Lignes de vie (2020)

Lignes de vie Coventry durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale Une famille de sept soeurs aux vies fond es sur l amour la tradition l angoisse et l espoir Des vies simples et mouvantes auxquelles se m lent presque imp
  • Title: Lignes de vie
  • Author: Graham Joyce
  • ISBN: 9782352947745
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Coventry, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.Une famille de sept soeurs aux vies fond es sur l amour, la tradition, l angoisse et l espoir Des vies simples et mouvantes auxquelles se m lent presque imperceptiblement l trange et le merveilleux, l ordinaire et l extraordinaire Cassie, la plus jeune des soeurs, a eu un petit gar on de p re inconnu et n a pas eu le courageCoventry, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.Une famille de sept soeurs aux vies fond es sur l amour, la tradition, l angoisse et l espoir Des vies simples et mouvantes auxquelles se m lent presque imperceptiblement l trange et le merveilleux, l ordinaire et l extraordinaire Cassie, la plus jeune des soeurs, a eu un petit gar on de p re inconnu et n a pas eu le courage de le c der des parents adoptifs.Il est alors d cid que le petit Frank sera lev par chacune des soeurs, tour de r le Ainsi l enfant sera t il le t moin privil gi de ces vies aux lignes si diff rentes, dans les drames et les illusions de l apr s guerre.Mais Frank est un enfant particulier, dou d intuitions tonnantes comme sa jeune m re, sensible des signes invisibles comme sa grand m re, parfois visit e par des apparitions lui annon ant l avenir Et au centre de leur histoire, il y a eu la nuit du bombardement de Coventry par la Luftwaffe Cassie s est trouv e au coeur de cette nuit d horreur hallucin e et y a laiss son secret le plus pr cieux Grand Prix de l Imaginaire 2007 meilleur roman tranger et meilleure traduction.
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    1. THE FACTS OF LIFE is the story of the Vine family, set in Coventry, England just at the end of, and several years after World War II Martha Vine is an elderly widow matriarch who presides over the lives and adventures of her seven adult daughters Cassie, the youngest of the sisters, has an affair with an American GI just before the war ends She then gives birth to a baby boy out of wedlock, whom she names Frank Cassie is determined to keep little Frank, and Martha is determined that each one of [...]

    2. Joyce made a glaring mistake, in my opinion the title It provides no clue whatsoever to the kind of book it is, and it s a real shame speaking as one who has read many an inferior novel simply because the titles had magic Joyce seems to have used up all his imagination on the novel itself and then got his accountant to name it I like the quote from Isabel Allende on the cover, I have not been so charmed by a novel in a long time My sentiments exactly I would call this book a kind of family picar [...]

    3. Set in war torn Coventry, England, during and just after WWII, this is the story of the Vine family, through the focus of Frank, the illegitimate son of unstable, fey Cassie, who has periods of depression and sees odd visions, and the grandson of sensible, strong Martha, who can talk to the dead Because Cassie isn t competent to take care of Frank, he is passed around among his grandmother and several aunts, all quirky in different ways The Facts of Life is subtly fantastic, full of ghosts and v [...]

    4. I would have liked this book if I had read it before The Limits of Enchantment It has most of the same elements rural British life, a midwife whose traditional methods come into conflict with the National Health Service, an intellectual commune where the reality fails to live up to the ideal, etc, etc.I mean, it has so much of the Same Stuff that it s a little weird I was trying to figure out if they were supposed to be connected in some way but I don t think so This one adds in the Blitz, and [...]

    5. Quando comecei a ler n o sabia o que esperar N o conhecia o autor, n o tinha lido nenhuma critica ou coment rio, apenas tinha lido a sinopse a hist ria de sete irm s, passado nos tempos imediatamente a seguir 2 Guerra Mundial E uma frase de Isabel Allende na capa do livro H muito tempo que um romance n o me encantava a este ponto Como tinha lido quase toda a obra dela, confiei E n o me enganei Um dos melhores romances que li nos ultimos tempos Uma hist ria de fam lia com uma matriarca fascinante [...]

    6. He disfrutado much simo de este libro Tiene el punto exacto de realismo m gico y costumbrismo, sin que el primero desvirt e al segundo Destacar, sobre todo, los inmensos personajes y las relaciones familiares Reales, muy reales, sin que sean buenos, buen simos, ni malos, mal simos Personajes entra ables, con sus virtudes y defectos, dispuestos para lo que haga falta para sacar adelante a la familia.

