The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law (2020)

The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law Until now freedom minded parents have had little to no educational material to teach their children the core concepts of liberty The Tuttle Twins series of books helps children learn about political
  • Title: The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law
  • Author: Connor Boyack
  • ISBN: 9780989291
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Until now, freedom minded parents have had little to no educational material to teach their children the core concepts of liberty The Tuttle Twins series of books helps children learn about political and economic principles in a fun and engaging manner With colorful illustrations and a fun story, your children will follow Ethan and Emily as they learn about liberty
    The Tuttle Twins Teach Your Children the Principles of The Tuttle Twins series helps you introduce these ideas to your children and have meaningful family discussions about them. Tuttle Twins Book Series Connor has published books and sold over . million copies He is best known for The Tuttle Twins books, a children s series introducing young readers to economic, political, and civic principles. The Tuttle Twins Series The Tuttle Twins The Tuttle Twins Series The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law In a fun adventure that involves pirates and plunder, Ethan and Emily learn about law, liberty, and limited government Unlike any Is The Tuttle Twins Series Worth Buying An Honest Review Jun , What are The Tuttle Twins Books Written by Connor Boyack, the books center around two twins, Ethan and Emily Boyack based the twins off of his own children Each illustrated book is Black Friday MASSIVE Deal The Tuttle Twins Tuttle Twins Audiobooks ALL The Law Miraculous Pencil Creature from Jekyll Island Food Truck Fiasco Road to Surfdom Golden Rule Search for Atlas Spectacular Show Invest in Tuttle Twins on VidAngel Studios. A show that teaches kids to stand up for freedom Podcast The Tuttle Twins The Tuttle Twins children s book series is read by hundreds of thousands of families across the country, and nearly a million books in a dozen languages are teaching children like yours about the
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    1. I enjoyed this book far than I expected given my distaste for politics, mainly because of corruption If children grew up believing the ideas promoted in this book, governmental corruption such as redistributing taxes paid by workers to those who won t work would become a thing of the past Giving would be the province of individuals and charitable organizations with better means to determine whether a need is real I was alone while reading, but I wanted to shout, Yes Truth for youth And for adu [...]

    2. As many Libertarian Small Government proponents probably know, teaching these ideas to your kids can be kinda difficult given the lack of books or study material for their age range While the ideas are simple, it can often be difficult for parents to explain them in ways that are interesting or fun I am happy to say the Tuttle Twins book on The Law is a great entry into this almost non existent genre of literature It is a children s version of Frederic Bastiat s The Lawwhich is a great book that [...]

    3. The Story The Tuttle twins are taught about the word wisdom in school and are then asked to interview someone they think is wise They choose their neighbor Fred, and go visit him after school Fred tells them about The Law, a book by Frederic Bastiat He explains to the children about responsibility, about helping others because you want to, not because you are forced to, about legal plunder, and about true laws that protect people My Thoughts THIS IS A MUST READ 5 Stars Okay, enough shouting The [...]

    4. PLEASE READ This book is without a doubt one of the best books on philosophy and government for the age group It s highly Libertarian Anarco Capitalist, and everyone who knows the name Basitat should expect that This is an accurate representation of The Law in a children s book format ONE BIT OF CAUTION This book has a powerful religious component If you are an Atheist, this book will offend The argument of Bastiat goes like this God gives you rights Rights protect you Therefore, God protects yo [...]

    5. Very good adaption of Bastiat s The Law for children.The only downside I can see is the reduction of the explanation of Natural Rights as given by God The argument in favour of Natural Rights is much stronger without invoking God, and the book would be better if this perspective were added to it.I know that Bastiat s original argument was focused on God, but that s no reason to enrich it with a stronger version fit to our time.

    6. I enjoyed this book and will read it with my kids soon It can be read in about 15 minutes and opens up a lot of thought and discussion about government The topic of the proper role of government actually made me a little uncomfortable because there are so many examples in the other direction I love that it doesn t shy away from teaching about God and the rights He has given us I will definitely read the other books in the series and look up the included PDFs to do with my kids.

    7. This 53 page kid s book follows Ethan and Emily Tuttle as they embark on a homework project to interview somebody wise The 9 year old twins choose their neighbor Fred He tells them about a book written in 1850 which explains the law Fred teaches them about good laws used to help people and other laws that let people plunder or hurt people Cute illustrations by Elijah Stanfield.

    8. My 8 year old loved it It did a great job introducing her to our God given rights, and the power some people in government can have in our lives.

    9. 2017 Reading Challenge Book 6 A Book for Children or TeensFor those of us who love liberty, and want to preserve the principles of liberty for future generations, there are very few resources to help teach these concepts to young children This series of five books by Connor Boyack, president of The Libertas Institute, seeks to meet that need.I read through all five of these the other night, and am very much looking forward to reading them with my children The books say they are intended for read [...]

    10. The very first thing that grabbed my attention about this book is how beautiful and colorful the illustrations are This is a high quality publication printed on thick paper with rich imagery It will stand the test of time I gave it to my 8 year old to read and she gave The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law two thumbs up She found the early reader book interesting and educational We later read it aloud as a family and she STILL remembered the facts, the premise and the little details That says a l [...]

    11. It s always good to see books that teach solid principles, and there are too few of them for children these days I read the 19th century French work, The Law , upon which the Tuttle Twins is based many years ago I believe it to be one of the best books I ve ever read on the subject of liberty and government How fitting that Connor s book is dedicated to this man, Frederic Bastiat More people should know his name, and hopefully with the publication of this book already flying off the shelves many [...]

    12. Great book aimed at elementary children It translates Frederic Bastiat s The Law into terms and concepts understandable by kids The illustrations were great, and story struck that perfect line between an entertaining storyline and an educational informative text The conversational style with the children as the main characters really helped my kids 8, and 5 identify with the story, and even my 2 yr old liked looking at the pictures Great for kids of all ages

    13. In The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law, Connor Boyack condensed the basics of The Law by Fr d ric Bastiat into a very concise and enjoyable book for children or adults After I read it to my children I asked them questions to see how well they understood the concepts that it teaches Their answers made it clear they understood well enough to apply the principles to broader, complex situations in private and public life.

    14. Connor Boyack does an amazing job of explaining Bastiat s The Law in a way even a 7 year old can understand Don t have time to read Bastiat The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law will give you a basic working understanding of these important concepts This is a must have book for young and old alike.

    15. This book will help people of any age better understand some of the complexities behind THE LAW As a companion to its inspiration, THE LAW by Frederic Bastiat, children and adults alike will no longer find it difficult to explain or understand why or which laws should shouldn t exist The friendly illustrations keep children s interest as well as visually explain the concepts Well done.

    16. My son loves this book He always takes it to school for reading time and loves to share what he has learned though it It s a tangible way for children to understand Frederic Basti t s The Law or even for adults who lack patience in reading the real thing We can t wait for the others to come out.

    17. Loved this book and it s simple yet fun way it teaches about non aggression It s a children s picture book version or Frederic Bastiat s The Law and it does a great job I will definitely have this in my material list for homeschooling my future kids.

    18. The story is intended to be didactic and it is The lesson taught is important and worth while, but the story is obviously aimed at young people and I m not sure it would hold the interest of most of them.

    19. Our study of economics began here I am almost ready to install a parent tax in my house just to let my son see what it is like.

    20. My son loves this book I was going to just have him read half one night and the other the next, but he insisted on finishing it in one sitting

    21. My 1st grade son liked this book OK I like that it teaches the proper role of government to young children.

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