(Watch Me) Save You (2020)

Watch Me Save You Is love enough to pull two drowning men back from the edge of darkness No one will love you Tek Ng has heard that statement his entire life and after all he s been through he believes it The torture
  • Title: (Watch Me) Save You
  • Author: Avril Ashton
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  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is love enough to pull two drowning men back from the edge of darkness No one will love you Tek Ng has heard that statement his entire life, and after all he s been through, he believes it The tortured reality of who he is wars with everything else in his world He s got a fianc e he doesn t want, a family legacy he wants to escape, and unrequited love so unavoidable heIs love enough to pull two drowning men back from the edge of darkness No one will love you Tek Ng has heard that statement his entire life, and after all he s been through, he believes it The tortured reality of who he is wars with everything else in his world He s got a fianc e he doesn t want, a family legacy he wants to escape, and unrequited love so unavoidable he descends into sexual depravity with the last person he should Tek is drowning, but he s not sure he wants to be saved Quinn Storm hides in his quiet house, afraid of his shadow and his memories At one time he had a husband and a life, but that was snatched away in a violent attack Hardly daring to live, Quinn is alive only because he s too scared to end it all himself He s drowning and wants no chance at being saved A favor for a friend brings these two men together just in time for Tek to watch Quinn unravel Quinn quickly becomes the most important thing in Tek s life, but can he trust Quinn to love him once he realizes what Tek is hiding Just as they reach for each other, their reprieve is shattered by Tek s demons, leaving Quinn with the realization that he s not the only one in need of saving Warning Contains references to rape and sexual abuse assault.
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    1. BR with Karen Because everyone is at GRL I was very excited about this release, having met Quinn in the first book of the series Unfortunately, I can t say this is my favorite book of the author.Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe I kept comparing it to the previous book, Watch Me Unmask You which was perfection or maybe it was just me probably, considering all the great reviews I can t exactly pinpoint the reason.The start was amazing and very promising Yes, the angst is too much but thi [...]

    2. Bad boys, make no excuse they will cut you Worth the waitLOVE,ACTION AGAINST ALL ODDS, DANGER, CHEMISTRY AND WUV This series is so damn good

    3. Tek Aww.what happen sweetie this book we find out sad face Re read to get ready for new series , love the writing, hate the storyline concept, not my thing.Dec 2015 I loved it, but, this book s intro did not make for an easy read I had to read through the sadness first And get past at least 2 chapter s of which placed me in a cesspool of hopelessness and disgusting craziness And at times made me considered a DNF Thus, 3 stars issues _ The hopelessness and disgusting craziness IMO was view spoile [...]

    4. I don t know how I feel about this one fully I ve been waiting on Tek s story since he came into the picture This is going to be spoiler free I can say I m surprised about the roles reversal between Quinn Tek I am extremely happy that Tek found someone whom he can be himself to fully I loved that little gem surrounding him Ugh just give me a little of Dima, why don t you Glad to see him as well as some old faces, and new ones WTH about the ending though I m happy Mrs A decided to have a new seri [...]

    5. My friend Ele and I decided to console ourselves and do a buddy read becauseeveryone ran off to GRL without us So really what s a girl to do besides grab a friend and read about some seriously messed up sexy men Watch Me Save You is book 4 in Avril Ashton s Run This Town series and right off the bat the first thing I m going to say is this is not a stand alone book if you haven t read the first 3 books I honestly can t imagine truly enjoying this book The characters and storylines are so interwo [...]

    6. From the very first chapter, this book shocked the hell out of me There s a menage thing going on here I m still dealing with menage scene The MC having sex with another man Men to be exact You know what But I kept reading It s like watching a freight train coming after you Scary but you couldn t close your eyes I want to know everything All about Tek If I have to read a menage thing, all be damn And well, the writing sucked me in view spoiler There s minor problem for me It s just me I m sure m [...]

    7. This book definitely had me glued to the pages, but I really wanted a little bit from Quinn and Teks healing These two men are the most broken, defeated men I have ever read about and because of that I was so looking forward to the moment they found comfort and some hope in each other This absolutely did happen but wasn t as good as I hoped.It was mainly Quinn s fault I loved him There was such a good heart wrenching build up to what happened to him and how he was lost within his past trauma, t [...]

    8. Tek and Quinn are two characters we ve been waiting to see get together for a long while now Both men are broken, in some instances beyond repair Individually they are each ready to fall victim to their past and the relentless demons that torture them from the depths of their nightmares into the light of day.When I began this piece I had a difficult time believing the author would be able to convince me that these two fractured souls would be able to have a meaningful connection After all, both [...]

    9. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsTek is a character that has been hanging around in the background of this series with some obvious issues but is a man that we knew very little about When we finally get his story it is just as gritty as the rest of the men in Watch Me but Tek has an underlying neediness that came as quite a surprise to me.As with all Avril Ashton s books this one drags you in kicking and screaming with the emotions she pulls out of her men She really likes to make her ch [...]

    10. About the story This time around, we get Tek and Quinn s story two damaged men who want to save each other Both men are slowly drowning from different, but equal, issues Life feels hopeless and is killing them When they come together you want them to be strong, and they were explosive.My favorite quote I need to kiss you Taste you, just once He held up a finger as he walked over slowly Just one time I need to put my lips on yours, feel them part for me I think you ll taste like everything I ve f [...]

    11. I m not giving a rating for this book because I didn t like it BUT it wasn t the book it was me view spoiler Tek is a croosdresser and even thought I have nothing against it here it just made me uncomfortable because of some scenes and his past hide spoiler I do like that Tek and Quinn found each other and are happy they both deserve it.

