The Lovers of Amherst (2020)

The Lovers of Amherst August An attractive young married woman Mabel Todd arrives in Amherst Massachusetts with her husband David recently appointed assistant professor at Amherst College The treasurer of the col
  • Title: The Lovers of Amherst
  • Author: William Nicholson
  • ISBN: 1848666470
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • August 1881 An attractive young married woman, Mabel Todd, arrives in Amherst, Massachusetts, with her husband David, recently appointed assistant professor at Amherst College The treasurer of the college is Austin Dickinson, the most respected citizen of the town, a married man with three children Austin s sister Emily lives as a recluse in the Homestead, the house nexAugust 1881 An attractive young married woman, Mabel Todd, arrives in Amherst, Massachusetts, with her husband David, recently appointed assistant professor at Amherst College The treasurer of the college is Austin Dickinson, the most respected citizen of the town, a married man with three children Austin s sister Emily lives as a recluse in the Homestead, the house next door to Austin s family Over the months that follow the Todds arrival, Austin falls passionately in love with Mabel, and she with him October 2013 Alice Dickinson, 24 years old, is struggling with her failure to find a boyfriend At the same time she wants to escape her copy writing job and make a living as a screenwriter She takes time off work to research a screenplay on a story that has fascinated her since college days, where a love of Emily Dickinson s poems was triggered by the coincidence of her own surname.The story is the illicit love affair between Austin Dickinson and Mabel Todd The novel interweaves the stories of these two love affairs the unfolding one between Alice and Nick, an older man she meets in Amherst, and the original love affair between Austin and Mabel, observed by Emily.
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    1. In this book we get to meet Alice Dickinson no relation to Emily Dickinson as she travels to Amherst to do some research for a screenplay about Austin Dickinson Emily Dickinson brother and Maud Todd s illicit love affair Paralleled to this story, we also get to follow Austin and Maud falling in love back in the 1900 century.This is a book I have wanted to read for some time now and I can say that in the beginning of the book I had hoped that this would be a really wonderful passionate romantic b [...]

    2. One of the things that appealed to me about this book was the chance to get reacquainted with some of the poetry of Emily Dickinson, which I hadn t read since college Some of her poems are strategically placed within the story and I certainly was in awe again as the historical parts unfolded, and we eventually see just how prolific Dickinson was, leaving thousands of verses behind One of the things that I loved was how Emily appeared well not really, she was mostly behind closed doors, but throu [...]

    3. I so badly wanted to like this but I just couldn t stay with it I liked the history of David and Mabel Todd and Austin Dickinson but the parallel love story of Alice and Nick just wasn t grabbing me Maybe it was because Mr Womanizer Nick decided he could fall in love after all and Maybe I just didn t like his character, but this just wasn t for me.

    4. Amherst is a new take on exploring the story of Emily Dickinson, the genius, recluse, and the myth This book merges two story lines a historical fiction tale of Emily s brother, Austin Dickinson and his lover Mabel Todd as well as a modern day plot of advertising executive Alice Dickinson who visits Amherst from the UK to research for her screenplay about Emily There she meets British ex pat Nick The historical tale of Austin Dickinson and Mabel Todd is fascinating and well done Although each ma [...]

    5. DNF on page 21 Nope This book is not for me I hate the writing, I hate the characters And for those reasons I hate the plot Bye.

    6. No offense to William Nicholson but reading this book was painfulReally, really painful.Let s start with Alice What a spinless, churlish, twot First off, she s a normal British twenty something with a nodding passion for Emily Dickinson Alice s last name is Dickinson, but she s no relation And after convincing her step daddy s friend that she has a great idea for a screenplay she funds her own trip to Amherst, Massachusetts to do research Apart from this, she s casually dangling her previous boy [...]

    7. A screenwriter comes to Amherst to research the story of the love affair between Emily Dickinson s brother and the woman who brought her poetry to the public eye a woman Emily Dickinson never met in person The screenwriter, Alice, falls for Nick, an older, failed Amherst College English professor I was so intrigued by the cinematic premise and the possibilities but the film making parts are left out mostly, on that in a second This book has a good sense of the history around the Dickinson famil [...]

