The Devils of D-Day (2020)

The Devils of D Day ARMY OF EVILAt the bridge of Le Vey in July thirteen black tanks smashed through the German lines in an unstoppable all destroying fury ride Leaving hundreds of Hitler s soldiers horribly dead
  • Title: The Devils of D-Day
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9780722159781
  • Page: 123
  • Format: None
  • ARMY OF EVILAt the bridge of Le Vey in July 1944, thirteen black tanks smashed through the German lines in an unstoppable, all destroying fury ride Leaving hundreds of Hitler s soldiers horribly dead.Thirty five years later, Dan McCook visited that area of Normandy on an investigation of the battle site There he found a rusting tank by the roadside that was perfectlyARMY OF EVILAt the bridge of Le Vey in July 1944, thirteen black tanks smashed through the German lines in an unstoppable, all destroying fury ride Leaving hundreds of Hitler s soldiers horribly dead.Thirty five years later, Dan McCook visited that area of Normandy on an investigation of the battle site There he found a rusting tank by the roadside that was perfectly sealed, upon its turret a protective crucifix Sceptical, he dared open it, releasing upon himself and the innocents who had helped him an unimaginable horror that led back to that black day in 1944 And re opened the ages old physical battle between the world and Evil IncarnateFrom today s master of the occult thriller, here is a riveting, mega chill novel of modern day demonism THE DEVILS OF D DAY IS ABOUT A NEW SATANIC KIND OF WAR.
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    1. One of Masterton s earlier efforts and as such it is slimmer in volume and somewhat in development than his subsequent terrific books, but it s just as entertaining starting with the cutely clever foreword One of my favorite things about Masterton s work is his backstories and he doesn t disappoint here either WWII apparently had some really interesting secrets and Allies were quite creative when it came to asking for help Moral is plain long as men wage war, the demons will walk the earth In or [...]

    2. I m giving this a high rating because of his excellent writing However, I don t recommend this book because of the subject matter It s terrifying, especially when humans don t have a clue of what they re reading, or in Graham s case, writing.

    3. During the D Day invasion at Normandy, Allied forces called on dark powers to engage the enemy At the end of the war, one of the evil weapons remained on the battlefield Thirty years later, it is demanding to be reunited with its ancient brothers.This was a fun read You could drive a tank through a couple of the plot holes But, that in no way detracted from the entertainment value of this novel.3 1 2 STARS

    4. Excelente ejemplo del Masterton primigenio en unas escuetas 180 p ginas se marca una pica historia que mezlca planes esot ricos de la 2 Guerra Mundial unos tanques pose dos por demonios usados por los aliados y demonolog a medieval con su cl sica imaginer a casi lovecraftiana y los habituales toques de gore extremo No hay relleno ni respiro, muy recomendable.

    5. My Dad is a voracious reader As a child, I remember, in our basement, seeing washing machine sized boxes packed full of his old paperbacks Some years after I d graduated college, Dad went through those boxes.He picked out his favorites, along with anything else he thought I might like, and gave them to me In the years since, those several dozen books have followed me from house to house.I ve read maybe two or three of them.Now, I m making an effort to read In part because becoming a better writ [...]

    6. A great title and a wonderful cover are the precursors to this slightly disappointing and formulaic horror yarn by prolific genre writer Graham Masterton Masterton achieved fame in the 70s with a series of gory potboilers, including his debut The Manitou and Charnel House On first appearance, The Devils of D Day is a slim volume, with the cover proclaiming that the fiends of battle return in the shattering shock novel of occult warfare Sadly, I was fooled, expecting this to be a WWII era war hor [...]

    7. I have to admit that the reason I read this book was because the picture of the devil on the cover reminded me of cover art for a Metallica album Jump in the Fire.It is typical Masterton, light and pulpy and easy to read at only 180 pages.BriefSeptember, 1944.e villagers of Pont D Ouilly still shudder at the memory of that infernal day when a special division of American tanks annihilated a Nazi ard column Thirteen U.S tanks, all painted black A strange sight, even in wartime One of the vehicles [...]

    8. What a letdown I was buzzing along in this book and thouroughly enjoying it I found it to be interesting, a page turner, worthy of a good 4 It had a pretty girl, frights, demons, action, a cool storyline and a nice tempo Then, the bottom fell out That had to be the hokiest turn of events I have ever read It seems like Masterton said, Well, I have no f ng clue how to finish this I ll put any bullshit down

    9. Another five star chiller by the master of the genre Graham Masterton An old tank is hiding a terrible secret from the depths of Hell The main character is very likeable and a funny narator, but he gets the reader in the atmosphere of absolute terror The most horrifying thing is that the demons, described by Masterton are actual entities from Christian religion Read a detailed review in Bulgarian here citadelata devils of d day

    10. The things you re reminded of reading AV Club threads Don t remember much about this book except that I thought it was OK at the time.Loaned it to Natalie Saunderson, a cute cheerleader in my 9th grade Science class Can t remember if she ever returned it, though.

