Where They Found Her (2020)

Where They Found Her McCreight creates a world that pulls us in completely and genuinely with characters that can enrage amuse and fill us with empathy It s a thrilling novel GILLIAN FLYNN New York Times bestselling
  • Title: Where They Found Her
  • Author: Kimberly McCreight
  • ISBN: 9780062225481
  • Page: 341
  • Format: ebook
  • McCreight creates a world that pulls us in completely and genuinely, with characters that can enrage, amuse, and fill us with empathy It s a thrilling novel GILLIAN FLYNN, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone GirlMotherhood hasn t been easy for Molly Anderson, and the years since the loss of her second child have been a particular struggle But six months after McCreight creates a world that pulls us in completely and genuinely, with characters that can enrage, amuse, and fill us with empathy It s a thrilling novel GILLIAN FLYNN, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone GirlMotherhood hasn t been easy for Molly Anderson, and the years since the loss of her second child have been a particular struggle But six months after moving from New York City to sophisticated Ridgedale, New Jersey, she s finally enjoying life again, as mother of a five year old daughter and fledgling arts reporter for the local paper But this tenuous stability is threatened when the body of a newborn is found in the woods behind prestigious Ridgedale University and Molly is assigned the story Over the objections of her increasingly concerned husband, Molly dives into reporting, determined to prove herself by uncovering the truth What she finds is a decades old trail of dark secrets that winds through every corner of the town.Told from the perspectives of Molly Barbara, wife of Ridgedale s police chief, whose faltering son is unraveling her picture perfect life and a sixteen year old high school dropout, Sandy, who is dealing with her wayward mother, Where They Found Her reveals that the tragic truth about what happened to the baby lies at the unexpected intersection of these three very different women s lives It is a taut and profoundly moving novel about mothers and daughters the fierce bonds that unite them and the deceit that can drive them apart But most of all it s about the heartbreakingly high price of history The past can be artfully denied, but never truly buried.
    Where They Found Her A Novel by Kimberly McCreight Apr , Where They Found Her is the electrifying story about the power of secrets spilling from one generation to the next, growing larger and terrifying until they swamp everyone in their path and sweep to a shocking, unforgettable end Carla Buckley Coiled as tightly as a spring, Where They Found Her A Novel The setting of Where They Found Her is Ridgedale, New Jersey, a small college town Molly Sanderson and her husband are recent transplants with Justin s new teaching position in the English department and Molly branching out as a reporter for the local newspaper. Where They Found Her A Novel eBook McCreight Where They Found Her is narrated by three women Molly, Barbara, the mother of one of Molly s daughter s classmates, and Sandy, a teenager whose drug addicted mother has gone missing Intermingled are flashbacks from other characters, Molly s new reports on the case, and transcripts from Molly s therapy sessions following the death of her baby Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight Where They Found Her is a standalone, mystery novel written by author Kimberly McCreight This is only Ms McCreight s second full length novel and after an amazing debut Reconstructing Amelia , I know so many readers were looking forward to it Sadly, I must admit that I didn t enjoy Where They Found Her anywhere near as much as her debut I Where They Found Her Kimberly McCreight Audiobook YouTube Mar , The Silent Girl Rizzoli Isles by Tess Gerritsen Audiobook Full Duration TESS GERRITSEN AUDIOBOOK FULL , views Gil Girls Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Feb , Directed by Chris Long With Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson It s firelight festival time again and with Taylor stuck out of town, Kirk tries to fill in Luke meets his sister Liz s latest boyfriend, Lorelai meets Liz and realizes Luke really is always there for them and Jess, anxious to get out of town as soon as his car is repaired, stirs up trouble with
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    1. 3.5 starsA baby s body is found in the quiet upperclass town of Ridgedale, New Jersey The normal crime beat reporter is out of town and Molly who usually does the fluff pieces is pulled in to do a report on the scene.Molly is a recent addition to the town so she doesn t know the history of the area She starts digging in for answers and finds out that another death had happened at the same place.Molly had also recently lost a baby herself and her friends and husband question her as to whether she [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum poop.I hate attempting to write reviews about books I felt meh about Although I read a little bit of everything, the mystery thriller genre is definitely the one I gravitate toward most frequently That being said, I m extremely hard to please A 3 Star rating is gooooooood for me I also have high expectations from authors who I have previously read and enjoyed Unfortunately for authors like McCreight as well as others like Samantha Hayes and Chevy Stevens I [...]

    3. The Hook A starred review from Kirkus and good marks from my GR friends had me scrambling to read Where They Found Her The Line Because, lately, his doing what she wanted seemed in inverse proportion to his affection for her The Sinker It started out fine A body of a baby is found in the river of a small University town Molly, the reporter sent out to cover the story is on the edges of being back to life after her own tragic miscarriage making the assignment doubly challenging Sorry to say I did [...]

    4. 3.5 Loved the different formats, e mails, journal entries, newspaper articles and comments, used in telling this story A small town, a newborn baby found dead, and an investigation ensues Secrets are revealed and some of them go back years, and some of the leaders of this town are exposed Nothing is as it seems A fast paced and intriguing story with some interesting characters, some that will do, anything to keep the truth from coming outC from Publisher.

