Mudd's Luck (2020)

Mudd s Luck Michael Blackfox thought that Lady Luck had finally dealt him a winning hand He met the love of his life in Colombia and was whisking her back to Florida to begin their life together when reality inte
  • Title: Mudd's Luck
  • Author: T.S. O'Neil
  • ISBN: 9780692413005
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Blackfox thought that Lady Luck had finally dealt him a winning hand He met the love of his life in Colombia and was whisking her back to Florida to begin their life together when reality intervened He, his fiancee and his father are swept up into a murderous scheme that envelops them in a quest for vengeance through the beaches, swamps and backwaters of the SunsMichael Blackfox thought that Lady Luck had finally dealt him a winning hand He met the love of his life in Colombia and was whisking her back to Florida to begin their life together when reality intervened He, his fiancee and his father are swept up into a murderous scheme that envelops them in a quest for vengeance through the beaches, swamps and backwaters of the Sunshine State.
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    1. My rating is 4.5The book Mudd s Luck Blackfox Chronicles 3 by T.S O Neil has been action intensive since the very beginning It all begins with the murder of a diver who in an attempt to defend himself, wound his killer A half dead killer on board found Michael Blackfox, his father Char and his fianc e Sofia Unfortunately, the rescue of Kelley s life will open the Pandora s Box of death Frankly, I would not want to go into the story because it could spoil your reading The writer brings us elegant [...]

    2. I have to say I quite enjoyed this book It was very fast paced and certainly kept me engaged throughout The writing was very strong and although I have not read the two previous books in this series It really was of no concern The novel was definitely a stand alone story sure to have a bit of the back story would have been nice but not at all necessary to pull this story together I will say I did get a little lost closer to the end what with all of the players involved I had a bit of a hard time [...]

    3. Mudd s Luck by T.S O Neil is the third installment of the author s wildly entertaining Blackfox series, featuring Char Blackfox and his son Michael as retired commandos following the road to riches and glory regardless of where the path may take them Only this time it takes them as close to the square root as possible, and T.S O Neil brings us close enough to the campfire to draw our own conclusions though it remains unclear if the Blackfoxes have reached their own.In Tampa Star, we followed the [...]

    4. 4.5 starsThis was a super engaging read on par with the John D MacDonald and Robert Parker books of my youth It features a mature, sarcastic minded, retired Army protoganist and his Marine veteran son both of whom have somewhat tarnished hearts of gold, which makes them interesting, not less It s a good thing they are armed with plenty of firepower because they are solving a murder mystery as well as extracting revenge in classic thriller style The antagonist is former IRA, ruthless beyond meas [...]

    5. Having read the first two books in this series, I was eager to read the third, and I was not disappointed I must admit I was sad over a certain event that happens near the beginning of this book, but that was pretty much my only complaint, I really enjoyed the rest of the book.O Neil has a good writing style, which he will sometimes pepper with colorful descriptions The story itself was also engaging, with several enjoyable twists that kept me interested, but was at the same time realistic convi [...]

    6. Luck This is the third installment of the Blackfox Chronicles It is a strong, fast paced sequel,though it can easily be read as stand alone For those who like big guns, fast boats and shoot first ask questions later tales of revenge, this is a great read.The analogy of Dr Mudd s misfortune turned to unexpected advantage as suggested in the title falls a little flat, considering the losses the main characters incur without any tangible gain at the end.Personally, I find Char and Michael, macho ma [...]

    7. This book opens fast with a murder underwater The killer, Kelley, is injured in the attack, and subsequently found and rescued by our hero, Michael Blackfox, along with his father Char, and Michael s finance Sophia.Something about Kelley s story doesn t add up Michael is all for getting rid of the patient, and is happy to leave him on his boat, now patched up and equally eager to move on But when Michael grabs a fresh shirt for Kelley from his drawer, he discovers a dive knife hidden amongst the [...]

    8. Review of Mudd s Luck T S O Neil.The title refers to the doctor who treated Lincoln s assassin and neatly ties the loose ends of the story at the end of the book The story revolves around a father and son who have been the wrong side of the law on several occasions, leading to several scrapes and now, due to an unforeseen accident, the targets of a villainous and prolific assassin The story proceeds with the inevitable chase of the killer, who is as close to a well drawn psychopath as you will m [...]

    9. Mudd s Luck begins with the paid for murder of a sub aqua diver by former Provisional IRA terrorist Kelley The killer for hire is injured and is rescued by Michael Blackfox, his father Char and fianc e Sophia.It s a rescue that Michael soon regrets as he realises that the body of a diver found in the same area is linked to Kelley, whose life was saved by Sophia, and a recovered Kelley needs to hide his tracks by killing anyone who knows his secret The big mistake Kelley makes is killing Sophia a [...]

