Prince Albert (2020)

Prince Albert Prince Albert is a royal prick He s the most famous one on the planet wealthy gorgeous and a notorious playboy He s also the most conceited insufferable arrogant man I ve ever met Did I mention he
  • Title: Prince Albert
  • Author: Sabrina Paige
  • ISBN: 9781518809200
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prince Albert is a royal prick.He s the most famous one on the planet wealthy, gorgeous, and a notorious playboy He s also the most conceited, insufferable, arrogant man I ve ever met.Did I mention he s a freaking prince An actual, real life Prince Not So Charming.He s tattooed and pierced, too Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing That s right he s pierced yoPrince Albert is a royal prick.He s the most famous one on the planet wealthy, gorgeous, and a notorious playboy He s also the most conceited, insufferable, arrogant man I ve ever met.Did I mention he s a freaking prince An actual, real life Prince Not So Charming.He s tattooed and pierced, too Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing That s right he s pierced you know where Allegedly I ve never seen it.My mother is marrying a king Being a princess is every girl s fantasy, right Except that means Albie is my new stepbrother.Oh, and one thing I accidentally married him.We re keeping the biggest secret on the planet.Ever heard the fairy tale about the Princess and her stepbrother Yeah, I didn t think so.I m royally screwed.
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      237 Sabrina Paige
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    1. This was such a fun read It was super cute, funny and insanely hot Propriety, I remind myself I should give a shit about propriety I should give a shit about the fact that Belle Kensington is my soon to be stepsister She s part of the royal family I should keep my dick in my pants and my hands to myself The problem is that I ve never been very good at doing the things I should do, anyway.So if you hadn t guessed already I love forbidden romance, and not in a heart pounding break my heart kind of [...]

    2. 4.5 Royal Scandal Stars So, this happened New book by Sabrina Paige and I really enjoyed it Prince Albert belongs to her Stepbrother series and actually I found this quite different from the other books This is the fourth one and, obviously, still with the stepbrother taboo thing but, in this case, we found ourselves in a different world royalty This is the story between Prince Albert a.k.a Albie crown prince of Protrovia and a playboy who finds himself in a very particular situation with her ne [...]

    3. 3,75 4 a scandal of royal proportions STARS You re like a drunken disheveled Cinderella So that would make you, what, the not so charming prince VERY different from the previous books I read it in only 3,5 hours at one sitting.d that doesn t happen very oftenVIEW TO COME ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

    4. Ever since stepbrother novels started causing a frenzy among romance readers I ve been hooked on them and they ve become my guilty pleasure PBut Prince Albert is in another category of it s own Why Well it takes scandal to a whole new level because HE is a prince and future king and SHE is his future stepsistertalk about a media nightmare when the truth unravels PBelle has been gone for two years working with a charity in Africa so when she accidently meets Albie a.k.a Prince Albert of Protrovia [...]

    5. 3.5 STARSWhen the author warns you up front that the book is the most ridiculous, over the top, and totally implausible story they ve written you know you re in for a fun ride.I ve enjoyed all of Sabrina Paige s Stepbrother Romance books They re all completely standalone and each fun, romantic and delicious in their own unique way.Prince Albert is definitely the sexiest of the group The cat mouse game that Albie Belle engage in during the first part of the tale was absolutely captivating I loved [...]

    6. No one writes step brother romances the way Sabrina Paige does I loved this book It had humor, romance, plot and steamy sex in it and low angst.It took some time to get into the whole sex thing than usual although the sexual tension was there, but we took time to establish characters and the setting However that being said, this book had way sex can t complain about that than other books by this author.This book was supposed to be a light read and that s what I took it for, they were both you [...]

    7. Hands down, Sabrina Paige is the queen of stepbrother romance She can certainly pull this type of story And to top it off a notch, she makes a different and totally outrageous character for a stepbrother a prince.Normally, when the words stepbrother and romance is in one sentence, the one adjective that would come to mind is disgusting Morally, it s incestuous Technically, it s not Though, in some countries, ethnicities, and religions, it s acceptable.So to cook a story with a prince as a stepbr [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsThis book was a lot over the top, which I m usually not a huge fan of, but it was cute, funny and steamy as hell too My copy had a bonus copy of Tool included at the end of this book, so when all shit hit the fan and I was only at 51%, to say I was worried is an understatement I think I let that frustrate me too soon, because I really enjoyed how this played out All in all an enjoyable story

    9. Sabrina Paige is the queen of the stepbrother genre and Prince Albert firmly solidifies her in this position As Sabrina says at the start of the book, it s the most ridiculous, over the top story she s written is, and I loved every word of it Prince Albert ranks right up there with Prick as my favorite of her stepbrother books It s funny, it s raunchy, it s sexy, it s silly, it s dirty, but on top of all that it really is an enjoyable story with heart I feel filthy and used And I think I like it [...]

    10. ARC provided by the author for an honest review I want this not so Prince Charming Belle as had a lil bit of a bad time findin her ex fiance with her bff so she decided an had a weekend in Vegas where she bumped into a very very hot man Albie they ended up havin a great nite there was no sexy time but they did get married say WHAT Belle ended up leaving b4 he woke up there is a lil twist an they did end up seein each other again but not in the way they would of wanted Belle as been with an marri [...]

    11. Prva knjiga koju sam itala od Sabrine Paige i jako mi se svidela, iako joj dodu e ne mogu dati 5 zvezdica Nije spektakularna pri a,ali su jako zabavni glavni likovi i dijalozi Ever heard the fairy tale about the princess and her stepbrother I whisper.Albie laughs We ll write our own fucking fairy tale, luv.

