Augustine: Conversions to Confessions (2020)

Augustine Conversions to Confessions This narrative of the first half of Augustine s life conjures the intellectual and social milieu of the late Roman Empire with a Proustian relish for detail New York TimesIn Augustine celebrated hist
  • Title: Augustine: Conversions to Confessions
  • Author: Robin Lane Fox
  • ISBN: 9780465022274
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This narrative of the first half of Augustine s life conjures the intellectual and social milieu of the late Roman Empire with a Proustian relish for detail New York TimesIn Augustine, celebrated historian Robin Lane Fox follows Augustine of Hippo on his journey to the writing of his Confessions Unbaptized, Augustine indulged in a life of lust before finally confessi This narrative of the first half of Augustine s life conjures the intellectual and social milieu of the late Roman Empire with a Proustian relish for detail New York TimesIn Augustine, celebrated historian Robin Lane Fox follows Augustine of Hippo on his journey to the writing of his Confessions Unbaptized, Augustine indulged in a life of lust before finally confessing and converting Lane Fox recounts Augustine s sexual sins, his time in an outlawed heretical sect, and his gradual return to spirituality Magisterial and beautifully written, Augustine is the authoritative portrait of this colossal figure at his most thoughtful, vulnerable, and profound.
    Augustine Conversions to Confessions Fox, Robin Lane About the time of his conversion to Christianity, Augustine decided he had to give up rhetoric to pursue philosophy, which he had never studied formally To do so, he gathered a small group of students in a retreat near Milan, where he began to produce dialogues similar to those of Plato. Conversion of St Augustine Midwest Augustinians At this time, Augustine was teaching rhetoric in Milan He went to hear the preaching of Saint Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan At first he went only to hear Ambrose s eloquent style of speaking But the Bishop s preaching led Augustine to a new understanding of the Bible and the Christian Faith. Augustine Conversions to Confessions eBook About the time of his conversion to Christianity, Augustine decided he had to give up rhetoric to pursue philosophy, which he had never studied formally To do so, he gathered a small group of students in a retreat near Milan, where he began to produce dialogues similar to those of Plato. Augustine Conversion Lives Transforming Beyond the influence of individuals such as Ambrose, Simplicianus, and Ponticianus or Augustine s background in Manichaeism and Neo Platonism, other factors may have contributed to his conversion Ferguson explains that Augustine s early education in philosophy, the impact of Cicero s Hortensius, and his study at Madaura and Carthage were Augustine Conversions and Confessions New Rambler Review IV Augustine Conversions to Confessions is not entirely without other redeeming qualities To add texture to his account of Augustine s professional life, Fox occasionally refers to Libanius and Synesius, two men whose lives paralleled Augustine s in some respects. Augustine Conversions and Confessions Summary SuperSummary Augustine Conversions to Confessions, also titled Augustine Conversions and Confessions, is a historical biography by Robin Lane Fox First published in , and the Wolfson History Prize winner, the book tells the story of Saint Augustine s early years until the point he discovered Christianity and vowed to live a celibate life. OSA Augustine s three conversions Augustine s three conversions The scholarly Pope Benedict XVI proposed that St Augustine in his Confessions wrote about three conversions during his life The Pope suggested that the lengthy and complex journey of conversion of Augustine as model of continuous conversion for all Christians. Augustine Converts to Christianity Christian History Augustine s Conversion The Gospel Coalition May , Augustine admits that he has two wills struggling inside him one will drawing him to God s love that satisfied and vanquished me and one will pulling him to his own lust that pleased and flattered me It is during this time, after he has realized the source of evil, that Augustine realizes his own wickedness. Augustine Converts to Christianity Christian History Augustine s intellectual restlessness led him to embrace Manichaeism, a popular religion of the day that held a dualistic view of the world as a battle between light and dark, flesh and spirit.
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    1. I was quite excited to read this book thinking that it was a biography of one of the leading philosophers of the Christian faith written by an atheist like myself, Robin Lee Fox I loved his epic biography of Alexander the Great years ago Well, in one sense I was disappointed because this is not a biography of Augustine of Hippo, it is a lengthy study of the first of Augustine s great works, Confessions That being said, it is exhaustive in its look into Augustine s moral and religious odyssey fro [...]

    2. This epic part biography of Saint Augustine it covers only the period up to the writing of the Confessions is not a book for the faint hearted Readers who want an introduction to the life and thought of Augustine, or have perhaps been beguiled by the extremely attractive cover and big name publisher may well find themselves overwhelmed early on Familiarity with The Confessions and with the period is a must And it will take a certain dedicated reader to plough through the seemingly exhaustive det [...]