    5. 4.5 Stars I was hooked right away Wow is this the page turner Loved it I never finished Reconstructing Amelia because I couldn t get into it but decided to give this author another try I am so glad I did This was a much better read for me.The only problem I had was with the character, Barbara I found her a little too tedious, annoying, and over the top even though she is supposed to be that way Nonetheless, Where They Found Her , was excellent Psychological thriller fans put this on the top of y [...]

    6. Beginning half of the book 2.5 starsLast half of the book 3.5 starsI had a hard time connecting with this book right from the start So many characters to remember and multiple story lines made it hard for me to figure out what was what On the plus side, the lead story was what kept me turning the pagesI did want to know whodunit and why Finally a little over half way through the story lines started to come together and my questions were answered The author really does know how to spin a twisted [...]

    7. After being thoroughly impressed by author, McCreight s debut novel Reconstructing Amelia, to say the pressure was on for book number two was an understatement Of course we had the almost obligatory comparisons to Gone Girl, but while this will most likely never get to the sales heights of that particular title, in every other way it is a superior piece of writing.Still reeling from a recent miscarriage, Molly Sanderson, who lives in upscale Ridgedale, with her professor husband and her young da [...]

    8. Twisty and enjoyable mystery, but fairly forgettable lands somewhere around a 3.5 I m not sure if these types of books are getting generic or if I ve just read so many that they no longer stand out

    9. Here is another book that others seemed to really enjoy but that fell flat for me As another reviewer said, perhaps I, too, have read too many of these non linear mysteries with multiple POVs and jostled storylines Here I found the characters and there were so many very one dimensional and interconnected past the point of believability How all these seemingly cursory characters proved important in the end was a little weak and the relationship that was the most important piece of the puzzle was [...]

    10. Seriously, Kimberly McCreight Why do you do this to me Every damn time I always fall victim to your tantalizing, suspense fueled, and addicting plots I also enjoy every minute of it and will continue to do so again and again In Where They Found Her , a newborn baby s dead body washes up on the shore of a town in New Jersey, sending all of the inhabitants into a state of blame placing The story is told through the eyes of three women Molly a news reporter who is still dealing with the death of he [...]

    11. Where They Found Her is a standalone, mystery novel written by author Kimberly McCreight This is only Ms McCreight s second full length novel and after an amazing debut Reconstructing Amelia , I know so many readers were looking forward to it Sadly, I must admit that I didn t enjoy Where They Found Her anywhere near as much as her debut I felt confused too many times and I think that had to do with the multiple POV s and storylines going on It prevented me from following the flow of the story co [...]

    12. Let s just get this out of the way I AM HARD TO PLEASE.I am deeply entrenched in the mystery thriller suspense genre Deeply Like, I m not one of those well rounded readers So, 3 stars from me in this genre is not necessarily a bad thing That being said, I also hate writing reviews for 3 star ratings because I feel so monotone in my emotional reaction towards what I ve read It s the the epitome of meh And I have so much meh to spread all over this book.A dead baby has been found in the woods rive [...]

    13. The body of an infant has been found near a creek on the campus of Ridgedale University No one knows whose baby this was, who killed the baby, and, of course, why someone would have done such a terrible thing Molly Sanderson, a freelance journalist who has mainly covered the arts, lifestyle, and human interest beat for the Ridgedale Reader finds herself assigned to cover the story, and she is unprepared for the toll it will take on her psyche.Following the loss of her second baby, Molly suffered [...]

    14. 4.5 sWhen Molly Anderson, journalist for the local paper in Ridgedale was asked to cover the discovery of a body at the Ridgedale University s campus grounds, she knew she was their last resort But she also wanted this to work she had been ill with a severe case of depression for the past eighteen months after the loss of her baby Her daughter Ella and husband Justin were the only things keeping her sane So the opportunity to get back into the work she loved was too good to resist Erik, her boss [...]

    15. It seems every thriller these days gets held up to Gone Girl There s no doubt Gillian Flynn is a very talented writer, but I dunno, something about her books always leaves me feeling a little dirty and grubby I read Reconstructing Amelia a couple of years ago, and while it doesn t have the same level of fame and popularity as GONE GIRL I infinitely preferred it Stylistically, WHERE THEY FOUND HER has similarities toAmelia.The book encompasses several viewpoint characters, and includes excerpts f [...]

    16. Kimberly McCreight, delivers a multi layered suspense, psychological crime mystery thriller, WHERE THEY FOUND HER leaving you page turning into the night to discover the devastating secret of the lives connected to these dark secrets.Set in an idyllic small suburban town of Ridgedale, NJ, we hear from different women with a multi generational perspective Molly is a freelance journalist, and lives with her professor husband Justin and five year old daughter, Ella Molly is assigned the story of a [...]