    12. 3.5 Stars Interesting name really.When I first read title I was thinking Why would writer name book Prince Albert I mean it s weird, especially if you know what Prince Albert is But then I read description, and this sentences make me read it Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing Because of that this book become must read.Albert and Belle met when they got married And do you know why they have got married Because they were drunk I could say Look at this story people and see why nothing good [...]

    13. 4 Belle vs Prince Pervert STARS This is my first read from Sabrina Paige and I have no regret Why Need fairy tale A twisted Cinderella whose not really innocent How about a Prince not so Charming Except There is not stepmother or fairy godmother.Isabella Kensington aka Belle just back from Africa to celebrate her bachelor party in Vegas but it s not like she hope After learn the fiance just cheated on her and suddenly, she got wedding invitation from her mother that will marry a King from a smal [...]

    14. 3.75 4 StarsIsabella Belle Kensington is about to become a princess But two weeks ago she was a jilted fianc , nursing tequila in Vegas, and making up for her marriage loss by wedding a stranger It was supposed to be a joke, but it s no joke that her new husband is also about to become her new stepbrother and he s the crown prince of Protrovia Royal Dick Exposed Get the Uncensored Photos The Royal Family Doesn t Want You To See Prince Albert, Albie as Belle calls him, is the headline making, hot [...]

    15. I ve read quite a few of some step brother romance and to be honest, not much has made an impression on me This story about a Drunken disheveled Cinderella and her Not so Charming Prince was something unexpectedly I like and enjoyed reading The Author actually warned her readers about it maybe being over the top considering she created a monarchy country called Protrovia I hate the name cause it s a mouthful and I pronounce it something else and put it dub smacked in Europe And sex than any oth [...]

    16. Ugh, I m having the worst luck ever with this type of books Step brother, billionaire AND a prince to boot Talk about cramming as many cliches and you can think of into one book Ever heard the term less is Or even what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Oh, and did I mention how much I hate the term LUV Price Albert, both the book and the person was stupid, crude and not at all sexy Time to face facts, step brother smut is not my thing I might give billionaire porn another try though So sorry quee [...]

    17. This series don t disappoint on what you ll read So this book it was just that What I was expecting to read It was funny and sexy wrapped up nicely I had a really good time reading it And yes I admit, I want a prince like Albert

    18. I tried to read past the sample but God help me, I simply cannot stand the h s mother I swear, had I read another line from her, I would ve butchered her DNF

    19. Prince Albert, Sabrina Paige s latest sensation of a stepbrother story, is wicked, wanton, witty and wonderful A guilty pleasure, Prince Albert is a delicious delight of a book you need to taste This tantalizing and twisted tale of Cinderella meets Beauty in the Beast holds you captive from beginning to end Your heart will beat with excitement, anticipation, and heat while on your Prince Albert date The writing is refreshing and raw, the story is decadent and deadly addictive, and the characters [...]

    20. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Sabrina Paige has done it again Following the hilarious, light,and sexy path as Prick which is amazeballs, btw Prince Albert is everything you want in a fun, sexy romcom Prince Albert delivers humor, hot sex, and tension You can feel the tension I love it when I feel the tension Don t bother writing a book if you can t make me feel a connection with the characters Sabrina Paige gives you a warning this book is over the top, unpla [...]

    21. 3.5 Give as good as you get starsFull Review HereThis was another sexy fun read by Sabrina Paige.I enjoyed the concept of it and the fun fairytale ish spin to itIt was super steamy but very different from what I m use to reading in this series.Albie was just a bit too immature in my opinion and Belle seemed of the aggressor which by the way I am definitely cool with.okaholicconfessions

    22. Shock me and knock me over I thought this book was great I m not a fan of the whole stepbrother trope and typically I won t even read them This one was on KU and I gave it a chance I was actually impressed with it It s not a short book, and the hero didn t make me want to break his nose and stop reading like most of them do in this trope I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the plot line and to be frank, it was a fun read D

    23. Sexy Hot and Sexy Loved it This was a really fun and entertaining read Albie and Belle were sizzling together , love their characters Great side characters as well that I would also love to have their own stories Albee was hot as hell and well versed in dirty talking An enjoyable, forbidden step brother romance told in duel pov s Cute storyline , great writing with some crack up moments.

    24. Hmmm I am not really sure what to say or where to start with this one I guess I should start at the beginning and for me that is Prick I fucking loved it And I had to read the rest of the series and to be honest it s been a little bit of a love hate relationship.But as far as this book goes I think Sabrina summed it up when she said it was the most over the top of the series And I absolutely agree with her but it s fiction and I enjoyed the over the top ness of the whole thing.I loved the main c [...]

    25. Up until this book I have steadfastly avoided the step brother bandwagon it doesn t hold any appeal to me I mean, it sounds kinda icky Thankfully, there is nothing icky about this book it s fabulous Isabella Kensington goes on a drunken Las Vegas weekend after finding her fiance and BFF have been f king while she s been in Africa doing charity work for the past two years She ends up married to a stranger, but runs off before either knows who the other really is Her mom summons her to a small Eur [...]

    26. Ye Gods So, definitely erotica than I m used to in my romance not completely vanilla either, or insta sex love That said, I loved both Albie and Belle It s not necessarily the hate at first sight trope, because they were drunk married in Vegas before they found out their impending status as step siblings I loved the way Belle refuses to just take Albie s shit and gave as good as she got in terms of dirty mind games Also, his stoner sister Alex and a situation involving a vibrator remote being m [...]

    27. Ok so let me start by saying that I didn t realize that there were two books to this purchase But it was a book I already own Tool So to me that was really distracting because I didn t know when my book would end and Tool would begin IDK it s just me but I was constantly looking at how much I had left Anyway the book ended at 60% As for the book it was just ok We definitely had the steamy sex scenes that this author can undoubtedly write But I think I may be done with this genre It s always the [...]

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