    8. Following from his critically acclaimed 2014 novel Reckless, William Nicholson also a playwright notably of Shadowlands and a scriptwriter Gladiator and Les Mis rables brings another story of passion to life as he recounts the love affair between Austin Dickinson, the brother of the reclusive poet Emily Dickinson and the young, charismatic Mabel Todd, the woman who is single handedly responsible for convincing skeptical male publishers to bring Emily s poetry into the world.It is clear that Nich [...]

    9. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 22.5 starsI received an advanced readers copy of this book from Simon Schuster via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thank you This book tells two different stories at the same time There is the story of Austin and Mabel from the past and Alice and Nick from the present It is told in alternating chapters and there are slight similarities between the two stories.I quite enjoy stories that go from present to past and as usual I found the hi [...]

    10. Disappointed As a lifelong Emily scholar and fan who knows all of this material very well, I was fervently eager to read this novel In my opinion, the dual storylines are not successful or satisfying I found some elements of the Mabel Austin storyline interesting and entertaining, but the modern day Alice Nick relationship was predictable and tedious and unnecessary It adds and illuminates nothing Overall, the novel is a shallow and superficial dramatization of real life people in Amherst who we [...]

    11. I may be too critical of this novel because I looked forward to reading it so much It has so many elements that I enjoy an historical setting and notable figure Emily Dickinson a modern counterpart researching the notable personality an opportunity to learn something .But, it let me down The premise was similar to one of my very favorite novels, Posession, by A.S Byatt but Nicholson s book lacked the depth and the lyrical quality I hoped for It felt repetitive and boring despite its slightly [...]

    12. I wanted to love this and I thought I would, given how much I love Amherst, having gone to school there I didn t I also didn t finish it, which normally would prevent me from reviewing but in this case I wish I hadn t wasted the time so I ll share the opinion Terrible characters, boring story, too long winded I get the author was trying to draw out 2 different affairs, in 2 different times, in 1 beautiful town He failed because what I read was 2 boring stories that I didn t care about all in the [...]

    13. This was the first book I ve read WITHOUT consulting the masses on I have cast away a lot of books due to reviews that were less than 4 stars This time though, I liked the premise of the book, and didn t want to ruin it for myself before giving it a chance And I devoured it My favorite thing about this book is how it s NOT a great love story Sure, it makes you think that is exactly what it us, two parallell love stories set in different times And there s an element of that, but it s not the main [...]

    14. Explores the love affair between Mabel Austin Emily Dickinson s brother , and the parallel love affair between modern day Alice and Nick well sketched characters Nicholson has done his research surprised by just how much Mabel champions Emily s poems posthumously structure well thought out, seamless transition of past and present between chapters Nicholson s history writing screenplays is evident in the pacing, plot, dialogue and description the story keeps momentum While Emily D features little [...]

    15. When Alice Dickinson takes time off from her job in advertising to write a screenplay about the late Emily Dickinson no relative , she is excited Her research takes her to Amherst, Massachusetts, and she almost immediately meets Nick Crocker, a fifty something academic who has a bit of a reputation.Somehow she finds herself staying in his huge house, and despite all of her best laid plans, she is soon involved in a love affair with him But where is his wife, and why is she absent Amherst A Novel [...]

    16. A young woman from England, Alice Dickinson, is on leave from her job to visit Amherst for a few weeks to research her idea to turn the love affair between Emily Dickinson s brother Austin and a married woman, Mabel Loomis Todd, into a screenplay It isn t clear whether she actually has any talent or prior success in this line of work Alice is invited by Nick, 30 years older than her and also a Dickinson scholar at the local university, to stay at his home while she conducts her research Nick was [...]

    17. Emily and Alice are unrelated Dickinsons, centuries and life styles apart yet connected by than coincidental surnames.Alice, 21st century film maker visits Amherst to research Emily, poetess and the as yet unchartered love affair of Austin Dickinson and Mabel Todd, wife of close colleague Emily, staunch spinster of this parish, dressed in her virginal bridal white may well have spent her time outside the door of the dining room listening to the lustful, passionate recreations of her brother and [...]

