Media (Social Media, #4-6) (2020)

Media Social Media Vaughn finally realizes Grace is much than a submissive he can control He wants More of everything More nights together mornings together years together They connect in a way he never imagined He wa
  • Title: Media (Social Media, #4-6)
  • Author: J.A. Huss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vaughn finally realizes Grace is much than a submissive he can control He wants More of everything More nights together, mornings together, years together They connect in a way he never imagined He wants the happily ever after and he wants it with Grace.But everyone has a past, and Grace and Vaughn are about to come face to face with people they thVaughn finally realizes Grace is much than a submissive he can control He wants More of everything More nights together, mornings together, years together They connect in a way he never imagined He wants the happily ever after and he wants it with Grace.But everyone has a past, and Grace and Vaughn are about to come face to face with people they thought they left behind Real life collides with fantasy and only facing the truth will get them through.Is Vaughn really a hero Or does he just play one on TV And does Grace really need saving Or is she stronger than she thought Media is a 408 page three book bundle consisting of Status, Profile, and Home from the bestselling Social Media series.
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      467 J.A. Huss
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    1. Status Review here.Profile Review here.Home Review here.EOBS Epic Now I get that not all will find this as amusing as I did, but if you find yourself hanging out in Shrikes on FB facebook groups shrik you ll understand some of this and know most of the players These books went live and I one clicked and immediately skipped to the back to read this And yes, this is a perfect view into the life of what the hell happens pretty much daily knickers

    2. 4 Media StarsOk I didn t really know if I would like this one or if I would be on the fence like the last one but WOW It s a must read for sure It brings everything together I know you re thinking DUH but I was still unsure LolThere are times I want to smack Grace for being I don t know I can t blame her for the way she is, because look what the girl goes through then and now but come on this man is trying his dangest to be everything he can for her Still not sure what went on with Vaughn s sist [...]

    3. Great audio and oh so enjoyable 3 book set to conclude the Social Media series It includes Status, Profile and Home.I am starting to get hooked on you J.A Huss I loved this series and the way you grew Vaughn and Grace as their story progressed They changed along the way in relation to their storylines and it felt very real They became like real people to me instead of characters Great, great series

    4. Great read as usualOf course I knew this was going to be a great book After reading Social I just had to know the rest of the story

    5. Whenever I start a JA Huss series, I plan out when to start, because I won t be able to put it down until it s finished These novellas are about a reluctant relationship story Both parties are unwilling to take their flirting any further than online communication Sadly, this is a representation of how many millennials communicate today.Ms Huss managed to make a couple of characters, who d been flirting on social media, accidentally meet face to face But after the encounter, they were comfortabl [...]

    6. Enjoyed this audiobook Glad that Books 4 6 were in one audiobook They, each chapter, were written as novellas I had to buy Books 4 6 to finish the book Almost like buying each chapter The Dom Sub was not a turn on for me, but that doesn t mean to say there aren t others out there who would love it I felt some parts were silly, but overall, I enjoyed it Great book to get lost in The narrators were okay I preferred Autumn Clark with her bubbly voice Fit perfect for Grace Mark Kamish was okay Not a [...]

    7. I m in need of a spanking Damn I loved this dirty naughty book It was a great conclusion to book 1 I love how lovable Mr Asher is He s a great character He s so sexy and dominating I d let him spank me I love how he brought Grace out of her funk Gotta love a take charge kinda guy Oh really thought This book had it all humor, drama, sex characters, great storyline, steamy sex scenes I mean like smoking hot, pantie wetting sex scenes , and a terrific ending Great book On my list of books to re rea [...]

    8. Status J A Huss never disappoints us with her writing, I love the twists and turns, being on the edge of my seat waiting to see how Grace and Kriti s speeding away from the paparazzi turns out Where are they even going Whether Vaughn will keep fighting for Grace, and if she will finally she that he does indeed really care for her Added in Vaughn s daughter Felicity and his brother Connor s hacking skills Suspenseful, gets you ready for another great novella in the Social Media Series I love so m [...]

    9. Status 5 starsThis is part 4 in the Social Media series and you do need to read them in order They are quick, great reads.This is the best one yet The true Vaughn Asher is coming out now and I love it, and him More of Grace s past comes out, but we haven t heard all of it yet It isn t pretty.There are a few surprises in this book, I m not saying what though You just need to read this You won t be disappointed That ending though Thank God all six books are out now lol Profile 5 StarsOMG I m total [...]

