Cheeky Hipsters & Jocks (2020)

Cheeky Hipsters Jocks Jack has a secret hidden in his pants and Eli thinks he knows what it is Jack Cox has a secret he s kept hidden for years until a fellow hockey player discovers a scrap of silk and lace hiding in his
  • Title: Cheeky Hipsters & Jocks
  • Author: Posy Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: None
  • Jack has a secret hidden in his pants, and Eli thinks he knows what it is.Jack Cox has a secret he s kept hidden for years until a fellow hockey player discovers a scrap of silk and lace hiding in his pocket Elijah Mitten notices how anxious Jack is as the hot pink fabric makes its way around the locker room, and when Jack throws it in the trash like it means nothing, EliJack has a secret hidden in his pants, and Eli thinks he knows what it is.Jack Cox has a secret he s kept hidden for years until a fellow hockey player discovers a scrap of silk and lace hiding in his pocket Elijah Mitten notices how anxious Jack is as the hot pink fabric makes its way around the locker room, and when Jack throws it in the trash like it means nothing, Elijah guesses what s beneath his stoic fa ade and possibly his pants.When Elijah shows up on Jack s doorstep looking for answers, Jack won t admit anything But when Elijah takes matters into his own hands, Jack has to make a decision share his secret and risk losing hockey or keep it hidden forever.
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      462 Posy Roberts
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    1. M.A.N.T.I.E.S.This was just my thing And the opening sentence in the blurb totally did it for me,Jack has a secret hidden in his pants Eli thinks he knows what it is.Well,this is a HOT quickieJack has a secrethe likes wearing manties,lace,satin,in a variety of colours and styless,I might have drooled a bit.When he s nearly outed in the locker room after a Hockey match it might be a blessing in disguise because the coach seems to quite like the thought of this.Super sexy and just a bit dirty and [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars I thought Top Me Maybe would be hard to beat, but damn if I didn t love this one Jack and his manties.Who knew Gah this one was so cute, sweet, funny, and HOT Perfect little novella

    3. 3.5 FUN SEXY Pink manties included This is a highly enjoyable story about two guys who play hockey together discovering each other s kinks and having lots of hot sex I love men in lacy things And so does Eli, especially when said lacy things are on Jack I do wish Jack and Eli had come out as a couple vs Jack coming out of the mantie closet No one ever needs to know what kind of underwear anyone else wears, or not.

    4. SKY ROCKETS IN FLIGHT MAAAANNNNTTTTIIIIIIEEESSS DELIIIIIIIIIIIIIahhhhhhIIIITE Does it get any better than an afternoon of MANTIES Or a morning Or a night There were so many Pink, blue, black, Brazilian cut, hipsters, don t even get me started on that thong Or those citrus ones with the ribbons Jack owns his MANTIES fetish and Eli is down to pound.They go to Pound Town Frequently There s some begging, precum, dirty talk, a 69 and metric ton of fuckhot MANTIES.It s hot, people.A porntastic pocket [...]

    5. 4 Nice to meet you, Manties Stars Well, isn t this little collection of short stories turning into quite the selection of spicy little morsels These novellas are engaging, entertaining and HOT I read the blurb for this one and quickly turned into a giggling schoolgirl.a guy who likes to wear lacy man pantieser known as manties I wasn t so sure how I was going to feel about that Could manties be legitimately sexy Well, enter Eli and his dirty talking, manties fetish selfd that answered that quest [...]

    6. Pardon my French, but Holy Mother of Fuck Cheeky Hipsters Jocks is about a PR guy with a secret, who wears a man bun, and a hot school principal with secret desires They play hockey together.And it s about MANTIES There s a drawer containing piles of brightly colored panties, including hot pink ones, lacy hipsters, there s royal blue Brazilian cut lace, a fantastic pair of orange bikinis with green ribbons , and best of all, that fucking thong Oh Lord, have mercy 5 stars Because of obvious reaso [...]

    7. Hahaha would seem I have a bit of a fetish I love the idea of men in women s undiesor should I say I love MANTIES LolSo Jack, has a secret drawer full of lacy bum covering loveliness, that he keeps locked away hoping no one will ever discover his secret, naughty knicker drawer and start rifling through it It s a hidden passion he s had since he was fifteen and no one knows that he wears them daily under his formal suits or casual sweats, except his sister who, over the years, has helped him choo [...]

