Touched by a Phoenix (2020)

Touched by a Phoenix TOUCHED BY A PHOENIX is the GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards Romance Sizzle CategoryPlayboy Brad Scott spent years avoiding love his heart and mind dedicated t
  • Title: Touched by a Phoenix
  • Author: Sophia Byron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • TOUCHED BY A PHOENIX is the 2015 GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards Romance Sizzle CategoryPlayboy Brad Scott spent years avoiding love, his heart and mind dedicated to only one thing global security That is, until he meets the elusive Alexandria Saunders, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in military technology and the fiercest corTOUCHED BY A PHOENIX is the 2015 GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards Romance Sizzle CategoryPlayboy Brad Scott spent years avoiding love, his heart and mind dedicated to only one thing global security That is, until he meets the elusive Alexandria Saunders, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in military technology and the fiercest corporate attorney in the mixing bowl Alexis tears Brad s world apart the moment they meet and with a single touch, becomes the breath against his fire his obsession With Alexis at his side, he has realized the greatest breakthrough of the century in military technology Now, the world wants what he knows and will stop at nothing to hunt him downOCKINGLY DANGEROUS Touched by a Phoenix is a sizzling romantic suspense containing explicit sexual content, which is intended for Mature Audiences only.
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      369 Sophia Byron
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    1. Determining the genre for Touched By a Phoenix is a challenge because it is a successful mix of several Romance, yes, but so much There is a lot of techie talk that, in places, reads like science fiction there is mystery and suspense and last but not least, there are some very explicit sexual encounters I love to read about strong women and our protagonist Alexis kicks butt There s just no other way to put it strong, independent, willful and will stop at nothing to protect her man This is a fas [...]

    2. I received this book through the giveaways As the cover insinuates, there is plenty of sex and passion in this book For me, it was a little much and I was longing for of a story in some parts I understand the author was trying to convey the passion between the two and the type of relationship they have which she did , but this book was almost 600 pages For me some of it was unnecessary That is the only reason this is not a 5 star book for me The story moves quickly in the beginning and the end [...]

    3. Based on the cover I expected hot and it was HOT Based on the description I expected an elaborate and entangled love affair and I got exactly that I m not sure how to describe it other than to say it s a very unique novel It crosses a lot of different genre s and has something for everyone It has a beautiful and at times a heart wrenching love story that Romeo Juliet kind of love story , a bit of a 007 feel but then it has that Avengers kick butt and take names later attitude, a little bit of sc [...]

    4. When I started this book, I really did not know what to expect besides I loved this cover Author Sophia Byroi did a fantastic job at matching this cover to how she describes her heroine in this story I always love when the covers and the stories are in sync with one another The first half of this book is full of description, emotion, and not a lot of action For me it took this story a long time to start moving and I am all about some description in a story We know how Brad and Alexandria feel ab [...]

    5. Unlike anything I ve ever read Wow just wow This book was nothing like I thought it would be It was amazing It will keep you guessing constantly It s highly detailed and you swear you can see everything in living color You will feel a little confused at times but push through it because it s totally worth it I was absolutely stunned how it all played out It s unlike anything I ve ever read It s like a mixture of several genres of romance I cried several times laughed a lot and had several moment [...]

    6. I was given a copy of Touched by a Phoenix by Sophia Byron and I must say, it s like nothing I ve ever read Alexandria,or Alexis, is possibly the strongest female character I ve ever had the pleasure of reading She s fierce and strongly protective over her father and his company She s not prepared for a man, let along playboy Brad, to come barreling into her life Alexis s past paired with Brad s dangerous moves at work threaten to rock any kind of relationship they have tried to build Sophia has [...]

    7. Sophia Bryon seamlessly blends passion with danger in her debut novel, Touched by a Phoenix I don t read many romance novels so it takes a unique story to get me past the first chapter, and the fact that I read this entire novel in a day speaks volumes as to the strength of the author s writing and complexities of the plot This reads like a spy novel with a twist of romance The only disappointment is this is a stand only novel, and we won t get to read about Alexis and Brad again Can t wait to r [...]

