Falling in Love with Hominids (2020)

Falling in Love with Hominids An alluring new collection from the author of the New York Times Notable Book Midnight RobberNalo Hopkinson Brown Girl in the Ring The Salt Roads Sister Mine is an internationally beloved storytell
  • Title: Falling in Love with Hominids
  • Author: Nalo Hopkinson
  • ISBN: 9781616961992
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
  • An alluring new collection from the author of the New York Times Notable Book, Midnight RobberNalo Hopkinson Brown Girl in the Ring, The Salt Roads, Sister Mine is an internationally beloved storyteller Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as having an imagination that most of us would kill for, her Afro Caribbean, Canadian, and American influences shine in truly unique stAn alluring new collection from the author of the New York Times Notable Book, Midnight RobberNalo Hopkinson Brown Girl in the Ring, The Salt Roads, Sister Mine is an internationally beloved storyteller Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as having an imagination that most of us would kill for, her Afro Caribbean, Canadian, and American influences shine in truly unique stories that are filled with striking imagery, unlikely beauty, and delightful strangeness.In this long awaited collection, Hopkinson continues to expand the boundaries of culture and imagination Whether she is retelling The Tempest as a new Caribbean myth, filling a shopping mall with unfulfilled ghosts, or herding chickens that occasionally breathe fire, Hopkinson continues to create bold fiction that transcends boundaries and borders.
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    1. Falling in Love with Hominids, Nalo Hopkinson s 2015 collection of shorter works, blends elements of magical realism, fantasy and subtle science fiction into an anthology that proclaims her originality and demonstrates her unique talent.Hopkinson introduces the work with a nod to her influence by Cordwainer Smith and then begins each short story with a brief description of what the story is about and how it came to her Her smooth fantasy and magical realism places her in the category of, and her [...]

    2. In the foreword to Falling in Love with Hominids, Nalo Hopkinson writes that as a teen she despaired of the human race I remember that feeling perhaps as recently as last week Then again, I also empathize with her closing line, so part of the work of these past few decades of my life has been the process of falling in love with hominids Me too, Ms Hopkinson Me too.This is an imaginative, provocative collection of stories that reflect the complexities of human existence, the moments of good and t [...]

    3. The Easthound Nalo HopkinsonPreviously read in Strahan s Best Science Fiction anthology Was happy to re read OK, I previously said the Hopkinson selection in the previous volume of this anthology was my favorite But this story is now my favorite Hopkinson I wholeheartedly loved it It is quite similar to the Star Trek episode, Miri also one of my favorites However, it s a lot bleaker and there are werewolves Soul Case Victory comes with grief and with a price But freedom for the next generation i [...]

    4. Find this and other Reviews at InToriLexI really enjoyed my introduction to Ms Hopkinson s work From the very beginning it was clear that these stories would reflect all the contrasting emotions that make us human She explains in the foreward We are, all of us, capable simultaneously of such great good and such horrifying evil The vivid imagery, plain language and memorable diverse characters made almost all of the short stories very enjoyable I noticed how many times she mentioned hair, charact [...]

    5. When I finish a book as daring, creative, and fantastically unique as Nalo Hopkinson s Falling in Love With Hominids, the book lover in me can t help but smile in wonder at the power of words Their ability to transport us into a myriad different worlds and allow us to see through as many perspectives is truly magical In these 18 short stories, Hopkinson proves herself to be a consummate master of creating magical worlds and unique perspectives Many of these stories are quite short, some as short [...]

    6. FUCKING AMAZING Well, Nalo Hopkinson s latest book, a short story collection called Falling in Love with Hominids, has managed to surpass even my insanely high expectations It is simply an amazing, mind blowing, I can t think of enough superlative adjectives to describe it kind of book As the blurb by Junot Diaz on the cover says, Hopkinson is a writer with an imagination that most of us would kill for Time and again, the twists and turns in these stories will leave you in shock, awe, and with a [...]

    7. Review copyNalo Hopkinson was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and also spent her childhood in Trinidad and Guyana before her family moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was sixteen.You may be wondering, What is a Hominid Dictionary defines Hominid as any primate of the family Hominidae, which includes modern man Homo sapiens and the extinct precursors of man In the forward to Falling In Love With Hominids, Nalo Hopkinson says, I love and am fascinated by human beings We are, all of us, capable simultan [...]