    11. Let me be honestI read this book because I loved the fact that someone had written a story about a demon trapped in an old army tank I m familiar with Masterton s work and have enjoyed all the books of his that I ve read about 3 4 so far , meaning that I had high hopes for this one I ordered it online, fast forward to a few days later and an ancient looking paperback version turns upIt s told in the first person by the protagonist Dan McCook, who is a cartographer guy who makes maps basically He [...]

    12. This book from early on in Masterton s horror career now seems like it s written by a different author The characters are awfully one dimensional and the plot is wafer thin The element of evil is not fleshed out and as menacing as Masterton s later books portray Devils seems little than a short story, only 180 pages long, and regular fans may be disappointed Older horror tales sometimes don t fare so well with time and unfortunately this is one of them.

    13. 3 stars from Jason, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREDisclaimer just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishers All the devils and demons that appear in this book are legendary creatures of hell, and there is substantial recorded evidence for their existence For that reason, it is probably inadvisable to attempt to conjure up any of them by repeating out loud the summons used in the text, which are also genuine I would like to point out that the Pentagon [...]

    14. Very good read The story was well written and I liked how history had been woven into the story It is first and foremost a horror story but also something for history buffs.

    15. The first of Graham Masterton s books that I read, and the reason why I ve continued to consumes whatever he writes with greed This is a simple story, but terrifying because it is so credible We walk slowly into the tale via a beautiful description of the Normandy countryside, and the people who live there very rural, so very much at odds with what lies, almost forgotten, in a single, abandoned tank.This is a shorter tale than normal, but not lacking for that fact.I ll say no .Try it

    16. War is hell in Graham Masterton s The Devils of D Day 1979 , a wonderfully succinct novel about demons taking part in the invasion of Normandy Coming a year after James Herbert s The Spear, a novel which similarly mixed the war with the occult, The Devils of D Day turns the old adage of nazi black magic on its head by putting the devils into US Army tanks.30 years after the event an American cartographer stumbles on one of the notorious black tanks on a roadside in a picturesque French village A [...]

    17. This is the kind of review that deserves the title from the vault Somewhat tacky, but useful in the dismantling of an older work After previously tackling numerous new releases, I found a brief window to embark upon something smaller Oftentimes a reader, much like a writer, might feel the need to take a step back in between longer projects In King s world think The Body and Apt Pupil in between longer works like The Dead Zone and The Dark Half For my own part exploring the vast catalogue of the [...]

    18. Joyfully bonkers.This is one of those idiotic pulp horrors that is tremendous fun if you re on its level and infantile if you re not.The story revolves around an American cartographer who stumbles onto a mysterious and derelict WWII tank in Northern France This tank is welded shut and covered in crucifixes and incantations, the locals tell him its haunted and there s a voice coming from inside claiming to be a demon who wants to kill people so he decides to open it what could go wrong Inbetween [...]

    19. The second novel that I read by this autor.I think this one is as good as the first one,Tengu It s a brief novel so Mr.Masterton focused on the development of the story though the main characters are interesting and there are some secundary character interesting too.The beginning of the novel is a little bit slow but soon the author grabbed my attention and I was with my eyes gluedto the pages until the very end, a very strong end.Both this novel and Tengu share a very potent ending and the fact [...]

    20. This is one of Masterton s early novels, and it s a fun and imaginative story with lots of interesting twists and turns and quirks There have been several stories of the evil Nazis using supernatural weapons against the Allies, but this one reverses the rolls and not in a good fun way like Jeb Stuart and The Haunted Tank, either It s an exciting and entertaining read, though not too much in the way of historical accuracy There s a foreword that warns the reader not to read the spells out loud be [...]

    21. What is there to say about another of Masterton s early efforts All his usual tropes are here, amidst the workmanlike prose and heady pacing The ending is a complete cop out but if you ve read long enough to buy into the central premise it s hardly cause for complaint.

    22. My first ever GM book I loved this book at the time and it has stuck with me through the years, maybe it s because I was an impressionable teenager when I read it, it did inspire me to read many of G.M.s books all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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