Strong Looks Better Naked (2020)

Strong Looks Better Naked Khlo Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body heart mind and soul with inspirational revealing stories of her own struggles with weight relationships and her self image In a cu
  • Title: Strong Looks Better Naked
  • Author: Khloé Kardashian
  • ISBN: 9781942872481
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Khlo Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body, heart, mind, and soul with inspirational, revealing stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and her self image.In a culture that worships skinny, Khlo Kardashian writes with passion about the power of strength a strong body becomes a strong mind, which builds to strength of heart, characteKhlo Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body, heart, mind, and soul with inspirational, revealing stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and her self image.In a culture that worships skinny, Khlo Kardashian writes with passion about the power of strength a strong body becomes a strong mind, which builds to strength of heart, character, and ultimately strength of spirit This is an inspiring book about how to create strength and true beauty in every area of your life, inside and out The book features inspired personal stories from Khlo and practical how to advice about building a strong body, mind, heart, and soul in your own life.
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    1. Khlo writes like she talks, so you ll feel you are listening to a friend The book is divided in 3 parts Body, mind, and heart, and in each one, Khlo tells us about her own struggles and overcoming them, while giving us tips and motivation.Although I m not a fan of these kind of books nor all the Kardashians , this was a easy read, and it left me with some positive thoughts I hope I can apply to my daily life.

    2. I picked this up because I m a huge and unashamed Kardashian fan, and Khloe has long been my favorite of the family A fairly standard book on diet exercise mental health, Khloe brings in a number of professionals to help her offer the advice to her readers The best part, by far, are the anecdotal stories Khloe tells and the story of her come back , so to speak, from a place of darkness to a place of light after her divorce from Lamar Odom It s not going to revolutionize what you know about healt [...]

    3. Prior to picking up this book, I didn t have any preconceived notions I didn t think it would be the Holy Grail for fitness tips, nor did I think it would be a particularly difficult read I admit I watch the Kardashian shows for mindless entertainment, but I definitely enjoy Khloe s personality so I knew this would be an enjoyable read with some access into her mindset This book takes you on her journey While not in depth, it touches upon why she chose to make different decisions and get to know [...]

    4. I don t know why I read these things I really don t.This actually starts out in a voice that is not just tolerable but actually kind of fun But then it becomes saccharine and clich d to the max and just ugh ugh ugh why do I always read this junk

    5. Khloe is the only Kardashian I have any patience for.However, this book could have EASILY have been reduced to a 20 page essay short story, and conveyed exactly as much useful or even interesting information I mean, what haven t we heard before There are no revelations she has to share about herself that are new And the content of this book is basically all very easy to guess at on one s own be positive drink water exercise Eat well and not much Take lots of selfies etc I m sure if I had a lot o [...]

    6. If you are looking for gossip and autobiographical info, this isn t the book to read This is a book about Exercise, Diet and improving your attitude I really think Khloe has a good head on her shoulders and she gives some very straight forward advice about how to become strong A great read for teen girls, in my opinion, especially those that look up to the Kardashian Klan.

    7. I will come straight out and say it I like the Kardashians Im no a superfan, I don t have posters on my walls, or queue for hours to see them, but I watch the programmes from time to time, and I follow them on social media So when I got this book for Christmas I was ready to dive in I m naturally quite a quick reader so it didn t take me long to finish the book, and I m glad it didn t That, and the fact I didn t spend my money on it Sorry mum, you wasted yours are about the only positives I can [...]

    8. super easy read just meh its easy to say all of these things when you have money and people to do everything for you.

    9. I ll admit it, I ve always liked Khloe Kardashian A bit brash but always honest and caring and seemingly the most normal of the Kardashian klan See what I did there with the K alliteration I thought this book would be about her transformation to getting healthy and some insights to that mental journey as well That isn t what this book is This book seems to imply that she really didn t have too many issues in terms of eating or exercise and just had to focus a little Much of the book a diatribe [...]

    10. I m at a 2.5 on this As a unashamed Kardashian fan I really wanted to like this book and while the conversational tone wasn t bad and it was a very breezy read I also didn t feel like there was enough substance for a self improvement book.

    11. This book inspired me to begin working out again and becoming a better person I didn t realize that this book would be a kick starter for me to rethink my life, but it was This was excellently written and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a story to inspire them

    12. Khloe s book comes off like she s one of your close friends She writes similarly to how she talks I found it comforting to hear her good and bad times all in a positive light We all can enter dark periods and react in poor ways, but she discusses how she overcomes that.

    13. I really appreciated this book, Khloe did a good job mixing advice in with discussing her life.Sure some of the advice was a little generic but there s a reason it s generic is that it s good advice.