    8. Seeing as how I ve had difficulties with short story collections in the past, I decided to read this particular collection in bits and pieces The experience was quite unique but satisfying in the end It seems short stories really do work best in short time periods.I ve been wanting to try Nalo Hopkinson was a really long time now and somehow have never been able to locate her works in bookshops So obviously when I saw this one up for review on NetGalley, I pounced on it immediately It took a whi [...]

    9. This was a very entertaining collection of short stories I was most impressed with the variety of voices that Hopkinson conjured upon the pages There is a wonderful breadth of subjects, and I never found myself bored with any of them For example just take a look at my faves.The Easthound Post apocalyptic twin teensMessage in a Bottle Time Travel Left Foot, RightGhosts and GuiltOld Habits Mall ghosts Raggy, Shaggy Dog Freakish Botany Flying Lessons Psychological escape Blushing Newlyweds with sec [...]

    10. A collection of such diversity as Hopkinson delivers here, will always contain a few stories that don t connect with the reader There were a few that did little for me but overall I very much enjoyed Hopkinson s imaginative and varied approach to storytelling In just over 200 pages she travels the length and breadth of speculative fiction Falling in Love with Hominids is as good an invitation to delve deeper into an author s oeuvre as you are likely to get I think I am going to take her up on th [...]

    11. Hopkinson s stories always make for an interesting read I love the way her fiction tends to blend Jamaican folklore, urban life, and a critical look at social justice issues As Hopkinson herself puts it in her foreword, I see the ways in which science fiction is too often used to confirm people s complacency, to reassure them that it s okay for them not to act, because they are not the lone superhero who will fix the world s ills And yet, humanity as a whole is not satisfied with complacency Man [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review To be honest, I had no idea who Nalo Hopkinson was until I requested this book But I was definitely interested to read stories by an author who seemed to have an approach stemming from a different culture than mine I didn t know what to expect I wasn t disappointed.This collection features stories inspired from various sources, situations and ideas the author mentiones some of those before each story Ghosts haunti [...]

    13. Ok, standard disclaimer that I seem to have to write every time I review a collection of short stories I don t particularly like them I am not a fan of short stories, I m not fan of stand alone stories that aren t part of a larger series and I m not a fan of collections of stories that aren t related to each otherNow, this is a collection of short stories, none of them are from series, and none of them are related to each other There s also 19 short stories in this book I tend to lose interest i [...]

    14. Nalo Hopkinson s stories are hybrids, blending science fiction and fantasy, Western and Afro Caribbean influences, pain and joy, the real and the unreal She has a particular talent for blending the magical and the mundane in surprising ways As a writer of short stories that are specifically fantasy and science fiction, Hopkinson demonstrates her understanding of how a story needs to follow it s own internal logic to be successful any outside, novelistic standard of structure or expectation is th [...]

    15. I received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I previously read two novels by Nalo Hopkinson, but had not read any of her short stories Overall they are idea stories, as long as they need to be or as short, since one was only two pages , and range from urban fantasy to dystopia to the weird to magic to myth I loved the author s note at the beginning explaining the title, which is not from any of the stories, but a summary of her own experience The Easthound This o [...]

    16. My reactions to the stories in Falling in Love with Hominids were all over the map Hopkinson is a Caribbean Canadian speculative fiction writer with quite possibly the biggest imagination I ve ever come across Whether her stories work for you or not will depend on your ability to hang with the weirdness.My favorite story, entitled Emily Breakfast, was an outwardly silly tale of a couple whose chicken goes missing one morning Their three chickens are named Lunch, Dinner, and Emily Breakfast Becau [...]

    17. Nalo Hopkinson covers so much ground in this short story collection that perhaps it s easier to list what she doesn t accomplish in these tales 1 Reinforce stereotypes of how the protagonist of a fantasy story should look act dress.2 Sugar coat the fact that painful and unjust things can happen.3 Make anyone feel powerless over point 2.In the preface of the book, Hopkinson talks about how these stories grew out of a change in perspective that she d experienced, from a teen pessimistic about the [...]

