a guy could have But when Phil is rushed to hospital and reveals he s at the end stages of lung cancer, he wants Nash to know the truth.The fourth book in the scorching hot NEW YORK TIMES bestselling MARKED MEN New Adult series.Nash Donovan, tattooist and good time guy, never knew his father Instead, he was brought up by his Uncle Phil, the best role model and mentor a guy could have But when Phil is rushed to hospital and reveals he s at the end stages of lung cancer, he wants Nash to know the truth Reeling from the family secret Phil has let slip, Nash needs something to hold on to and the nurse with the beautiful grey eyes taking care of Phil seems remarkably familiar Saint Ford doesn t know what to think when Nash crashes back into her life They went to school together what feels like a million years ago and although she feels and looks very different, she can t tell if Nash is still the same guy the guy who teased and bullied her way back when and who she vowed never to forgive.But Nash is impossible to stay away from From his flame tattooed head to his multiple piercings, and his all round good guy attitude, he s unlike anyone Saint has ever known does she still carry a flame for the first guy to steal her heart And can she forgive him and herself for the mistakes of the past
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    1. You can read my full review at Sinfully Sexy and enter the giveaway.4.5 Stars To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance Oscar WildeNash by Jay Crownover is book four in her Marked Men series It is no secret that I adore this series and therefore was highly anticipating Nash s book All the Marked boys have woven their way into my heart and I have come to love their merry band of misfits This author definitely delivered when it came to the execution of this book The storyline is both [...]

    2. Oh hey another Jay Crownover book.Clearly y all forgot to tell me about this.Okay Thats how it is huhp.s that s my i feel left out face above

    3. 4 I Nash stars It all started with a guy named Rule Archer I was hooked I love these Marked Men Rule s book was my absolute favorite, followed by Rome s As much as I love Nash and Jet, their women both drove me up the wall There was so much I adored about this book Nash was pretty much perfect If Saint would have gotten her crap together a little quicker, it probably would have been a 5 star read for me That being said, I still really enjoyed most of the book and you won t want to miss reading a [...]

    4. Possible spoiler alert It started off well but rapidly declined.We begin with Nash at the hospital after receiving the double shocking news about Uncle Phil We learn all about how Saint had a crush on him at High School and about how he tried to be her friend but then she overheard him talking nastily about her Despite how much she hates him, she sees that Nash is in need of some sympathy right now so she offers him a little bit of support They have some nice sexual tension going on and at this [...]

    5. Would have been a better book if it hadn t been for Saint Sad to say, she pretty much sucked my enjoyment out of this book I m all for heroines who have some insecurities one way or the other If done right and sparingly, the heroine could end up likable and relatable In this book, Saint s insecurities was way too heavy It suffocated the fun right out of the book Frankly, Saint was mean, whiny, and just generally unlikable After the 50% mark, I just started skimming I did like Nash, very much but [...]

    6. 2.5 Stars How do you rate a romance book where you re in love with the leading man but feel he got short changed with his leading lady I m going to apologize in advance for what will most likely be an overlong, babbling review It s how we deal with the things that hurt us most that defines us That, right there, is suppose to be the message of this book So, what defines Saint She s defined by a brief time in high school A 17 year old boy s comment and one party Let me set the stage for you Eight [...]

    7. Book Synopsis from a posting on Literati Book Reviews Will their past determine their future Saint Ford has worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of becoming of nurse Focused on her work and devoted to her patients, there s no room for love She doesn t need a guy making waves in her calm, serene life especially when he s the unforgettable hottie who nearly destroyed her in high school Dark, brooding Nash Donovan might not remember her or the terrible pain he caused But he turned her world u [...]

    8. Title NashSeries Marked MenAuthor Jay CrownoverRelease Date April 29, 2014Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I wanted to start reading Nash as soon as I finished Rome, third book in Marked Men Series I think I always have this strong urge to read another book by Jay Crownover immediately after finishing and closing the one I am done with Her books are just so fast paced and lovely, I m a fanatic Her Marked Men novels are very addicting and you can t help yourself but [...]

