Diamond Head (2020)

Diamond Head A sweeping debut spanning from China to Hawaii that follows four generations of a wealthy shipping family whose rise and decline is riddled with secrets and tragic love from a young powerful new voic
  • Title: Diamond Head
  • Author: Cecily Wong
  • ISBN: 9780062345448
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sweeping debut spanning from China to Hawaii that follows four generations of a wealthy shipping family whose rise and decline is riddled with secrets and tragic love from a young, powerful new voice in fiction.At the turn of the nineteenth century, Frank Leong, a fabulously wealthy shipping industrialist, moves his family from China to the island of Oahu But somethingA sweeping debut spanning from China to Hawaii that follows four generations of a wealthy shipping family whose rise and decline is riddled with secrets and tragic love from a young, powerful new voice in fiction.At the turn of the nineteenth century, Frank Leong, a fabulously wealthy shipping industrialist, moves his family from China to the island of Oahu But something ancient follows the Leongs to Hawaii, haunting them The parable of the red string of fate, the cord that binds one intended beloved to her perfect match, also punishes for mistakes in love, passing a destructive knot down the family line.When Frank Leong is murdered, his family is thrown into a perilous downward spiral Left to rebuild in their patriarch s shadow, the surviving members of the Leong family try their hand at a new, ordinary life, vowing to bury their gilded past Still, the island continues to whisper fragmented pieces of truth and chatter, until a letter arrives two decades later, carrying a confession that shatters the family even further.Now the Leongs survival rests with young Theresa, Frank Leong s only grandchild, eighteen and pregnant, the heir apparent to her ancestors punishing knots.Told through the eyes of the Leong s secret keeping daughters and wives and spanning The Boxer Rebellion to Pearl Harbor to 1960s Hawaii, Diamond Head is a breathtakingly powerful tale of tragic love, shocking lies, poignant compromise, aching loss, heroic acts of sacrifice and, miraculous hope.
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    1. Cecily Wong has accomplished one complex and intricate family saga One family cursed by fate or by their own agency, as the story unravels, tradition and culture delved, you consider the root cause of trials and tribulations this family suffered as well as endured.Wong managed to pique my curiosity from the beginning, I couldn t wait for secrets to be revealed, drama to unfold, betrayals discovered, the most unsuspecting exposed, motivations examined Quite a narrative is weaved with intriguing f [...]

    2. This book is like a memoir of three different women There s the eldest, who is rescued from an abusive father and marries a wealthy man who takes her from China to Hawaii There s the middle, the poor girl who marries into the wealthy family, rising from a room in a basement that she shares with ten other children And there s the youngest, pregnant and unmarried in the sixties who didn t interest me at all because the book took too long to get to her story.All the stories I did read could have be [...]

    3. At first, I was confused by this book, and didn t know if it made sense Im happy I stuck with it This book will affect your thinking Makes you reevaluate decisions you made or told yourself someone made for you That is the best kind of book to me Challenges you

    4. 6 15 I only got about 50 pages in, but it s due back now another one of those cases where I took too many books out of the library at once Will definitely revisit this at some point in the future, because I m already in love with the story

    5. I usually like a good multi generational family saga but DIAMOND HEAD fell short for me For some reason I never got really invested in the story There was something else that nagged at me and that was how dependent all the women seemed to be upon men Maybe it was just the time period that was being covered but the female characters didn t distinguish themselves in a way that satisfied me.I actually bought this book for my mom for Christmas but I snuck in a quick read before passing it on.

    6. I was very skeptical about this book because of the mixed reviews, but I am so glad I didn t heed the advice of the negative reviewers What a story Wong is a masterful storyteller and her language is pristine The descriptive prowess in this book is overpowering and yet, it feels just right Diamond Head is told in turns by the Leong women and it is a story of secrets The secrets a family have kept and the ways they have been mangled by these secrets A soaring family saga, this book is an emotiona [...]