    8. A new to me author and one I ll be looking out for in the future I was completely engrossed in this book Not a dull moment to be had Awesome plot and wonderfully detailed I couldn t wait to turn the page and find out what was coming next I fell in love with the characters and the depth of their love Looking forward to reading from this author I d definitely recommend this book to my reader friends Expect the unexpected

    9. Touched by a Phoenix by Sophia Byron fits into many different genres women s fiction, action, suspense, romance, and yes, erotica Byron s first novel brings a new style to modern fiction by weaving a substantial plot with strong, believable characters and exceptional word choice The combination of genres adds another layer of interest to an expertly written novel I was surprised to learn that this is Byron s first novel.Alexis Saunders is a motivated, energetic, take control senior corporate att [...]

    10. I received a print copy of Touched By A Phoenix, by Sophia Byron for review.This book is identified on the back cover as an erotic romance Had that been the only identification given when I was offered the book, I d have declined Fortunately, this book is much, much, It is also a very good action adventure story It also has aspects of fantasy, and even spirituality.There is a section about 100 pages long that was literally impossible to put down, the action was that good The entire book is very [...]

    11. Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers FavoriteTouched by a Phoenix is a romance novel by Sophia Byron Alexis Saunders is a strong willed, no nonsense corporate lawyer who works with her father, Philip, in their company that specialises in military surveillance equipment She is distrustful of Brad Scott, the handsome new technology genius Philip hires, and shows it Alexis conceals a painful past, but yearns to be a single mother through artificial insemination She asks Brad to be her sperm don [...]

    12. From a man s perspective WOW Kudos to Sophia Byron for writing a full novel and not a series It s too good to give away the details no spoiler alerts here The cover caught my eye but since I am prior military and work with aircraft, the synopsis was the main selling point.As a guy, I thought there were a couple of slower parts in the beginning of the book, but once the elevator crashed and the action kicked into high gear, the remainder of the book was fantastic Yes, it does have a very sweet an [...]

    13. Romance, passion, intelligence, and intrigueThis book broke the mold It defies genre labeling The story of Brad and Alexis is at turns heartbreaking, and passionate They are living breathing, complex people who leap off the page Alexis the heroine is an intelligent woman with a high powered career She could be portrayed as a one dimensional ball buster but instead has all these layers vulnerability, passion, humor, and of course a dash of the ball buster Brad her counterpart is also a great comp [...]

    14. The writing in this book is a bit wordy but had depth I felt that I knew a lot about both Alexis and Brad by the end of the book Their world was well fleshed out.I could see this book translate well into film In my opinion, it would work best as a TV series instead of a movie.This book really has all the things you need to have a good suspense romance You have the hot lawyer who has a rough past and seems unyielding and unattainable You have the super hot genius who was a playboy but falls head [...]

    15. I can t believe this is Sophia Byron s debut novel She writes like a pro The characters where wonderfully executed with many layers when you look closer An action packed story with steamy romantic scenes and great spy gear I was totally hooked Not everything is as it seems at first glance and as is revealed you re pulled further and further into the world until you never want to leave The characters seem so put together at first and then the armour is chipped away and they re just the same as y [...]

    16. The novel follows Brad and Alexis a dynamic couple who really bring the tale to life We see them battle against the dangers put before them A tale full of action, dangle, love and espionage, what could you ask for While the couple have electric chemistry Alexis is battling deeper daemons and that s stopping them from being able to on While they re lives may have seemed nice on the surface, they always say don t judge a book by its cover It s a wonderful blend of passion, lust and danger which [...]

    17. This book was recommended to me as an erotica novel But, WOW, it is so much than that Not saying that it doesn t have erotic elements it is sure to make you grab a cold shower But, it also has suspense, action adventure, intrigue and even elements of scifi fantasy Basically, it is the whole package And, I have to bow to Sophia Byron who published a book with over 600 pages instead of breaking it up into a three book series I was thrilled to find not only a new book boyfriend, but a new amazing [...]

