Nothing Left to Burn (2020)

Nothing Left to Burn Dear Dad I promised Matt I d do this become a Junior Cadet That I wouldn t let you break me down I know you hate me Blame me for everything you lost But that day I lost my brother and my dad You could
  • Title: Nothing Left to Burn
  • Author: Patty Blount
  • ISBN: 9781492613299
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Dad,I promised Matt I d do this become a Junior Cadet That I wouldn t let you break me down I know you hate me Blame me for everything you lost But that day I lost my brother and my dad You could never be proud of me, could you I was too different So, just in case you haven t figured it out yet, I m saying good bye Maybe someday you ll miss me.ReeceReece s wDear Dad,I promised Matt I d do this become a Junior Cadet That I wouldn t let you break me down I know you hate me Blame me for everything you lost But that day I lost my brother and my dad You could never be proud of me, could you I was too different So, just in case you haven t figured it out yet, I m saying good bye Maybe someday you ll miss me.ReeceReece s words make her ache Amanda understands wanting to belong As a foster kid, she only feels at home at the firehouse where she volunteers She wants to help Reece, but his dad is her boss And she won t risk her place as a Junior Cadet it s all that she has But when a string of arsons points to Amanda s foster brother as the culprit, her whole world is about to go up in flames And the only way for Amanda and Reece to save each other is to risk getting burned.
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    1. This book had a pretty insane amount of drama, one that didn t properly blend with the supposed huge mystery that the synopsis promised And I say supposed huge mystery since it never really felt like an important part of the story for me The romance overtook it for sure.Now, the romantic in me says it s okay for the romance to take up most of the book, but only if it s executed well Nothing Left to Burn failed in that department, if you ask me Insta kiss happened, and the general mood between th [...]

    2. Yes, please Gimmee gimmee gimmee Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Nothing Left to Burn by Patty BlountPublisher Sourcebooks FirePublication Date August 4, 2015Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleySummary from Reece s father hasn t spoken to him since the car wreck that killed Reece s brother Desperate for forgiveness, Reece joins the Junior Cadet program at his dad s firehouse But the program is grueling, and Reece isn t sure he can make it through Then he meets Amanda.Amanda understa [...]

    3. This review was originally posted on It Starts at Midnight What do you even say about a book when half the stuff was pretty awesome and the other half made you want to throw your Kindle out the window And I don t mean half the book as in I liked the first half but the second half went to shit I mean there were things that I absolutely adored, and things that filled me with an unquenchable rage did you enjoy my dramatic flare there.The Good Huge focus on family and the importance of family throug [...]

    4. I received a copy of Nothing Left to Burn via Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for an honest review.This book had me in tears So many tears Just the raw emotion contained within 368 pages is overwhelming Nothing Left to Burn is a rare type of book It brings so many different characters from different backgrounds and meshes them together excellently The setting ties in extremely well with both the characters and the plot In fact, they practically go hand in hand It makes absolute sense [...]

    5. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs 3.5 5Right from the first page, you can tell that Nothing Left to Burn is going to be an emotionally raw and powerful story It is told in dual narrative between Amanda and Reece Nothing Left to Burn really got to me I loved that the book starts out featuring the male protagonist, Reece Reece really touched me I felt for him so badly If anyone needs a hug, it is Reece Luckily, I was also able to tell right away that he has a kick ass fri [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsNothing Left to Burn was not really my cup of tea I had the wrong impression of this book before starting it and couldn t really relate to it The cover of this book is misleading and I found the characters unrelatable That being said, this book is quite diverse and could be enjoyable for others who like learning about firefighters.The cover of Nothing Left to Burn makes the book seem a little bit like Rites of Passage by Joy N Hensley, where a girl joins the military and has to prove th [...]

    7. As a big fan of Blount s previous novel, Some Boys, I was really excited to learn about Nothing Left to Burn It sounded like the type of book that I would love so I was so excited to get started reading it and while I did enjoy the story, Unfortunately, I didn t LOVE it like I did Some Boys.Reece or Logan he seems to go by both in the book , is on a personal mission to get his father s attention His dad hasn t spoken to him since the accident that killed Logan s brother, Matt Everyone, including [...]

