Travels in the Land of Serpents and Pearls (2020)

Travels in the Land of Serpents and Pearls You will hear it for yourselves and it will surely fill you with wonder In this selection from Marco Polo s famous travel book the intrepid Venetian describes the customs of India recounts the stor
  • Title: Travels in the Land of Serpents and Pearls
  • Author: Marco Polo
  • ISBN: 9780141398358
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • You will hear it for yourselves, and it will surely fill you with wonder In this selection from Marco Polo s famous travel book, the intrepid Venetian describes the customs of India, recounts the story of the king who died eighty four times and explains how to retrieve diamonds from snake infested caves Introducing Little Black Classics 80 books for Penguin s 80th You will hear it for yourselves, and it will surely fill you with wonder In this selection from Marco Polo s famous travel book, the intrepid Venetian describes the customs of India, recounts the story of the king who died eighty four times and explains how to retrieve diamonds from snake infested caves Introducing Little Black Classics 80 books for Penguin s 80th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th century California and the Russian steppe Here are stories lyrical and savage poems epic and intimate essays satirical and inspirational and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions Marco Polo 1254 1324 Polo s Travels are available in Penguin Classics.
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    1. Marco Polo wrote this book for goldfish.At the beginning of almost every paragraph he states I will now tell you and by the end he will then say I have now told you I mean it s truly helpful guidance I never would have figured that out myself I m so glad he took the time to reassure me as I went along Who did he think would read his works, simpletons and those with memory impairments That s the only explanation for such a patronising way of writing Here s a lovely quote just to show you what I m [...]

    2. Let me tell you about this book This book is badly written I will now tell you why I will tell you about this book in the same manner the book is written, so you can understand why I will later go on calling the prose the worst I have ever encountered I have now told you about the prose and will move on and tell you about other things Actually, I m going to stop right here, I think I have made my point clear enough Travels in the Land of Serpents and Pearls is an excerpt of Marco Polo s travel a [...]

    3. This book is at turns ridiculous and outrageous and pretty accurate There are only 55 pages, so it s limited what they can contain, but as an introduction to his writing it s pretty good What I love about the Little Black Classics is that they contain very little besides the primary text There s no introduction, no explanations All you have to do is sit down and enjoy a good story Which this is, even if Marco is incredibly fond of repeating the same phrases over and over again, slightly disrupti [...]

    4. This book while historically important is tedious Review, Marco Polo style I will tell you I read this Further I will tell you he repeats himself, frequently.let me tell you it was hard going to read the repetitions Further I will tell you the book is finished I can tell you I really wanted to enjoy this but sadly become frustrated by the style of writing Maybe it was because of the way it had been edited and in full the complete work might be interesting Who knows.

    5. Interesting book with a lot of description Sounds like a travel journal written by an social anthropologist and their travel through the different kingdoms Kinda cool but not that entertaining in the end.

    6. Interesting for both its accuracies and inaccuracies Unfortunately, he seems unable to make any substantial distinction between the cultures he encounters, oversimplifying them to the point where all non Christians and non Muslims are called idolaters and perceived as following the same religion The writing style is incredibly repetitive, and although it is endearing for the first two pages, it is plainly annoying for the rest, and can easily be summarised as This is what I m going to tell you Y [...]

    7. This Penguin Little Black Classic is a selection of excerpts from Marco Polo s The Travels.A very quick read even for a LBC this is a quite well selected collection.There are some issues around the terrible repetition of certain phrases, and the two strange mentioning of himself in the third person it is unclear to me whether this is a translation issue or just the painful way Polo presented his tales.Once you can separate your self from that, the content is really quite interesting Polo describ [...]

    8. This excerpt from Travels by Marco Polo was just whacky Weird tales of kings, brothers and their bizarre superstitions And what was with the repetitive usage of let me tell you Let me assure you It sounded annoying at first, but later on it just became oddly hilarious No matter how grave the tale was, it was told with a rather tongue in cheek tone I m not sure what audience it was originally aimed at, because he was trying really hard to convince them of his veracity Now I m highly curious to ch [...]

    9. This reads like a 3rd grader s summer report Let me tell you about one thing, and then I will tell you about another thing Now I ve told you about this one thing, and there is also some other wonderful thing about the people here This writing style is so bad I m glad it was so short.

    10. Review to be posted shortly all I shall say is that it s a rather interesting read Later The chain of events within this extraordinary journey, explore different cultures and barbaric customs of a varied people One encounters and learns many things, such as for instance Unbalanced compatibility and harmony The boundaries of reason adhering to natural law and limitations What s known and that which remains elusive, especially in what s seen at first glance The foreign traveller shining a light on [...]

