Hawthorn (2020)

Hawthorn A world on the brink of war All Avaline Hall wants is to enjoy her senior year at Blythewood Academy the boarding school where she s been trained to defend humankind from forces of dark magic But whe
  • Title: Hawthorn
  • Author: Carol Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780670784783
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A world on the brink of war.All Avaline Hall wants is to enjoy her senior year at Blythewood Academy, the boarding school where she s been trained to defend humankind from forces of dark magic But when Ava is shown a glimpse into the future in the enchanted Blythe Wood, she discovers that the evil Judicus van Drood is rallying nations into a war that seems destined to desA world on the brink of war.All Avaline Hall wants is to enjoy her senior year at Blythewood Academy, the boarding school where she s been trained to defend humankind from forces of dark magic But when Ava is shown a glimpse into the future in the enchanted Blythe Wood, she discovers that the evil Judicus van Drood is rallying nations into a war that seems destined to destroy both the human and faerie worlds Only Ava and her allies have a chance at stopping van Drood, but how many must die in the process And how can Ava and the boy she loves be together when everything around them is falling apart
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    1. God this was a struggle I really loved Blythewood, and after the lukewarm experience that was Ravencliffe, I had hoped that Hawthorn would be the redemption novel and a perfect conclusion Nope, nope, and nope The writing was just awful, characters were muddled and the plot What happened to the plot Copious time travel which does nothing for interest or excitement, stupid relationships and enough love triangles to form a terribly complicated flow chart, view spoiler Raven Ava Nathan Helen Marlin [...]

    2. Oke, ending buku ini tidak seperti yang kuharapkan Tapi ceritanya tetap bagus Dan aku lebih suka cerita buku terakhir ini dibanding dua pendahulunya.

    3. I m quite confused with the ending WARNING Spoilers ahead Will Raven be going to fairie with his parents Or is he going to bid his farewells since he s not going OR are they all going home for the night because they re all staying But then, Ava s father did mention that she made the right decision by choosing love So I guess that means Ava s going wherever he goes.And since the story ended with Ava and her friends talking about creating their own magic in the human world, I guess that means AVA [...]

    4. This series was really good I especially liked the way the author blended real historical events with the happenings in the books I thought that was really interesting and creative I was happy with how the trilogy ended as well I thought it was done really well I definitely would recommend this trilogy

    5. The first book was excellent, and the second was a bit melodramatic I remember enjoying the magical feel of the series and high stakes, heart pounding action, and appreciated the lack of triangles But I barely made it 20% in plus skimming the remainder and reading the end when I noticed that the only thing Ava was interested in was the love lives of everyone around her My interest waned Maybe that was important to other readers, but not for me Goodman s writing is still lush and beautiful I thin [...]

    6. I hate it when this happens I LURVED the first book in this series The second was different, but still good This one just no And I paid for the hardcover of this instead of waiting for paperback Le sigh Everything about this one just seemed to rub me the wrong way Ava gets a glimpse of the future and the world has been destroyed and most of her friends and family have died horrible deaths She gets the chance to go back and stop this Yay So she has a few weeks to figure out how to save the world, [...]

    7. what can I say Book 3 was awesomeAva and her friend Helen go into the Blythe Wood near Faerie by request of Gillie to check some things out they end up getting chased and fall down a hole which leads them to one of the broken vessels they meat one of the guardians that has been guarding the vessel when they get out of the hole they found that they were down there too long because when they get out they find there school in ruins Reason being the hole was next to Faerie and time is a bit differen [...]

    8. Finished this today I was not in love but I also did not hate it hence the 3 stars I felt like there was a HUGE gap between the last book and the current book I felt like I missed a whole year of the girl s lives and was so lost questioning if I had read the last book because they skipped from sopho to senior year Or maybe I just don t understand the year structure at Blythewood.I did like the main event in this book but I felt like we could have gotten to it quicker the beginning half of this D [...]

    9. This book was pretty much as good as the others I still think Ravencliffe surpassed it by a lot, but the storyline and the Carol Goodman writing style that I love is still there I was kind of disappointed at the end, though, because I know that Ava and Raven had a future together, because she said so, but then WTF They just ended it talking about Helen, Ava, and Daisy, no Raven really mentioned I still really loved it though, you should definitely read it if you loved the other two books

    10. I gave up on this one about a quarter of the way in I loved the first book, didn t care as much for the second, and the third basically makes the second unimportant with an early plot point, and doesn t seem to recover While I ve been hard on poor follow ups in different YA trilogies in the past, the nosedive in quality that this series took, especially given its starting point, is nothing short of baffling to me on a whole Hugely disappointed.