    8. Nothing Left to Burn Review Book Rating 5 stars out of 5.Story Line 5 stars out of 5 Reece was in a traffic accident that killed his brother Everyone blames him for the accident His father is angry with him He doesn t even talk to his son His father leaves him and his mother Reece only has one friend His friend gives him advice to join J Squad His father is a firefighter Reece joined the Junior Squad so that he could start getting closer to his father He meets Amanda who had loved his brother Sh [...]

    9. Grade B Reece s father hates him because he was driving the car that killed his perfect brother, though truth be told, his father never really liked him In an effort to fulfill a promise to his dying brother, Reece signs up to be a junior cadet at the fire department where his father and volunteers He meets the tough talking junior captain, Amanda, who also hates him for killing his brother When a series of fires turn out to be arson might hit close to home, the fire team must band together to p [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley Ever since Reece s brother Matt was killed in a car accident with Reece behind the wheel, he has been attempting to write a letter to his father to fulfil Matt s dying wish that Reece improves his relationship with him Reece was always on the outside growing up, always wishing he could join in with Matt and their dad.Reece signs up as a junior cadet at the fire station where his dad, who has [...]

    11. Thank you Netgalley for providing me a free review copy in exchange for an honest reviewThis is my second Patty Blount novel I loved Some Boys by her and when I saw this book was available, you bet your ass I requested it From what I gather, Blount is known for tackling hard issues head on in a very real way In Nothing Left to Burn Blount takes on family and it is absolutely gut wrenching.The book is told in two perspectives, Reece and Amanda, and how they deal with their own families while trai [...]

    12. Nothing Left To Burn is a very interesting book It wasn t quite what I was expecting, but far challenging and thought provoking Firefighting was always the special thing that bonded Reece s father and brother So when Reece s brother is killed in a car accident that was Reece s fault, the distance between Reece and his father widens even Determined to make his father pay attention to him once and for all, Reece joins the junior fire squad But once there he comes to love the thrill and unexpecte [...]

    13. Istyria book blog B s world of enchanted booksI love you so much, Patty Blount You make me feel all the feels every time I pick up one of your books While I did have a few annoyances with this book, I still loved it to bits and you made me cry I read it in one sitting and I m ignoring my growling stomach so I can get these thoughts out of my head for you So here goesNothing Left to Burn is about Reece Logan His father hasn t spoken to him since the car accident that killed Reece s brother Matt R [...]

    14. PERSONAL RESPONSE Nothing Left to Burn was a fantastic read I loved how Patty Blount switched point of views from Reece and Amanda It was interesting reading from both of their perspectives, since they were so different Reece was an interesting character, as was Amanda Amanda was a tough girl There are not many books out there about girls becoming a firefighter I think it was great that Amanda had a goal and she went for it Reece was a lost boy and had me wanting to tell him it was going to be o [...]

    15. Nothing Left To Burn had me on the corner of me seat This story has it all from loss to love to hatred to learning to move on in order to live.Matt and Reece are brothers one year apart in age They do everything together except for one thing That one thing is that Matt and his father do fire fighting together Then one night something tragic happens to the brothers that will tare this family apart.Matt passes away at the age of 18 in a horrific accident and Reece is to blame The family falls apar [...]

    16. Arc provided by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review2 stars.How can I say that this book totally knocked me off my feet but still kept me at heels How can I say that this book is one of those that dealt with relationships of the protagonists with their fathers with flares of brilliance and at the same time, reduced the potential of the book by making the romantic relationship of Reece and Amanda a bit sudden and idealistic I don t know What I really liked about the book was how believable [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Dear Dad, I promised Matt I d do this become a Junior Cadet That I wouldn t let you break me down I know you hate me Blame me for everything you lost But that day I lost my brother and my dad You could never be proud of me, could you I was too different So, just in case you haven t figured it out yet, I m saying goodbye Maybe someday, you ll miss me.ReeceReece s words make her ache Amanda understands wanting to [...]

