Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School (2020)

Hacking Education Quick Fixes for Every School Want to solve your biggest problems tomorrow You have problems but you don t have time for a year plan You re tired of philosophy research and piles of data You want practical solutions that you c
  • Title: Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School
  • Author: MarkBarnes Jennifer Gonzalez
  • ISBN: 9780986104909
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Want to solve your biggest problems tomorrow You have problems, but you don t have time for a 5 year plan You re tired of philosophy, research and piles of data You want practical solutions that you can implement immediately You don t need a committee or another meeting You need Hackers experienced educators who understand your school s problems and see quick fixes thaWant to solve your biggest problems tomorrow You have problems, but you don t have time for a 5 year plan You re tired of philosophy, research and piles of data You want practical solutions that you can implement immediately You don t need a committee or another meeting You need Hackers experienced educators who understand your school s problems and see quick fixes that may be so simple that they ve been overlooked Hacking Education is the book that every teacher, principal, parent, and education stakeholder has been waiting for the one that actually solves problems.Read it today fix it tomorrow In Hacking Education, Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez employ decades of teaching experience and hundreds of discussions with education thought leaders, to show you how to find and hone the quick fixes that every school and classroom need Using a Hacker s mentality, they provide one Aha moment after another with 10 Quick Fixes for Every School solutions to everyday problems that any teacher or administrator can implement immediately.Imagine being able to walk into school tomorrow and eliminate Hours of wasted meeting time Classroom management issues Interruptions in planning time The need for books Negative attitudes Technology issuesIf you want to improve teaching and learning at your school now, learn how to develop a Hacker s mentality.Discover How to Solve Problems with Pineapple Charts The 360 Spreadsheet Glass Classrooms Track Records Marigold Committees The TQZ More Impactful HacksNot Your Average Education BookHacking Education won t weigh you down with outdated research or complicated strategies Barnes and Gonzalez provide brilliant ideas woven into a user friendly success guide that you ll want to keep nearby throughout the school year Each chapter is neatly wrapped in this simple formula The Problem The Hack a ridiculously easy solution that you ve likely never considered What You Can Do Tomorrow no waiting necessary Blueprint for Full Implementation a step by step action plan for capacity building The Hack in Action yes, someone has actually done this Are you ready to fix your school and your classroom Get Hacking Education now, and solve your biggest problems tomorrow.
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      176 MarkBarnes Jennifer Gonzalez
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    One Reply to “Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School”

    1. I hate the way that the term hacking is used frequently by authors these days Used to be that it meant breaking into a computer network or system by breaching the firewall I have found that for many authors the term is synonymous with a good idea This book really did present ideas that could be considered hacks of the existing system This turned out to be a really good book Each chapter is written with a formula that presents a solution to a common problem found in teaching and schools and shows [...]

    2. This book delivers on its promise A truly useful book Quick to read 10 ideas with actions you can take immediately, as well as steps for complete implementation I loved 360 spreadsheet and pineapple chart Check it out

    3. Teachers always need timeThis book not only gives big ideas simple solutions It s also a quick read I look forward to talking about the implementation of at least four of these hacks on Monday

    4. Meaningful hacksMany of these hacks I already do however, I have thirty four years of teaching experience These ideas are meaningful, doable, and helpful I would recommend this to new teachers and administrators, especially Thank you, Mark and Jennifer

    5. A good book by teachers for teachers The authors talk about 10 problems in schools that can be solved creatively from a grassroots level Well worth the read even if all the situations don t apply to your school

    6. Good ideasAll of the ideas are useful and easy to implement I could see myself trying 3 or 4 of them.

    7. Simple, applicable, and genius As an educator these hacks solve every obstacle I faced Thank you for putting a name to a solution and a process as its foundation Excellent book

    8. Ideas are solid and easy to implement All educators and administrators will find at least one of these hacks useful and easily implemented for a positive change.