    18. I m not a faithful reader of William Nicholson, so I m afraid I can t offer any comparisons in that way to readers who are But I ve read enough of his works to know I d be in skilled hands with this story.It s a reasonably short novel, fairly compelling and happily returned to To my shame I admit I knew next to nothing about Emily Dickinson except her being a renowned poet, but Nicholson really does do justice to the poetry of hers that he quotes, even getting me to speak the verses out aloud lo [...]

    19. This was just awful Would be British screenwriter Alice Dickenson no relation visits Amherst to research her project the affair of Austin Dickenson, poet Emily s married brother, with Mabel Loomis Todd, a much younger married woman She is convinced not only that this was a true passion but that much of the sexual action took place in Emily and Lavinia s house with the sisters getting hot and bothered listening outside the parlor door And let s not forget that the affair had the approval of Mabel [...]

    20. This fictional look at the poet Emily Dickinson and her siblings focuses on her brother s affair with a much younger woman both married , presented in alternate chapters along with a 21st century screenwriter going to Amherst to research the family and getting involved in a brief affair with an older man herself The Dickinson story was of much greater interest than the two contemporary characters, who were annoyingly verbose and prone to excessive navel gazing What is love What is happiness Can [...]

    21. This book is a historical fiction story about Emily Dickinson s family as well as the story of Alice Dickinson no relation who wants to write a play about Emily s brother, Austin his girlfriend, Mabel Todd Alice travels from her home in England to Amherst to gather information for the scipt Alice learns of the relationship between the married middle aged Austin and his much younger also married girlfriend, Mabel Emily and her sister lived in the Dickinson family home and it was ere that the unha [...]

    22. If I ve committed to finishing a book, I find it hard to give it less than 3 stars It s either a book I am going to finish because I want to 3 stars , need to 4 stars , or because it s helped alter my perspective on life 5 stars I wrote a blog yesterday that included a mention of Amherst for a rather small incidental character and something that happens to her which affected me profoundly Then I finished the book later that day and experienced a moment of synchronicity which threw me for a loop, [...]

    23. Sigh While the use of Emily Dickenson s poetry was well done, the modern romance was thin and I didn t much care about the characters Reads like a screenplay the author is going to try to turn into a movie, which is amusing since that s the premise of the main character s efforts One thing I ll give the author he did actually spend some time in Amherst, although he beats you over the head with that fact in his use of local details e.g the main character goes to Rao s for coffee Yes, Rao s exists [...]

    24. The lovers in question are the married middle aged brother of the poet, Emily Dickinson and the young wife of an academic, recently come to live in Amherst, New England This adulterous relationship which occurs in the 1880s is particularly unconventional It has the blessing of Emily who we do not see but is present throughout much of the book where she is referred to as The Myth.Partly set in the time of the principal historical characters 1880s and then 120 years or so later when a young writer [...]

    25. Alice in the 20th century wants to write a screenplay about the passionate love affair between Emily Dickinson s married brother Austin and a married much younger woman, Mabel This seemed like the author really wanted to explore all the many variations and pitfalls of love is it real Can it last Can you love than one person Is great passion killed by familiarity The theme was interesting, but the story began to drag amidst all this discussion between various characters Interesting that the endi [...]

    26. I received this book through Firstreads for free.I really wanted this to be a lot better, but it fell short I found the modern story entirely unbelievable and the characters irritating.Further, the one pop culture reference to Girls was just unnecessary and stuck out in a bad way I don t understand how the book was aided by being cruel.

    27. I loved the dual time period story as well as the well researched historic and poetic detail I found myself drawn into both worlds and continually wanting to know I enjoy a book that captures my attention and compels me to do my own research to learn A good read.

    28. I listened to this audio book I loved the British vs American accents It helped move the book along I m not sure I loved any of the characters but I didn t really dislike them either Kind of a lukewarm review huh

    29. This is not a book that I would typically pick to read It was, however, my bookclub s choice I hope i get to choose the next book.

    30. Seeking the meaning of love through Emily Dickinson s poetry Amherst, Massachusetts, 1880s 2012 Discovering a new author is exciting In this case, it s William Nicholson, an award winning British writer of screenplays, BBC television shows, novels six contemporary ones with characters apparently connected to AMHERST whose writing experiences have skilled him in honing sharp prose that s as irresistible, mysterious, and plaintive as the characters that inhabit this novel of two connected love aff [...]

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