    18. I received an ARC from the publisher via a NetGalley in exchange for an honest review While this book had its faults, and you know I m going to list them in detail soon, I really liked it once I got past the first few chapters First, I really liked the brotherhood that these characters find in their junior fire squad Being part of this group made a huge difference in the two main characters lives, and I think readers will respond to their comraderie and teamwork Second, this book gave readers an [...]

    19. More reviews at Mrs ReaderPants.WHAT I LIKED I loved the firefighter theme of this book It s something I haven t seen much in YA literature, and I know that firefighters really do have a brotherhood that goes beyond blood The author clearly knows a lot about firefighter culture and the family bond that exists among them.I also enjoyed the complex relationship between Reece and his father Nothing is easy for these two, and their dialogue is incredibly realistic I enjoyed seeing their relationship [...]

    20. Despite living in Matt s shadow, Reece absolutely adored him and he is deeply grieving his loss He is also living with the horrible guilt that he is responsible for his brother s death and his troubled relationship with his father compounds these feelings In the months since Matt s death, his relationship with his father has deteriorated to the point they barely speak After a vague but troubling conversation with his best friend Alex, Reece decides to take his advice and tries to connect with hi [...]

    21. More like 3.5 stars.Nothing Left To Burn turned out to be an interesting read I enjoyed that it made me ache for its characters not that I enjoyed their pain, just you know, connected with them for a bit and that it had an unusual playground that was entertaining to read about This book is told in dual POVs First we have Reece Logan who is struggling to lead a normal life after his brother s death in a car accident he is supposedly at fault Then, there s Amanda who only wishes to have a real fam [...]

    22. By far my favorite book of the three that I have read by Ms Blount Something about this book, the character of Reece, I think, just sucked me in from page 1 The pain that Reece carried over his brother s death, his part in it, the deathbed promise he made his brother, the nonexistent relationship with his father, his desire to be see and be good enough all of it just wove together to make a character that I ached for and felt and intense need to stick by The plot line also fascinated me So much [...]

    23. Eh This book contains many elements that I don t like, but dammit, it was also just full of heart, and for that, I award it three stars.Throughout the entire novel, emotions are running high, and things did get quite overdramatic overexaggerated at times so that when I finished the book, I felt physically exhausted Of our two MCs, Reece is struggling at home after a car accident he caused that killed his brother, strained family relations even further and led to his father abandoning the family [...]

    24. I m going to make you see me Make you hear me Make you acknowledge that everything I am is because of Matt and everything I m not is because of you Reece is gifted as in he can easily memorize anything he concentrates on As a child he easily grew bored and threw tantrums only his mother and brother consoling him His father always kept a distance from Reece even when the younger son wanted to join his brother and father on their trips He s very determined, but also a very broken character The rea [...]

    25. Being a fan of Patty Blount already, I was pretty excited for this book and was geeked to get it off Netgalley early Nothing Left to Burn was a pretty good read that kept me going, turning pages but didn t fully knock it out of the book park for me With that being said I would rate it at about 3.5 but rounded to a 4 for star rating I went with that because of a few reasons that I will list below I didn t really connect with the characters very well, granted I really enjoyed Reece as a character [...]

    26. God I hate this book so much I have so many connections with this book, and it just made me realize so many things Great book patty Blount

    27. He was never good enough, even at a young age and now, instead of just walking away, he needs to prove something, he needs to make a point and then he can walk away When is enough, enough though With his brother gone, his father moved out and his mother devastated, Reece decides he needs to get in his father s face Yeah, that always works I just didn t understand how this was going to play out and as the book progressed, this situation escalated His father treated him horribly and I was getting [...]

    28. ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review Sometimes you start a book and it completely breaks your heart In the first scene First paragraph First chapter Sometimes even the first sentence Nothing Left to Burn by Patty Blount was that kind of read for me The prologue and first chapter of this book is a beautifully written first person narrative that immediately pulled me in and made my sympathize, care, and hurt for Reece and all he s going through, all the guilt he s car [...]

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