The Midnight Land:Part One:The Flight (2020)

The Midnight Land Part One The Flight Honorable Mention Fantasy INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards As younger sister to the Empress of all of Zem and the only one possessing her foremothers gifts of clairvoyance Slava is both one of
  • Title: The Midnight Land:Part One:The Flight
  • Author: E.P. Clark
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Honorable Mention, Fantasy, 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards As younger sister to the Empress of all of Zem and the only one possessing her foremothers gifts of clairvoyance, Slava is both one of the most powerful and powerless people in the Known World Desperate to escape the intrigue and hostility of her sister s kremlin, Slava takes off on an expedition to theHonorable Mention, Fantasy, 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards As younger sister to the Empress of all of Zem and the only one possessing her foremothers gifts of clairvoyance, Slava is both one of the most powerful and powerless people in the Known World Desperate to escape the intrigue and hostility of her sister s kremlin, Slava takes off on an expedition to the Midnight Land, the uninhabited, unmapped tundra on the Northern edge of Zem But as she travels North, Slava discovers that it is than just the world of women that covets her gifts, and that fate is pushing her to become a most unlikely hero Combining high fantasy with motifs from classical Russian literature, this is both a gripping coming of age tale and a subversive exploration of gender, empathy, and morality.
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    1. As an author, it may seem somewhat ironic that I find it difficult writing reviews for other people s booksIf the book is good, it s much easier Type off a few things that I liked, give it a thumbs up, or a number of stars, and then move on However, if a book, such as E.P Clark s, Midnight Land, is fantastic, world building, subtle and profound, this task becomes much difficult The struggle then becomes writing a review which actually LIVES UP to the book it s intended to recommend.The complexi [...]

    2. Such intrigue In The Midnight Land Part One The Flight The Zemnian Trilogy Book 1 E P Clark has written a fantastic story of a young woman s emotional growth while wrestling with what is both gift and curse an overwhelming sense of empathy for others Her name is Slava As a princess within a royal court of scheming, back biting, duplicitous family members and courtiers, she endures debilitating ambivalence as a result of both hating those scheming for their self serving nature and having compassi [...]

    3. 4.5 5 stars Slava has a power that makes her the mirror that reflects reality and she is one of the most genuine characters ever to take center stage in a fantasy novel The Flight begins with a trial and ends with a curse, and in between Slava, third in line for the throne of Zem, undergoes travails that transform her from a sad, insecure princess with no place in the world to a powerful leader at the center of the world It s an enormously satisfying transformation.I loved many things about this [...]

    4. There are some things you might wish to know before buying this book 1 This book ends and flows straight into Part Two, so if you re enjoying this book, buy Part II before you finish so you won t have to wait.2 You really should consider calling your local hotel and finding out when their cheap rates are usually a week end and book yourself a room with room service That way, you won t be home to be interrupted by starving kids, dogs, or spouse And you won t feel guilty, either After all, you des [...]

    5. This is a very original and refreshing piece of work If pushed, I would declare it as somewhere between Tolstoy, Tolkien and CS Lewis Make of that what you will I don t think this is something I would naturally gravitate towards, but I m glad I have read it It s good.To set the scene, what we have is a fantasy world which very closely resembles Russia I m going to say it is medieval Russia from the environment, but that s really rather irrelevant it absolutely tastes, smells, and sounds Cyrillic [...]

    6. The main arc in the novel The Midnight Land revolves around both the physical and emotional growth of our heroine Krasnoslava Tsarinovna, nicknamed Slava, and her adventures with a band of intrepid explorers The world created by Ms Clark and the descriptions of the Russian landscape are vivid and full of detail, marks of a clearly talented writer However, exceptionally long sentences, excessive telling and describing, and slow story development makes for a challenging read.Is the story original [...]

    7. The setting was enticing a Russian landscape with snow and ice, tundras and steppes, and forest so thick one cannot see the stars Make no mistake, this book has a heavy Slavic influence, with a healthy dosage of names ending in ov and ova or the like.The story, though, was cumbersome The aim was modest to survive a long trek by dogsled from one ruling capital to another and to avoid ambushes by malevolent spirits and bandits As a story grounded in fantasy, it wasn t much to entice a reader It wa [...]

    8. E P Clark s book opens in the city of Krasnogarda in the fantasy land of Zem, a country resembling Russia at an unspecified period of time The main character, Slava, sister of the Empress, is attending the trial of an alleged child murderer We are introduced to a collection of thoroughly disagreeable characters who all behave with seemingly inexplicable nastiness to Slava This first impression is reinforced later when Slava attends a royal feast where she allows herself to be insulted and belitt [...]

    9. This first book in a new Science Fiction series is interesting It has lots of fantasy if that is your interest.

    10. The Midnight Land is set in Russia or a place very much like it, but not in a modern setting It follows Slava, a young woman whose gifts make her both sought out and shunned by those around her Sick of her lot in life, she jumps at the opportunity to get away for a while, even if it means traveling beyond the edges of the mapped northern border of Zem in the dead of winter.What I most liked about this story was how Slava becomes aware of her own faults and begins to overcome them This was an int [...]

    11. First, I would like to say, I absolutely loved the story line in this book I would completely rate it 5 stars It was a very intriguing story about a girl with the power of empathy and how she learns to deal with other s emotions and how they influence her own Along the way there are also talking animals, an adventurous journey, and self discovery lots of self discovery It makes you wonder at the line between right and wrong, and the perception of each It s great.There were only a few things I di [...]

