Travelling to Work: Diaries 1988-1998 (2020)

Travelling to Work Diaries years in different directions The third volume of Michael Palin s celebrated diaries TRAVELLING TO WORK is the third volume of Michael Palin s widely acclaimed diaries After the Python years and a
  • Title: Travelling to Work: Diaries 1988-1998
  • Author: Michael Palin
  • ISBN: 9780297844419
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 10 years in different directions The third volume of Michael Palin s celebrated diaries TRAVELLING TO WORK is the third volume of Michael Palin s widely acclaimed diaries After the Python years and a decade of filming, writing and acting, Palin s career takes an unexpected detour into travel, which will shape his working life for the next 25 years Yet, as the diari10 years in different directions The third volume of Michael Palin s celebrated diaries TRAVELLING TO WORK is the third volume of Michael Palin s widely acclaimed diaries After the Python years and a decade of filming, writing and acting, Palin s career takes an unexpected detour into travel, which will shape his working life for the next 25 years Yet, as the diaries reveal, he remained ferociously busy on a host of other projects throughout this whirlwind period TRAVELLING TO WORK opens in September 1988 with Michael travelling down the Adriatic on the first leg of a modern day AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS He was not the BBC s first choice for the series, but after its success and that of the accompanying book the public naturally wanted Palin, though, had other plans Following the tumultuous success of A FISH CALLED WANDA, he is in demand as an actor His next film, AMERICAN FRIENDS, is based on his great grandfather s diaries Next he takes on his most demanding role as the head teacher in Alan Bleasdale s award winning drama series GBH There is also his West End play, THE WEEKEND, and a first novel, HEMINGWAY S CHAIR, and a lead role in FIERCE CREATURES, the much delayed follow up to WANDA Michael describes himself as drawn to risk like a moth to a flame Someone grounded and safe who can be tempted into almost anything He duly finds time for two travel series, POLE TO POLE in 1991, FULL CIRCLE in 1996, and two bestselling books to accompany them These latest diaries show a man grasping every opportunity that came his way, and they deal candidly with the doubts and setbacks that accompany this prodigious work rate As ever, his family life, with three children growing up fast, is there to anchor him TRAVELLING TO WORK is a roller coaster ride driven by the Palin hallmarks of curiosity and sense of adventure These ten years in different directions offer riches on every page to his ever growing army of fans.
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    1. There s a bittersweet quality to Michael Palin s last so far, at least volume of diaries, a feeling that life has maybe moved past its prime In a way that s curious as this volume covers the aftermath of Around the World in Eighty Days , Palin s biggest mainstream success, and it s various follow ups Pole to Pole and Pacific Yet, there s also a lot of failure here So despite those obvious successes, there s still a sense permeating these pages that Palin is actually either standing still or goin [...]

    2. Source I borrowed this book from the library Cost Free Title Travelling to Work Diaries 1988 1998 Series Palin Diaries 3 Author Michael Palin Overall Rating 3 starsI m so disappointed I wanted so much from this book, I like Michael Palin, as a geographer, I was expecting some great quotes, some insight to his life Instead a lot of it was so uninteresting I couldn t be bothered even taking it in Most of it was I got a taxi here or I had dinner here We get it, you do normal things too I just didn [...]

    3. My Kindle e book I read this book last year but I cannot find it anywhere in my read list Not sure what happened to it.

    4. I do enjoy these diaries I think these are the best ones so far, though I m assuming there will be only one for the time being anyway I m sure they ve been edited a bit but it must still give you a sense of the real person behind the version we know from the TV I think my favourite bit is when he s in Ireland on his 50th birthday and Mrs Palin turns up as a surprise and he says something like was so nice of them to get me a woman for my birthday , heh, made me chuckle a lot.The descriptions of [...]

    5. Never really sure about diary format or biographies autobiographies This was a wonderful book which you could read and read and read There was no rush to get to the end of the story and lots of news snippets which had been forgotten I really enjoyed reading it It did surprise me that someone as talented as a Python suffers so much from self doubt, maybe it shouldn t have come as a surprise So often talented people who rely on public opinion for apparent success are not as confident as we assume. [...]