    7. 1940, Bienvenue Coventry, et plus particuli rement chez les Vine Cette trange famille compos e d une m re charismatique, Martha, et de ses 7 filles, fait front aux bombardements et la reconstruction qui s impose alors Cassie, la plus fragile des soeurs, met au monde un enfant, Frank Elle a d j abandonn un b b et ne peut se r soudre en abandonner un deuxi me, mais elle n a en aucun cas les capacit s pour lever son petit de mani re sereine Martha prend alors les choses en main Si Cassie ne peut pa [...]

    8. En lisant le r sum de ce livre j ai tout de suite tait intrigu e par le sujet Je n ai pas voulu trop en savoir en allant la p che aux infos sur le web, je souhaitais vraiment tre surprise par l histoire d autant que je n avais jamais entendu parler de ce roman auparavant J ai tout de suite tait accroch e par le r cit, un m lange de chronique familiale avec de petites touches de fantastique qui prennent forme travers le don de Franck, ce jeune gar on lev par toute la famille Vine Je ne parlerai p [...]

    9. 4.5 5 Coventry, petite ville tranquille d Angleterre, se reconstruit doucement apr s les bombardements de la Seconde Guerre L bas y vit une famille nombreuse compos e de membres aux personnalit s aussi color es que diff rentes Une famille qui gravite principalement autour de son caract re le plus farfelu, Cassie, la t te en l air, mais pas seulement Il lui arrive de faire des trucs bizarres Mais personne ne lui reproche vraiment puisqu elle tient a de sa m re Martha, un degr diff rent Et tout po [...]

    10. This is an odd, twisty turny type of book and I m not sure that s a good thing in this case.It starts out with a very Latin American magical realism feel, until it suddenly feels nothing at all like magical realism and feels entirely like Joyce s typical explicit sex talk prose And then it ll be drifty and dreamy again for awhile until suddenly it s dealing with concrete, post WWII real life issues Then it s back to magical realism again until suddenly you re in a flashback to the Blitz and a ba [...]

    11. I ll pass on the wonderful translation and how I find the French title even better than the original one yes for once Lignes de Vie has something that also reminds you of palm reading and points right at the magic realism of the book which is not quite obvious at first Coventry, at the end of WW2 Everyday life is somewhat upset for Martha and her seven daughters when her youngest, Cassie refuses to give up her baby boy, Frank for adoption Cassie is unstable, often phased out, makes little sense [...]

    12. I almost feel badly categorizing this as fantasy, because it is far and away the lightest or most normal, mainstream, or conventional of the Graham Joyce books I ve read The fantastical elements are mere color or flavor, whereas the overall work is an appealing, well crafted, moving, or even touching chronicle of a large, complicated family surviving and evolving during a difficult time World War II and the aftermath, in Coventry, England.What s funny is that I d be less inclined to recommend th [...]

    13. This is the fourth Graham Joyce novel I ve read, and the fourth I ve been sad to let go His books are unassumingly perfect little things gentle, welcoming, and warm Joyce has a knack for turning modest tales into proufoundly moving meditations on what it means to be alive, to be frightened, to be loved and in love, to be young or old or normal or extraordinary His fantasies are never just about themselves they re about real things growing up, raising children, coping with violence, being a good [...]

    14. One reviewer wrote that she thought Joyce made a mistake in the title and I couldn t agree But that was his only mistake, in my opinion Having just read The Monuments Men, I decided to stick to World War 2 for my next book and picked this one It took a few pages to get into the groove of the book, but to allow the magical realism to pick me up and carry me on it s meandering way But as I got to know all the characters, I loved all of them I wasn t sure about any of them at the beginning, but sl [...]

    15. Calling this book fantasy is like calling The Time Traveller s Wife science fiction Absolutely true, but not what people usually mean by those words The book this most reminded me of was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society It is the story of a family who ve survived World War II, beginning to move into the unknown future embodied in the new baby that seven sisters and an amazing mother share between them, their different homes and lives illustrating the forces of history at work Th [...]

