Orange Mint and Honey (2020)

Orange Mint and Honey Broke and burned out from grad school Shay Dixon does the unthinkable after receiving a vision from her de facto spiritual adviser blues singer Nina Simone She phones Nona the mother she had all bu
  • Title: Orange Mint and Honey
  • Author: Carleen Brice
  • ISBN: 9780345499066
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Broke and burned out from grad school, Shay Dixon does the unthinkable after receiving a vision from her de facto spiritual adviser, blues singer Nina Simone She phones Nona, the mother she had all but written off, asking if she can come home for a while.When Shay was growing up, Nona was either drunk, hungover, or out with her latest low life guy So Shay barely recognBroke and burned out from grad school, Shay Dixon does the unthinkable after receiving a vision from her de facto spiritual adviser, blues singer Nina Simone She phones Nona, the mother she had all but written off, asking if she can come home for a while.When Shay was growing up, Nona was either drunk, hungover, or out with her latest low life guy So Shay barely recognizes the new Nona, now sober and with a positive outlook on life, a love of gardening, and a toddler named Sunny Though reconciliation seems a hard proposition for Shay, something unmistakable is taking root inside her, waiting to blossom like the morning glories opening up in Nona s garden sanctuary.Soon Shay finds herself facing exciting possibilities and even her first real romantic relationship But when an unexpected crisis hits, even the wise words and soulful melodies of Nina Simone may not be enough for solace Shay begins to realize that, like orange mint and honey, sometimes life tastes better when bitter is followed by sweet.
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    1. This novel is about a dysfunctional mother and daughter relationship I am not sure why I was so driven to this book, but I watched it for months before I decided to read it and I am so glad I did I myself had a dysfunctional relationship with my mother There is nothing greater for a daughter than her mother s love and understanding Nona and Shay were able to confront both of their demons and rebuild their relationship And in the mist of it all Shay got to love her baby sister while learning how [...]

    2. I have just finished reading this book and in fact stayed up all night reading Orange Mint and Honey is well written and Brice has a really original, engaging voice I found Nona far, far sympathetic than Shay Obviously Shay had reason to feel angry and let down but I was waiting for the moment when she d conclude yes, my life is screwed up thanks to my childhood, now what am I going to do now to sort my life out Instead she was whiny, extremely immature for a 25 year old and very quick to blame [...]

    3. In Orange Mint and Honey, Shay Dixon moves back home when she burns out at graduate school She struggles to reconcile with her mom, a recovered alcoholic, and with her own feelings of anger and inadequacy I enjoyed the insights into the struggles Shay faced as a young, black woman I also enjoyed the references to Denver landmarks since I grew up nearby However, Shay does not always make wise choices nor does she have the right framework for making good choices Although the book recognizes that o [...]

    4. I closed my eyes and inhaled The mint smelled like a just sliced orange, but not as strong Carleen Brice has written a wonderful novel about a mother and daughter in Denver, Colorado Shay, the daughter, comes from Iowa to Denver, Colorado where her mother lives with her baby girl, Sunny Sunny is Shay s half sister Shay s childhood with her mother was very difficult Shay s mother during those years was an alcoholic After coming home again, Shay finds a changed woman Nona no longer drinks alcohol [...]

    5. Shay Dixon is a ungrateful twenty five year old that thinks the world owes her a favor Blaming her alcoholic mother for her mistakes, she feels that she is justified in not being vulnerable to anyone The only thing that bring her pleasure is listening to Nina Simone, who she considers an idol After receiving a vision from Simone, she returns to the place that she was once called home Now that her mother Nona is sober, she anticipates the arrival of her daughter but Shay can careless about seeing [...]

    6. Morning GloriesLaShay Dixon is literally at wits end Broke, burned out with school and struggling to get her thesis done, her advisor demands that she take a break With no family in Iowa to turn to, Nina Simone, the dead blues singer, sends her home to Denver, to face the chaos that she left smoldering years ago Nona Dixon, Shay s mother, is an alcoholic Though she s been sober four years now and is an excellent mother to her three year old daughter, Sunny, Shay can t help but feel cheated on th [...]

    7. This book was a very interesting, compelling read It has been a few years since I read it and I remembered all of the details when it was prompted by a brief glimpse of a commercial for a lifetime movie crafted from the book.I found Shay to be deeply troubled but bright and interesting I was interested in getting to know her and the other charachters in this book While I understand that her mother was negligent, one thing I thought was universal to most women and their mothers is a feeling of un [...]

    8. I kind of liked this book Actually, I liked about it than I disliked The story is about Shay Dixon, a burnt out grad student who goes to stay with her recovering alcoholic mother for a break She goes because Nina Simone a dead jazz singer tells her to I didn t really connect with the Nina Simone thing However, I really liked the mother daughter story that s at the core of the novel Their relationship and Shay s healing and evolution kept me reading I didn t like the end It felt loose and unfini [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book, mainly because some of the issues presented throughout it s pages, really hit home Someone VERY close to me dealt with a similar upbringing as the main character, Shay, so it was hard not to cry during certain parts of the book, when she aganized over her pain and chose not to forgive her mother I think that the author handled the mother daughter relationship superbly, and I give her two thumbs up on accurately introducing the audience to how children are affected by [...]

