Relativity (2020)

Relativity Twelve year old Ethan Forsythe an exceptionally talented boy obsessed with physics and astronomy has been raised alone by his mother in Sydney Australia Claire a former professional ballerina has
  • Title: Relativity
  • Author: Antonia Hayes
  • ISBN: 9781501105074
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Ethan Forsythe, an exceptionally talented boy obsessed with physics and astronomy, has been raised alone by his mother in Sydney, Australia Claire, a former professional ballerina, has been a wonderful parent to Ethan, but he s becoming increasingly curious about his father s absence in his life Claire is fiercely protective of her talented, vulnerable soTwelve year old Ethan Forsythe, an exceptionally talented boy obsessed with physics and astronomy, has been raised alone by his mother in Sydney, Australia Claire, a former professional ballerina, has been a wonderful parent to Ethan, but he s becoming increasingly curious about his father s absence in his life Claire is fiercely protective of her talented, vulnerable son and of her own feelings But when Ethan falls ill, tied to a tragic event that occurred during his infancy, her tightly held world is split open Thousands of miles away on the western coast of Australia, Mark is trying to forget about the events that tore his family apart, but an unexpected call forces him to confront his past and return home When Ethan secretly intercepts a letter from Mark to Claire, he unleashes long suppressed forces that like gravity pull the three together again, testing the limits of love and forgiveness Told from the alternating points of view of Ethan and each of his parents, Relativity is a poetic and soul searing exploration of unbreakable bonds, irreversible acts, the limits of science, and the magnitude of love.
    The Relativity Blog is your spot for the latest news and advice from the luminaries and experts who ve made our industry soar Catch up with some of our recent favs International Discovery Why It s Tough and How to Deal Does Checking Sports Scores or Relativity Definition of Relativity by Merriam Webster a a theory which is based on the two postulates that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant and independent of the source or observer and that the mathematical forms of the laws of physics are invariant in all inertial systems and which leads to the assertion of the equivalence of mass and energy and of change in mass, dimension, and time with increased velocity relativity Definition, Equations, Facts Britannica Relativity, wide ranging physical theories formed by the German born physicist Albert Einstein With his theories of special relativity and general relativity , Einstein overthrew many assumptions underlying earlier physical theories, redefining in the process the fundamental concepts of space, time, matter, energy, and gravity. Relativity Definition of Relativity at Dictionary Theory of relativity What is Relativity Live Science Jul , General relativity tells us that gravity is not a force, but a curvature of spacetime.
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      246 Antonia Hayes
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    1. Relativity is a book all about the different relationships within a family those between husbands and wives, fathers and adult sons, parents and young children But Ethan gave the vagueness of her life definition And although Claire complained about his clothes and Lego scattered about the house, she needed them there to punctuate her existence He made their house a home It s a very poignant story which is beautifully written but for me it was a peculiar read At times I really liked it and got qu [...]

    2. As both an astronomy and literature enthusiast, I was on the verge of giddiness when I found Relativity in the bookstore last week Its cover, for starters, is striking two silhouettes gazing up a time lapse shot of the stars Run your hand across this image and you will be able to feel the imprint of equations written over the sky, tilt it a little and they will reflect the light Ah, science and story have never felt so beautiful Relativity sits in a comfortable middle ground between literary and [...]

    3. Who would know that physics and astronomy could be so interesting.When I first received this book from the publishers I just wasn t sure.But I read every book that is sent to me eventually so started this one with less enthusiasm as needed.I have been shockingly surprised how much I loved this It s so well written and has some really heart turning and heart skipping moments.Definitely one to be considered Take a second look, then buy it.

    4. Note An ARC of Relativity by Antonia Hayes was provided by Simon Schuster Canada as part of their Summer Fiction Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review Because it was denial not remorse or mistakes that ruled out second chances Recently, I was asked by Simon Schuster Canada if I would like to participate in their Summer Fiction Blog Tour Of course I jumped at the chance Relativity by Antonia Hayes was one of the novels that I was asked to read and review I had heard nothing about this book b [...]

    5. Twelve year old Ethan lives with his mother Claire, in a Sydney suburb His father, Mark, went away when Ethan was a baby and has never seen his son since Claire has done a superb job bringing Ethan up single handedly he is a thoughtful, bright and intelligent child with an enquiring mind and loves science and physics, especially astronomy In fact he is so clever, he is bullied and taunted by other children at school who call him Stephen Hawking His best friend Will has turned against him and joi [...]

    6. Who would know that physics and astronomy could be so interesting.When I first received this book from the publishers I just wasn t sure.But I read every book that is sent to me eventually so started this one with less enthusiasm as needed.I have been shockingly surprised how much I loved this It s so well written and has some really heart turning and heart skipping moments.Definitely one to be considered Take a second look, then buy it.

