Wild Child (2020)

Wild Child In Bound for Hell is a dangerous and ruthless percent Motorcycle Club Central New Jersey Vice President Veiko Finn is one of the most feared bikers of them all Built like a Viking warrior he
  • Title: Wild Child
  • Author: Needa Warrant Miranda Rights
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In 1974 Bound for Hell is a dangerous and ruthless 1 percent Motorcycle Club Central New Jersey Vice President, Veiko Finn, is one of the most feared bikers of them all Built like a Viking warrior he is blond haired and all muscle There is nothing he won t do for his club He doesn t want an old lady Kima is a wild child and as temperamental as the horses she loves toIn 1974 Bound for Hell is a dangerous and ruthless 1 percent Motorcycle Club Central New Jersey Vice President, Veiko Finn, is one of the most feared bikers of them all Built like a Viking warrior he is blond haired and all muscle There is nothing he won t do for his club He doesn t want an old lady Kima is a wild child and as temperamental as the horses she loves to ride With a hint of the devil in her hazel eyes, this wild child is about to take the ride of her life She can shoot a gun and will fight like a hellcat for those she loves So what happens when a biker warrior and a free spirit with the face of an angel literally collide on a roadside It sets off an incredible love story that will affect the people around them forever But their love puts Kima firmly in the sights of a sociopath and she will need to use all her skills to stay alive Can their love for each other survive This is their story written by first time authors who do live this lifestyle Please note This book contains violence, swearing, sexual content, drug use, and is recommended for readers 18 years of age and up If the above offends you, please do not read this book.
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    • READ BOOK ¿ Wild Child - by Needa Warrant Miranda Rights
      129 Needa Warrant Miranda Rights
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    1. Needa Warrant has a brilliant storyline with well rounded characters, plenty of villains to keep the plot intriguing I hate giving bad reviews, don t like them a single bit So I ll be honest and blunt, you can form your own opinion So why didn t I like it you ask 1 Over use in narration, not enough dialog, couldn t build any real connection with the characters as the story was constantly being told Just couldn t feel it 2 Multiple switching of point of views Veiko Kima, Elena Hunter, Jo Nailz, T [...]

    2. The biker MC romance genre is one of my favorites and with the deluge of new authors putting out books in this genre over the last year I was pleased to find one that delivered a good story with of a realistic feel to it The wild child in this story is Kima, a young woman who was sassy, bold, independent, loving and oftentimes immature She grew up in the story with many hard learned lessons Kima wasn t the whiny heroine She always owned her actions and never made excuses for those actions Veiko [...]

    3. Check out those author s names I laugh every time I read them, although sometimes it s a funny laugh, sometimes it s an OMG, they really went there laugh I had heard some chatter about these girls and their books there s another one after this one Truthfully, I had bypassed this book several times because of the author names alone I did hear a rumor that parts of this book were based on the real life experiences of the authors and this intrigued me When yet another person mentioned them at the s [...]

    4. This is My Review For first time Authors it was a Dam Good Read It was a fabulously long book so you got introduced to a lot of people Drama through out Yip Club who res that got put in their place a Love that WOW if you could get through what happened , you could face Literally anything to me I did feel like I was a fly on the wall listening watching what was going on happening around me so th book was writtenAs who was talking wasn t disjointed at all flowed nicely from one to the next situati [...]

    5. I looked at the blurb for this book and put it as a maybe read I then picked it up as a freebie on a facebook page and decided to give it a go.This was a tough book for me to finish and not because it was over 500 pages long It was the writing style and lack of editing on both the content and style grammar word choice levels First, it was a good storyline and plot set in the 70s with lots of what seems to be real life biker sex, blood, and bikes a stubborn self absorbed biker chick an alpha bike [...]

    6. A delightful train wreck of a book Many typos, inconsistent character development actions, and lack of a historical setting context On the other hand, fast paced, adventurous, exhilarating, and unpredictable Dang if I could put it down once I got started With so many MC books out there that are paint by the number boring, at least Wild Child had me riveted to the very end There was a rich story and characters there but the execution left a lot to be desired, diary entry or email to a friend, th [...]

    7. This story had a lot of meat and potatoes literally Kima Regan the wild child and Veiko Finn VP of the Bound for Hell MC are an unlikely but great pair I loved the secondary relationships too Jo and Nailz, Hunter and Elena the veterans parental figures of the bunch V and Kima have a hard road ahead with V s club obligations, Kima s own goals and her plain old stubbornness, which I loved , and all the outside forces their families both biological and club They also have to deal with rogue members [...]

    8. In the mid 1970 s Vieko is a 26 year old Vice President of a 1% MC called Bound for Hell based out of New Jersey One day while taking a little quiet ride on his motorcycle he sees a girl on a horse He thinks she is a vision of perfection an angel Her name is KimaThus it beginsThere are many twist and turns in the beginning of this relationship and I don t want to spoil that part for any one but its, humorous, heartbreaking, funny, sad at times But,its just the beginning Soon there comes a bad ma [...]

    9. DNF I got to 10% I don t normally review books I haven t finished because it seems so unfair plus sometimes while the beginning is poor it will pick up later but my problem was the way this was told, it s hard to explain exactly what I didn t like but it felt stated than written, it didn t flow and I felt someone had written the bones of it and was now waiting for someone else to make it into a book.Although I didn t read very much I found I couldn t link to or really care about the characters [...]

