The Zodiac Legacy: The Dragon's Return (2020)

The Zodiac Legacy The Dragon s Return In this second illustrated novel of The Zodiac Legacy series the dangerous dragon power only grows stronger within Jasmine and Steven struggles to hold their ragtag team together But as alliances be
  • Title: The Zodiac Legacy: The Dragon's Return
  • Author: Stan Lee Stuart Moore Andie Tong
  • ISBN: 9781484713525
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this second illustrated novel of The Zodiac Legacy series, the dangerous dragon power only grows stronger within Jasmine, and Steven struggles to hold their ragtag team together But as alliances become strained, the line between the good guys and the bad guys becomes blurrier and blurrier And it all culminates in a major cliffhanger that readers won t see coming
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      191 Stan Lee Stuart Moore Andie Tong
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    1. I am reviewing this book for my reading class at schoolThe Zodiac Legacy, The Dragon s Return Advance Uncorrected Copy Author Stan Lee and Stuart Moore, Genre Fantasy, By Tony Le Steven Lee again is put against all odds with his team of super powered zodiac people against a madman that thinks that he can save the world by having all the power in the world Why do all madman think they can save the world by destroying, taking over, or having all the power in the world Steven will face challenges l [...]

    2. Steven Lee and the other Zodiacs are back for their second adventure They seem to be faced with a number of forces pulling them apart no matter that his special skills as Tiger include an ability to help them work as a team Kim Rabbit has to head home because her father s ill Roxanne Rooster is reconnecting with her mom Jasmine Dragon is being overwhelmed by her powers and by the fact that her boyfriend has disappeared That doesn t take into account the fact that Duane Pig is doubting his contri [...]

    3. I did not read book one of the Zodiac Legacy but read this volume because it was nominated for a Cybils I am a round one MG Spec Fic panelist I did not find it at all difficult to pick up on what was going on even though I had not read the first Like a Marvel movie, it seemed designed for that This is pretty much a Marvel movie in novel form in every way imaginable The characters can all be matched to a movie counterpart The plot is fast moving and follows a similar formula major team action seq [...]

    4. Another very fun read While a bit slower than the first book, this one was still action packed and exciting I really enjoyed seeing about their zodiac powers and how they could warn the individual when something was wrong I absolutely love that this series has illustrations included.Can t wait for book 3 Favorite passages Being defeated is a valuable experience, Maxwell said It s humbling It forces a person to take stock, to examine what s really important To focus directly on his goals and ta [...]

    5. The second installment of the Zodiac series continues with Steven and his tiger power getting stronger It turns out that Maxwell, the villain, is still alive after the explosion While they are trying to track down Maxwell to get Jazmine s dragon power back, there are a lot of obstacles that Steven and his team have to face This is a definite must read if you read the first book of the Zodiac series, Convergence I would recommend this book to anybody who likes action packed books I give this book [...]

    6. The Dragon s return is a great follow up to the first book.It is about a team of superpowered teenagers who are fighting against the leader of Vangaurd Maxwell , a horrible corporation Who wants every single Zodiac power to himself It is the Zodiav team led by Steven Lee to stop him.

    7. My name is Steven, and my Zodiac team is falling apart Kim is gone, Roxanne wants to leave, and Carlos has been missing for three months Jasmine has been taking Carlos s disappearance hard, and I m not sure if she s able to control the dragon power she absorbed from Maxwell Sometimes, she scares me The detection of Zodiac energy led me to Germany, and I woke up, strapped to a table, in Maxwell s Australian fortress Maxwell transferred my energy to one of his soldiers, and I now find myself impri [...]

    8. Spoiler AlertBook 2 of Zodiac Legacy SeriesIn my honest opinion, The Book 2 is good but the book 1 is better I can relate on the beginning of the story beacause of the rabbit who encouraged an frightened child in a sandstorm in Dubai to trust the tiger I also had trust issues before and now Im helping people who have it The rest of the story is okay except from the part when main villain stole the powers from the zodiac My most favorite parts when two of vanguard agents from book 1 will be only [...]