    6. I didn t enjoy this volume the 3rd of Palin s diaries as much as the first 2, but only because this covers the period of his working life his travel docos books, although I did love his 1st novel Hemingway s Chair which was written published during this time that I have the least interest in That said, it was still insightful revealing, especially the ongoing relationships between the surviving Pythons Not for everyone But recommended.

    7. I love Michael Palin This third instalment of his diaries is as witty and interesting as the others have been More than the details of his numerous travels and the political developments from 1988 98, I love his anecdotal stories, and of course his unique sense of humour Looking forward to the next instalment.

    8. Just as readable and enjoyable as the preceding two volumes Addictive almost I kept saying, Just one entry and then I ll stop and when I looked up I d read another ten pages The Tea with Alan Bennett or Visit to George Harrison did begin to wear after a while But that s than likely me being jealous Who wouldn t want to have such friends and acquaintances

    9. Interesting watching MP develop stuff we now know and love, always enjoy reading these, especially seeing who he meets and who his friends are Highly enjoyable read.

    10. The latest installment of Michael Palin s dairies that cover his time when he did all his travelling for his travel programmes The diaries are so interesting to read as they mingle events in Palin s life as well as the wider world

    11. It must be quite difficult to write a diary knowing it will be published Do you begin to write for the audience as opposed to for yourself Do you self censor or leave that to a objective editor I wonder, but not that much, because I m happy enough with the company of the Michael Palin presented here I would say warts and all but there are very few blemishes on display here, other than that of being what he himself describes as being white, male, middle class and going to public school and Oxfor [...]

    12. An amiable, if long, read Only let down by the fact that the key period of Palin s career that the book covers, is probably hardly covered in detail That of his transformation from former Python into globe trotter Understandably the reason for this is that his travels themselves are documented in detail within each accompanying book to each of his successful travel series There is the occasional supporting diary entry for each travel period which gives us a slight peak behind the scenes, but sad [...]

    13. Not having read the first volumes I didn t know what to expect but I really enjoyed this although, to be honest, I absolutely love reading diaries, memoirs and auto biographies I m easily captivated by the ordinariness of people s lives as well as the insight into the day to day of a celebrity Some of the entries I found endearing, for instance he could not resist repeating any compliments received about anything at all to do with him Also, God bless his wife actually, I d love to read her diari [...]

    14. I made a mistake with this Whenever I m feeling down, I pick up one of Michael Palin s travel books to cheer myself up So as I d been given this for Christmas, I picked this up and the first bit is all about people he loves dying Didn t cheer me up in the least.And I sort of forgot that of course the travels are dealt with elsewhere, so there wouldn t be much about the travels here There s a quite lot about his film, American Friends , which was not a success, and his disappointment about this I [...]

    15. The first of this trilogy of diaries started in 1969 and the last ended in 1999 It was a little bit strange reading 30 years of a life condensed into maybe 2000 pages At 50, he would refer back to when he was 30 and I would go, I remember when I read that That wasn t that long ago But it s 20 years even if it only took me a month to get from one to the next.I was sad when I finished I wanted to keep reading It s been another decade since his last diaries, so I m hoping he ll publish another Fro [...]

    16. It is fascinating comparing his previous volumes to this one You can see the subtle effects that his name and his fame have throughout all three of them, but in this volume you really get the sense of the business side of things, the endless meetings, promotions, the intrusiveness of press most disturbingly during his wife s illness , the award shows etc And also the downsides, the parting from his family, the self doubt, the critical lauding followed by a critical savaging ere are a few quibble [...]

    17. I have to question all of the 4 and 5 star reviewswho are these people I have never read so much self absorbed drivel in my life Diaries are recordings and reminders for oneself not for publication I went for a run here, drinks there, slept poorly, had dinner with so and so, got up early, wrote for two hours, saw this awful play, discussed this script Abbreviations here, there, and everywhere, please a sharp stick in the eye would be a relief I can t ever remember quitting a book before this but [...]