    11. Hawthorn by Carol Goodman was a total letdown after I read the previous two books In my opinion, this is a 2.5 star rated book The first book was solid and a well thought through story, which, of course, needed to have a sequel When I read the second book, I knew it was my favorite I usually hate second books in series, but Ravencliffe was an exception It was also well thought through, but it had twists and interesting plot lines added to it, which really intrigued me I was looking forward to re [...]

    12. I really enjoyed the first two books, but wasn t as into this one The historical fiction backdrop of the first book was the Triangle fire, while the second book incorporated Coney Island I found both of those scenes to be interesting, while still giving the characters plenty of room to live and grow This book launched into WWI and I just thought it was too much for the author to handle effectively She spent a lot of time explaining why key events in WWI happened as a result of her character s ac [...]

    13. It is disappointed to say that finishing left me feeling unsatisfied with the ending, especially after investing in the series and the many unanswered questions I suppose it wasn t bad, but it wasn t what I would have wanted Still, I read it to the end so for that it will get an average rating.And I will add, the most disappointed part, is that the solutions to many of her problems kept being pointed out to Ava, and she never grabbed on to them Luck got her what she wanted, and that is also incr [...]

    14. The middle book was the best of this series, but this last book was decent I didn t care for the prologue feel of the end, but up until that bit I dug the story My husband asked what I was reading and I told him it was kind of like a girl Harry Potter but WWI and fairies and he immediately lost interest Putting it that way makes me scoff at it as well, but I really don t know how else to describe this book It was better than my silly summary.

    15. I loved this series but this final book missed the mark It felt rushed Time jumps can really work but in this they felt forced and unusual I felt like it wasn t really tied up Too many loose ends and an engine that felt blah It just wasn t what I had hoped for Could have been so much better I truly believe this trilogy could have been than three books.

    16. So, the first book was the best in this trilogy Finishing the series wasn t bad I just don t think the next two met my expectations and anticipation Alas.

    17. ends quite quickly, I felt a bit robbed However the rest of the book is fast paced and full of action.

    18. I really liked this series Yes it was on my shelf for the last two years waiting for me to read it, but I really liked it.

    19. I thought the ending could have been a little better But over all the book was great and I enjoyed the series.

    20. the ending was confusing, maybe it was because I am tired All I know though is that, Love can destroy or Love can conquer all.

    21. You know what, I got to say I m slightly disappointed with this book I think its predecessors were just a whole lot better and that this ending wasn t very satisfying First of all, there was an overwhelming feeling of urgency and then they wouldn t do anything for weeks on end The very beginning of the book starts out with a 9 month jump into the future, already making me feel like Ava was disconnected with everything view spoiler Then there was the weeks spent on the Lusitania, the weeks at Haw [...]

    22. More a 3.5 this one didn t seem as tightly plotted as the others in the series, but was full of vivid imagery.

    23. Thank you Edelweiss and Viking Children s Books for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review I was really excited to get my hands on this and devour every page This book did take time to read because there was so much going on and the atmosphere or feel per se was on the sober side It wasn t a bad book, it was just gritty and the characters were despondent But that s how war is and what it does to people fighting in the war and those who are on the sidelines Yes, I am talking a [...]

    24. I hate being critical of book, especially since I really loved the first book in this trilogy and quite liked the second one, but something did not work for me with this book What a disappointment This is going to get a bit spoilery, so read at your own peril view spoiler The biggest flaw by far was the humongous cast of characters, something that I noticed in Ravencliffe When a character dies, my first response shouldn t be who s that , but this is what happens when you haven t properly develop [...]

    25. My opinion of YA as a genre has been changing lately I never used to read anything that called itself young adult , unless it was also called Harry Potter Then I remembered that elitism is bollocks, and that writing off an entire genre of anything just doesn t make sense.I m not a big fan of rap music, but I ve listened to Eminem for seventeen years I m not a huge lover of horror films, but adore black and white monster movies and zombie comedies I find reality TV boring unless it s a cooking sh [...]

    26. Overall I loved this series but especially book number one It had just the right amount of mystery, emotions, drama, and fantasy Book number two started off wonderful and romanticd I finished reading it with high anticipation for the conclusion in book number three However, book number three was slightly vague at the end whether it was to leave room for another book series, or not, I still would have liked a clear and emotional conclusion For that reason this book did not get a 5 star rating fr [...]

    27. Everything in this book felt overly hasty the plot, the climax, the conclusion, the romance It was all hurriedly done with little preplanning or organizing beforehand Loose ends were conveniently tied up, dastardly villains were surprisingly easy to vanquish, and jilted lovers quickly found solace in the arms of former yet never mentioned previously sweethearts.And speaking of jilted lovers holy love triangles Batman I have never personally known one person who was involved in a love triangle an [...]

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