    11. Marco Polo s descriptions of India are utter madness serpents guarding diamonds, kings with 30,000 wives, a prince taking to isolation after seeing an infirm old man, and everyone an idolater They read like tales of fantasy, but with each of them comes a shred of realism, something we know to be true, and this lends an element of trust to his words, despite his constant exaggerations.My favourite claim of his was that the people he encountered skinned beasts to make leather He lists the animals, [...]

    12. I ve alway wanted to read The Travels of Marco Polo and I enjoyed this excerpt very much It also made it clear, however, that I would not be able to read the whole work or if so, then in small increments only Polo repeats himself constantly and prefaces every paragraph with now I will tell you or something similar In a full length book, this would probably drive me crazy, but I can handle 56 small pages that are otherwise fascinating at least if you are interested in he history of the world.

    13. I can t decide whether Marco s repetitive phrases e.g and I will tell you how why were annoying or endearing Pick this up if you re a fan of the TV show, I mean it s 80p, where can you go wrong But my only criticism is that, whilst I learnt little snippits about historic Indian culture, and I very much enjoyed some of the recounts and anecdotes, I don t think any of it will stick with me It s a little bit forgettable, but strangely not disappointing, as I m a fan and it was a comfort to read any [...]

    14. A travel writer s story before such a genre existed, Marco Polo s chronicle of visiting India and Sri Lanka will interest and horrify you, but perhaps importantly, remind you that your way of life is not the but simply a.

    15. You will hear it for yourselves, and it will surely fill you with wonder.As I open my first book by Marco Polo, a 13th 14th Century merchant, explorer and writer I look at the opening quote and blink for a moment Truly, this can speak for the wonder of a book Opening a book, beginning to read it and to be filled with wonder It made me think about this story before I even began to read it, and I had to put it down for a moment Frankly, I didn t even know Marco Polo was an actual person I believed [...]

    16. An interesting read on Marco Polo s travels across the seas This tale is interesting story, but at the same time, it begs the question as to whether everything he wrote was actually true or whether it is a collection of vast exaggerations and incorrect truths that resulted from miscommunication.

    17. Marco Polo was an 13th Century Venetian explorer, spending 24 years travelling Asia and recounting many illustrious tales Immense quantities of skins are made into leather in this kingdom that is, they tan the hides of goats, buffaloes, wild oxen, UNICORNS and many other beasts In terms of historical value, Marco Polo is invaluable In terms of writing ability, he is terrible, and I m not even sure he even wrote this It is grand to read of far away places during this time, but my goodness he can [...]

    18. While the recounting is great, the style of telling you what you re about to be told and then being told it grates a little and breaks up the flow of the prose.

    19. Let me tell you now that I ve told youIf you don t mind reading this or similar sentences at the beginning and end of every paragraphthen this book is for you The language is simple and very repetitive However it is quite interesting to read about Marco Polos impressions of thirteenth century Indiaand misconceptions such as drinking quicksilver to prolong your life and Gujarat having unicorns thou I must admit I ve never been to Gujarat during that time so what do I know Maybe that s were Peter [...]

    20. First thing you will notice about this thing aftwr reading the first page is how hilarious the writing style is Marco basically puts Let me tell you, I will tell you and other phrases like that at virtually the beginning of every sentence In my opinion it s hilarious because it shows how a merchant in the 14th Century would have maybe written his journal The information in the book is sometimes out of this world, but it s mostly historically accurate and VERY interesting I recomend this book to [...]

    21. Marco Polo certainly gets full marks for being one of the first Europeans to reach central and eastern Asia and his accounts of bejeweled kings, pearl divers and using eagles to collect diamonds are truly fascinating The downside is that MP isn t the world s greatest writer When you compare him to Dante who was from the same country writing at the same time, his style is pretty pedestrian now I m going to tell you about serpents There are a lot of serpents in this country etc 5 out of 5 for cont [...]

    22. Now let me tell you this I assure you that this little book isA joy to begin with with the pearl fishers around Ceylon and Maabar it becomes repetitive latterly, and so dissipates its wonder For these are wonders of the 13th century which Marco Polo is recounting, in Asian lands of rich kingdoms filled with pearls, idolators and serpents Yet I do not believe one of the methods of collecting diamonds in Motupalli.Intrigued enough to read the full work The Travels of Marco Polo or Travels In The L [...]

    23. If you ask me about the content of the book, I would say that I didn t find it fascinating at all In fact, I was very disappointed to read such a bizarre and distressing explanations of Indian customs and traditions The book only gave a false idea of Indian culture Other than the content, the only thing I liked is his writing style For me it was of a poetic style of writing, I like how he repeats his phrases.Overall I would just say that I liked the writing style but I didn t like the writings. [...]

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