    10. A Wild Ride You Won t Want to Miss Kima truly is a wild child Set in the 70 s this is our first look at the Bound For Hell Motorcycle Club Let me just say that Kima isn t the only one who get swept away Kima s life is somewhat privileged and all the way hard She spends a lot of time at her close friends house a house that s considering joining with the club in the future Kima meets Veiko and every part of her screams to be with him.Will V be able to tame this wild child Or does fate have another [...]

    11. Wow, I finished it.I liked the idea of the story, the plot was good, characters were interesting However, the story was poorly written although easy to read Kima was indecisive and at times annoying.I probably would have smacked her Overall it was a take it or leave it kind of book.

    12. I miss the 70 sose were the days of my youth and living in upstate NY for a while with my biker ex hubs, it was a time of free love and partying all night long and only getting to ride when it wasn t snowing.This book took me back and the story was so full of rich and complex characterst your usual biker romance but read like the memoirs of an old lady and her life learning to adjust and live in an MC.I found it really interesting that Kima and her friend Jo were the typical free spirits of tha [...]

    13. This is wowThis is such a good MC novel Loved every minute I laughed, cried and wanted to strangle a couple and f the characters In the process I fell in love with these MC characters Can t wait to read about them

    14. This review is from Wild Child Bound for Hell MC Series Book 1 Kindle Edition I just finished this awesome MC book It s one of those books that you can not put down It s raw It s hot It s sad and it s happy It will have you on the edge of seat, crying both happy and sad tears, and screaming at your Kindle It s the most realistic and gripping MC Romance book I ve ever read and I ve read a lot from some of the greats First time author Needa Warrant takes you on a journey you ll not soon forgetSpea [...]

    15. Wild Child is a must read novel as far as I am concerned I am a MC blogger and have read many in this genre, and I have to say that this is set in a era where things were different than they are now Men were still alpha, but women were just starting to pave the way Kima was no acceptation to that and was one that was helping with the foundation in what women have become today, as far as being liberal and outspoken I am in awe of the story line between Kima and V The men of that generation were u [...]

    16. Definitely a ride worth taking This is Veiko and Kima s story, and it certainly is a wild one With an interesting and unique storyline, suspense, dangerous situations, lots of angst, violence, and intriguing twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for what happens next I was pulled in right away, couldn t put it down till the end, and loved every minute of it There is a lot going on in this book as we get to know the men from Bound For Hell MC, the friends and family of the ma [...]

    17. This is not your typical biker romance.Wild Child is so much Veiko Finn, road name V,is a hot alpha biker and him and his friends are members of the Bound for Hell MC.He has a lot on his mind about the club and his old friend,Jack Daniels,fogs his mind at times.Add in some club sluts and he is not always in a good place Then enter in Kima , a young determined woman,with family problems of her own.Her nicknames are Trouble and Wild Child.She owns those names through and through That is where thi [...]

    18. Loved itNeed a Warrant is a new author to me and she cane highly recommend So I discussed it with the person and decided that I would read wild child first I am so pleased I did because I absolutely loved it.I was pulled into the story right from the first chapter I love the two main characters and was on the edge of my seat a few times The main female character had me laughing at some of the of the thing she did I could imagine the look on her face when as she said or did certain thing.So up sa [...]

    19. Loved it Wild Child takes place in the 70 s, it s the story of Kima and Veiko Kima is a headstrong firecracker with the nicknames of Wild Child and Trouble.Veiko is the Vice President of the Bound for Hell MC He loves Jack Daniels and women and until he meets Kima he never wanted a old lady These two together are like fire, they have a crazy connection and some very hot scenes There is plenty of drama and has a great cast of supporting characters that will definetly keep you entertained This is [...]

    20. I love the setting of this book, Going back to the 70 s and living the MC life back when it all seemed so badass Wild Child is unlike any MC Read out there, I enjoyed reading Kima, and Veiko s story Veiko is unlike any biker you read about in the current biker reads Kima is this free spirit who I couldn t help but Love This was a heartfelt love story almost like watching a movie back in the day I look forward to from this Author I recommend If you like the MC Genre that you grab this book and h [...]

    21. 3.5 This is the story of V and Kima V is part of a MC being run by a seriously crazy nut job Now is not the time for him to get involved with anyone But there s something about Kima that he can t resist Kima wants two things, to be a dancer stripper , and her horse This book jumps back in time a bit to tell the story kinda didn t like that, but it didn t totally kill it for me The stuff the main characters went through was crazy But made for a good read I liked the book, a lot of secondary chara [...]

    22. Gritty but good readA beautiful blonde riding out of the woods nearly caused Veiko to lay his bike down Then, his anger flares as she flips him off and heads back into the woods.Kima and Veiko a love story that will keep the reader goingd admiring the feisty young woman whose heart was stolen by the bandanas biker.

    23. Blown away I was truly blown away by Wild Child I ve read many MC books and this one seemed to be very true to the real world It wasn t all what you would hope would happen But it seemed so very real and true to heart I can t wait to read of Needa Warrants work She has become another one of my favorite Authors

    24. Love this seriesI love this series, it has, drama, sex, fighting, love, hurt, all the emotional impacts of a rocky relationship, with passion and love thrown in the mix as well Boy she really is a wild child Love this series, can t wait to read of this story I recommend this book to anyone who has a love of stories about MC s, passion and love.

    25. A great start to a new series It was a good read It was fast pasted and things happened very quickly A little to fast for me It felt the flow of the book was off a little with the relationships happening so fast However, it did capture my interest and kept me reading straight through I am so looking forward to book 2 Rated very good

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