    3. Would have made a good 300 page book As it stands, too detailed, frankly dull in large tracts Augustine comes across as intellectually very curious and wide ranging but also largely unpersuasive in most of what he writes RLF clearly thinks so with a distinctly unhealthy and obsessive attitude to sex, presumably aided by a oppressively attentive mother, with real Oedipal issues going on there Mind you, compared to Jerome, who seems somewhere between a repressed narcissist and an outright shit, Au [...]

    4. This is an exhaustive story, although a bit of a slog as a read Lane Fox likes his structural conceits very much seeing Augustine s life in a triptych with the kind of contemporaneous Libanius and Synesius seeing whether Augustine s life is a series of conversions on the way to the Confessions These approaches are fairly illuminating but the author seems a bit too pleased with them, and worse when he goes for a while without mentioning one or other of his binding themes, he suddenly reminds us a [...]

    5. Most of us, or so I like to think in order to feel better about myself, steer away from actually reading St Augustine We know that he is an intellectual giant and one of the handful of core, key thinkers of Christianity, but everything he has to say seem so dense, and wasn t he the mean proto Calvinist who thought unbaptized infants go straight to Hell Not to mention that, after all, it was all so long ago and far away Like a lot of people, I own several works by Augustine, but mostly to show my [...]

    6. An excellent supplement to Peter Brown s Augustine of Hippo A Biography, focusing narrowly than Brown s book on the period of Augustine s conversions, from approximately 372, when he became fired with the love of wisdom on encountering Cicero s Hortensius to his final conversion according to Fox to celibacy and renunciation of earthly ambition in 386 in the garden in Milan Fox clarifies his use of the word conversion as follows a conversion requires a decisive change whereby we abandon a previo [...]

    7. It is a difficult task to write a biography on any memoirist It is even daunting to write a biography of someone who is renowned for his own biography, someone who we acknowledge wrote about themselves with candor and insight It is an even further task to write about someone who engaged and defined what is a memoir This volume covers the first 43 years of Augustine s life, up until the writing of his famous Confessions The author is an established historian of the late Roman and early Christian [...]

    8. The 600 odd pages here aren t even trying to cover St Augustine s whole life, only the years up to the publication of the Confessions, which still leaves three decades of his life uncovered It s a pretty monumental undertaking, even with lengthy parallel accounts of two other roughly contemporaneous memoirists the Levantine pagan Libanius and the Cyrenian Christian Synesius taking up some of the space It probably should have been a warning in the early chapters when I found the material on those [...]

    9. This is an extraordinary and engrossing biography of the most towering figure in western Christian thought I remember one of my seminaries professors remarking dryly once that whenever he had encountered a bishop he had never felt in receipt of illumination The same could certainly not be said of the Bishop of Hippo, who wrote an incredible number of texts, many of which stand today, 17 centuries later, as essential reading for believers and all who seek to understand Christian theology While La [...]

    10. Michael Page presents an impeccable narration of Robin Lane Fox s Augustine Conversions to Confessions Augustine, product of a marriage between a Christian mother and a pagan father, is presented alongside contemporary figures Synesius, a Christian, and Libanius, a pagan His multicolored life is expounded from a youth to adulthood with all its persuasions Page recounts Conversions to Confessions in a clean, clear and concise manner, though the material is academic at times, this should prove to [...]

    11. Written by Robin Lane FoxThis is a biography on the great Catholic thinker Saint Augustine The book examines the years from Augustine s youth born 354 AD until he started writing his masterpiece Confessions circa 394 AD There is maybe three pages of post confession historical analysis in the book which was a time when his contributions to Caltholic Church where greatest in terms of centralizing its doctrine and practice and ending various Calthotic agnostic cults.Augustine grew up in Thagaste in [...]

    12. I will note at the start that I am not a deeply religious person, but Robinn Lane Fox has written a book that is fantastic engaging, erudite, interesting, and many positives than I can think of right now Augustine Conversions to Confessions is a biography of the first fifth years or so of Augustine of Hippo St Augustine Augustine was arguably one of the two or three most influential of the fathers of the Roman Catholic Church who intellectually influenced most of the intellectual debates up thr [...]

    13. Augustine of Hippo is still very much part of the creative imagination of artists, poets, scholars, and theologians today The popular songwriter Bob Dylan recorded a song about him in 1967 I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine, to bow his head and pray Many hundreds of books have beenwritten about him The Oxford historian and classisist scholar Robin Lane Fox has written another one, covering his life from his birth in 353 to the writing of his major work Confessions, probably written in his early 40 s, [...]

