Eat Crow (2020)

Eat Crow Dear Author The slightest brush of his skin against mine is enough to turn me into a quivering mess The feel of his fingertips brushing up and down my spine makes me break out in chills He completely
  • Title: Eat Crow
  • Author: Jacob Lagadi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 497
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,The slightest brush of his skin against mine is enough to turn me into a quivering mess The feel of his fingertips brushing up and down my spine makes me break out in chills He completely owns me But our life together hasn t been rainbows and puppies It s been sacrifice and struggles Please tell our story.Photo Description Two fit young men stand in a briDear Author,The slightest brush of his skin against mine is enough to turn me into a quivering mess The feel of his fingertips brushing up and down my spine makes me break out in chills He completely owns me But our life together hasn t been rainbows and puppies It s been sacrifice and struggles Please tell our story.Photo Description Two fit young men stand in a brightly lit room They appear to be watching something together The larger of the two runs his fingers down the smaller man s back.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.
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    1. What is happening to this wonderful event this year THIS IS ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER Worse it ends literally in the middle of the sex scene.What The Fuck Personally this enraged me because the I was actually enjoying the story for the most part Though I felt sometimes I was dumped in the middle of something that hadn t been explained properly, I was still enjoying the flow Until it stopped Abruptly While I twitched and tried not to scream with pleasure, Deacon wrapped his arms around my waist and ro [...]

    2. WARNING UNFINISHED FICThis story finishes with the immortal words To be Continued It s tagged HFN but it s HFN because the story isn t finished Not a case of will be written in this verse, it s a story that cuts off so suddenly it ll leave you blinking The stars all floated away The plot is fairly simple but there s clearly a whole shifter world imagined I often felt dropped in the middle of it as though reading a series book out of order People places mentioned but not explained What was there [...]

    3. Unsure how to rate this as it s only half a story it just finishes without anywhere near completing the tale Which is a tad irksome, especially because I was really enjoying the writing I m not sure I d even call it a cliffhanger, because none of the story is resolved really.The story is witty, I love both the main characters and the shifter world that has been created, and I genuinely cannot wait to read the rest of it I must admit, I will be pissed off if the next instalment is to be paid for, [...]

    4. Remember that LOR shifter story everyone was upset was a To Be Continued Well it is back And in novel form I Loved This.Theo is a smartass, sexy crow with something to prove.Deacon is a bossy bear with phat cash and a bit of a temper Theo s little shit cousins talk him into trying to steal a watch right off of bossy bear s wrist and, we ll just say things don t go at all as planned.This was a great shifter story with a few surprised along the way Way, way fun Oh, and remember all the sex we didn [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this I loved Theo, the trouble making, shifter crow up to mischief and his growly bear shifter target.This was a lot of fun and hints at a bigger, light hearted mythology.With Theo being a bit of a trickster, the fact that Jacob Lagadi had the balls to piss off half the LOR readers seems oddly appropriate and somehow just makes it better LOLBut you may want to run, Jacob Lagadi Not everyone has my sense of humor

    6. Deacon the Bear shifter caught Theo the crow trying to steal from him one night He needs to take Theo to the Queen Bear to pass judgement, and he needs to watch Theo for one week Theo is feisty and snarky and I liked him Also liked the worldbuilding and his chemistry with Deacon And then, right in the middle of some seriouscharacter development, it STOPPED To be continued Aaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh

    7. Fabulous story To Be ContinuedThe worst words ever invented.I just know the rest of it is gonna be written and sold, on an American website, in precious American dollars, that asks for my credit card, and I have to convert my pretty South African Rand I just know it.

    8. 3.5 StarsI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of the Male Male Romance group s Don t Buy My Love event.Shifters How could a girl resist, especially with an unusual pairing of a crow and a bear In many ways this book is a delight with witty banter between the protagonists and a clever exploration of cultural s, expectations and family I guess why it doesn t quite make it into the higher echelons of my admiration are threefold all of which are my ow [...]

    9. I didn t hate the story, but I m just really disappointed in this book.The beginning was so strong, the chemistry between Theo and Deacon so sizzling, and then it draaaaaaaagged Let me explain the entire conflict with Theo stealing Deacon s watch and Deacon holding Theo hostage was kind of kinky Then Deacon is out to formally punish Theo by bringing him to the bear court, specifically the bear s queen But they re not admitted immediately and have to wait This is where everything stalls.I dunno, [...]

    10. Okay so as I read this story I was thinking definitely five stars The characters were lovable and the banter between them was funny.But then it ended with a To be continued and my rating dropped from five to just one star.The rules aren t hard to follow Stick to the prompt and deliver a finished book If you run out of time then a note along the lines of I m sorry I ran out of time to finish this story I will make the rest of it available ____ in_____weeks would have been better than To Be Contin [...]

    11. This is an unfinished story that has a be continued note at the end Kind of frustrating I do want to see what happens with these two as I had been enjoying it.

    12. A THIEF and a BILLIONAIRE BEAR and PUBLIC SEXUAL ACTIVITIES Is it my birthday wonders where to start with today s releases

    13. I m giving this 3 stars for now as I didn t realize when I started it that it was an unfinished book I was enjoying the story until its rather abrupt ending Now knowing that the story was finished at a later date, but is only available for purchase is a little annoying I know I ll come back and finish it at some point But it won t be today.