    16. So I had to knock off a point for the worst title ever I can t even write this review without getting The Facts of Life theme song in my head Clearly that show wasn t a big hit in England But the book has nothing to do with that and is a beautiful story of a family in Coventry, England during WWII The cover describes it as a heartrending novel of one family s quest to begin again without forgetting the lives they left behind in a haunting, war torn terrain Fans of magical realism and historical [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book, and wish that I could give it 3 1 2 stars Though a tad slow at times, it grabbed my interest quickly and made me want to keep reading to find out what would happen next I liked the way the supernatural fit along well with the ordinary, though I m not sure now whether the dead can speak, hear, or both In chapter 14, they can speak to you, but not hear In chapter 22, they can hear you but can t get their words out And in chapter 37, they can both hear and speak I wasn t as cra [...]

    18. Very nice one Pure British kitchen sink story with a lot of amazing female characters and a bit of magic Some well organized humor structure are detected, although overall impression is closer to something serious.

    19. This is one of the most amazing books I ve ever read Graham Joyce is an extremely gifted and skilled writer and I am a huge fan.

    20. J avais d j rep r ce livre il y a un moment la m diath que mais sans jamais os sauter le pas, la couverture avait attir mon attention Le d fi lecture a fait que j ai attrap le livre quand je suis pass e devant la derni re fois que j ai t chercher ceux que je voulais Et bien je ne regrette pas ce choix impulsif On suit la vie d une famille apr s la 2nde Guerre Mondiale avec Martha, la matriache, ses filles et leurs maris et ses petits enfants Ils vivent tous dans des milieux diff rents ce qui nou [...]

    21. Libro que narra las vivencias de una matriarca y sus siete hijas en los a os posteriores a la segunda guerra mundial De tem tica costumbrista muy evocadora con a adidos de fantas a en el mbito de lo sobrenatural fantasmas.El libro me gana por la parte costumbrista y sus personajes Son bastantes, bien caracterizados y aunque cada uno representa un arquetipo estereotipado son carism ticos a su modo Mientras el foco est en ellos el libro me gusta mucho aunque la historia no lleve a ning n sitio per [...]

    22. I love Graham Joyce This is a quiet story of a boy born and growing up in Coventry at the tail end of WW2 and just after There s a family of women mostly , including his mother Cassie, who s a bit fey, and grandmother Martha, also gifted afflicted with a bit of the Sight.The whole family joins in raising Frank Since Cassie s a little unreliable as a mom, Frank s parenting is shared among the sisters This is not a hardship to Frank He gets to live on a farm, in a free thinking commune, with his f [...]

    23. Graham Joyce is a new favorite of mine I loved his Some Kind of Fairy Tale so much that I m reading all the rest of his novels If I hadn t already read and enjoyed one of his books, I might not have stuck with The Facts of Life and I m happy I did Joyce writes fantasy with a light touch it s just another part of life for his characters, and the big themes are very human and relatable.

    24. I enjoyed this book It had some funky magical hoopla that I shan t soon forget I have images in my head of the man under the bridge that will stick with me I like the bizarre, flawed characters, and loved the fact that this family of sisters were all so completely different The meshing of reality with the fantastical was done well

    25. I checked out The Facts Of Life six months ago, for the first go round at reading it Whatever was going on in my life, whatever the books I was reading at the time, I didn t get hooked But my oh my, this time around, once engaged with Joyce s way of introducing the Vine family and their lives to the reader, I couldn t put the book down The extraordinary lives of these ordinary people, and by that I mean every day working class folks, are rich and spiritual, wild and conservative, pinched and cra [...]

    26. Il n aurait pas fallu que a soit plus long, car je n y aurais pas surv cu, j aurais d cr pi dans mon ennui Sur le papier, il y a tous les l ments pour faire une histoire int ressante, et surtout, prenante L Angleterre de l apr s guerre, une famille unie par son nombre, d abord, mais aussi par le don trange qui relie la m re la plus jeune de ses filles, et le filet de protection silencieux mais toujours plus fort autour de cette demoiselle un peu fragile mentalement, qui s av re tre une v ritable [...]

    27. Uma hist ria familiar no feminino que come a com a quase entrega de uma crian a nas escadas de uma catedral.Cassie tem momentos em que est com a melancolia Seja isso um eufemismo para esquizofrenia ou qualquer outra doen a mental, a verdade que opini o mais ou menos un nime que ela n o tem capacidade para cuidar daquela crian a Mas Cassie, a quem n o falta instinto maternal nem amor por aquele ser pequenino que dela saiu, n o tem coragem de o entregar.Assim, e por decis o familiar a Matriarca Ma [...]

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