Ghosts (2020)

Ghosts Through a combination of tight well structured plots and fully realized characters Chesser has emerged as one of the top indie writers in the business Joe McKinney Two time Bram Stoker Award winner
  • Title: Ghosts
  • Author: Shawn Chesser
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  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Through a combination of tight, well structured plots and fully realized characters, Chesser has emerged as one of the top indie writers in the business Joe McKinney Two time Bram Stoker Award winner, and best selling author of the Dead World series Book 8 in the best selling Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series, picks up where Warpath, Book 7 ends Cade Grayson, f Through a combination of tight, well structured plots and fully realized characters, Chesser has emerged as one of the top indie writers in the business Joe McKinney Two time Bram Stoker Award winner, and best selling author of the Dead World series Book 8 in the best selling Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series, picks up where Warpath, Book 7 ends Cade Grayson, father, husband, and former Delta Force operator collected his fair share of ghosts as the Omega virus ravaged the United States, turning the majority of her population into mindless automatons hungering for human flesh Wearing incredulous stares, the faces of those ghosts dozens of men, women, and children he was unable to save during his many forays into the Z infested wasteland visit him nightly during the early morning hours when defenses are dulled and REM sleep has him in its firm grip For others who lost contact with loved ones during the frantic first hours and days of the Omega outbreak, their ghosts manifest in the nagging possibility that a wife or child or mother or sibling may still be alive out there, somewhere, struggling to survive amongst the multitudes of walking corpses and roving bands of murderous breathers So as the Eden survivors prepare their rural Utah compound for the coming fall and winter they find that the herds of dead patrolling the nearby State Route aren t their only enemy Idle time seems to be giving power to their ghosts And with each perceived whiff of familiar perfume, or flash in the side vision of a familiar form that proves to be nonexistent, the lure of wanting to know their fate begins to affect some of the group adversely Even after attaining a modicum of closure in the high country of central Idaho, Duncan Winters continues to seek solace for his loss at the bottom of a whiskey bottle And still struggling with the post traumatic stress from being held concubine in Robert Christian s mansion in Jackson Hole, Daymon s girlfriend Heidi hides from her ghosts below ground, spending nearly every waking moment tethered to the HAM radio by a pair of headphones, scouring the airwaves for other survivors Meanwhile, still healing from the wounds suffered in Idaho, former BLM firefighter Daymon Bush ponders what ultimately became of his mom Face to face with thousands of dead and ultimately forced to turn back short of her home in the suburbs south of Salt Lake City, Daymon can t shrug off the baggage of the thwarted rescue attempt Similarly affected, former Jackson Hole Chief of Police Charlie Jenkins trudges through the day to day machinations necessary for survival, hollow of heart, all the while wrestling with the idea of venturing to Salt Lake City in search of his missing adult aged daughter As winter looms and hordes of living dead continue migrating about the countryside, will the group finish their preparations and reconcile with their ghosts before venturing topside becomes the exception to the norm Can Daymon juggle Heidi s internal problems and his own desire to know what happened to his mom, all while continuing to pull his weight for the greater good of the Eden Compound Will Duncan take the first step and put the plug in the jug so he can get on with living Will Cade and Brook succeed in cultivating in their daughter Raven the level of self sufficiency necessary to survive her new world And will Taryn, Wilson, and Sasha strike a balance between their personalities long enough to make it through a day without turmoil let alone the long dark days and months ahead of them Or will Mister Murphy of Murphy s Law fame intervene and fracture the group for good Come along and find out who has what it takes to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
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    1. Great book if you re a fan of the genre I am a little annoyed by the cliffhanger ending, only because I am impatient and want to read RIGHT NOW The editing is also top notch, which is an area sometimes lacking with indie authors Overall this was a great story, and was entertaining, and Chesser s writing keeps getting better and better with every book.

    2. Chesser continues to weave an excellent tale of survival His ability to merge the technical jargon of the military with the sci fi horror genre and still include humor and emotion, ranks him with some of the best in the industry Ghosts continues the adventures of Cade Grayson, ex Delta Force operator, on his seemingly never ending trek to keep his family safe As usual, there is something that tugs on Cade s honor and loyalty to the United States and he is pulled back into the fight.

    3. The long awaited next installment To Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, GHOST, is finally here This time Shawn Chesser goes a different route by giving us a little information about the rest of the people that have thus far survived and are faring well in their compound But with relative peace comes an insidious enemy that no one can hope to win against Time Time has allowed the survivors of the compound to reflect and are now attempting to deal with ghost of people, events and places that haunt [...]

