Fantasy of Flight (2020)

Fantasy of Flight Fantasy of Flight is the highly anticipated second instalment of The Tainted Accords My veil is off and I need it back Stuck in the lethal outer rings of Glacium I must fight to survive until I can f
  • Title: Fantasy of Flight
  • Author: Kelly St. Clare
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fantasy of Flight is the highly anticipated second instalment of The Tainted Accords My veil is off and I need it back Stuck in the lethal outer rings of Glacium, I must fight to survive until I can find the answers I seek and find a way back to the Bruma castle Being a Solati from the enemy world of Osolis would be bad enough, but being the Tatuma, the next in line to Fantasy of Flight is the highly anticipated second instalment of The Tainted Accords My veil is off and I need it back Stuck in the lethal outer rings of Glacium, I must fight to survive until I can find the answers I seek and find a way back to the Bruma castle Being a Solati from the enemy world of Osolis would be bad enough, but being the Tatuma, the next in line to rule No one can find out who I really am Especially now the veil is off Has the Tatum refused King Jovan s peace offers and declared war Do my brothers and Aquin know I m alive Who are my enemies and who are my friends Nothing is certain Though, if I think about it, nothing has been certain in a long time All of my worries must be put aside I can t imagine many distracted fighters survive The Pit Warning Fighting, adventure, action, fantasy, sexual themes and heartbreak about twice that found in Fantasy of Frost Watch out for the cliff hanger ending, too
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    1. Available now UK gp product B0US dp B00TXWVMHQ Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Kelly St Clare Tomorrow morning, Newbie will be joining the rest of you in the main gym She ll be fighting in the rings this week This was a great fantasy sequel to Fantasy of Frost, and Lina continued to be a strong female lead.Well, Olina was one heck of a kick ass chick in this book After the events of Book 1, she managed to not only look after her [...]

    2. What if I was born into a normal life, one without a tortured childhood and without the weight of so many responsibilities and burdens Wow this series just keeps getting better and better, and I can t even with my emotions right now I m completely in love with this story and this characters, and not to mention Olina She s growing into such a wonderfully complex character, I just love her so freaking much Jumping right into the the book, since I m trash and I need 4.25 5

    3. I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this novel There were some problems I had with it that kept me from giving it a higher rating Portions of the first half of this novel dragged for me somewhat and I didn t feel like it added as much to the original story as I had hoped Lina became a top fighter, which was fun to experience, but I didn t feel like the overall story progressed as much as it should have Later in the novel the opposite [...]

    4. Encore meilleur que le 1 J adore, j adore, j adore On d couvre encore plus l univers qui est juste NORME J encha ne avec le 3 videmment

    5. Fantasy of Flight is the second instalment in Olina s tale It contains action and adventure, romance than the first , a complex story line, and a fantasy sci fi setting If you can t stand cliffhangers, then I wouldn t recommend this book for you because I have been a cruel biarch at the end There s a bit of swearing too It s hard to explain without giving things away, but the swearing is in context with the world building I don t believe it distracts or detracts from the reading experience.Suit [...]

    6. Fantasy of Flight is the second book in the Tainted Accords series, that began with Fantasy of Frost We pick up the story, right as book 1 finishes Olina has left the safety of the Kings guard, and with her blue eyes, is passing for a Bruma named Frost In return for food and a roof over her head, she agrees to become a pit fighter, taking on some of the outer rings most brutal fighters Her veil has been destroyed and the only way she can ever return to her position as Tatuma is to find the mater [...]

    7. Hold onto your seats for the next instalment of Kelly St Clare s fabulous Fantasy of Flight I was fortunate to obtain an advance copy of the newest book in the Tainted Accords series The high octane action and intriguing romance has stepped up another notch After enduring the death of her lover, Prince Kendrick and a kidnapping and heart stopping journey through Oscala, our intrepid heroine, Olina finds herself in the Outer Rings of Glacium, where she has been taken into a fighting house After a [...]

    8. Well first off can I just say, Wow Well done, Ms St Clare This is a great sequel The universe the author created in book one was original and exciting and in book two we get of that same refreshing scenery with just enough detail We are introduced to new characters who are intricate to Lina s personal growth The story s pace is perfectly timed There is a lot of action that keeps the story moving.Olina Frost Tatuma is a fantastic heroine I mean I am just amazed by her perseverance, strength, end [...]

    9. 4.5 stars While I still enjoyed book 2 of this series, I have to say some parts had me confused I couldn t follow a lot of the fight scenes and found myself skimming over them to find out the end result the easy way This is the reason for not giving a full five stars.Aside from that, the story takes off at a slow pace, similar to book 1, but once it takes hold around 30% it doesn t let go I was glued to the last 70% for all of yesterday and now I have a major book hangover.Olina frustrates me a [...]

    10. Gah I loved this book After I finished book 1 I kept thinking about this world and the series, I read another book afterwards and knew that after that I had to dive back into this series The first book was good, but this book was even better This book starts shortly after the end of book 1 At the end of book 1 Olina made a big decision, in this book we see how that pans out and her search to solve the mystery, while at the same time she finds new friends a place to belong There s a lot of charac [...]

    11. Realms of Fantasy Although at times the story may seem convoluted, St Clare spins an intricate tale Olina in the first novel was a noble steeped in a society ruled by formality and restraint, has now become a young woman forged by a set of extremes which take her from strength to strength She is no longer the girl she once was This novel continues to develop her character as a result of circumstances she couldn t have possibly foreseen and just at the moment you re waiting for something to happe [...]