    9. 4,5 Nash Stars.This is the fourth book on the Marked Men Series and finally, he have Nash s story.Nash and Saint used to go to high school together Saint was a shy girl who used to be picked on by the others, and Nash was the sexy troublemaker playboy that kept making bad decisions Saint had a crush on Nash, so when one day he heard him say real cruel things she decides to change her life and never, ever, fall in love again It just hurts too much Now, several years passed and Nash is a successfu [...]

    10. 3.5 Nashtastic StarsNash is the fourth installment in the Marked Men Series In this installment we get to know Nash, he has always been the calm voice of reason with the guys, and I was excited to see how that would work in his own relationship True to character, Nash was reasonable and didn t overreact He didn t sugar coat anything and was always willing to go the drama free way This earned serious points with me.Saint I swear I go into books wanting to like the females I really, really do It j [...]

    11. 4,5 you have to appreciate yourself stars And that s why i cut half point of this bookBecause Saint was a really nice girl, but she had so many fuckin issues inside of her that made me really, really angry She was so great and perfect but she wasn t having a fuckin idea how perfect she was As for Nash He was perfect too, as all of the rest marked men and their matchesYep, i loved and this book in this series But I m really afraid for myself when i will finish reading the next two booksI m afrai [...]

    12. I adored this book I knew I d love Nash and I was not disappointed For me this is still not on a par with Rule but it s pretty damn close Certainly better than Jet or Rome Incredibly hot scenes intertwined with achingly sweet and emotionally provocative scenes written beautifully It s a winner Read it Want want want is the one I ve been waiting for I think this will be the one to match Rule for me.

    13. How is this my first Jay Crownover book Damn, I was seriously missing out Now to go back and read the others

    14. Nash is not the same person he was as a boy Back then, he wanted his mom s acceptance and acted out to get her attention Saint knew and was affected by him in high school, not always in a good way, but not everything was what it seems They meet again as adults after Rome, Nash s close friend, lands himself in the hospital where she is a nurse Though there is an obvious attraction, there is a giant shadow of hurt that dulls it on Saint s end The attraction won t go away and as they are thrust tog [...]

    15. My heart was broken for this sexy tattooed man Nash as alway been a easy goin man doesn t let much get to him once his family is good he is fine Nash doesn t actually get on with his mum or step father how is a total ass by the way she isn t much better Nash had it hard been brought up by these to arses but once he was with his Uncle Phil things were better Ye he was still wild but Phil knew what would turn things around an he did this for al the Marked Men he took them al in an made them the me [...]

    16. 3.5 NASH STARS No one can make you feel inferior without your consent Eleanor RooseveltI truly enjoy this series and really wanted Nash s story of finding THE one for him Thank goodness for Nash Donovan From the first book, it was obvious he was a great guy, sweet, easy going and definitely rocking a hot body This book only reinforced that tenfold It was so easy to fall for Nash He was perfect even with his flaws.Saint Ford knows Nash from high school where she was shy, awkward, overweight and t [...]

    17. Nash seriously he always finds the words to say I swooned BIG TIME but fear not Rule is still my favorite I stayed up late with this baby just love this series

    18. 3 Only for Nash StarsI was so excited to read Nash s story ever since he was mentioned in previous books in Marked Men series and Jay Crownover never fails to deliver us these Bad boys yet so sweet,and caringNash he s that calm, reasonable, guy in the group truly loved how he faces his issues, and i was blown away how he handled The Complicated relationship between him and Saint That woman, she has some serious issues I swear i felt like this through the whole bookSee they both were in high scho [...]