    17. Imagine thisYou have had a hard time getting pregnant, you have been through some terrible struggles to become a Mother.Then joyously you give birth and you rear a daughter, a wonderful daughter.The your job takes you to a place near water where there is a baby, a little baby dead Its only been a couple of years since she said goodbye to her still born baby Even though she has a child now, if anyone has been through loosing a baby, miscarriage, stillborn, cot death or for whatever reason, those [...]

    18. A baby is found dead and a town is in turmoil Molly Anderson is asked to cover the story for her newspaper, although she is still recovering from the loss of her own baby years earlier As she digs deeper into the story, secrets from the past become uncovered and effect many lives in the tony college town The story is told from 3 POVs Molly, whose husband does not want her to cover this story, Barbara, the wife of the police chief and who tries to project a perfect life, and Sandy, a 16 year old [...]

    19. Another thoroughly well written novel by author Kimberley McCreight I had the novel Reconstructing Amelia recommended to me and really enjoyed it so it was an easy choice to read this book and I was not disappointed The book is not full of action but it has very well written dialogues that build up the various characters to have them clear in your mind The story is well laid out and makes perfect sense by the end of the book and is extremely well paced.

    20. Molly Sanderson and her husband Justin, an English professor at Ridgedale University, have recently re located to the idyllic town some time after the stillbirth of their second daughter Molly, a journalist, struggles with the guilt of what happened and has only just started working for the local newspaper, The Ridgedale Reader, covering fluff pieces when she is called to investigate a report of a body found on land that belongs to the University Molly is aware that the editor is only sending he [...]

    21. My Description She was found near the water s edge.Her small body was underneath the skinny trees that long ago had lost their leaves Ridgedale Reader reporter Molly Sanderson is asked to write the news report on a dead body found near the Ridgedale University campus A dead body is newsworthy anyway but this isn t just any dead body This is a newborn baby girl Molly takes on the case because she has to There s no one else Years before, Molly had lost a baby due to a miscarriage At first, She doe [...]

    22. This ARC was gifted to me by HarperCollins Canada as part of their newly re launched program HCCFirstLook in exchange for an honest review Wow This was really REALLY good I love a good psychological thriller, especially when they are as well thought out and well written as Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight.When I first read the synopsis for Where They Found Her, I was a little worried knowing that this novel was going to be told from three different points of view I really do love when [...]

    23. 3.5 StarsA dead infant is found on a college campus A freelance journalist is chosen to be the reporter on this case, which is extra difficult for her, as she is still reeling from the loss of her own baby Molly is determined to uncover the truth over this case, even if it means discovering deep, dark secrets of this sleepy college town I really liked this author s first novel, Reconstructing Amelia, so I was looking forward to this one It was slightly muddled in the middle, and I had a little d [...]

    24. As the book cover informs, this psychological thriller is told from the viewpoint of three different women Kimberly McCreight does an excellent job on voice each character has a distinct personality and expression The main character, Molly, is the weakest character in that she s supposed to be a journalist, but doesn t seem very curious or inquisitive The most difficult character to read is Sandy, who is a teenager with foul language and harsh idiolect I almost abandoned the book after Sandy s f [...]

    25. I ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about this book, but decided to go ahead and read it anyways Like Reconstructing Amelia, I figured that even if the book didn t end up being a favorite, it would at least keep me entertained for a few hours And it did But even than that, I found myself truly impressed with Kimberly McCreight s pacing and structure in this novel The way she tells this story ie, through multiple perspectives, flashbacks, journal entries, etc , is very similar to her approach to he [...]

    26. when i first saw this on , my first thought was that it sounded like sharp objects like, kind of exactly like it dead body in the woods, reporter unexpectedly put on the case in a small town, brings back traumaever, this book goes to show how different two books can be with similar premises where they found her achieves a lot in its relatively short form almost an epistolary novel, it introduces us to five separate storylines that all tie in together at the end the journalist her psychiatric tra [...]

    27. I absolutely loved Reconstructing Amelia and was so excited to get a chance to read this one early My expectations were really high, as well, and I completely adored this book, as well.It s not another Reconstructing Amelia, except it s just as compelling This one centers around a newborn girl who was found dead in a relatively remote area Nobody knows who her mom is, or how she got there, and obviously it has the small town in an uproar I love that Kimberly McCreight chose to have Barbara co na [...]

    28. 3.5 Stars McCreight s newest novel is centered around a small university town where the body of a newborn infant has been found in the river Molly, local small town community reporter, finds herself in the unenviable position of reporting on the crime when the town s regular investigative reporter is conveniently out sick that day Even worse, the death hits hard for Molly since she is only just recovering from a late term miscarriage herself.It probably goes without saying that Molly uncovers fa [...]

    29. I found this hard to follow at times, but in saying that it is a great read We are introduced to many characters and multiple story lines so you need to concentrate to keep up with them all The story is part mystery, part thriller An infant baby is discovered dead near the local university No one knows who the baby is or how it came to be there This begins the story and as we move further all these characters and sub plots come together to make for quite a dark tale, but a very intriguing one th [...]

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