    10. Kudos to Ms Brice for pulling on her hip boots and wading through the morass of destructive anger and painful recovery that is the mother daughter, victim survivor alcoholic angst ridden basis for this story.

    11. RATING 5 out of 5Why did I wait so long to read this book I was lucky enough to snag a hard cover copy back in September of 2009 but somehow kept putting it further down on the pile Must have truly been overrun with ARC s Finally, I decided I must devour it before the made for TV movie airs which just happens to be this Sunday on Lifetime I never like to see the movie before I read the book This was a simple feat because once I picked up the book I could not put it down.Don t get me wrong This i [...]

    12. This is a very readable book, with a storyline about personal growth, getting past hurt letting go accepting you can t change the past and learning to see things differently.I love the opening of the book guidance comes from an adored, but dead blues singer and willing went along with Shay s premise for finding herself.Clearly the author has knowledge of recovery programs, she hits fine details about AA and ALANON without being over the top Her characters are very real, I feel like I could meet [...]

    13. Orange Mint and Honey is a gripping story of a young woman who finds herself in the midst of an identity crisis that has her literally pulling out her hair and seeing Nina Simone standing in front of her bedroom window At the urging of the High Priestess of Soul, LaShay takes a leave of absence from her graduate studies at the University of Iowa and goes home to her recovering alcoholic mother in Denver From that point on, Brice entangles her readers in a universal tale of a daughter coming to t [...]

    14. Excerpt from my COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE column Carleen Brice s Orange Mint and Honey is a gem Orange Mint and Honey tells the story of Shay Dixon, a broke and broken down graduate student in Iowa City The book begins with Shay becoming so depressed, she sees a vision of deceased blues singer Nina Simone In the vision, Simone tells Shay to go home.Home for Shay is a tricky place Shay grew up in Denver with an absentee father and an alcoholic mother While Shay s mom, Nona, claims she s stopped dr [...]

    15. What an awesome book I am so excited that this was my first read of 2017 LaShay Davis was a young Graduate student who was struggling in school She was the adult daughter of an alcoholic LaShay, because of her upbringing, struggled with issues of trust, forgiveness and love She has not been able to move forward and develop healthy relationships With her academics being compromised, she is encouraged to take some time away from school.Will going home help her to come to grips with who she is Will [...]

    16. Overall I really enjoyed this book The descriptions of the garden and the symbolism there was by far my favorite part of the story The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that I had trouble connecting with the main character I thought Shay seemed whiny, overdramatic, disrespectful and just really bratty toward everyone I understood the reasons for her self pity It just got old after a few chapters.The beginning drew me in to the story and I quickly started to like the book The middle [...]

    17. I LOVED this book Loved, loved loved itd though it s definitely of a new adult book grown folks and teens alike could read and appreciate this book.After a light night vision from an apparition in the likeness of Miss Nina Simone, herself, Shay Dixon decides to return home to her estranged mother She s flunking out of graduate school, pulling her hair out, and in a deep depression she s not sure she knows how to pull herself out ofr visit hypelit Orange Mint

    18. I really enjoyed this book I thought the character of Shay was realistically portrayed and I found a lot to connect with We all have wounds from our upbringing Her journey to emotional healing was engaging and I found myself wanting to race through the book to see how it ended I tried hard to savor the trip thoughCarleen Brice s writing is so enjoyable that I didn t want to lose any of it by reading too quickly

    19. I absolutley loved this book I felt a connectiion with Shay and Nona I was rooting for both of them The characters were so well developed, at sometimes i just wanted to shake Shay and sometimes ijust wanted to give her a hug I can t wait to read work from Carleen Bice and so happy to find another wonderful writer Thank You for such a lovely book.

    20. Excellent novel I love how the author was able to effectively convey emotion through a very flawed and vulnerable main character I found it easy to relate to the characters, and I truly cared about what happened to them all A sequel certainly is not necessary, but I would love to learn what happened after this story ended.

    21. Oh, I just LOVED this novel The characters were so real and the plot was so defined I listened to this as an audiobook, so while I couldn t see the writing, listening to it was a great experience You must read this novel

    22. A little disappointed in the ending, but an excellent read It was easy reading during a vacation helped that I totally related to the main character.

    23. What a story I got through this book much faster than I anticipated, but it was a good, well written read so that wasn t hard to do La Shay is the protagonist we follow as she journeys back home to Denver from Iowa City where she s months behind on her rent, unable to start her thesis and just overall burnt out by being strong for herself for so long Shay is angry for most of the book She s rightly upset with her alcoholic mother who didn t do much to protect Shay or take care of her as mothers [...]

    24. This is an interesting book to review The themes are sophisticated, the events are realistic, and most of the characters are well developed and true to life The little details were the most powerful I liked considering the way a character s resentment leads to insecurities, the way the insecurities lead to a fragile but inflated ego, the way an ego leads to becoming unknowingly self absorbed It s one of those books that changes the way you look at people you encounter in life The themes are heav [...]

    25. I have real life beef with Carleen Brice but first I enjoyed the book It took me 4 times to start reading the book, but once I got past almost having to shut the book each time she mentioned Shay pulling her hair, I was cool However, there needs to be a part two because, what I wanna know if she actually finishes her thesis or if she actually has her baby or if she actually keeps in touch with Oliver or if her and Stephanie will be friends again Will Ivy actually change and recognize the person [...]

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