    14. The two stars are given because there is some great information in the book I would start by saying if you want to read this book, one must at least have read Augustine s Confessions to be able to follow along with some of what Fox is asserting After one reads Confessions and picks up this title, they will certainly see that much of Confessions is rehashed in this book Of course, one could suspect this with the subtitle Conversions to Confessions One of redeeming qualities of this book is its gr [...]

    15. Aside from Jesus Christ obviously and the Apostle Paul there are very few figures in church history who can claim to have had such a wide impact on church thinking Augustine is clearly one of those figures with his extensive writings throughout his long career and his debates with the Manichaean and Donatist cults of early church history And few Christian writings have been as influential as his book Confessions But his life and writings can be bewildering to modern readers Thus, book is greatly [...]

    16. This is a secular history of St Augustine I was interested to explore how Augustine was converted and also about history of the early catholic christian church The book explores all of Augustine s life including time spent as a member of a cult that was not accepted by the church at that time The book explores the philosophical tenets that were major factors in his system of beliefs.It is apparent from the book that early Christian theologians like Augustine were sort of making things up as they [...]

    17. I was rather misled on this one it s not so much a biography as a close reading of the Confessions, combined with some very nicely done, extremely fine grained history It isn t, though, all that much fun the narrative bogs down in the detail the comparisons between Augie and two other late ancients don t really add all that much to the story it s far too long Fox has a dubious handle on theology On the upside, if you re a scholar or just really into detail, you will love the hell out of this boo [...]

    18. A genuine expose of St Augustine s life here in comparison to Synesius Libounius coeds to the same Polentic philosophy and theological schooling, one a pagan, the other a Christian Catholic Bishop Born in North Africa s Thagast, St Augustine has numerous touches of the light of God, and goes on to write his most famous work The Confessions Much like eavesdropping into a Christian s prayer to God we find all St Augustine s faults as well as virtues directed toward heaven in a climax of spiritual [...]

    19. This is an ambitious book that does not disappoint in its depth of insight into Augustines life and faith journey Thinking through the time eternity cohort is tempting enough but precious insights like the following are gifts throughout the book At the end of Confessions, God explains to Augustine His relation to time and eternity.He knows exactly where his future lies it awaits him in the future life of bliss, where love alone will persist, as his Soliloquies, ten years before had stated Throug [...]

    20. An impressively thorough biography is undermined by a flawed narrative structure, and some non sequitur assertions with confidence by the author on his answers to of some historical questions The book is strongest in its early exploration of Augustine s intellectual journey, including an excellent explanation of just what Manicheanism was It is weakest in its prose in these sections often slow, turgid, and verbose and in the latter sections when it explores how Augustine built his Christian sect [...]

    21. Augustine is one of the intellectual founders of the Catholic Church and Christian thought This book traces the years of his change from nonbeliever to Bishop, using his confessions as source material and comparing his path to two contemporaries, one a Christian Synesius, and the other a Pagan Libaneus.I found his path from Manicheanism to Christianity intellectually opaque, but that is my failing as a person of no Christian faith, not Fox s as biographer.

    22. Robin Lane Fox wrote the introduction to St Augustine s Confession Everyman s Library This particular book, judging by its own introduction, seem to serve well to complement the original text in Confession It is noted by the author that he does not share Augustine s faith, which may cast an interesting shade vis a vis authors with explicit and ardent Christian faith I am currently reading this in conjunction with The Confession Notes to follow.

    23. Maybe if you have already read 10 books on Augustine this is interesting but I had trouble following the author through lots of details, be them chronological or debates among historians,choke missing information on the basic writings of Augustine tHe epilogue does finally get to some of these points

    24. A heavy read that I picked up in audio and pushed a quarter of the way through I may return to in print at some point The author parallels the life of this most famous early Christian and late Roman with learned, well documented contemporaries from other parts of the Mediterranean world to give a full picture of Augustine and the world he lived in.

    25. History alive This book not only allows you to make you feel as if you can walk around the towns where Augustine lived, it also shows in detail how one of the most influential thinkers of all times emerged.

    26. Although at times this book can feel like it s drowning in detail, there is a handful of really interesting material covering the intellectual climate that shaped modern christianity the half way there influences from manicheaism to zoroastrianism, that held similar beliefs.

    27. Fox, Robin Lane, Augustine Conversions and Confessions Penguin Books, 2016 Fox ontving voor deze biografie van de grote kerkgeleerde Augustinus 354 430 de Wolfson Prize for History Een volledige biografie is het niet het gaat Fox in de eerste plaats om het leven en het denken van Augustinus tot en met de publicatie van zijn imposante Geloofsbelijdenissen Het is een sympathiek levensverhaal, dat meesterlijk wordt verteld Bijzonder is ook dat er zo ontzettend veel bekend is over het leven van Augu [...]

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