A Tree Born Crooked (2020)

A Tree Born Crooked James Hart with a tough as nails exterior and an aching emptiness inside does not want to go home Yet when James receives a postcard from his mother Birdie Mae informing him of his father s death
  • Title: A Tree Born Crooked
  • Author: Steph Post
  • ISBN: 9780990338970
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • James Hart, with a tough as nails exterior and an aching emptiness inside, does not want to go home.Yet when James receives a postcard from his mother, Birdie Mae, informing him of his father s death, he bites the bullet and returns to the rural and stagnant town of Crystal Springs, Florida, a place where dreams are born to die James is too late for Orville s funeral, butJames Hart, with a tough as nails exterior and an aching emptiness inside, does not want to go home.Yet when James receives a postcard from his mother, Birdie Mae, informing him of his father s death, he bites the bullet and returns to the rural and stagnant town of Crystal Springs, Florida, a place where dreams are born to die James is too late for Orville s funeral, but just in time to become ensnared in the deadly repercussions of his younger brother Rabbit s life of petty crime.When Rabbit is double crossed by his cousin in a robbery turned murder, James and a local bartender, the unsettling and alluring Marlena Bell, must come up with a plan to save Rabbit s skin A whirlwind road trip across the desolate Florida panhandle ensues as James tries to stay one step ahead of the vengeful Alligator Mafia and keep his brother alive With bullets in the air and the ghosts of heartache, betrayal and unspeakable rage haunting him at every turn, James must decide just how much he is willing to risk to protect his family and find a way home.
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    1. Steph Post s debut novel is a solid piece of southern crime focusing on a solitary mechanic who travels back home to Crystal Springs, Florida after his mom sends him a postcard with news that his father blew himself up in a tangerine grove James gets there too late for his dad s funeral, but just in time to try to help his younger brother Rabbit get out of some trouble with the Alligator Mafia following one of Rabbit s latest schemes It s southern grit that s less about James and company blastin [...]

    2. Most people born in small towns like Crystal Springs, Florida figure it out before they get out of school They are going to die there, too, unless they run away like James tried to do Living around people who knew way too much about him and always did, they seemed like candidates for the next Jerry Springer Show But his small town ways are still with him no matter how far he has tried to stray.James wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot With a little less than a thousand bucks his dad [...]

    3. Original and complete review can be read at my blog, HERE WE ARE GOING, here herewearegoing.wordpress 2I understand that Florida qualifies geographically as a Southern state, however, its native literature is its own unique sub genre of sun bleached, swamp soaked, hard luck, macho plated, ravaged soul tragedies about the good gone bad and the bad gone crazy and all of it gone wrong, again and again, until dreams and hopes dissolve into an impossible to breathe, overheated, blazing haze of desuet [...]

    4. My wife says people don t change She also knows it s just luck which side of the tracks you re born on Steph Post s marvelous new book A Tree Born Crooked must have been what she had in mind When James Hart is called back home to Crystal Springs, Florida upon the death of his father, he finds he must reenter a world of trouble to bail his brother Rabbit out of a robbery gone awry It s not a choice it s being the man he was born to be Post s writing depicting Hart s plight is perfect enabling the [...]

    5. A Tree Born Crooked is Like a double shot of fine bourbon it grabs you in the back of the throat and only makes you crave the you consume Steph Post s simmering crime saga is one of those relentless pulse pounders of a tale that shows survival and salvation rarely go hand in hand.This is an assured thriller by a woman who truly knows her way around modern noir style This book has all the familiar elements a reluctant hero, a femme fatale, and loose cannon sidekick, and an ominous, shadowy grou [...]

    6. An unexpected surprise for me This is a gritty story with several unlikeable characters in a world totally unfamiliar to med I still loved it Such an intense, immediate story of finding your way back in an imperfect world The writer is so good I could almost smell and touch this story She s definitely one to watch.

    7. A random friendship add at Twitter a few months ago by noir author Steph Post inspired me to pick up her first novel, 2014 s A Tree Born Crooked and I didn t find it too bad, albeit in a basic cable television show about trashy but clever El Leonard esque characters in a small rural town kind of way, and indeed I think it s telling that the front cover features a praising blurb from one of the staff writers of the El Leonard basic cable show Justified I mean, I like Justified, don t get me wrong [...]

    8. This book makes me homesick I m not from Florida, but somehow the characters and descriptions make me feel nostalgic in a twisted sort of way I like how the story is not sugar coated, it feels very real and edgy This book is a great example of how family, no matter how screwed up, will always be family, and can drag people back home who thought they had escaped If you re into Grit Lit, give this a try Its exactly what I thought that the unseen parts of Florida could be like There s no amusement [...]

    9. So I m going to start off by saying I WANT A SEQUEL Post writes such memorable characters who you either love or want to strangle Growing up in south Florida I felt she nailed the characters and mood of the Central Florida I 75 corridor I ve seen Del s trailer and have several Birdie Mae s in my family I would love to read about Marlena and find out what James was up to before the post card arrived Way to go

    10. Just was going through my 2015 reads and realized I hadn t put anything in here for review I enjoyed this book a lot Reminded of Woodrell and maybe even Harry Crews somewhat although in both of these cases told obviously without the male dominant perspective those authors use The female characters in here have weight and are real and central to the story Looking forward to her next novel as well.