    10. This story is a told as a fast paced thriller which opens with a murder, swiftly followed by another, and then maintains the action right through to the finish The main protagonists are Michael and his father Char, two hard nosed ex military men who are accustomed to dispensing their own brand of justice regardless of legality And the people they re up against are equally ruthless in preventing that justice being done There is a military flavour running throughout in terms of the people involved [...]

    11. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, it ticks all the boxes for a fast paced military type thriller from beginning to end Murder, revenge and violence pepper the book, as well as a great deal of drinking and sex, although it isn t explicit The bad guys hats are so black you wouldn t see them at night, and the good guys are a definite grey, not white.They are hard people doing horrible things that need to be done I liked the fact that the book didn t just focus on young characters, many of these were old [...]

    12. Well this book certainly kept me on the edge of my seat in certain places It is a fast paced crime thriller.I was sad when Michael lost the love of his life Sofia to that heinous unrepentant villain Kelley whose life she had saved earlier I was even surprised to find out about Flynn s role in all of the chaos that erupted, in the end he got what he deserved and so did the Paddle Board Killer in the end Also I think Ann and Char may get back together in the end, although the author left it open, [...]

    13. I received this story for free in exchange for a fair review Mudd s Luck is one of the best page turners I ve read in a while T.S is a fantastic writer and holds a great pace throughout As a writer, I m amazed at the people who are so great at setting up a world, scene and can describe action one of my own faults As a reader, I enjoy thrillers but, if I m honest, they rarely stay with me for long I enjoy them in the moment but outside of that moment I generally don t look back on these novels, w [...]

    14. I have been anxiously awaiting the third part of the Blackfox Chronicles and was very happy to see Mudd s Luck available for purchase T.S O Neil s first two books were very enjoyable and this one did not disappoint Cover to cover I was on the edge of my seat Char and Michael have been established as strong men always ready for a fight In Mudd s Luck we discover they are not just fearless adventurers but also men who desire a home and family At the end of Starfish Prime they had shed a monkey off [...]

    15. This book grabs your attention right away, starting off with a hit man killing a diver underwater in the ocean The thoroughly despicable hit man, Kelley, accomplishes his goal but is wounded in the struggle Kelley is aided by Michael Blackfox, ex military tough guy, who soon catches on that Kelley was up to no good when injured Kelley realizes this He ends up shooting and killing Michael s girlfriend, but Michael himself survives.Michael and his father, another old school man s man, pursue Kelle [...]

    16. Mudd s Luck is a solid thriller from beginning to end I haven t read the first two books of the series, but this one is a stand alone.The two main characters, Char and Michael, are good guys with enough bad in them to make them interesting Though these are father and son characters, the author does a good job of giving each a distinctive voice.The story opens with a murder and spirals delightfully out of control from there The pace alternates between action and dialogue with just enough backstor [...]

    17. As full disclaimer, I jumped right into this story here at book three While I was worried about missing the back story and the stories in books 1 and 2 I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case The author provided enough back story to fill in the gaps, without being redundant if you had read the other books.Now onto the review this book opens with a murder Talk about gripping you right from the beginning and it never lets you go It is a ride that you are flying along in the dark I read th [...]

    18. Mudd s Luck goes out the gate quickly and provides a roller coaster ride as the bodies keep dropping We re introduced immediately to the villain of the piece and see him at work He s definitely a nasty fellow At no point did I feel any sympathy for him.Michael and Char, the heroes of the series I haven t read the earlier books , are well drawn I was a little bit lost in the beginning because there isn t much background given on them, but I picked up as the story went on.The story is tight and s [...]

    19. I enjoyed Mudd s Luck by T.S O Neil, a fast paced novel about a pair of father son former military commandos embarking on a personal rescue and revenge mission in the Gulf of Mexico outside Florida The main characters are heroic and macho but possess enough heart for the reader to root for them the villain is callous and coldblooded, inducing the reader to hate him The tale switched points of view between characters throughout scenes, making my head spin and significantly reducing my satisfactio [...]

    20. Won a copy of this and not read the other two books Starts out with a horrible murder at the very beginning Then when a couple discovers a boat adrift, check it out Wounded man inside Without their help he would of died But they found out a little too much and the girl was killed and guy hurt So he begins the search for the man that is killing others.Very fast pace, and sorry but sometimes the language is a little strong for my taste That s why I only give it a 4 But other than that the story li [...]

    21. Wonderfully entertaining novel with plenty of action I definitely recommend this book.I received this book for free from First Reads Giveaway.

    22. I won this book through I read the first 3 so I absolutely needed this piece of the puzzle A great ending to a great series Really enjoyable and action packed.

    23. It was a great day to be alive until his past caught up with him and sucked him back in Now he s after revenge and nothing will stop him in his quest.A thrilling thriller

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