    14. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.It s the very first time I have ever received a copy in exchange for an honest review, I m kind of feeling the pressure right now.Okay, here goes.When I read the short version which felt unfinished for the LOR event this year, I found the book to be very exciting I wanted to know everything and I couldn t wait for Theo and Deke to get together I wanted Lots When the author said he was working on a longer version I started mm [...]

    15. I would have upped my rating if it didn t end with a cliffhanger If I knew how this would end it ends abruptly I would have never read it To be drawn in, only to be ended in disappointment, I would have avoided this all together Theo is a crow shifter who is dared to sneak into this very rich bear shifter s home and steal his watch, right off his person Theo was up for the dare He sneaks in and is a bit distracted by the sexy smells that turn him on, and then the bear himself, Deacon Maynard He [...]

    16. Review to come when I wake up I haven t read the original, and now, I suppose I don t have to I very much enjoyed the plot of this story A mischievous crow bedazzled by all things bright and shiny, possibly with a chip on his shoulder, decides to steal from a rich and proud bear I liked the development of the relationship Things happened very quickly, and the push and pull between Theo and Deacon was a lot of fun I didn t find it believable that a billionaire would not have the personal financia [...]

    17. Received Free for an honest review Here we go Eat Crow is an inter species shifter somewhat adventure ish romance A mouthful Ask Theo, the crow, he knows about mouthfuls after meeting Bear Billionaire Deacon.I m the kind of person that reads M M for the sex scenes first and the romance second And I have to say this book is hot, very hot, and I m very happy for that We have two POVs, and even if the time we spend in each character s head is not the same, it still let us feel what the guys are exp [...]

    18. I received this as a free read from the author for an honest review I loved this book When it first came out as a free read from the Love is an Open Road event, I read it and loved it then but it was a too be continued.The writing just pulled me in and I loved it It was fast paced enough to keep my attention but spelled out everything I needed to know and wanted to know plus gave me It was captivating I loved the relationship between Theo and Maynard Crow and Bear is not a pairing that I rememb [...]

    19. 3.5 s I wish I could give this book 5 s and probably would have if it was finished.Had I known about the ending I definitely would not have read this book which would have been both good and bad I really, really loved this story until the end I was sucked in by the plot and the characters and was so looking forward to their HEA Now I ll never know since I m horrible at following up on stories which are To be continued

    20. I did not like the characters I did not like the situation I did not like the characters together Added all up I did not like the characters together in that situation The bear was too rigid, the crow was too juvenile, and I was not comfortable with their relationship The cliff hanger, while sucking, did not even factor into it I just didn t mesh well with this one.It seemed to be well written and was a fun idea, I just took a peculiar dislike to the characters.

    21. Oh, dude, we need How could you Cliff hanger aside, this is a great story with two amazingly real characters that are so opposite they attract.That last scene was just reaching a climax, no pun intended, well alright then, yes, I did mean the pun, with every inch of my soul.Come on, give us the rest of the story.No pressure, obviously P

    22. I was absolutely loving this until the to be continued Then I read that life happened and the author had to cut the story short and he s working on the second part.I m not going to rate it until there is an actual way to finish it properly Crosses fingers and moves to other realms

    23. a free copy of the book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review It is an AMAZING story I don t understand why the average rate of this book here, on is so low It deserves sooo much better The book starts with a stupid bet Theo crow shifter decides to steal Deacon s gold watch to proof he is a good thief better than his cousin In theory he is well aware that it might be a difficult since Deacon is a bear shifter, millionaire and he never ever takes his precious watch off [...]

    24. This story was received free in return for an honest review via the Don t Buy My Love program 4 starsI feel I need to justify this review with a slight back story While I did beta read Eat Crow, it was the initial shorter version that was posted free on , during their 2015 Don t Read in the Closet event While I liked this story, I wasn t thrilled with it It needed a lot of polish, which it seemed it didn t get when it was posted I m going off of reviews here, since I never read the final version [...]

    25. A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed the incomplete DRitC version was looking forward to reading the complete story so was very excited to see this available through the DBML program very happy I was able to get a copy.I enjoy snarky characters so the fact that Theo refused to change to suit anyone pleased me a lot I loved it that he remained true to self I also enjoyed it that Deacon was so confused by his reaction to Theo I thought for sure he d f [...]

    26. I only rated this as 3 stars because it was a cliffhanger Based on what was written so far, it could have been a higher rating because I was enjoying the characters and storyline Moral Don t do cliffhangers in M M Romance Group writing event.

    27. Great story Make sure you re reading the novel, not the short story that s only a part of it Great world building, wonderful characters, want of these people now please

    28. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I LOVED this book Theo is my new best friend He is so cute and funny The book was written alternating POV between Theo and Deke I found myself smiling throughout most of the book when it came to Theo s antics His thoughts, his personality, his actions just were perfect He had the perfect level of sarcasm in any situation.As for Deke, he was of course, the most grounded of the pair Very serious and, well, brooding I guess you co [...]

    29. I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book I can t wait for from the author, and in particular, in this series.The main characters are shifters, Theo is a crow and Deacon is a bear It s in Theo s nature as a crow to steal, so when he hears about a job involving taking a watch from a sleeping bear Deacon , he can t resist Deacon catches him in the act, and the rest of the story follows the pair as Deacon chases Theo for the next couple of months.Let s see [...]

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