The Third Twin (2020)

The Third Twin Identical twins Identical DNA Identical suspects It s Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge in this edge of your seat thriller with a shocking twist When they were little Lexi and her identical twin Ava
  • Title: The Third Twin
  • Author: C.J. Omololu
  • ISBN: 9780385744522
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Identical twins Identical DNA Identical suspects It s Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge in this edge of your seat thriller with a shocking twist.When they were little, Lexi and her identical twin, Ava, made up a third sister, Alicia If something broke Alicia did it Cookies got eaten Alicia s guilty Alicia was always to blame for everything The game is all grown upIdentical twins Identical DNA Identical suspects It s Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge in this edge of your seat thriller with a shocking twist.When they were little, Lexi and her identical twin, Ava, made up a third sister, Alicia If something broke Alicia did it Cookies got eaten Alicia s guilty Alicia was always to blame for everything The game is all grown up now that the girls are seniors They use Alicia as their cover to go out with boys who are hot but not exactly dating material Boys they d never, ever be with in real life.Now one of the guys Alicia went out with has turned up dead, and Lexi wants to stop the game for good As coincidences start piling up, Ava insists that if they follow the rules for being Alicia, everything will be fine But when another boy is killed, the DNA evidence and surveillance photos point to only one suspect Alicia The girl who doesn t exist As she runs from the cops, Lexi has to find the truth before another boy is murdered Because either Ava is a killer or Alicia is real.
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      259 C.J. Omololu
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    1. I have been a fan of Omololu s since her very first book and with each new book out, that fondness just grows stronger.Her latest release, The Third Twin was every bit as great as I was expecting it would be and had that extra little umph that kept me turning the pages and staying up late to finish it Where should I start with this This one kept me on my toes I was fascinated with the mystery aspect as much as I was with the murders With each new clue, each new horror revealed, I was on the edge [...]

    2. From the bestselling author of Dirty Little Secrets and Transcendence series comes yet another highly entertaining, suspenseful and supremely readable story The Third Twin is a murder mystery and a high intensity thriller about identical twin sisters, Alexa and Ava, who play with fire by pretending to have a third sister, Alicia Alicia is fun, beautiful, fashionable and extremely popular with boys She goes on many dates, gets invited to all the hot parties and is simply the coolest sister out of [...]

    3. This book had me guessing and thinking It was a wonderful plot I normally don t read a book in a day, especially one over 300 pages But this one I couldn t put down and stayed up past my bedtime to finish I highly recommend for the YA fan.

    4. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion It does not change the outcome of my review in any way.2.5 5 starsMan, it is just hit or miss with me and YA thrillers Either they are amazing Far From You The Creeping or just not good And this one, while compelling, just had too many issues for me to like it I read it, I couldn t stop reading it, but I didn t like it In the end, I was thinking of how many implausible things happened than I was thinking about how ne [...]

    5. It has thrills and intrigue but at the same time, it drags on slightly, by the middle of the book, you have already assumed what was going on Was a good book, but wasn t amazing, but def worth the read.

    6. This had a solid idea a pair of twin girls invented a triplet sister when they were kids, and now dress as this fake sister as a way to go out with unsuitable boys But now the fake sister s ex boyfriends are showing up dead, and it s one of the real twins bring accused of murder So, a promising mystery thriller But the main character is an idiot Seriously dumb Like, asking friends what on earth she should do with this evidence that could exonerate her, and everyone is mystified by the idea that [...]

    7. Yet again another book with a brilliant synopsis and innovative idea that just fell short I was never fully invested in this book and didn t feel at all thrilled while reading this Although I didn t catch the killer, I wasn t surprised or in any way impressed when it was revealed.So here s a fun story I bought this book because my family considers one of my friends the third twin because she s always around and gets along with both me and my sister equally So I kind of bought it because of that [...]

    8. The Third Twin, is a twisty whodunit young adult mystery thriller that was an instantly enjoyable escape from the first page, on Ava and Lexi are identical twins right down to their DNA and when they were younger they invented an imaginary friend sister, named Alicia Anything they did wrong Alicia did it, but as the twins got older they re starting to see that playing the Alicia card is getting dangerous and eventuallyadly.When I first heard about this book I knew that I was interested in readi [...]

    9. THE THIRD TWIN is a thrilling and spellbinding mystery full of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing as to who the killer is, a touch of romance, an engaging plot, and an ending that is sure to surprise Hints are dropped, clues are left some which are meant to intentionally mislead and potential suspects are introduced, combining to make this an even gripping and exciting read.Ava is the gorgeous, confident twin Lexi is the plain, studious twin And Alicia is the twin they made up to [...]

    10. I received this from Netgalley for my honest review Publisher Random House Children sSo I loved the idea for this book The cover is gorgeous and I thought it sounded like an awesome thriller The suspense didn t disappoint but sometimes it felt like reading about a lot of things that were irrelevant This would have been a 3.5 star for me except for the fact that the MC and some of the other characters were just so naive and somewhat annoying The MC did go through a major transformation throughout [...]

    11. In my mind it s almost like there was actually a third twin with us Even when we were kids, Alicia was fun and daring and not afraid to get into trouble now and ask for forgiveness later Even though she was imaginary, Alicia seemed to real then Lexi and Ava are twin sisters and when they were younger, they both had an imaginary sister named Alicia Problem is, they re all grown up and still pretend like Alicia exists but they ve just changed the rules a bit Now the girls alternate being Alicia an [...]

    12. See this is why I love lesser known books You go into them knowing nothing and end up being in for a pleasant surprise wondering why this book hasn t gotten attention The only thing I knew going into this book, besides that it s a psychological thriller, was that it s something like Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge the TV shows So I immediately was intrigued as I love PLL A lot As soon as I started this I was sold, this book is a real page turner It left me in suspense and made me refuse to st [...]

