The Daughter In Law (2020)

The Daughter In Law Vanessa Spencer is trying her best to outsmart the mother in law who befriended her under false pretenses When her own husband doesn t seem able to see the light she just might have to take matters i
  • Title: The Daughter In Law
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vanessa Spencer is trying her best to outsmart the mother in law who befriended her under false pretenses When her own husband doesn t seem able to see the light, she just might have to take matters into her own hands I do not want your hag of a mother in my home for the holidays I moved around the room as I spoke, because if I stood still too long I might commit murdVanessa Spencer is trying her best to outsmart the mother in law who befriended her under false pretenses When her own husband doesn t seem able to see the light, she just might have to take matters into her own hands I do not want your hag of a mother in my home for the holidays I moved around the room as I spoke, because if I stood still too long I might commit murder Vanessa I ve asked you not to refer to my mother like that Why not She calls me worst and I ve got the Facebook posts to prove it She s my mom What do you expect me to do I expect you to grow a pair and tell that nut job how it is, or there s gonna be hell to pay Baby, come on Can t you just try for me He was advancing but I was onto his shit, no way not this time buddy What You mean for the one hundredth time Uh uh, all trials are over, she failed When people fail the trial period you don t hire them You should know that you re a Captain in the army If your ass had failed boot camp that shit would be out and let me tell you something, boot camp ain t got shit on a new daughter in law trying to fit in with a narcissistic tyrant set on destruction.
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    1. Vanessa has been living under the thumb of her mother in law and she has had enough She has been complaining to her husband Damian, but he is oblivious to his mother s antics Vanessa decides to push back and all hell breaks loose.This was a bit over the top but it was very entertaining At first I thought Damian was an idiot, but it gets explained why he has been so unobservant Liked Vanessa, she is a tough cookie who has hit her breaking point Another entertaining read from Jordan Silver.

    2. I really didn t like the beginning where the husband seemed kind of clueless to the fact that his mother in law was a freaking biatch I was thinking OMG This guy is a mama s boy I did like how it ended, though, the mother in law got what she deserved.

    3. Hands down the funniest book I have read so far this year I actually learnt new ways to insult someone, it was funny, sweet,naughty and drama filled I really enjoyed it.

    4. Damian and Vanessa are in love and very happily married, there s just one problem his mother She s the mother in law from hell, and as much as Vanessa loves Damian, she cannot convince him that his mother treats her badly, and that s putting it mildly As the story progresses the situation gets worse The lengths that Diamian s mother will go to are quite scary.This is a quick read but very well written Despite the drama there were many humorous moments as well I loved Vanessa she was feisty and w [...]

    5. So far, it is like jumping into an excerpt of a book Again, editing and grammar issues abound and the characters lack depth Thinking about not finishing and I am only at Chapter 3.Ok I finished I don t think this author is for me.

    6. This book was freaking hilarious That MIL is a freaking nightmare But Vanessa was too COOL

    7. This story had potential It was different and the premise of the story was like a total winner.The realistic battle between daughter in law and mother in law It happens Many of us live and breathe it But.The grammatical errors had my head rolling no, literally I could not keep up I was unclear who was speaking, when they were speaking, who said what and why it was all a mish mashed mess.Also, the overuse of the of word coochie had me cringing Nothing, and I mean nothing, is remotely a turn on ab [...]

    8. WOW is all I can say right now and also I hope my future mother in law is not that crazy But otherwise then that i really enjoyed this book for once I started to read it I could not put it down, great job Mrs Silver once again you wrote another great winner.

    9. You know who should read this Those people who say that Jordan Silver can t write for shit Sure her work needs proofreading but if you read without any prejudice you ll see she writes some noteworthy lines I m keeping this book in case I need to insult someone or in case I get in a fight The lines in this book are priceless Story wise it was just mother in law on crack amplified to 1000x It was unbelievable and and it frustrated me how crazy the mother in law was If I was the heroine I d have ca [...]

    10. Mother In FlawJordan Silver is a very talented writer that takes her readers into mind teasing experiences with her tales Not every story is my cup of tea but the love of sharing a journey through her writing is there This is one such story Vanessa was a strong, smart, vulnerable heroine that will have you in stitches as you read the different name she comes up for the MiC, mother in flaw Damien I had a little difficulty liking but as the story progresses you see that though he served his countr [...]

    11. I loved Vanessa She was a woman after my heart She had enough of their abuse and she is standing up for herself in very interesting ways I loved how she referred to her mil I laughed hard many many times And how she refered to the sister that doesn t like her at all Priceless Well to me that is And how she kicked her ass Omg Also I loved how Nessa husband finally was able to really see how bat shit crazy his momma was This book had a few errors but I really didn t care.