    7. I borrowed this from the library, read the first chapter, and then didn t really feel inspired to pick it up again for a couple of weeks I liked reading the descriptions of their homes and the foods they ate, and enjoyed reading about some of the Chinese traditions surrounding birth and death, but none of the characters intrigued me.I got the notice that the book was due back in 3 days and that I couldn t renew it because someone else had requested it I figured I d read what I could of it in the [...]

    8. More like 4.75 stars I loved this family saga spanning from China to Hawaii, filled with twists and turns, love and disappointment, poverty and wealth A very slow build, but when it hits you, it hits hard It was painful and heart wrenching, but also touching and riveting until the very last page The flashbacks were filled with my favorite passages Some parts of the books lagged waaaay too much, particularly those surrounding the funeral, but the rest of the story kept me glued to the page Lookin [...]

    9. I believe the theme is choices, secrecy and betrayal The novel involves the three generational saga of the wealthy Leong family The novel begins in 1964 with Amy Chan Leong and her daughter, 19 year old Theresa preparing to attend the funeral of her late husband, Bohai LeongThe novelist s writing appeared uninspiring during the opening scenes concerning Bohai s funeral I almost lost interest However, I suggest you not give up Cecily Wong s story becomes rich and powerful, as she weaves imagery t [...]

    10. I liked it a lot.It s a story that s mostly about women, Lin, Hong, Amy, and Theresa though Leong Fu Frank, Bohai and Kaipo all make appearances Even though this is a story centered around three generations of the Leong family it focuses on themes like love, independence, and decisions about the future.Each of the main characters makes a choice about who to love marry, whether to pursue riches or not, and these choices combined with circumstances determine the future.Within the telling of the st [...]

    11. Review also found at kristineandterri 23.5 starsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Harper via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is April 14th 2015 This was a really interesting story for me although I have to admit that it took me a while to get in to it With the multi generational stories and the alternating between time and stories I at first had a hard time keeping track of all of the characters Once I straightened it all out the [...]

    12. Diamond Head is a story of one family, the Leongs, told in three different time periods and two different countries The family starts out in China where the patriarch, Frank builds a large shipping company He is married to Lin and his sons are Bohai and Kopai The second generation focuses most on Bohai and his wife Amy and third generation is the story of their daughter Theresa who is pregnant at 19 There are other characters that come in and out of the tale at different times and places but the [...]

    13. I almost returned this book to the library unread, and I would have missed out on an amazing book Diamond Head captivated me from the very beginning I am so glad I didn t let this one pass me by The prose is beautifully written The characters are intriguing and the changing perspectives and time periods adds nuance and complexity It s a beautiful piece of literature and I fully intend to add it to my shelf so that I can reread it it s one of those stories that will become so much with a reread. [...]

    14. Beautiful language immediately creates a strong sense of the Asian culture and traditions that weave through this story Diamond Head is part family saga and part mystery and an accomplished novel Told from multiple points of view and different points in time, for the first half of the book, I often found myself confused by the transitions, and had to keep revisiting how the characters were connected About midway, the characters became distinct for me, suspense mounted, and it became hard to put [...]

    15. Read this whole book on my phone on the plane and loved it My kind of book a sweeping family saga that takes you from Boxer Rebellion China to Oahu The Leong family is full of secrets, compromises, fateful events told through three generations of Chinese women A beautiful tribute to Hawaii in its early days I will keep my eyes out for Cecily Wong in the future Biggest joy at the end there is an interview between Wong and Celeste Ng

    16. I love a good family drama, and Wong has pieced together an elaborate one here Multiple generations of a Chinese Hawaiian shipping family grapple with guilty secrets, some of them pretty juicy But for me, the book lacked forward momentum I wanted to know what would happen next, but I didn t have to know I wish I d had a harder time putting it aside More book recommendations by me at readingwithhippos

    17. Thank you to and the publisher for a complimentary copy of Diamond Head This is a debut novel by Cecily Wong, and I look forward to her future work This was an engrossing multi generational saga set primarily in Hawaii The author writes with great description and atmosphere Recommended read

    18. Books that span generations are my jam this was so great at that, it s just not a perspective I ve read before.

    19. Not sure if I really liked the way this book ended It was a pretty good story, but kind of predictable.

    20. I thought this was a very sad story about people that couldn t be happy until the last chapter What a great turn around Loved the characters even though there was so much disappointment.

