Gray: Part III (2020)

Gray Part III Welcome to Idaho City The sign was metal the words still visible through scorching that had happened during The Event s long fire The words spoke of the old days seven months ago when civilization
  • Title: Gray: Part III
  • Author: Lou Cadle
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Idaho City The sign was metal, the words still visible through scorching that had happened during The Event s long fire The words spoke of the old days, seven months ago, when civilization was intact and the world robustly populated The sign looked normal or would have, had it not been for the pair of human feet attached over the first two words The feet hadWelcome to Idaho City The sign was metal, the words still visible through scorching that had happened during The Event s long fire The words spoke of the old days, seven months ago, when civilization was intact and the world robustly populated The sign looked normal or would have, had it not been for the pair of human feet attached over the first two words The feet had been severed from their owner, and hex bolts were jammed between the metatarsals Coral and Benjamin are starving as they flee from this sight When they encounter scavengers a few days later, have they found food and salvation Or is it the deadliest trap of them all Gray Part III concludes the tale of post apocalyptic survival The series should be read in order.
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      396 Lou Cadle
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    1. How long before all this was gone Twenty five years A hundred How long before every building and the asphalt below them crumbled into dust Would the buildings outlast people Was there anything that anyone could do to keep humanity alive that long Gray Part III is a wonderful end to a great trilogy The end matched the tone and spirit of the story perfectly.One of the most compelling aspects of this story, and what makes it truly shine, is its portrayal of human struggle and human nature The chara [...]

    2. A thrill ride from start to finish If you ve ever truly wondered how you might fare in a real apocalyptic world, this trilogy not only knocks some sense into you, but makes you pray we never have to find out An excellent end to the series.

    3. This final book in the Gray collection was a decent ending to this apocalyptic world If not for Coral and Benjamin and how much I liked these characters, this book was full of despair I m not sure I could be tough enough to survive in a world such as this.I really had hope for Coral and Benjamin when they came upon a settlement of survivors Except for the leader, Levi, everyone else seemed like good decent people I m glad things turned around for them and was really happy with the epilogue If yo [...]

    4. Coral and Benjamin have fled the UFO cultists but soon find out the meaning of the old phrase out of the frying pan into the fire They are snuck up on again don t they ever look around and are captured again They end up in a group of several hundred survivors who have food for the moment but could use a doctor even though Coral points out she had only completed one year of pre med before the disaster So she ends up in charge of the clinic, a job which challenges her abilities quite a bit Their s [...]

    5. This was bad I m surprised cause I was enjoying the series, but wow.So First, it had been established they were friends He was too old for her No attraction Suddenly, it changed It felt forced and awkward They had a older brother little sister dynamic and I was a bit weirded out by them hooking up.Then, we spent the whole book getting to know other people, nice people, we learnt to cars about them Then Bye Who cares So long I don t get this book It was a huge waste No goal No purpose Nothing.

    6. Wow This three book series was amazing I loved the characters, and the secondary characters were well done, also It was just an awesome series, and I loved the ending too

    7. Best of the three It begins with Benjamin and Coral seeing the Welcome to Idaho City signwith severed feet bolted to it This is a sign of the book, of the world these characters live in They continue as in book 2 to search for food and signs of normal life before this catastrophic event I won t say how but they do end up in a small community of survivors For me this is a lull in the book because it is filled with trivial details of day to day living Coral, the narrator, has trouble adjusting to [...]

    8. So I ll be honest here I listened to this one from Audible as an omnibus edition, so there was no break between the parts I had previously said that I probably wouldn t finish this trilogy, but since I was otherwise occupied when part 2 ended and part 3 spun up automagically, I let it ride.If you ve suffered through my previous reviews you ll know that this one is a bit of a slog Those first two parts are much the same with small tweaks between them for who the Big Bads are The first is a small [...]

    9. The ending for this series was much to my liking than was the conclusion of the time travel series Some of the same routines are common to both series, but the stories are quite different The author develops a sense of tension throughout the story and easily keeps the reader engaged

    10. OutstandingThis series was really good Different from other SHTF books I have read but a good different Well written Mr Cadle

    11. Good bookRead all of the books in order to really enjoy Characters are realistic and get better and better Storyline continues to grow and develop.