    11. So much nasty fun, but you need a dark sense of humor to get it Rich prose that reads fast Steph can write FIGHTS, both verbal and physical, so that each page whizzes by This novel is packed with atmosphere and danger, and at the center a family story about trying to save your brother s stupid ass from swamp thugs Lay in the cigs, beer, and nyquil to play the ATBC drinking game .

    12. Steph Post hits a home run with this book The characters are well developed and the story line moves smoothly It kept me in my seat and I didn t want to move until I finished it I really loved this book and can t wait to see what Post comes up with next You ve earned a new fan and I m excited for your next book release

    13. Post s work is elegant in its simplicity, capturing a stark and intrinsic humanity, a sense of beauty and solemnity Loved it Highly recommend.

    14. A Tree Born Crooked is one of those rare books that can get to you in so many senses like sandy grit in your eye, bark splinters down the side of your palm, or that soul numbing nausea from waking up after too much liquor But you know a good way While it won t leave you with the warm fuzzies or make you want to go find Alachua County and send home postcards, this book gives a so much realistic view of what so many of us are actually like no matter where we grew up f d up It s like watching some [...]

    15. Reading this, one thing came to my mind Southern Noir.I picked this book up soon after it was released, but I had not gotten to it yet The author s pitch on social media caught my eye and while it hung in the back of my mind, I stuck to fantasy books I normally read Then came a plane trip and I thought it was a good way to spend the flight.I was right.The story takes place in Florida, but not your fancy beaches and Disney theme parks FloridaThe darker side of Florida We re introduced to our main [...]

    16. With A Tree Born Crooked, Steph Post takes us into the grimy rural underbelly of the American south, where alcohol and drugs rub shoulders with poverty and neglect, and communities are bound together by apathy rather than any shared goodwill At the heart of the story is James, a rough diamond and former petty criminal driven to return to his hometown of Crystal Springs by his father s death He arrives to find the funeral has already taken place and a family ambivalent to his presence When his br [...]

    17. James Hart has come home to Florida Not the ritzy tourist areas of Florida, but rural Florida where nothing much goes on and farming is still the best way to make a living It can t be said he is welcomed home with open arms His mother didn t bother to call when his father died and he is arriving two weeks after the death They didn t wait for him to have the funeral His little brother Rabbit has gotten mixed up with their good for nothing cousin Del Del is finally out of the penitentiary and he h [...]

    18. This was a really good book I liked how Post draws you into the setting and characters There is such beauty in her descriptions and the way people act in the novel It really felt like an authentic environment I think it s a strong country noir book However, even though the characters are very vividly drawn, they seemed an extension of the usual dysfunctional individuals in a rural area I am, though, grateful that Post made a very strong female lead in the character of Marlena.The reason why I to [...]

    19. This book is written with such scrupulous detail and excruciating honesty that you feel like you re watching the entire thing through the dusty, cracked window of a single wide trailer Every page of this book is so deliciously white trash that you just sink into the setting, and the author never tries to sugarcoat the reality of her world or her characters It s a setting and a plotline that I have never seen before in fiction and had no idea how much I wanted it Over and over again I found mysel [...]

    20. James did whatever he had to do, to get out of a small town in Florida Most inhabitants know that when you re born there, most likely you ll end there too James wanted out and accomplished just that, leaving behind his mama, his daddy, and his brother.His daddy dies and he gets a call, sucking him right back to Crystal Springs, where he worked so hard to get away from He s back in town for a night and everything starts to spiral out of control, starting with James wayward brother Rabbit What fol [...]

    21. This novel is a literary, unsentimental look at the lives of characters most people have written off or disregarded, including even themselves James and Marlena cling to basic human goodness and perhaps the hope of love and connection despite their damaged and damaging relations and their own hard drinking Steph Post is a talented writer Her portraits of the people and the land lack any romantic or sentimental charge whatsoever, yet maintain a vivid dignity throughout On top of the gorgeous and [...]

    22. Great characters populate this story about two brothers from a poor town in Florida One who has left and moved on with his life and one who is trapped a small world of drugs and petty crime When James returns home after his father s death, he quickly becomes involved in trying to save his brother from himself In the process he learns something important about himself I couldn t put this book down I could totally visualize the various characters.I received this book as part of the good reads give [...]

    23. This book was fantastic I m not normally a crime thriller reader, but this was riveting Held my attention from the first word through the last Steph Post s mastery of creating mystery and entertaining her readers is artful She is a writer to watch Maybe the next Gillian Flynn

    24. Steph Post proves herself to be a master of the craft with A Tree Born Crooked Her descriptions are so incredibly well detailed, one can t help but dive full force into this southern grit lit It s a terrific story with complex, well developed characters I highly recommend it

    25. Soon, we ll be saying Steph Post in the same breath as Harry Crews, Daniel Woodrell, and Larry Brown This is a tense, gritty novel written by a gifted hand.

    26. Great storytelling, and superb writing Steph Post is a gifted writer I look forward to her future books.

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