    19. I would rate this higher, but I don t think I have enough self esteemSaint and her insecurities drained all mine out of meor least it felt like it This started off great and, after watching these two interact in the previous books, I was really excited for this story Nash was great and the full cast of all our friends of course made it heart warming But Saint Je SUS, this girl shakes head I get having insecurities and leftover hurts from our teenage years I fucking HATED middle school and high s [...]

    20. 3 this series is rapidly declining starsI went in refusing to compare this book to Rule my all time 2 BBF because that s what I ve done in the past Honestly, even if I had never read another book by this author it still would not have been great So we have Nash PS All my tattoo book men look like M Shadows, why because he s fucking perfect that s on Nash was a pretty big let down in the bad boy dept He had just found out some major things that changed his perception on his family Instead [...]

    21. ARC provided for honest review and for The Window Seat on a Rainy Day I became a Jay Crownover fan from the first time Rule Archer fell out of bed full of half naked women, hung over, and uncaring My love for this author just grew with each book in the Marked Men series Knowing Nash Donovan was going to get his time in the spotlight had me than anxiously waiting Nash Donovan has always been the good friend Always there for his friends with a good heart and an unwavering sense of loyalty After a [...]

    22. Yet another Marked Men novel that I ate up in one day There is just too much hotness going on in this series Nash is fucking awesome, Saint is adorable and if possible I love Rule even Royal Can she please fall for one of our Marked Men I mean I seriously LOVE her I cannot wait for Rowdy I love you Jay Holy marked men Batman I am so fucking excited that Nash is gonna get a book Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    23. And the winner for Best Succubus in a Novel or Series goes too.Saint Don t she look purty Saint is a succubus She was a succubus on page 1 through to the bitter end I am no raging feminist but this beotch literally could have set the woman s movement back light ages with her drama and shit Basing her whole miserable existence on something she thought someone said about her I had a really hard time trying to relate to her and her so called insecurities She was the little caterpillar in high schoo [...]

    24. La Crownover un po come la Glines, i suoi libri sono un po il mio guilty pleasure.Me li riservo in periodi di stress e affaticamento fisico e mentale, come per esempio una sessione di esame abbastanza complicata, semplicemente perch tendono un p sul trash e non mi sconvolgono troppo emotivamente La Crownover ripropone sempre le solite dinamiche il bellissimo ragazzo tatuato con tanto di accessori luccicanti nascosti in punti strategici del suo corpo, la ragazza con un passato particolare, che st [...]

    25. Audiobook I m really liking this series and this is one of the better stories so far.Nash is the ultimate good guy wrapped in a bad boy appearance He is genuine, caring, and trustworthy Saint is the now gorgeous nurse but was once an invisible girl in high school She had a big crush on Nash, who was nice to her but with some misunderstanding, without him knowing, he broke her heart and she had issues that stemmed from it.Running into each other again years later, he was drawn to her and she was [...]

    26. SPOILER ALERT You ve been warned Release date 4 29 14 Nash and Saint Holy hell Did Jay drop a bomb on us in the epilogue of Rome or what 4 29 14 Originally posted on Crownover s Crowd on Facebook without the spoilers So I tell Jay all the time on twitter how amazing she is and how in love I am with Rowdy, but it all needs to be said again I woke up early this morning so I could read Nash for an hour before I left for work Longest 40 minutes drive of my life I read pretty much the whole day at wo [...]

    27. Love the Marked Men Series However, this was my least favourite so far I really struggled with Saint and her messed up perspective on her life and how, somehow, Nash was responsible I adored Nash and just thought he was way to good for Saint and basically she didn t deserve all that goodness Still a good read but only 3 1 2 stars for me.

    28. This review is also posted on The Lovely Pages Reviews5 colorful stars Oh how long I ve waited for this book and it did not disappoint one bit Nash was epic and his story with Saint was beautiful and colorful Third book in the series that I m in love with and I hope there s to come Compared to the rest of the series, Nash s story was the most emotional so far The story begins with Saint back in high school and how shy she was and not accepted Nash, being one of the boys, even though he surprisi [...]

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