    7. Twelve year old Ethan lives with his single mum Claire, in Sydney, Australia He doesn t know much about his father, except that his mum won t talk about him.Ethan is different than the other children, but he doesn t understand why, until a stressful situation causes him to have a seizure Whilst at the hospital the doctors seem to know him, and talk about him receiving a brain injury when he was a baby Now it s time for Claire to reveal the secret she has been holding back from her son, about his [...]

    8. There is just so much BRILLIANT Australian fiction out there at the moment It s blowing my mind Relativity is right up there with the best.It certainly has the pull quotes to suggest this book is a winner From Graeme Simison and Christos Tsiolkas, to Alice Pung and Emily Maguire, Antonia Hayes gets high praise from her peers I also happen to agree with every single one of them.The writing is very readable, and the plot is clever and original without being too unrecognisable That s a difficult ba [...]

    9. This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsRelativity is a gem Ethan is an amazing tween, smart, open minded and extremely attaching His story is complicated, and filled with equal measures of heartache and hope.I didn t really know what to expect when I started Relativity, such a strong, heart wrenching story was not it, though That s what I got Ethan was such a great main character to follow He s young, but very wise, and so smart Some of the things he talked about went way [...]

    10. 4.5 stars.Twelve year old Ethan lives with his mother, Claire, and has never met his father An unusually gifted child, he has no idea of the circumstances surrounding his fathers absence When he discovers a letter from his father to Claire, it leads to a fascination and journey to discover just why his father left and how he can reunite the family Using his unique scientific logic, Ethan believes he can re visit the past and change the futures outcome But the past is suddenly a scary place to vi [...]

    11. I plunged into this book without reading the premise and I was pretty impressed with it Within the first twenty pages, I fell in love with Ethan s narrative voice Such a clever and smart boy The character development nonetheless to say was amazing Seeing things through his eyes is such a fresh view of the world By the end of the book, I didn t lose the interest In fact, the author succeeds in building the gripping plot by adding witty replies and new concepts in perspective.Full review bookidote [...]

    12. 2 stars according to is it was ok, and that basically sums up this book for me There was nothing about it I hated though, the scientific metaphors at times were a bit too much Other than that, the story is engaging, not totally predictable, and heartfelt It was a bit sappy, but that can totally be to some people s taste I was interested enough to keep reading, so that says something But in the end, I don t think this will be one that I rave about or that sticks with me for too long If you re sup [...]

    13. I just loved Ethan What a gorgeous child At first I had empathy for the parents but as the story progressed, I changed my mind The physics was enlightening but by the end of the story, it seemed a little overused which was a shame as there were some absolute pearls in there I also question whether the relationship between Mark and Clare would actually have ended the way it did, given the confession quite honestly, I wouldn t have given him an inch.

    14. Oh, how many feels Quirky, heartfelt and so completely engaging, relativity is than just a story about a single mother and her 12 year old son Once I started reading this book, I found it seriously difficult to stop While the subject matter was difficult, view spoiler shaken baby syndrome which resulted in scarring in Ethan s brain hide spoiler , Hayes added so many different layers to the story and characters that made it impossible for me not to care for each and every one of them It felt as [...]

    15. This book is breathtakingly brilliant, a beautiful read, a difficult subject, an incredible little well not so little he s 12 boy and the story of how his father came back in to his life.Ethan is not a normal boy, he is obsessed with science and rightly so, he is brilliant with an incredible understanding of physics, astronomy and this of course earns him a place on the school bullies list but he has a happy home with his mum Claire A single mum since her husband went away when Ethan was 4 month [...]

    16. Amazing Maybe because I am a science nerd, but I loved the language and the way the author used the forces of physics to explore our emotional forces I even cried when I read the story of what happened to Ethan So unimaginably awful This book touched me than any I have read in years.

    17. Every now and again a book comes along that takes me totally by surprise Relativity is one of those books The pure beauty and assurance of Antonia Hayes writing feels like a smack in the face, it really is hauntingly, bewilderingly clever.The first chapter, entitled Motion is just ten sentences long, yet those opening words are gripping and vivid and set the scene for the excellent story that follows.Twelve year old Ethan lives with his mother Claire in a Sydney suburb Ethan doesn t know anythin [...]

    18. If you only buy one book this year then make it this one It s only January but this beautiful and intelligently written book has already reserved itself a place in my heart and in my top books of the year so far It is stunning but what makes it even incredible is that this breathtaking book is a debut novel If I could advise anything else then it would be not to read too many reviews of Relativity Yes I know I should be supporting other reviewers but I went into this book pretty much blind and [...]