    12. The midnight land is a story based in Slavic mythology, which I found most interesting The interaction with mythological creatures was the strongest part of the writing The main character Slava is the only character who is fully developed with good and bad aspects to her personality and behavior The author imagined a society where men were the weaker sex and this aspect was really overplayed and it was quite demeaning as there were no strong male characters In addition, only Slava develops and c [...]

    13. The Midnight Land by EP Clark is a long, slow paced book It follows the physical and emotional journey of Slava in a Russian inspired setting which is beautifully rendered by the author.In summary, I found the premise intriguing, and enjoyed the interactions with various magical animals, especially the unique leshaya However, I found it difficult to connect with the heroine and her journey The story doesn t really go anywhere, and the plot is bogged down with repetitive description and introspec [...]

    14. I truly adored this first part of the Zemnian Trilogy and can t wait for the rest of the story Fantasy has always been my genre of choice, and this was a valuable and engrossing addition to the field Clark does an excellent job of balancing her descriptive and detail oriented writing style with a perfectly paced plot, keeping the reader invested in the tale.The story takes place in the land of Zem, a matriarchal Slavic empire, and is told from the point of view of the Tsarina s younger sister, S [...]

    15. E.P Clark has created an interesting and detailed world with The Midnight Land Upon first glance, one might pass this book by because the cover doesn t come close to doing justice to the story or its characters That would be a mistake, though, because Clark s world reads like the best kind of historical, regency fantasy In a sea of characters, there is only one of true importance Slava Fortunately, she is a likable character because most of the other characters are absolutely horrible In fact, I [...]

    16. 4.5 starsI was really impressed with this book, Midnight Land by E.P Clark It had an amazing cast of characters, and overall the writing was excellent beautiful, even But there are some issues The good part was that this is an excellent novel overall, even though it is quite lengthy, it had a riveting plot and interesting storylines and good character development there is still much to come on that The descriptions were vivid, especially for a fantasy, and the conversations felt natural I was s [...]

    17. I d call this book a mix of Russian fairy tale, historical, myth and fantasy The tsarinovna Slava, comes from a long line of ruthless rulers in the matriarchal society of Zem She, a young empath, doesn t fit in but instead suffers over the unjust cruelty violence behind her life of privilege When she gets a chance to leave Krasnogard, she takes it, on a journey to the far north to explore the far reaches of the territory Slava has to learn to handle her overwhelming emotions, since they include [...]

    18. This was the first book I ve read by this young author E.P Clark, but it certainly won t be the last in fact I ve already started on the next one She has a gift for writing beautifully descriptive and life like scenes that make us feel like we are really there inside the minds of the characters experiencing the action, as opposed to it all just being told to us, as so many rookie authors make the mistake of doing I like that this book didn t feel stale or derivative of all the other epic fantasy [...]

    19. 4.5 stars The Midnight Land Part 1 The Flight was surprisingly good I feel like at first I wasn t sure if I was going to like it, because it took me awhile to get grounded in the world building and get used to the author s unique style of writing and get a grasp on all the characters I think I had a hard time with some of the names and keeping them straight at first, but once I finally got into the groove, I really found myself lost in this exciting, intricate world that E.P Clark skillfully dev [...]

    20. wow, I really loved The Midnight Land The Flight I thought it was extremely well written with near flawless editing a huge bonus in my book and kept my attention from beginning to end no easy feat considering the epic length of this novel There seems to be something of almost everything danger, mystery, thriller, fantasy, action, and I loved how the leads were all females, and strong ones at that This is no damsel in distress fantasy, but an original take on any modern fantasy I ve read it feels [...]

    21. A winter read.Slava, next in line to the throne, languishes beneath the shadow of her sister, the Empress of Zem Unseen and unheard, she sees and hears than anyone else More than she can bear When she is unexpectedly asked to join an expedition to the unmapped regions of the north, she leaves the walls of the Kremlin, free for the first time.This book has the feel of a long lost work by a long lost Russian master, and reads like history or legend than fantasy The decidedly unromantic matriarch [...]

    22. This was such a fun book It s very intriguing and definitely unique A girl who is empathic learns how to deal with feeling every other person s emotions Oh my favorite part the animals Loved this And she finds herself along the way The characters are well written and the writing is well done But I seriously struggled with names Lol and I m Cajun so I was trying to pronounce names, but don t let that misguide you I just gave everyone nick names I could remember lol But there s a guide for the nam [...]

    23. The Midnight Land Part 1 by E.P Clark is one awesome book that I will not soon forget, and I already can t wait to start the next one Midnight Land part 2 The Gift I ve read a lot of high epic fantasy and this one really stands out in terms of originality, and I loved the Russian infusion The intelligent storylines and plot execution were excellent, and definitely held my interest throughout this longish book The pacing was good, and I found myself constantly being surprised by unexpected turn o [...]

    24. for a genre where it seems there is few new elements brought to the table, it s always refreshing to read something where I didn t reach the end and feel like I ve already read the story somewhere before The author E.P Clark has a real talent in creating imaginative ideas and visions that are refreshingly creative and original but still relevant to modern day women and society in general Enjoyed the action packed scenes and the fact that our heroine is challenged in genuine ways that don t feel [...]

    25. I wasn t sure when I first started reading this book how I was going to feel about it While the author had given a pronunciation guide, I found the names a bit off putting at first However, I will say soon after starting I found myself drawn in, and finished the book all in one sitting We had well written characters, both minor and major A believable magic system, something that is sometimes very lacking in a fantasy novel, and fantastic location descriptions that flow in and out of the dialogue [...]

    26. Slava s journey in this book is beautiful She is a strong protagonist with a well written story I liked the writing and the wording and the overall story This book was like nothing I ve every read before, so it was refreshingly new twist to my reading style It was a lovely book.

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