    12. FANTASY OF FLIGHT Book Two of The Tainted AccordsAuthor Kelly St ClareType of Book eBookLength Genre FantasyRelease Date May 24, 2015Publisher Rating 5 out of 5 stars I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review FANTASY OF FLIGHT picks up where FANTASY OF FROST left off In the first book readers are introduced to the two distinct countries that make up Olina s world There is the country of Solati which is hot and the country of Glacium which is cold That i [...]

    13. If you read my review of book one in this series you know I found it to be confusing but that overall I liked the characters, the setup, and the direction it was going.This book picks up with Lina Frost fighting her way up in her fight gang and in the Pits as she searches for Kedrick s killer AND OMG THE RAW SEXINESS STRENGTH INDIVIDUALISM Homegirl goes from a weak veiled outcast to a strong independent woman And man does it make me like Lina .Then once all hell breaks loose she ends up back at [...]

    14. With plenty of action, adventure and intrigue that I m growing to expect from this great new author, Kelly St Clare s Fantasy of Flight leaped from the pages to keep me enthralled and entertained throughout The second book in the Tainted Accords series, this is a fabulous follow up to Fantasy of Frost which captivated me from the very beginning.This thrilling tale continues and Olina s life grows ever complicated with challenges to face whilst on Glacium that will further define her character a [...]

    15. Give me a moment to collect myself I feel like a little piece of my soul just got crushed when I saw how long I have to wait for the next book.But this book was all I needed and We get to meet a whole new group of friends and Olina or Frost, as she s known to her new friends becomes so much stronger in so many different ways She gets romance in this book, not a lot, but the build up is cute and I was practically jumping for joy when it happened People from the 1st book come back into play and [...]

    16. Un second tome qui change COMPLETEMENT d ambiance avec le premier tome.On rencontre un nouvel aspect de Glacium, on rencontre de nouveaux personnages secondaires qui sont tr s diff rents de ceux du premier tome mais tout aussi attachants et surtout on voit Olina voluer encore.S endurcir, se d couvrir.J ai ador la premi re partie mais j avoue avoir eu envie de la gaffer quelques fois dans ce second tome.Elle a une r action un moment qui m a particuli rement agac e m me si elle est tout fait cr di [...]

    17. I really liked the first book in this series, and this one was ok too, but I found the plot to be incredibly slow at points I also tired of the heroine constantly being on the move She was continually running from someone or something I also think this book was supposed to have some romantic aspects, but I found them to be incredibly lacking I will still move onto book 3 though I also appreciate this being offered as a kindleunlimited.

    18. worlds within worlds, fantasy of flight is a kickass second book for the tainted accords with action, drama, and characters of strength and power on so many levels another awesome read to miss sleep for definite recommend

    19. Encore meilleur que je pr c dent J ai failli avoir un coup de c ur, mais je garde mes 5 toiles pour la suite, car si a continue monter en puissance comme cela, je ne r ponds plus de rien J tais partie pour lire un ou deux chapitres avant de me coucher, j ai d vor les 3 4 du livre C est dire s il est prenant.C est un tome qui change radicalement d ambiance par rapport au pr c dent Nouveau pan de l univers, nouveaux personnages secondaires terriblement attachants nouveau et une h ro ne qui n a de [...]

    20. Slow start but amazing payoff Abridged for you lazies out there.The Good Characters with hearts of gold Olina Frost character development Smooth writing Easy reading The return of some cool characters Plenty of humor and heart A superb second and third part of the story that I just could not put down Romance and sexiness Epic revelations Positive book for women with many strong female characters The Harness The Bad Very slow start Pit fights required much suspension of disbelief especially durin [...]

    21. The fight was exhilarating It was a rush, a shock, an overload of my senses It was survival It was seeing your life as a tiny speck in the palm of a giant All of that could make a woman tired Page 22.Olina the Tatuma has run away to the outer rings of Glacium She wants to find Kedrick s killer and the source of the special arrow She wants to get away from king Jovan She meant to stay away for several days and solve the mystery of the arrow and murder, but was attacked and her veil destroyed The [...]

    22. I listened to this book last week and have since finished the series In order to ensure I don t give any unintentional spoilers I will keep this brief Of all the books, I think this is my favorite Our Olina is faced with desire, consumed by revenge, plagued by childish ness, and brave She is also a runner both mentally and physically These qualities and flaws lead her down a troublesome road that earns her some fierce friends and dangerous enemies Our Ice King gives me chills Though the story is [...]

    23. Fantasy of Flight was everything I hoped it would be, and even .It answered many questions I had after I finished the first book, and satisfied some of the things that bothered me Olina finally began to change, adapting to the culture of Glacium, and those changes were fascinating Just how I expected it to be, it was a pleasure to read about her building some of the confidence she needed so much in the first book It was exciting to see her fight for real and explore her abilities And of course, [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Kelly St Clare has a way of transporting you to a whole new world with ease As with book 1, Fantasy of Frost, the vivid descriptive nature of this book will wow you It did me I love the main character, Olina, because she is a strong and independent female whom I respect This is a book filled with action and a very intriguing romance, for all you romance lovers I felt immersed into a whole other world that will captur [...]

    25. OMG I loved this book like WOW image error yaar you have to know how aweesome this book is Este libro es una OBRA DE ARTEI am totally sorry had to try that I am just starting to learn spanish and I needed to do that I mean this book deserves everything I have even though I cant give it much right now totally sleepy I loved Olina s transformation she gets so confident, so comfortable in her own body and did I mention Kickass with a capital K yess, according to King Jovan she is badass with a good [...]

    26. This is a good book, but not as good as the first I really enjoyed the first half The progression, even if somewhat slow, was interesting and had me flipping through the pages There was a lot going on between the main plot and several subplots You re taken on a wild ride across the outer rings, which is exciting and filled with interesting characters whose background I was eager to discover Then, after a satisfying plot twist, the story veers into a completely different direction, which at first [...]

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