    19. A quick read story of a family torn apart by Shaken Baby Syndrome There is a great deal of science in this bookysics, human brain functioning and a bit of astronomy The story highlights how a single action can determine the fate of our future.

    20. Somewhere between a 3 and a 4 It was really slow but carried a lot of weight I don t really know what I expected of this book I thought it would just be about weird family relationships but it wasn t This book is about child abuse, denial, disability and forgiveness There were little twists that I really didn t expect and this was a book I probably wouldn t have read were it not for this tour but I m glad I did.I liked reading from the perspective of Ethan the most, he had such a wonderful insig [...]

    21. This book starts with a heart stopping opening of four month old Ethan having stopped breathing this is a book that really defies pigeon holing as a distinct type of book There is the discovery ten years later of what happened on that day, but there is also a lot about physics, a boy living with a brain injury and the relationship between a mother and her son to name but a few of the topics covered in this immensely readable novel.Twelve year old Ethan lives in Australia with his mother Claire a [...]

    22. This book is not for me.If you are into science, like super duper into science, this book might be for you.There is science in this book than there is in The Martian 90% of the lines in this book are metaphors between science and life, science and relationships, science and good grief anything you can possibly imagine I might have to go read some trashy romance novel just to wipe all the science talk out of my brain.I don t think it s a bad book I think the author is obviously very smart and ca [...]

    23. Splitting the Nuclear FamilyTo my amazement, I read 360 pages in 24 hours The cover warned that it would be a difficult book to put down, and it was true I kept wanting to get back to it whenever I had to stop I read fast at first because it was so inviting Antonia Hayes is a lucid writer, she makes me feel at home in the Sydney setting, and her use of shortish sections gives the story a lively forward lope I was drawn in because the people felt warm and true a loving single mother and her twelv [...]

    24. The Blurb Ethan is an exceptionally gifted young boy, obsessed with physics and astronomy His single mother Claire is fiercely protective of her brilliant, vulnerable son But she can t shield him forever from learning the truth about what happened to him when he was a baby why Mark had to leave them all those years ago.Now age twelve, Ethan is increasingly curious about his past, especially his father s absence in his life When he intercepts a letter to Claire from Mark, he opens a lifetime of f [...]

    25. Relativity was a book I wasn t 100% sure was my cup of tea, but I was than willing to give it a read because the publicist for the book was so insistent that it was such a good read But, I was nervous to get started I needn t have been, mind because Relativity was an awesome read It was so nuanced, so beautiful, so evocative, and as I always say with books about geniuses, especially genius kids, Ethan reminded me of a certain Sheldon Cooper, and I have The Big Bang Theory to thank for my knowle [...]

    26. This review first appeared on Cornflakegirl s MusingsSometimes you come across a book that is so completely worth the hype you half suspect anyone who doesn t like it is deliberately going against the grain It seems almost impossible that everyone wouldn t fall in love with it as much as you Relativity by Antonia Hayes is that book.Relativity is a story about family bonds, the lengths we ll go to for the people we love and physics Yes, you read that correctly 12 year old Ethan loves physics and [...]

    27. It s been a long time since I ve read an Australian novel with such big themes and ambitious imagery, a gripping plot and imaginative storyline, authentic feeling characters, and that s exquisitely written sentence by sentence as well Would rate it 6 if I could Relativity is an emotionally powerful novel, that deceptively feels like an easy read But it s not some trashy page turner at all, the whole story feels very carefully constructed and structured, with momentum building as the story reache [...]

    28. This was an entertaining read, and I thought the author beautifully captured the relationships between parents and children, not to mention the way the children s observe passions for space, physics, desire to fit it, etc I really identified with both aspects and felt like writing out big slabs of Claire s reflections on her son The storyline was interesting, but sad it kept me engaged, and moved at a good pace read it in one sitting Recommended This para for reasons external to the book , reson [...]

    29. Relativity is a raw and emotional story, it s a story about love, trust, hope and relationships and touches on a very difficult subject matter which the author has done brilliantly.I fell in love with Ethan, a wonderfully clever 12 year old who loves physics and astronomy and due to this love he uses his knowledge to see the world and the changes within himself His mum Claire is very protective and throughout the story we find out why.I liked the way the main protagonist is Ethan but we also rea [...]

    30. 3.5 stars, almost 4 stars The premise of this story was excellent For me, the science part was very readable and interesting This author will be a great new Australian author For this, her first novel, I just felt it needed a little pizzazz I felt the parents were too self absorbed The brain damaged child was an inspiration and very well characterized I felt the child was a victim in ways than one.The only other negative was, although it is described by some as a page turner, I found the 2nd h [...]

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