    10. This is an amazing story it will keep you on your toes at every turn of the page Grace has an ugly past but she reinvented herself When that past comes back she realizes you has been waiting for this moment for the past 6 years and she is ready Things get hairy and Vaughn is loosing his mind trying to find her but even know he wants to sweep in and be her prince this is a battle she needs to fight for herself When things finally end Grace needs to find the strength to move forward again Vaughn n [...]

    11. Media books 4 6 in the Social Media series was an okay read It held my attention, but there were also some things I disliked about it First, Vaughn I didn t like him early on in books 1 3 , and every time I thought he was reforming he managed to mess it up and remind me why I didn t like him Second, the format These were originally released as a serial, so each section advances the main storyline Grace and Vaughn s romance while bringing in a new conflict to resolve by the of the section Just on [...]

    12. This is the second half of Grace and Vaughn s story This book began with lots of twists and turns and made me love Vaughn even Then Grace pulled a Thelma and Louise with her new BFF Kristi Soon Grace s past is coming back to haunt her and Vaughn is trying to save her while trying to hold himself together It doesn t help that the media is gunning for them This book has so many twists and turns and I loved every minute of it JA Huss knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for I lo [...]

    13. Social media I listened to these stories on audiobooks which the narrators were beyond superb.This was such a good story There was so much of everything I laughed so hard at these 2 characters The story is so complex that it keeps you on your toes the whole time through The chemistry between Grace and Vaughn is off the charts The tweeting that goes on, so hysterical It s nice to see a nice, strong heroine to go along with the dominant alpha male The story itself is true genius at work.

    14. OMG I liked the first 3 books but I loved the last 3 books There are some nice twists and JA Huss knows how to keep the suspense.I loved Felicity too I think Felicity and her background and future would make a nice book I liked Grace in those 3 books then the previous She is stronger and confident I also liked that she didn t behave like suspicious, jealous bitch in some parts of the books.Thank you JA Huss for this nice story about The Prince, his Princess and their Fairytale

    15. Media was the perfect conclusion to this book I found everything about this somehow better than the social Media bundle, and I can t really explain why Maybe it s because the characters shone in this book, we learnt of Grace s past, and Vaughn became the solid male hero that I don t think he was in Social Media If you ve read the first three in this series, then definitely read this bundle as well I d recommend reading them as the two sets of three books, reading them separately would not have b [...]

    16. With the slow, and slightly misleading way that the Social Media series started, there was no way to know how the bigger picture would unfold The last 3 novellas in this compilation Status, Profile and Home are chock a block full of action and intrigue, and are psychological thriller than merely erotic romance The initially obnoxious Vaughn Asher takes a 180 change and truly becomes Prince Charming Great character development for both protagonists Very entertaining, almost addictive read.

    17. Review for entire serial3 4 stars It wasn t as good as I expected But once the story got started, it was deeper than it initially led on It was a solid story, just nothing too special, and it tried to incorporate too much for too short a story Especially with the side characters The social media parts were great Very funny Very original.

    18. JA Huss Are you for REAL WOW DOUBLE WOW MIND BLOWN What a phenomenal story JA Huss has an astonishing imagination The unique tale of Vaughn and Grace was set up in such a way that the reader was pulled into it so effortlessly that it was like watching a movie unfold This is a book that would make a terrific movie It could give 50 Shades a kick in the butt

    19. Again, I read the series as it came out and I remember thinking JA Huss couldn t write these last books fast enough In her trademark style, she took Vaughn and Grace somewhere I never saw coming and made it work That is the beauty of her writing, she introduces characters you hate to love and the story lines aren t anything you thought they would be I reviewed each book individually.

    20. ABSOBLOODYLUTELY AMAZING This series went above my expectations What an EPIC bundle this was So lucky to put my hands in it without hesitation Captivated to no end as I was with the first 3 installments I love seeing how the characters had developed, letting us see the other side of them It was brilliant

    21. I really thought this story was as shallow as the title Boy was I wrong This story was really a good surprise and just had me enraptured that Grace was not a victim We do have to save ourselves over and over again Vaughn Asher is the best fairytale Prince

    22. The story receives 4 stars from me easily Well paced plot filled drama However, I m rating all 6 books with 3 stars because the last 2 books seemed rushed and there were too many grammatical errors But overall, for all 6 books, Good Read.

    23. Vaughn finally realizes he wants from Grace She is everything he didn t know he was looking for and But will their pasts destroy them or bring them closer together Julie keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    24. Vaughn is the real dealLoved this series For all the crap that was thrown at them, you cannot help but love Grace and Vaughn and all that they went through.

    25. GoodIf I really like a book I take the time to rate it I read so many books but the ones I like I give credit to.

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