    14. I always find it hard to review these types of books, because how can you rate somebody s personal journey on a scale of 1 5 stars You just can t Or maybe you can have, but I know I can t You take their story for what it s worth, and either you ve gained something from it or you haven t I personally enjoyed reading what Khloe had to say because it feels like you re listening to a friend The way she talks in real life or on KUWTK is very similar to how this book is written She offers some very in [...]

    15. this is a great book initially i didn t want to write a review because i thought i couldn t find the exact words to put together to say how much it touched me well written by Khloe and no wonder it ended up being a new york times bestseller i hope to see books by her really this is a tremendous work of writing its a good motivational boost and the greatest thing about it is that the book is written like a conversation so you are actually conversating with her and she is a great person to talk t [...]

    16. This book is about khloes diet, exercise and trying to get people to have a positive mind set Khloe gives the reader straight forward advice Parts of the book sound a bit unrelatable I malso certain exercise doesn t overcome every obstacle like she keeps mentioning.The first half of the book is a little repetitive The second half is a lot better than the first part.

    17. THIS IS MY FAVORITE MEMOIR FOR SURE This book was just executed so well and Khlo has such a strong voice and character and I actually started to tear up because this book just made me open my eyes so much and I could really relate to it God I love this book READ IT READ IT READ IT

    18. I m so glad I didn t waste money purchasing this book All Khlo did was repeat herself line after line I do watch the show every week, but this book was torture to read The writing, the repetition, the clich s, all of it If you must find out for yourself, get it free at library

    19. This book exceeded my expectations I had preach from a self help book but Khloe voice throughout the book is similar to talking with friends While there were some dull parts most of it was witty and entertaining for the context Overall a great read and A book I would recommend reading.

    20. I m really not sure if I liked this book I feel like it lacked depth, and I m not sure why I expected different from something from the Kardashians The second half was MUCH better than the first Super easy read considering half of the book is pictures and quotes Overall I enjoyed this book, and it was written as if she were sitting next to me chatting over wine It was okay

    21. Strong Looks Better Naked is a autobiography novel split into three sections about mind, body, and soul The main character, who this book is all about, is Khloe Kardashian a 32 Year old woman who is famous for her beauty and reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians She may seem perfect based off of today s expectations that we have for famous people, but as you read in this book, you will realize she is just like us When she was younger she went through the same issues that many kids face [...]

    22. With the literary market flooded with self help and advice books often written by celebrities, Strong Looks Better Naked is a sincere powerfully written fitness nutritional book by Khloe Kardashian Centering around the themes of Body, Mind, and Heart Khloe explained how her life changed significantly by becoming physically fit through diet and exercise, also of how marriage, family, and friends have influenced her life.With the constant disruption and the exhaustion dealing with the paparazzi, K [...]

    23. Hm well what exactly was I expecting Maybe it s because I ve read one fantastic book written by a reality TV alum Holly Madison Down the Rabbit Hole recently that I was hoping this would be a lot better than it actually was I happen to love Khloe Kardashian and think she looks amazing after committing to fitness and healthy eating, this was the only real motivation for reading the book and it is these chapters at the beginning that were the most interesting It s interesting to get an insight int [...]

    24. I enjoyed reading this book, a lot It reads really fast, also because of the pictures and quotes in the book but that makes it light Khlo keeps it real and it feels like you re talking to a friend She discusses real things, and although she lives a very different life than the rest of us, I got the point and agreed on most of her opinions I ve read in other reviews that some state yeah, that s easy to talk when you have money That s true, but let s not forget that Khlo s life and that of her fam [...]

    25. Better written than I had expected but still a genuine let down in terms of content juicy details, behind the scenes reveals, and insightful reflections are dismissed in favor of a string of cliches, platitudes and inspirational quotes That said, Khloe s golden attitude and spunky personality somehow are able to shine through the pabulum Still, you re not going to get away from criticism Everyone gets criticized Heck, Mother Teresa got criticized And even Jesus got criticized for hanging out wit [...]

    26. My expectations for this book were not very high and yet I was left feeling very disappointed I was hoping that Khloe would admit to some of her insecurities and how she has overcome them On the other hand, she repeatedly states that she has always loved her body and this journey had NOTHING to do with conquering her insecurities I find that hard to believe In addition, I agree with a lot of the other reviews on this site about this book It could have been accomplished in a short essay and there [...]

    27. An easy skim to get closer to my GoodReads challenge A gag gift that I will give to a friend later All my true excuses for actually buying and reading this book No expectations is the best way to go in to reading this, and as such, I was pleasantly surprised I do feel somewhat motivated after reading it and have to give Khloe credit That said, I found it to be repetitive, preachy, all over the place, and not intellectually stimulating Not to mention a few typos and grammatical errors I learned a [...]

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