    9. It has been one year since the Dragon s Gate Fight with Maxwell versus Steven Lee and friends Steven, Roxanne, Duane, Kim and Liam has been training to get used to their Zodiac powers Jasmine is obsesses with finding Carlos so Steven is left with leading the team He feels that things are slipping away from him.Parents of his teammates have a need for their children to leave the group, with Steven being jealous since his parents have never been their for him Steven has to get past that and try to [...]

    10. Stan Lee s follow up book in his Zodiac Legacy series is just as amazing as the first Stan is able to stay true to the characters, as he tells about their past, and their personal life The backstories he adds to the story makes characters even easier to relate to Doing this also helps to make character s actions reasonable, and shows the motives for them Stan Lee twists the plot in a great way He adds many new complications to the plot, and changes it a lot, yet he keeps it easy to follow This [...]

    11. The Zodiac Legacy The Dragon s Return is the 2nd book in the Zodiac Legacy series.Unlike the first book,The Dragon s Return has battle scenes and it has the main characters really go against Maxwell.However,Steven learns that his team is dysfunctional.Although it pains me to see my favorite superhero team start to break,it makes the book far interesting.This fact is what makes the book better than the first one and earn 4 stars.

    12. Book 2 in the Series The Zodiac kids regroup and try to continue their lives after the battle with Maxwell in the first book Although they feel that they won the battle there are a lot of unanswered questions What happened to Ox during the battle Where is Carlos Steven is thrust into the role of leader and he is not sure he is ready Jasmine has become obsessed with finding Carlos and other members of the team are ready to quit Will the team come together in time

    13. I didn t like the way he kept changing the sides and he didn t give enough background on most of the characters.

    14. Bland superhero action and little emotional depth This time without the bonus of a somewhat interesting origin story.

    15. Good bookThe pace was slow at first, but when the action started I couldn t put the book down Overall great book would recommend it.

    16. In my opinion, this book was better than the first one in its series, but don t decide to read this one first You will have no idea what s going on.

    17. I will say only this this is meant for animated television, for sureide from it being driven toward a child audience, it is actually a good tale of good versus evil, but not in its standard and cliche way there is a bit character presence in this volume, when compared to the first real and raw emotions, and the idea that the villain may not be all that bad, sort of skewed moral code for sure the ending was nice too over confidence of a sinister self serving maniacal entrepreneur, lending to the [...]

    18. Sorry for the wait I had a lot of books to go through This was an alright read, though I do not care for the cliffhanger ending.

    19. Excellent The main characters have grown and the stakes are getting higher Stan Lee, Stuart Moore and Andie Tong have outdone themselves I just picked up book three and I m starting it as soon as I get home.

    20. This book was really good, but read the first then this one, then you will understand what is going on in the book I liked how to story progressed and how it ended The book is about a Zodiac team that goes on missions to help disasters around the world But that all changes when Something Big happens.

    21. What a weird turn around Some of you may remember my scathing, one star review of Convergence, the first book in this series You may be wondering, Ezra, if you hated the first one so much, why pick up the second one The answer is that I have no impulse control You may also be wondering, if it s such a turn around, why did you only give this one three stars The answer to THAT is that this book still isn t good It s far better than the first one, but only starting around the halfway mark Until the [...]

    22. The second installment in Stan lee, Stuart Moore and Andie Tong s Zodiac Legacy is an amazing thriller that guarantees fun and or action at every moment Although there is just about no bad things about this book, one of the most incredible things is how it keeps up the fun, exciting, and happy vibe the series already had, while also adding a note of maturity and a little bit of sadness Throughout the book, each teammate of Steven s struggles with their own issues, as well as the possibility of M [...]

    23. A year has passed since the events in Convergence, the first book in the Zodiac Legacy series, in which many of the characters received zodiac animal superpowers Since then, Josie and Steven Lee s team of Zodiacs have devoted their time to learning about their powers and performing rescues that require their unique skills Josie has still not recovered from the loss of Carlos, and spends most of her time trying to find him As a result, the team is floundering, and threatens to break apart They a [...]

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