    18. This collection of stories has been my introduction to Nalo Hopkinson I have read a few other stories in anthologies, but I ve never settled down with one of her novels although I have the best intentions of doing so.Especially after having read Falling in Love with Hominids, which is a pleasure from beginning to end All of what I have thought of as Hopkinson s major themes are here race, gender, feminism and the folklore of her Caribbean heritage Unless you are really up on your Caribbean folkl [...]

    19. Read reviews The BiblioSanctumFull Disclosure A review copy of this comic was provided to me by Tachyon Publications via Netgalley I would like to thank the publisher for providing me this opportunity All opinions expressed from here forward are my own This is my second trip with Nalo Hopkinson Last year, I read her novel Brown Girl in the Ring I thought it was a magical book, but it took me a while to warm up to the main character I enjoyed the book enough to know that I d eventually get aroun [...]

    20. This is the first of Hopkinson s stories I have ever read, and it was an interesting experience Reading was somewhat like being in a dream state, bizzarre and heavy with emotions Some are creepy, others sad and yet uplifting too The collection is one of unique tales told with a gifted tongue I am certainly going to hunt down her other books This is an uncorrected proof and yet I have to share her words Here are several gorgeously written quotes, to tickle the senses This is the other reason chil [...]

    21. Falling in Love with Hominids, a collection of eighteen short stories by award winning author Nalo Hopkinson, contains some wonderful, imaginative fiction There were a couple of really short stories that didn t work for me at all, but other than that, there was something compelling about the rest even if I didn t love a story My very favorites were the creepiest two, Blushing and The Easthound, and one of the lighthearted selections, Emily Breakfast about a search for a missing fire breathing c [...]

    22. , , , , , , , , , , , Shift Black Matters , Emily Breakfast , , The Smile on the Face Left Foot, Right Delicious Monster , .

    23. The stories collected in this volume vary greatly and the author is aware of this , but Hopkinson s bold, original imagination, her way of confronting the characters and the reader with unknown, her prose, are all a constant Truly one of the most compelling voices in SFF.

    24. I didn t used to like people much So starts Hopkinson in the forward to her third short fiction collection, Falling in Love with Hominids The title comes from a line by science fiction author Cordwainer Smith, whose Instrumentality of Mankind work Hopkinson cites as an important influence on her own writing I loved his imagination, style, the poetry of his writing, his compassion Loved his sensibility in writing about a racialized, manufactured underclass and telling some of the stories from the [...]

    25. This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures bookswithoutanypictures 20Falling in Love with Homids is a short story collection written by Nalo Hopkinson, an award winning Canadian Caribbean fantasy author Her books have been on my radar for some time now, and when Tachyon Publications offered me a copy of her newest anthology, I was excited to dive right in.The introduction to the collection explains that while each of the stories was written at different times and for [...]

    26. Nalo Hopkinson is the Nebula Award willing author of several novels and short stories Falling in Love with Hominids published on 11 August by Tachyon Publications is a collection of the latter It s the first time I ve read any of Hopkinson s work, but I ve heard a lot of the buzz surrounding her as an exciting and diverse voice in contemporary speculative fiction.Hopkinson styles herself as an outsider even within a genre that attracts outsiders She is a black woman she was born and raised in Ja [...]

    27. I ve been a fan of Nalo Hopkinson for quite a while, though somehow I ve never gotten around to reading as much of her backlist as I ve wanted to.There was only one real flop for me in this anthology Ours is the Prettiest which is one of the stories from Welcome to Bordertown But that s not really Ms Hopkinson s fault I m just not generally a Bordertown fan, regardless of who the author is.Some of my favorites were Message in a Bottle which I ve read before but liked just as much the second time [...]

    28. A mixed bag of short pieces, great to dip into over the course of a few weeks I particularly enjoyed the various uses of nature in supernatural contexts, with plants and animals often taking centre stage.

    29. I received a free ARC of Falling in Love with Hominids through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Falling in Love with Hominids is the first work I ve read by Nalo Hopkinson I am not sure that a collection of short stories is the best way of easing into a new author for me, since I am not a connoisseur of the short story This is a collection of short stories Hopkinson wrote over a decade In her introduction, she talks about how the unifying theme is her own journey towards falling in lov [...]

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