    12. I really enjoyed this addition to the series It had a very good storyline Quinn and Tek were delicious together in all their brokeness I loved how the other characters are all intertwined It makes me want to reread Isreal and Reggie s story 4.5 stars.

    13. 3.5Eh, I guess So, let s go over what worked for me, and what didn t First, I m not a fan of cross dressing in stories It s just not my thing Men in panties.d wigs and lipstick just don t do it for me, BUT the three or so books that I ve read with this theme have all been extremely well done by the authors This one was no exception I trusted that not only would this author do the theme justice, but that it would not be the most important part of the bookd I was right She did not disappoint Even [...]

    14. Liked but didn t LoveTek has been such a mysterious fella and I was thrilled to finally get to see what he s all about I wanted Quinn to feel safe loved These guys were so so broken It was interesting to see how they went about figuring out this relationship and everything around them.Smitten PointsWe got to see Elias He has been my favorite of this series and I got a little tingly seeing him again crossmyheartpromise redlipstick readin2017

    15. What a rideI don t know where to start, cause my thoughts are all jumbled,and I don t knowis book was all I thought it would be,and then some .If you thought that this book will pull on your heartstrings,if you thought that it will break you at one moment,and then make you ecstatic in next,you were right If you thought that it would be hot and passionate,that your kindle will literally burn when these two get together,you were sooo rightl I know that when I got to 65% mark,I had only one thought [...]

    16. Six cross my heart promise stars No matter how you try to hide Tek whispered I see you, Quinn So I found Avril Ashton a little while back, not too long ago, and for two three weeks I devoured her Brooklyn Sinners series and then the Run this town series Until I got to book four and I stopped Why Because Avril Ashton knows how to bring the fucking rip your heart out feels And Tek just felt a bit broken than the others, Quinn too So I ran away scared but the book was constantly on my mind wheneve [...]

    17. 4.5 starsDon t ask me why I am just now reviewing this fabulous book by the uber talented Ms Av I suppose I was hoping to reread it before attempting it, but that s all on me.As always, Ms Av always packs a punch with her books They will gut you, make your heart break, but inevitably, it will be put back together.I LOVE that Ms Av s books ALWAYS have an HEA no matter how difficult things may seem, and let me tell you, this book had the markings of an impossible HEA, but Ms Av pulled it off.Lets [...]

    18. The Run This Town series is my first foray into the writings of Avril Ashton and I quickly became a fan with book 1 Except I have not yet read any of her other works outside of this series I ll get there, promise I ve loved ALL of the books in this series They re gritty, they re raw, they re raunchy, they re intense, they are just WOW Nothing is held back and these characters are you know I m not sure I have words to describe them, except YUM I ve read some pretty gritty, raw, raunchy, intense s [...]

    19. I ve tried for so long to muster up the courage to read this one.I knew I just knew it would wreck me, and it did It really, really did.I was shocked, than once by these two from the outside looking in, I didn t see them together I thought they d be terrible together, they were both so broken in so many different ways.That s how they healed each other though, but jeeeez was it a bumpy ride.Secrets, secrets and secrets I can t even tell you how many times I wanted to shake my kindle I m kind of [...]

    20. This book is a gut punch straight to the emotions My heart aches for Quinn and Tek I am so happy they found each other They ve survived so much, they have than earned their happy ending with each other I love that Quinn s marriage to Xavier is respected, and isn t brushed aside as nothing just because like effed them over and got in the way But it also doesn t undermine what he feels for Tek That s rare in m m romance novels And while I don t 100% buy the romance, I don t mind it because I stil [...]

    21. I liked this story, but didn t loved it My problem was with the couple itself and not with the story as part of the series The MCs as a couple were lovely, but I think Quinn s take control attitude happened too quickly He was presently beautifully as a broken soul, and the reader was rushed thru his redemption IMO I think their need for each other should have been equally balance instead of a take over Overall, it was a good story on its own As the closing of the series it lacked a sense of fin [...]

    22. 3.5 StarsI love the Run This Town series and most anything written by AA No wonder, I was really looking forward to Tek and Quinn s story can you say pre order Although I ultimately liked it, I must say that Tek was a downer I generally don t like my MCs to be view spoiler heroine junkies hide spoiler Yeah, not sexy At All And he really hurt Quinn On the bright side, Tek groveled so, that s nice.Bottom line Low and Renzo in book 5 Please, please, please AA

    23. Good read I will once again state that at least one of each couple are BAD guys These are nice men and the things they do aren t always nice The plot was interesting and seeing some of the past scenes from another perspective was enlightening Watching how quickly Tek and Quinn hit it off is surprising Though Quinn s recovery was quicker than I thought it would be I loved them as a couple They so clicked with me Good story with a few issues.

    24. I think this is my favorite of the series I love bad boys I love broken men who are trying to find themselves And this book had it all A bad boy with so many secrets, two broken men needing to find themselves, plenty of hotness, action, and a lot of tying up the storylines that have been going throughout the series.

    25. Was so happy to read Tek and Quin s story wish there was a little bit , the ending seemed a little rushed, but none the less complete so I m happy.Love the Shane and Pablo cameoI ll add on to the review later, just know that love this series and I m looking forward to the spin offs they sound just as intense as these stories were.Thanks Avril, keep doing what you do

    26. Gutted I have to get my thoughts together before I can leave my first all review I can say this much thoughOUTSTANDING April kept me on my toes I will finish this tomorrow, well late this morning.

    27. Pensavo di aver raggiunto il limite di tenerezza con Elias e Lucky Mi sbagliavo di grosso Un altro grande successo per la Ashton Ho gi letto Call the Coroner Stavros and Daniel s story ma vedere in backwards il personaggio di Stavros e soprattutto vedere meno ruthlessness anche nel passato, fa molto piacere.

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