    21. Wyobra sobie, e jeste zwi zany z konkretn osob za pomoc niewidzialnej nici Ta ni , cho by by a niewyobra alnie mocna i wytrwa a zawsze mo e zosta zerwana Gdy tylko tak si stanie, na osoby po czone uczuciem, lecz nie czerwon nici przeznaczenia spada kl twa, kt ra mo e zniszczy ca e ich dotychczasowe ycie Powie Diamentowa g ra to zawarte w ksi ce obyczajowej historyczne fakty, g wnie opowiadaj ce o dziejach Chin oraz Hawaj w Zawarta jest tutaj stara, wywodz ca si z Chin legenda o czerwonej nici, g [...]

    22. Cecily Wong est dipl m e du Barnard College et habite actuellement New York Elle a publi dans le Wall Street Journal, LA Review of Books et Bustle Son premier roman, Comme un ruban de soie rouge, sur lequel elle a travaill pendant plus de cinq ans, est un voyage merveilleux de la Chine Hawa , dans lequel on suit l ascension et les drames d une famille rong e par les secrets et les amours tragiques.Dans cette saga familiale qui t moigne d une poustouflante ma trise romanesque, Cecily Wong donne v [...]

    23. This book started out strong, but unfortunately lost it s way in a confusion of character perspectives and time frames A family saga of Chinese immigrants to Hawaii, it covers the early twentieth century to 1964 It beautifully evokes the sights and smells of Hawaii, the foods and the gardens There are individual stories that deserve their own book, and others, particularly the daughter in the modern time, that seem out of place.In the end I was only reading it to finish, suspecting that there w [...]

    24. I m still waiting for to offer half star option so I can say it s 3.5 I admit it took quite a while for me to finish this book Unique form of storytelling taking place in Hawaii from several Chinese families perspectives Included two significant historical events the Pearl Harbor bombing and its economic impact on the island and the Boxer Rebellion in China that set things in motion to eventually move to Hawaii There were also minor drop ins about the Japanese on the island and its influence on [...]

    25. Though it took a little bit to pick up, Diamond head was an interesting and unique take on a typical historical fiction family saga The world is lush and very atmospheric and the characters emotions are very strong and real That being said, I wasn t initially pulled into it for a while because despite the good writing it was a little weird to see three separated stories that didn t quite flow together and it was hard to see the point of the story if you will, which is important to me but overall [...]

    26. This story relates the tales of three generations of women who are of Chinese ancestry, living on Oahu between 1939 and 1964 The characters are well developed, but some of the events seem a bit contrived to make the book come together I enjoyed the honesty with which the main characters feelings and motives are represented The women are believable here While the story doesn t exactly have a happy ending, there is closure and a mature perspective on the meaning of true love I read this book durin [...]

    27. There is definitely a good story here, but the writing was so bad it was hard to get past it at times Being from Hawaii, I know all of these places intimately The descriptions didn t make sense sometimes, and it felt like the author was just trying to cram every little detail from the islands into descriptions when they weren t needed There were also inconsistencies with timelines even one in the description on the back of the book and so many structural errors This story could be great, just wi [...]

    28. This intergenerational story about a Chinese family in Hawaii was an interesting read, but ultimately flawed in my opinion It skips around quite a bit between narrators and timelines, and it wasn t the easiest to follow Some of the narrators told stories that just weren t interesting Overall, I loved the concept and enjoyed the tales of the Boxer Rebellion, family scandal, and beautiful Hawaii.

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