    13. It s Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge in this edge of your seat thriller with a shocking twist I m actually excited for this book

    14. The Third Twin, Its about a two twins named Ava and Lexi When they were little they used to pretend that they had another sister or twin they called her Alicia They used to blame everything on Alicia, if something breaks it was Alicia s fault Now that they are in senior high school, they use Alicia as a cover to out with guys After Alicia s date nightCasey the guy Alicia went out with, they found out the very next day that Casey was dead in very same place Alicia and Casey was hanging out Its ei [...]

    15. I very much enjoyed the Third Twin and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery that keeps you at the edge of your seat I couldn t get enough of this story As soon as I read the summary on the back, I could not put it down Identical twins, Alexa and Ava made up a third sister named Allicia when they were very young Instead of dressing up as each other, they dressed as Allicia which was a confident and outgoing version of themselves But they couldn t pull this off f [...]

    16. omg this book was amazing i haven t marked a book 5 stars in so long but his is going in my favorites i would recommend this to everyone Plot The plot of this book was very fast paced and i really really enjoyed this book because of how it had me on the edge of my seat The plot sucked me in and captivated me from the first page and it was incredibly intriguing The only thing was i kind of suspected who the killer was by the middle but i wasn t sure so it didn t take away from my overall enjoymen [...]

    17. The Third Twin is about two twins, Lexi and Ava They created a imaginary third twin, Alicia, when they were little kids When ever they did things such as break something or steal cookies from the cookie jar, they blamed Alicia Now that they are seniors in high school, they use Alicia for different things They use Alicia to go out with boys they think are hot, but would never actually date Ava normally uses Alicia than Lexi Then when one of the boys that Lexi Alicia goes out with ends up being b [...]

    18. Well, ever since reading about Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, I ve been a sucker for books with twins and, truly, so many other books about twins have been something of a disappointment those Sweet Valley girls are by far my favorite fictional twins So, naturally, this title caught my eye And the premise of an imaginary twin that just may turn out to be real sounds fascinating Margo, is that you Or Nora.And from page one, twins Lexi and Ava are up to some very Sweet Valley shenanigans of shari [...]

    19. When I first got this book the idea of it was very interesting and I was curious to see how it would play out As a twin I did not like part of the twin mentality that was going on within this book, but as the book drew to a close it got better This book is about Ava and Lexi, they are twins and they like to dress up as Alicia and date guys that they would never go out with in real life It is all fun and games for them until the boy that Alicia dates ends up dead, then the next one ends up dead t [...]

    20. The third twin sounded good, but I didn t have any expectations I was so happily surprised to have found an absolute winner It had the right blend of suspense, mystery, and even humor I got laughs than I usually do with a thriller It wasn t all laughs though, the story is really taut and bad things happened There was one thing that I wish hadn t SighIt wasn t too easy to figure out who the baddie was Every other chapter I had a new suspect in mind There were lots of options, it could have been [...]

    21. An excellent murder mystery There are so many players, its hard to guess who did it Also if you like swoonworthy boys, there are several to choose from Awesome read that keeps you turning the pages Favorite scene was the kiss When you get there, you ll know the one.

    22. Very good storyeasy readwith a great plot butere wasn t a character I could wrap my heart around.

    23. Lexi and Ava are twins Whenever they did something they were not supposed to do growing up, they blamed their third imaginary twin Alicia There were no cookies left who did it Alicia They had left a toy out of place Alicia s fault Now they re seniors but Alicia is still a part of their lives She s the girl who wears a lot of make up, wears tight provocant outfits and goes out with the hottest guys But there are rules to follow they cannot sleep with those guys and they have to keep their lives f [...]

    24. Synopsis Lexi and her identical twin sister, Ava, created an imaginary sister named Alicia when they were children Growing up, they blamed Alicia for everything Now they re in high school and Alicia is back, but instead of placing the blame on her, they impersonate her to go on dates with hot guys who aren t necessarily dating material But when one of the guys Alicia dates ends up dead, Lexi wants to put an end to the charade Ava, on the other hand, isn t quite ready to give up the persona and w [...]

    25. Hmm, I went into The Third Twin with a great deal of excitement It sounded right up my alley and I couldn t wait to start it I read this book in 2 sittings, namely as it got late like it often does and I had to finish it the following day.If I had to sum this book up, I d say predictable Which is a shame From the get go you have a few ideas, I had 2 It felt obvious and even with all the twists and turns it kind of led to the same thing I will say this though, the book was dark It had a lot of ac [...]

    26. I really wanted to like The Third Twin , and for a little over half of the book, I did Somewhere around there it really jumped the rails in several aspects The first half is why I gave it three stars, but the second would most certainly would be a two star book, in my opinion.The premise is a very interesting one, and an unsolved murder for which the protagonist is a suspect holds a lot of promise The stakes rise as it goes on, delivering a mix of the predictable and good surprises The set up wa [...]

    27. While a bit dramatic and cheesy at times, this book really had me turning the pages I am satisfied with how it wrapped up, glad not to be left with a cliffhanger or series mentality Alexa aka Lexi was my favorite twin, and Ava was a bit much for me The bits of romance were a nice touch too Happy reading

    28. Spoilers included Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge like Lifetime meets Scooby Doo which I have apparently been getting a lot of recently So, I knew this attempt at a thriller wouldn t be that great it didn t have much hype and I discovered it walking around in Target, not from some online list of recommendations Maybe it was the fact that the title made me allude to Caroline Kepnes s Hidden Bodies which, after reading it, would be super insulting for her I m sorry , or maybe I was on a Target [...]

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