Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind (2020)

Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind Carol Hollinger was a housewife mother and teacher and Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind is her humorous often hilarious account of her experience in all those roles during her stay in Thailand where
  • Title: Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind
  • Author: Carol Hollinger
  • ISBN: 9748303039
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carol Hollinger was a housewife, mother, and teacher, and Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind is her humorous, often hilarious account of her experience in all those roles during her stay in Thailand, where her husband was stationed in the US Foreign Service A brilliant observer of customs, manners, and cultural differences, she writes frankly and unsparingly of herself and herCarol Hollinger was a housewife, mother, and teacher, and Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind is her humorous, often hilarious account of her experience in all those roles during her stay in Thailand, where her husband was stationed in the US Foreign Service A brilliant observer of customs, manners, and cultural differences, she writes frankly and unsparingly of herself and her fellow Americans, and relates both the fun and frustration of communicating with the Thai people without being coy or condescending Although written over 30 years ago, Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind is as entertaining now as it was when first published, and remains equally relevant with its honest and lively anecdotes of this exotic country and its people, and the difficulties and delights foreigners have in adjusting to life in a completely new environment.
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    1. I read this book while visiting Thailand for the first time in 1994 There s something exotic about reading about a foreign country while traveling in the country, even though this was written some thirty years before, in 1965, and from the POV of an expat Mai Pen Rai really does mean never mind or no problem and those words were my first attempt to speak the language Since then, and several trips later, I have developed a working knowledge of the language, and I have a far greater understanding [...]

    2. When I was a child my mother, who had a propensity for luring mad people into our home, invited a runaway nun to live with us it was she who had taught me to tell fortunes This statement sets the scene for a chapter that rivals some of the most acclaimed short stories in the highest rated anthologies Also, a great way to introduce the book What to expect in general the story of Hollinger s adjustment to life in Thailand, from newly arrived diplomatic wife to university teacher, she does learn Th [...]

    3. Fim um pouco a seco, desapontante, mas toda uma hist ria de amor pela Tail ndia que me fez sentir que, de facto, o tempo passa mas esta terra continua a encantar os ocidentais Adorei o facto de a autora tamb m se ter tornado professora por acaso numa das melhores universidade de Bangkok do pa s tal como eu, que estou s espera de confirma o Os cen rios que s o descritos j se encontram obsoletos em grande parte, a paisagem de Bangkok tem se alterado imenso nos ltimos anos, mas o car cter humilde, [...]

    4. What would happen to an American housewife to be out in her comfortable home with her husband and daughter into an unknown civilization to them Carol s book is about that Setting foot in Thailand and lived for three years, Carol gathered a lot of experiences which her fellow Americans might not be that inclined to experience.What makes me keep reading the book is its casual and natural style There is a natural humor from her story telling that it is impossible for me not to laugh I learned Thai [...]

    5. Hollinger is witty, and her attitude as written makes this a lively read Though her observations are somewhat dated and not what the PC experience is designed to be, her insights into the minds and characters of others are timeless Very fun.

    6. So funny, so witty, so heartwarming, so helpful There is a reason this is a must read for the westerner in Thailand.

    7. Yes, this book is somewhat dated, as the author was in Thailand around 1958.However there are so many things about Thailand that still hold true and shine through.And even so, as a fellow American expat, white female teacher.I about died reading the chapter on exam time Yes, YES Someone else knows My Thai exams proved slightly different at the middle high school level, but in so many ways the same or worse.This book conveys so much of what I want to explain to people back home.No, not the serva [...]

    8. This book is very outdated now, having been written in 1965 However, I think it would still be useful and helpful for anyone traveling to Thailand I am not an overseas traveler, but my daughter lived in Thailand for 3 1 2 years My other daughter her sister went to visit her there and read this book in preparation for her trip I didn t feel it was particularly well written, and there were many times the author wrote about certain things of which I had no knowledge, and the author offered no expla [...]

    9. Well this was certainly an interesting read It was published in 1965 and post her time in Thailand, so there s no clear indication of when that was, but I would guess maybe mid to late 1950s She s there because her husband has some job with the American Embassy in Bangkok, and she talks about their life, adjusting to the culture, etc She actually, not being able to take the society luncheons of the embassy wives, gets a job teaching at a University, and those stories are pretty funny She also ta [...]

    10. Looking at the cover of Mai Pen Rai, I was expecting some light reading The smiling children in the boat and the subtitle An american Housewife s Honest Love Affair with the Irrespressible People of Thailand really don t do this book justice I was surprised at how much depth she packed into her anecdotes about the Thai people and expatriates Her chapter on the British hits the nail on the head At the end she admits how much she couldn t fathom about the Thai or any other group outside of her own [...]

    11. My father recommended I read this book before I left for Thailand, and I m so glad I took his advice Though set back a few decades, I find the author s experience still resonates with a modern day expat s journey settling into the mai pen rai paradigm here especially as a teacher The book is dense with her insights about culture, both western and eastern At the same time, her writing is surprisingly entertaining Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to learn about Thai culture, be challenge [...]

    12. If you ve ever been to Thailand or ever contemplated going to Thailand, then this book is a must read It is insightful, witty and explains the culture of never mind like no other I read this book while also living and teaching in Thailand and found myself laughing in agreement with so many of the experiences I will treasure this book always along with my memories of this very special place.

    13. Even though this book was originally written in the 50s I swear it was the same in 2003 when I went to Thailand I should have read this before I go I m not sure I ll get the Mai Pen Rai philosophy but its a goal.

    14. Having been to Thailand and also falling in love with the Thai people, I loved reading about this woman s season in Thailand I grabbed every little bit and tried to wear the experiences she had, as my own.

    15. I was really excited to find a copy of this book before we went to Thailand, it s not in print any But hard as I try, I can t get into it I keep trying to read just one chapter, but it s not happening Putting it aside to try again in the future.

    16. Tales of an English as a foreign language teacher in Thailand Rings true according to my experience of living there Described Thai s writing English as putting all the words for sentence into a Yatzee shaker and then dumping them out in an inscrutable order.

    17. This is a must read for anyone living or even traveling to Thailand It s a wonderfully funny insight into Thai culture.

    18. I was surprised to see that I could still relate to quite a few things she said even though the books was written so many years ago Definitely interesting Read again September 2015

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