    18. Brad and Alexis seem like they could be the perfect couple however Alexis is plagued by past demons and needs to deal with her own inner turmoil, when these are revealed it s understandable why she was quite stand off ish This steamy novel will have you on your edge of you seat, packed with action and some sexy scenes to The story is nice and long but would have liked it to be longer, as it s a standalone and I wanted Hopefully Byron will bring back Brad and Alexis some other time

    19. Sophia Byron s Touched by a Phoenix is the first book in a new series It s nearly twice as long as most of the romances I read Very detailed The sexy scenes are amazingly yummy Brad is a playboy transformed the perfect book boyfriend There s a splash of technology, sci fi, mystery s a lovely cocktail I can t wait to read the next one to see how the story continues

    20. Let me just start by saying that this book took me by surprise, the twists and turns there is some technical talk in the book which may be hard to understand, but that is not the main part of the story , if you are able to read around that then Alexis and Brad s story will wow your socks off.This book has it all, really hot love scenes thrown in amongst all of the nail biting suspense, Brad and Alexis together once she lets down all the walls that she has erected to protect her heart have sparks [...]

    21. She had unleashed the Phoenix pure, primal, and raw I volunteered to write this review as part of a book reviewing group 5 powerfully moving STARS This is the first I ve read of Sophia Byron The writing is eloquent The story is emotional, heartfelt, and gripping The characters Alexis and Brad share a chemistry and connection that by far, surpasses any love story I ve ever read There s romance, raw desire, unconditional love, and extreme danger I m intrigued to see where their story goes in part [...]

    22. Wow this is a book you can really get stuck into, its long and has a massive amount of content Twists, turns and conspiracy and betrayal Lots of contenders for the spy trying to kill both Brad and Alexandria for the information and prototypes that have been made Both Brad and Alexis are strong minded, extremely intelligent and in control But both also have a deep insecurity due to things from their pasts, for him its never having the love or support from his parents He and his sister have been r [...]

    23. Great story but dragged on for meThis was an unique story and I loved the basis of it I felt like the characters were trying to hard, with every sentence darling this, darling that Pet names are great but not like the author did in this book The female lead, the love and connection she has for brad, most people crave that their whole life but when his life is in danger, she acts like a child attacking the man protecting her and everyone seems okay with it The connection between these two are jus [...]

    24. First off this is a fabulous story, with lots of detail, suspence, thrills and romance Secondly it s a huge read, you are not going to finish it in a day or two, but that ps what makes it so great , because the author has added to to layers of description and given us a book with depthThirdly it s a sexy romance too, the chemistry and emotion between the two is phenomenal The storyline is easy to follow and very believable, so well written Brad and Alexis both have had very different childhoods [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book It s one of the better romantic action packed mysteries I have read in a while It took a little while to get to the good part or should I say the action filled part, and therefore for me the start of the book kinda dragged But it was so worth continuing on The characters were well defined and easy to relate to, the storyline was very believable and the erotic encounters were steamy I highly recommend this book and I look forward to from this author.

    26. overall this was a good book at times, perhaps a little too mushy but just when you think you might get sick from all the sweetness BAM Action Suspense Drama I was there right up until the little twist at the end, which if I m honest I am not sure how I feel about it But that aside, I really did enjoy this book

    27. Seriously I like romance novels but I barely made it 20% through this book I don t know if it s the other person in her head she calls Demi this would have been fine as inner monologue or just having her talk to another woman or the whole rape situation but I just could not get into it This book is not for me I will be removing it from my kindle.

    28. Not what I expectedDialogue was different such as using words like darling The descriptions used throughout were very detailed that you could feel and see each scene Some of it felt a little bit too wordy that I skimmed parts.I wasn t expecting reference to God or other symbolic things It felt very much like a fairytale with a modern twist.

    29. Bring on book 2Wow Loved this book Brad and Alexis are one awesome couple, but can their love get them through the hurdles life puts in front of them And my goodness, every girl needs a Demi sitting on shoulder One click today

    30. I love Brad and Alexis story The details and plot are amazing And talk about suspense The emotions leapt off the page at me I highly recommend this book.

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