    12. I don t know what rock I ve been living under to just recently finding out about Jordan Silver This has to be hands the down, the funniest, naughtiest, sweet, loving, romantic, cray cray, awesomeness book I ve ever read Words fail how great this book is Read it You won t regret it

    13. Great Read Hilariously funny, and very entertaining The things that Vanessa was saying about her in laws had me laughing so hard I was crying Can t wait for the next one.

    14. Good bookIf you want to laugh your butt off give to book a go It has some sad parts but not too bad I hope none you have mother in law like this one It s worth the read.

    15. Vanessa and Damien Damien, a captain in the army, married Vanessa, a girl from the NY and plunks her down in his home in the south far from her family but close to his He then goes away for a year overseas In the mean time his family, mainly his mother, makes Vanessa s life a living hell But when Damien talks to his mom she is sweet as pie So he doubts his wife Vanessa is ready to leave him taking their unborn child with her by the time he gets a clue The whole story is like a one liner It was e [...]

    16. When I first started this book I thought Damien was gonna be a big pussy but I m so glad I couldn t have been wrong He turned out to be a hot as hell Alpha bad ass that knows how to protect his woman even if it was from his own family Damien is a Captain in the Army who has just returned home after being gone for a year Vanessa is his loving wife that left her family friends behind to move to another state with him, which so happens to be where his family lives He thought everything was fine wh [...]

    17. OK I m going to give this book 4 stars even though it deserves 5 My reason beingThe editing was atrocious I have better grammar and I always sucked in English I think the author either self edited or her editor sucked.Other than that, I LOVED this book It had me laughing out loud and totally sympathizing with the h Being as I had issues with my mother n law at one time just not that bad I was completely in love with the story I won t be using this book as a re read but only because the editing c [...]

    18. Loved itI was laughing out loud the names Vanessa had for her monster in flaw At first I didn t think I was gonna like Damien very much he was such a mommas boy but when he finally figured it out, he definitely handled business It was good to see how much they loved each other, but I don t think he ever realized how close she was to leaving him a few times Haggie was seriously demented bat sh t crazy old lady, but believe me she got what she had coming Awesome book I loved it and totally recomme [...]

    19. GoodGood This was perfect Jordan Silver s alpha male with tons of sarcastic retorts and plenty of hot moments I wasn t sure at first if I was going to like it because the heroine seemed to be the alpha but I am so glad I kept reading This will go on my re read list The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the last few sentences Yes there s a happy ending, yes there s the great epilogue but that last sentenceDoes that mean there s This reminds me of Lyon s Angel and I feel it [...]

    20. SynopsisVanessa Spencer is trying her best to outsmart the mother in law who befriended her under false pretenses When her own husband doesn t seem able to see the light, she just might have to take matters into her own hands This was certainly an interesting story, and I bet that there are many women out there identifying with Vanessa The book lacked a certain Jordan Silver sparkle Don t get me wrong I still liked and enjoyed the story, but the forcefulness of the male character did not come th [...]

    21. This book was just wow I have not had such good hard laugh in ages This book will keep you laughing from beginning till end My sides hurt and I laughed so hard at the descriptions that I had tears streaming down my face from laughter At one stage my husband and our friends thought i was loosing it coz i was sitting in a corner rolling around with laughter, they think i am certifiable This author is amazing Would recommend this book to anyone I can it is that good.

    22. Narcissistic DisorderIf you have ever dealt with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder, then you will recognize Damien s mother in this story Silver does a good job of describing the manipulation, the backlighting, and the other characteristics of someone with this disorder And, while much of the airline s language was over the top foul, I could relate to the underlying emotions How the plot works out was pretty satisfying at the last, I must admit.

    23. A boozy I wish I had the words I love this writere has the most intriguing, wild, out of this world mind this book has the funniest dialogue I have ever read I would love it if I could get Jordan silver s books straight from her mindn you imagine being in her head this book will make your tummy hurt from laughing.20 stars for a rating.Will re read many,many timesanx to Jordan for her work that keeps getting better better.

    24. Wowjust wow, at first I thought, what the eff Then I was hooked I laughed my ass off this book is cray cray seriously I loved all of Vanessa s names for the hagfish I seriously has to look a few up it was such a hilarious book The monster in law was just thata monster Jesus, this woman was out of her flipping mind all her scheming and manipulations were just mind boggling Seriously read this book if you need a good laugh.

    25. It was funny, gotta give it that but man was it long Or maybe just repetitive, redundant and felt like an ending debut in traffic In fact, I m not even done reading it.Basically you have a daughter in law who hates her wicked mother in law There s over the top everything in this novel and I m guessing if you re a married woman with a hateful mother in law, this book would no doubt give you endless joy to read and commiserate.

    26. an over the too, vindictive, unhinged mother in law nearly destroys a marriage when she alienates her own son she tries to kill her pregnant daughter in law and later pulls a gun on her own son cray Cray is strong in that one Re read in june, 2017 Lots of sarcasm Clueless son at first Monster in law for a mom too, poor guy.

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