    4. As with the last book in this series, I think its important to review this book without giving away anything that happens previously, which can be amazingly hard But seriously who starts a series in the middle or the end I am sincerely hoping the answer to that is no one But anyway, the book.t of all I think this is the best one so far The story line has progressed, friends have come and gone, and some scary things have happened to Cade, his family and their fellow survivors The author, Shawn Ch [...]

    5. Great story from one of my favorite authors, but It s amazing to see how this author s writing capabilities have grown I think I only found 1 typo, imagery was awesome and the story moves along However, I am giving this story a 4 star instead of 5 for several reasons.1 Cade s wife is now liken to a special ops person after several weeks of fighting That s just hard for me to believe Men and women train allot to get where she s at and I am just having a little difficulty believing that she is all [...]

    6. fantastic book in a fantastic series Shawn hit it out of the ballpark once again with this nail biter no pun intended part 7 or 8 I can t remember they re so great is another chapter in Cade and the groups struggle to survive Like the other books in the series it s action packed with zombies and military action but the real meat of the story is between the survivors and the struggles they re each going through mentally on their own the book was so good I hardly put it down and finished it in rec [...]

    7. Another gripping installmentThis time around Shawn author keeps readers on two main objectives running parallel to each other Surviving the apocalypse family first An anti serum proposal is in the mix as is some serious immanent attacks on the U.S from communist aggressors The book had hair pin turns, New characters and a edge of your seat ending Can t wait for kudos to Mr Chesser for hooking me all this way And to the fans so far keep reading It s difficult to go further without spoilers Like u [...]

    8. WOW This just keeps getting better The story is fast past and just keeps going It is hard to imagine that this has all happened in 40 days of the story line If you haven t read this you really need to start with book one and keep going until you get to this one This is really one of the better zombie stories you can read.

    9. Another great book in the series from Shawn Chesser Each book gets you interested in the people who have so far lived through this terrible event STZA is a series that anyone who likes zombie books should definitely read 5 stars for this latest book and really looking forward to the next book in the series Keep up the great writing

    10. Another great readI swear after each book I will take a break from the series.but no can do Each volume leads right into the next I am hooked Great characters you come to know and care about Superb writing.

    11. A Rollercoaster RideThis is an awesome series You will love it if you are a zombie or apocalyptic or dystopian fiction fan This one was left with my heart pounding and racing to the next one in the series.

    12. I ve really enjoyed this author and series It started kind of slow for me But picked pace and I was at the end before I knew it And another cliff hanger that had me cursing the author for leaving the plot hanging I highly recommend the book and the series.

    13. another great book in the series Every one of these books have been great I liked them so much that I m going to re read the series There is a lot of action as the few survivors fight the zombies I like the military angle and there is great character development Great books

    14. master of the cliffhangerLove this series, always action packed with characters that touch your heart and soul Cheater always ends one storyline and leaves you anxious for the next book

    15. Ghosts Surviving the Zombie ApocalypseTotally a good read,left me hanging as usual Can t wait for the next one.Shawn is a great story teller,easy to read his books,not a lot of unnecessary foul language,great characters,really love them all.

    16. Gripping Grabs hold of you and won t let go like one of the infected in the book I could not put it down Every book in the series seems to add a level of pain, excitement and drama.

    17. OutstandingAnother exciting and satisfying read Leaves me chomping for the next book I will be investigating any other types writing the author may have done A true blue quality read from beginning to end.

    18. Very, very good I love this series, the characters are all great I can t wait for the next installment The suspense is killing me, I hate waiting

    19. AwesomeJust awesome Really did you have to leave off there Buy the serious, you won t be disappointed I swear it

    20. Ghosts continues where Warpath left off Shawn easily delivers what readers expect from him a great storyline, steady pacing, and packed full of zombie action.

    21. GhostsDone it again shawn Chesser what an excellent read which I m guessing there another book in the works Damn cliffhangers

    22. Entertaining as usualIf you have followed the series you won t be disappointed If not I recommend reading the books in order Have fun and enjoy

    23. Awesome series.I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series I can t wait for the next installment The suspense is killing me Thanks.

    24. Great seriesWonderful story and an excellent zombie apocalypse series I can t wait for the next installment in this highly readable, excellent set of stories.

    25. Great readEnded on another cliff hanger Loved it Can t wait for the next one I would recommend the series to anyone.

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