    9. This book falls into the category of those quick, easy reads that claim to provide ingeniously straightforward solutions for complicated problems While I do not promptly the plausibility of this assumption, this is not supposed to be an easy task Hacking Education brings ingenuity to some of the common plagues of education providers and practitioners in his book However, where it falls short of being a true hack guide is where it is most needed implementation I found the sections dedicated to th [...]

    10. An extremely simple to read book about ten ways to improve your classroom A couple of the hacks are building level things about improving meetings, by using Google sharing or similar tactics The hacks about in class flipping and social media are extremely simple ways to make impactful changes in classrooms with little money or additional planning.

    11. Simple, practical, easy to implement ideas for any school Quick read and a must for anyone who wants to improve their school.

    12. Hacking Education was the first book in the Hackers series It s a breeze to read and offers some good ideas for improving aspects such as meetings, charts, PD, blended learning, to name a few I enjoyed this book, but not as much as hacking assessment Hacking Education was an okay read as a teacher that gives are some ideas that will really benefit the school but I feel they are going to have to be taken on by admin My favorite hacks were the flipped classroom in the classroom, student technology [...]

    13. There are ten hacks in this book ten free ways educators can get out of their days with children I feel like I didn t need each one I m in a great district that provides a couple of these already , and one looked intriguing, even if it seemed like a time sucker One, for sure, I m implementing at the start of second quarter next week Look for info on this one hack at geniushour Anything from now on that seems to me to be considered a hack will be tagged HackLearning, as it s the name of the has [...]

    14. This was a great and quick read The hacks are simple but game changing Some may apply better in some schools over others, but each concept brings about discussion points that allow teachers to tweak for themselves I would love to move some collaboration into the cloud to free teachers up to still work together but do it effectively to balance children and other obligations Grab your beverage of choice and curl up it s a couple hours of reading at most but will inspire you to make some hacks of [...]

    15. Wow I do not think I ve read a book that has inspired me to create a student friendly school classroom The ideas such as book nook, marigolds, TQZ, flipped classroom ideas, and pineapples that are so simple yet ingenious Very quick read full of strategies you can effectively implement tomorrow and a great compliment to Hacking Leadership Great strategies for teachers and admin Simply Wow

    16. PRACTICAL AND EASY I received Hacking Education in a Giveaway I am impressed It s a simple format Each chapter presents one innovative idea that could make school work better It then provides ways to implement immediately and over time with depth Two chapters, the Book Nook and the 360 Spreadsheet, are worth the cost of the book all by themselves There s nothing outrageous it s obvious the authors work in public schools and understand the constraints.

    17. EmpoweringGreat quick read that offers simple solutions to complex problems The ideas presented give teachers and school communities ways to improve daily function with a little effort and ingenuity I love that it stays positive by focusing on what teachers can control instead of the systemic issues in education.

    18. Great ideas to use tomorrow I enjoyed the practicality of the 10 ideas presented For each hack, you get simple ways to immediately introduce them in your room Not all of them are earth shattering I found that my school does an iteration of most of them Great, quick read

    19. I got this book by invitation as a free download on my Kindle It was a quick, easy read, with some clever education hacks, although not all of them applied to my classroom or situation Some seemed challenging to get others on board.

    20. Good ideas in this book and the big thing is that they re doable They re ideas that regular teachers can use to not only change but potentially transform teaching and community within their schools Would be an excellent conversation starter for PLCs or leadership teams.

    21. Consisted,insightful and timelyI think that any tools that can help you be a better teacher or administrator with ease are a welcome addition to my practice This book has simple, straightforward ideas that can be implemented from one classroom to a whole school.

    22. Every administrator in high schools nationwide should read this Union representatives should read this I would love to work in a school that implemented these ideasmeday.

    23. One of the best and easiest books I ve read and can have goals for immediate implementation for education Can t wait to read others in the series.

    24. Several great ideas in this bookactical ideast just theory I love how the authors give you steps that you can do tomorrow to make lasting changes.

    25. Awesome, practical advice that can change the culture of your building and impact teaching and learning Cheers

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