The Language of Light (2020)

The Language of Light Set in the old moneyed horse country of Maryland the story of a young mother trying to put her life back together after the death of her husbandNelly Grace moves her two young children to a privilege
  • Title: The Language of Light
  • Author: Meg Waite Clayton
  • ISBN: 9780312318017
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in the old moneyed horse country of Maryland, the story of a young mother trying to put her life back together after the death of her husbandNelly Grace moves her two young children to a privileged, horse breeding world in the Balti countryside, after the unexpected death of her husband Struggling to build a new life, Nelly finds herself swept up in the traditionsSet in the old moneyed horse country of Maryland, the story of a young mother trying to put her life back together after the death of her husbandNelly Grace moves her two young children to a privileged, horse breeding world in the Balti countryside, after the unexpected death of her husband Struggling to build a new life, Nelly finds herself swept up in the traditions and social politics of this insular world Emma, the matriarch of the fox hunting community, offers Nelly guidance and friendship until past and present secrets begin to unfold Encouraged by Emma and her grown son, Dac, Nelly rekindles her desire to become a photojournalist, like her father As she sets to work with her camera, though, she realizes her success is tangled up not only in her feelings about her husband s death, but also in her relationship with her father, a man who has allowed fame and ambition to come before his family Then her father comes to visit, and Nelly s fragile new beginning is thrown into chaos.A brilliant old fashioned read, filled with secrets and surprises, The Language of Light is a beautifully told story of a woman moving into the future by uncovering the past.
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      245 Meg Waite Clayton
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    1. This book initially presented as a straight forward story of a young widowed mother who has moved to a family farm in Maryland horse country where she is befriended by an older mentor and is attracted to this woman s son, a horse trainer To this point, I thought I would like this story.However, Clayton s premise turned out to be that everyone has secrets some of which seem to exist, as with Willa s confession of an affair with Emma s husband, to merely reveal flaws in Emma s character.In fact, t [...]

    2. I needed some chick lit this weekd when I read the reviews here, I worried this was too serious for my mood As it was the only book I had with me at my sister s.I opened it I chose the book bc it takes place in B d it is centered around photography and horses The story is goodough I am not sure why many people mentioned it was told by a secondary character.Nellie was as much involved in the story as the rest The main character and narrator just lost her husband and has moved to her father s fami [...]

    3. Having read Clayton s second book The Wednesday Sisters before reading this one, I must say that she has definately grown as a writer between the two While I enjoyed this book, and found some of the facets of the characters amusing neither they nor the story really grabbed me and pulled me in I was also slightly let down that we dont really get the resolution between Nelly and Dac that I had been so hoping for I know the reader is supposed to accept that everyone reacher their own ending, but th [...]

    4. Perhaps I speak a different language than The Language of Light This story had a decent start a young widower finds herself trying to build a life for her and her two sons soon after her husband dies Leaving the urban city for the rural country life in the old family home of her father s family, the Mom is looking for the meaning of life Her father was a professional photographer and absent from home for much of his own children s upbringing I guess a man has to have his priorities The daughter, [...]

    5. I got this book for a steal when Borders went out of business sob I was attracted to it because it combines two of my interests photography and horses So I went in with moderately high hopes However, it never felt like the story ever really developed or recieved the closure it should have Spoiler alert It left me feeling somewhat flat the only time it REALLY got my attention was the revelation that Dac was the protagonist s brother Story felt all over the place and I never really got the sense t [...]

    6. In my opinion, there is only one book that successfully pulls off the tell the story from a minor character method and that s Wuthering Heights This book is no Wuthering Heights You think the story is about Nelly, the widow with two small kids moving to the country But it really isn t She mopes around through the book, a rather flat character in my opinion, and tells the story of this neighboring family that I didn t find all that interesting While good chunks of the book were interesting enough [...]

    7. I read this book because I loved The Wednesday Sisters and wanted to try something else by Clayton This book wasn t as great, but I enjoyed it nonetheless Being a photographer myself, I probably appreciated the photography specific parts than most I m big on enjoying the setting the books I read, and definitely did in this novel, but the ending wasn t spectacular.

    8. Never truly understood what made any of the characters tick no pun intended heret a literary reference to the grandmother clock Emma gave to Nelly for her birthday even as pivotal life choices were revealed throughout the book The ending was abrupt, and completely unsatisfying, with many unresolved story lines.