    12. HmmmmI enjoyed this right down to the wire great reading hung on not hardly could wait for the next chapter

    13. GRAY Part IIIGRAY I, II and III, a post apocalyptic SHTF TEOTWAWKI trilogy, detail the travels, survival techniques and relationship of Pre Med college student Coral and 40 something self imposed hermit Benjamin after a cataclysmic meteor and resulting fire storm extinction event reduces not only the human population by 99%, but the flora and fauna by like amounts Part I sets the stage and introduces our protagonists and their response to the catastrophic Part II continues their perilous grip on [...]

    14. I LOVED the book Yet I am sad to say goodbye characters that I have grown to love Coral and Benjamin, thank you for letting me follow along with you during the rough times And THANK YOU to Lou Cadle for finally having some romance in this story There is much sadness in this book but life isn t always happy One area I figured what was going on around the time Coral did I can t say as it would be a spoiler Limited as to what I can say.I am so happy I found this author I bought all the books based [...]

    15. So very sad this saga is done and just hope, best maybe.This series of gray has become rated one of my top favorites of catastrophe books.if I didn t know better, I d believe Mr Cadle actually experienced this first hand so to be able to make it so realistic My problem is it s over.I ve gotten to know the characters so intimately that I m missing them and wondering where they are today.Mr cadle, please write another book, let us know cause I KNOW you know them better than us I ve said this befor [...]

    16. I have read all 3 of the Gray books they are fantastic This is pure TEOTWAKI You won t find any prepper fantasy nonsense here this is genuine day to day survival here The characters are so interesting, and I loved seeing them develop and change as they go through the changed world Coral, especially, was so intriguing The person she became was not always easy to like but that s exactly what made her great The experiences she goes through, the hard and bitter life of finding enough food to make it [...]

    17. I loved the characters I so wished there were books about their life Coral was so strong and inspiring I am definitely going to read other books by this author I would recommend this series to anyone that enjoys a good survival book that has some love mixed in.I loved this series Coral was so strong and it was a pleasure to watch her grow I would definitely recommend these books

    18. Great book I ve read all of this series and have to say it was a fantastic read I absolutely loved this story The main characters Coral and Benjamin became real to me following this story Their adventures and the battle for survival had me on the edge of my seat This disaster is completely plausible and put new thoughts into my head about what survival would demand I d recommend this series to everyone who enjoys this genre of reading Going to read Quake now.

    19. This would make an awesome movie Like I said the series played out in my head like I was watching a movie Only you would have to make sure that it stays true to your books This series really makes you feel like this could in all honesty be our fate It was an honor to read this series and all of your other books Your loyal reader, Debora Seifert

    20. Good trilogyI encourage readers to grab all three Grays, release the action, transform the main characters and change the planet The series moves and lags at times It is not a continuous nail biter but no one should have that much continual stress in a survival trilogy Thanks for an enjoyable story.

    21. Nice end to the storylineStrong female character and nice description of post disaster commune and how people may resort to cannibalism if food runs out This novel keeps you thankful for the little pleasures of civilisation.

    22. This book is a great follow up to the other two books I really like Lou s storytelling and the pace of the action I really hope he continues the story so that I can see what happens in their world next.

    23. Wanting More Great start, caught me from the first 10 pages Grabbed you kept my attention Was very happy when 3 was ready to tie it up, bringing it to a sometimes drawn out conclusion, but overall a great finish Would want to know where they go from here

    24. Entertaining BookAs my title suggests, this was a really entertaining book A lot of the book gives you survival skill hints that would be extremely useful in the event of a SHTF apocalyptic event.

    25. Great read I thoroughly enjoyed this book The entire set of three is absolutely worth reading Over read a few disaster books and this series has been my favorite From the start I was drawn into this series, and the characters, wanting to know what was happening to the world.

    26. Great read Loved this series Great characters, great story line There was a terrific shocker towards the end, but I will not spoil it I had a hard time putting my Kindle down and found myself thinking about what was going to happen next Highly recommend

    27. Left me wanting Lou brought Coral and Benjamin to life in this series, it started to feel that these were two Pete I knew, almost Congratulations on a we written and thoroughly absorbing series I do so hate it when I come to end, I wanted their story to go on and on.

    28. Wonderful series Two strangers meet after a catastrophic world event, and despite the hurdles, manage to survive amongst a scattering of mankind that will do the worst to survive Quick reads, well thought out.

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