    8. There s nothing particularly wrong with this one it s a perfectly serviceable short story but I didn t find it sexy enough to be PWP, and I didn t find it hit enough any genuine emotional notes to be considered sweet and flufftastic NEXT

    9. Damn, that was good Loved this slighly sweet and totally erotic short story RL has been a bitch lately so this is just the type of no drama, no angst story that I crave right now Also, I need to start a manties movement The world needs manty stories Me likie

    10. I absolutely loved this book I had a smirk on my face the entire way It feature one of my favorite kinks ever I love MANTIES, it s always a satisfying feeling reading about boys with a pantie fetish Add Posy Roberts writing it,and it s a sure win in my book I really love Posy as a author writer I m always eager to read what she writes For me in this book she shows a different side, this is the most erotic I ve read from her since I started reading her books Gah, Elijah was sure win for me I love [...]

    11. Now that was a good manties story I often find stories with Manties are novellas or short stories and they have all this build up and like one manties scene at the end, but not this one I was sooo excited to see multiple manties scenes and multiple sex scenes, can you believe it It was wonderful, all those colours and lace and silk and rimming and fucking Hell yes Also it was duel POV which I wasn t expecting and was a pleasant suprise as well.

    12. 3.5 StarsAnother fun short Definitely different, I know I like to wear panties that make me feel goodlove how that works for Jack as well.

    13. 3.5Part of the sexy shorts Secrets, series this was both sexy and short So it did what it said on the tincover If you re a manties fan, then this is a book for you I mean it reads like a checklist of manties hotnesse hockey player with a sexy secret Yes please RAWR.Whatwhat s that You don t know what manties are well come on out from under that rock and I ll explain Manties are sexy panties for men Manties Lace and silk and satin All the kinds of sexy lingerie traditionally seen on women, but fo [...]

    14. 3.5 stars from me I liked the cover well,duh probably than the content I love the idea of manties but felt the story lacked depth, which isn t surprising I suppose in a 50 page novella For a great story featuring another guy who loves to wear manties and isn t afraid to use them as an instrument of seduction, I can only point you in the direction of Kate Aaron s Blowing It s wonderful.

    15. Very hot I love manties, and the sex was very hot I wish it had been longer, and gotten into the relationship, but it was great for what it was.

    16. Eli asked, What s the smile for How do you know I m smiling Jack asked, lips being tickled by coarse armpit hair I can feel it against my skin Jack shrugged I m just happy Cause you came Nah He squeezed Eli, scooting closer so he could kiss his jawline Because I never thought I d feel so comfortable in my own skin in front of a man I thought I d be hiding the panties for the rest of my life Mmm Don t hide em I think you should wear whatever makes you feel good Shouldn t matter what other people [...]

    17. This is the second title I ve read in The Secrets Collection and I am as impressed as I was after reading Jay Northcote s Top Me Maybe These stories may be advertised as porny shorts , they are, in my opinion, a lot Yes, Cheeky Hipsters Jocks is a very sexy, not to mention hot, story But it is also a whole lot While the book may take only roundabout an hour to read, you will have a pretty good idea who Jack and Elijah are by the time the story ends and, if you re anything like me, you will hav [...]

    18. da sognipensieriparole3,5 A partire dai nomi dei protagonisti per motivi personali Jack ed Eli mi piacciono un sacco ho trovato questo terzo racconto d estate davvero gustoso.Ok, c sempre l avvertenza che qui la narrazione punta al concreto pi che al platonico, ma devo dire che il tutto raccontato con garbo, un filo d ironia e una grande carica sexy.Non la prima storia in cui leggo di passioni maschili per mutande non tradizionali, per pizzi, tanga e triangoli di stoffa che si tendono nei punti [...]

    19. 5 Sexy Stars copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review This story was short, smoking HOT, yet sweet too, and I loved it Jack has a secret, well, than one He wears Panties, or Manties He has also been lusting after Eli for years Eli is the Captain of his Adult Hockey team he plays on for fun Eli is straight or at least that s what Jack assumes This was a quick and majorly sexy read I think my phone may have been smoking This was definitely Erotica at its best, because, yes it was [...]

    20. 4.5Top Me Maybe was the first short in this collection and that was smoking hot Luckily this 2nd story is an equally hot read and was my first Manty and now I m intrigued If you are looking for sexy short MM stories be sure to check this collection 2 still to be released.

    21. phew I was getting nervous Finally found something I really enjoyed, although truthfully, I d have liked to see Geoffrey sweat a little bit Maybe I should sit with shorts for a while, no pun intended.

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