    18. Michael Palin is probably the author that looms largest in my life Whereas I wouldn t consider myself an aficionado of Monty Python, I ve been addicted to his travel books since Around the World in 80 Days was shown in 1989 when I was in my teens Blessed is the Christmas when I get a Michael Palin book as a present This Christmas I was given the third volume of his diaries subtitled Travelling to Work, and covers the decade where he embarked on the first 3 of his big travel series The meat of th [...]

    19. I always Enjoy Reading Michael Palin he has a gentle self depreciating style yet when he is focused he really can focus, This diary takes him from the end of Wanda to the start of his first two Globetrotting Experiences via a west end play and his first Novel Hemmingway s chair and the truly awful Fierce creatures In many ways at his level of celebrity it is interesting what is pitched to him what he turns down and how long some of these projects actually take to do I had no idea he had been in [...]

    20. Michael Palin s diaries have fascinated me since the first volume, each giving a deeper insight into his life during and away from his creative endeavours The problem with this volume is that so much of it takes places during the start of his career as a travel writer and presenter and as such there are huge gaps where the books of the TV shows would have been I d been hoping for some untold stories or thoughts from these adventures but found it lacking However his struggle with what he wants to [...]

    21. Michael Palin continues to be good company in this third volume of diaries However, There isn t the same focus as in the previous decades Python, movies There is the new career with travel documentaries but they don t make the impression they might have doe As Palin doesn t repeat his earlier books very little detail is given, not helped by having whole sets of travel diaries lost in transit So, we get the build up, all the work of writing it up afterwards, the fear of review without the focal p [...]

    22. A big chunky read chronicling 10 years in the life of a very busy man Included are filming Around the World in 80 days and Full Circle, and the writing and production of a play, The Weekend.I found the part when Michael sits in the audience watching their reaction to the performance of his play fascinating.During this decade Michael s mother dies, his wife has a serious operation which leads to having his photo taken with the surgeon dressed as Gumbys and his daughter gains a university place at [...]

    23. These diaries show a man whose got famous enough to sit back and have the offers of work come to him He continues to have an urge to create, and tries to carve out time to write novels once even managing it But by 1997 he finds it s a full time job to promote and update his past work Meanwhile the pythons fight amongst themselves rather than create new work.The diary is at it s best when showing the emotional highs and lows of the creative process The weeks of research he does for his novel idea [...]

    24. I have read all three of the published books of Michael Palin s diaries, this being the third There is no escaping the fact, however much he dislikes the nice tag, that he seems to be a very likeable man For me, this volume was not quite as interesting as the first two probably because I am of a comedy Python fan than a fan of his travel series, although I have watched and enjoyed some of them His style is relaxed, but conveys the hidden side of public life the tedium of press and promotion, th [...]

    25. I would have thought by this, the third volume of Palin s diaries that I would have had enough The first volume was the Python years, the second covered his success as an actor, while this volume covers his transition into a globe trotting BBC presenter Despite the apparent lack of appeal I found myself totally engrossed in Palin s prose It s fun to see the world through his eyes, at times he seems like a perfectly ordinary chap, enjoying and being bemused by the same things as us Then he goes a [...]

    26. These diaries continue to be fascinating and fun There s a wee bit of nostalgia as I remember the times that palin s writing about, and his reactions about the events are always thought provoking.If there s one consistency in this volume, it s that the famous he becomes, so much of his time seems to be taken up with endless rounds of publicity the actual creative stuff seems to take a back seat, along with his incredible round of awards dinners lunches, dinner parties with the great and good a [...]

    27. Originally posted on BlueAnteaterThe only time I ve given Palin less than 5 stars, and that s because the book ends on a bit of a letdown quite a bit of those throughout, actually , and there are apparently no plans to release a fourth volume Which is sad, because I would happily read it I love Palin and his work his unique voice and take on the world has been incredibly inspirational to me This third volume was hefty, yet light on material, and I think better editing might ve served it well, es [...]

    28. I like Michael Palin s writing style and it is an easy and interesting read I found it slightly less satisfying than his previous volumes, but only because the subject matter of the first two published diaries was specifically personal and, therefore, written with real heart, or revolved around fascinating detail about his relationships with other members of the Python team This book, inevitably, has longer chunks about his travels in various parts of the world so that it is purely descriptive. [...]

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