    9. I enjoyed the first part of this book, but ended up being frustrated by it in the end Some of the characters were deeply flawed not in a human way, but an unrealistic way The book never seemed to get around to saying what it wanted to say and it felt unfinished.

    10. This was the first book I read from Meg Waite Clayton I did like the setting and the characters, but felt the book unfinshed.

    11. After reading and loving The Wednesday Sisters, I eagerly dove into another book by this author What I liked was the detailed descriptions of photography from the taking of the photos to the developing But there were too many things I didn t like about the book It is not uncommon for a book to have a prelude and then dive into another time period But in this one, Nelly s father has obviously passed away but the segue into the main part of the story is not a smooth one one minute he is dead and t [...]

    12. 4.75I am torn with this book Right out of the gate, the writing is spectacular I had at least a dozen moments throughout where I would just linger on a sentence, taking it in, thinking, My God, how brilliant I would give my right arm to be able to pen a scene like that There was heart, and I enjoyed that the characters had true human natures Their being flawed made me want to see where those flaws would take them I read sitting at my kid s bus stop and stayed up way too late squeezing in just on [...]

    13. This novel was beautiful It was one of those novels that I didn t want to end I really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere that was portrayed between the characters in the story The story is written in a way that is light and refreshing, yet also full of secrets and loss Nelly has moved to Maryland with her two boys after her husband died She quickly finds herself a part of the community there Nelly becomes close friends with Emma and her son Dac They encourage her to begin her photography again Nelly h [...]

    14. Nominated for a PEN Bellwether prize high literary calibre that addresses social justice impact of culture politics on human relationships , this novel features solid, sometimes even lyrical, writing Plot follows young newly widowed mom Nelly Grace as she leaves the big city returns to her great grandfathers farm house, deep within Maryland s horse country A photographer herself, Nelly struggles with her photojournalist father s renown as she starts a new career and life including love interest [...]

    15. This is the second novel of Clayton s that I have read and I liked it much better than the first one But this one was her first published book I really loved the photography use in the story, particularly because I am so intrigued by photography Nelly Grace and her two sons have moved to Maryland to her Grandparents horse farm Still dealing with the aftermath of her husband s death and what that means for her future, Nelly finds herself adjusting to a whole new culture in this horse community A [...]

    16. I had lofty expectations for this book after enjoying The Wednesday Sisters so much, but this book didn t really deliver for me The back of the book states that this was destined to be called old fashioned and I do think the writing was a bit formal and well, old fashioned But I found that to be something I really liked about this book.I found the plot to be frustrating but not in that good book kind of way It s like this book never got around to saying what it wanted to Like it was a whole bunc [...]

    17. This book was compelling for me, partially because of it s hometown ties, partially because of my interest in photography, and partially because the plot line is intriguing A lighter read with the main story relating to Nelly s relationships with her father, her new community, and her children , I read this book fairly quickly, gasping at the twists and turns, relishing the triumphs, and staying interested until the very end.

    18. After I finished reading the Wednesday Sisters, I wanted to read of her work and had my book store Tall Tales find one for me as it was out of print I enjoyed this book just a much or maybe even the her latest I emailed her to tell her how much a liked the book and she promptly wrote me back and thanked me for my thoughts She even nudged me to properly call myself a photographer The book will be coming out in paper back soon Don t miss this one.

    19. Boring I think I would have been into it if I had any interest at all in photography Story of a woman trying to find herself after her husband died and she moved Parallels between her life and her photographs Just not a very interesting book, though lots of character depth in a variety of characters.

    20. This book received a good review but it didn t do much for me until the very last few pages I felt it was just a small upgrade from being a Harlequin novel The writing didn t grab me that much Nelly, the protagonist, seemed too much of a whiner I think she could have used some therapy somewhere along the way in her life.

    21. I liked this one but I couldn t quite give it 4 stars The author weaves an interesting story and I was sucked in by her storytelling I liked walking with this character as she tried to rediscover herself and her relationship with her dad Not so crazy about some of the twists near the end or the dangling pieces But overall an interesting read.

    22. Nelly Grace moves to her father s house with her two sons after the death of her husband She is a photojournalist I loved this book.

    23. This book was a bit slow moving for me, but eventually I got into it I like how Meg Waite Clayton s stories the two I ve read so far anyway have to do with mothers following their dreams.

    24. A really terrific story, but the second one I ve read recently that leaves the reader to decide an important question.

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