For Kicks (2020)

For Kicks If the shoe fits run with it Breeze Cohen senses something is missing from her life but her career doesn t leave time for anything but retail business strategy particularly the upcoming product launc
  • Title: For Kicks
  • Author: Jenna Bayley-Burke
  • ISBN: 9780979325274
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • If the shoe fits run with it Breeze Cohen senses something is missing from her life, but her career doesn t leave time for anything but retail business strategy particularly the upcoming product launch for her cornerstone client, Nitrous.No way is she going to let live for the moment Logan Chandler tarnish her professional reputation Even if the ex athlete poster boy forIf the shoe fits run with it Breeze Cohen senses something is missing from her life, but her career doesn t leave time for anything but retail business strategy particularly the upcoming product launch for her cornerstone client, Nitrous.No way is she going to let live for the moment Logan Chandler tarnish her professional reputation Even if the ex athlete poster boy for Nitrous makes her heart pound like she s run a marathon.After surviving a near fatal accident, Logan doesn t want to waste a minute of life It s meant to be lived, ravished, enjoyed and there s no one he d like to ravish than Breeze There s a deep pool of mutual desire beneath her icy fa ade He can feel it every time they touch.When a training snafu at Nitrous launches Breeze into damage control, Logan is ready and waiting to lace up and take her for a run on the wilder side if he can catch her.
    For kicks Idioms by The Free Dictionary For kicks definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary For kicks definition If you say that someone does something for kicks , you mean that they do it because they Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples For Kicks A Dick Francis Novel For Kicks describes perfectly why a young man takes on a dangerous assignment to get to the bottom of a race fixing ring, just for the excitement of it Edge of What does For kicks mean Idiom Definition For kicks What does For kicks mean If you do something for kicks, or just for kicks, you do it purely for fun or thrills. For Kicks by Dick Francis Fore Kicks Sports Complexes and Lighted Golf Course
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      286 Jenna Bayley-Burke
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    1. DNF at 25%While the story seems interesting and I usually like the author s writing style, it was hard for me to get attached to the romance between Breeze and Logan As an assistant manager working hard to get that promotion before she turns 28, Breeze Cohen is 100% focused on her job and wants nothing to get in the way with it When she literally falls on top of Logan Chandler, a tempting as sin man who happens to work for a client brand, things might change.She knows giving in to the connection [...]

    2. I used this book to keep me entertained during a 4 hours flight to California, and it proved to be entertaining than the inflight movie Breeze Cohen, the determined protagonist, has her eyes locked on professional success while using a personal wall thinking that it will keep her from encountering hurt in a specific area of her life What she doesn t realize is that same wall keeps her from happiness as well until she meets Logan Chandler, the sexiest man in her life who literally sweeps her off [...]

    3. Breeze is focused, so focused she puts her love life and dating on permanent hold She wants nothing then to work her way to the top and be the youngest manager for Mendelssohn s department stores When a big launch is in jeopardy she is willing to do almost anything to make it a success.When Breeze literally tumbled into Logan s arms and life they had no idea what would happen With chemistry neither of them could deny although Breeze sure tried will they be able to balance work and pleasure or w [...]

    4. This was good, but not great When I sat down to write this review, I had to remind myself how it ended It was sweet how Logan pursued Breeze, but he was almost stalkerish in his attentions, lol He came on a bit strong And considering Breeze s history, I can see how she was put off by that Speaking of Breeze s history who runs a young girl out of town because she lost her virginity While I know kids can be mean, her home town was WAY over the top And it affected everything Breeze did with her lif [...]

    5. So I spent most of the story frustrated with the h because she was constantly turning the H down even though she didn t truly want to but his seduction techniques were so good and her loins were betraying her I didn t connect with her She wasn t respected at work and she was willing to sacrifice anything to get a promotion with them I didn t believe that the H would really chase this lady for so long just for a fling, what he was after in the beginning, to show her how to have fun But I really l [...]

    6. I ll admit that at first, I was a little skeptical about this book The first chapter or so started out slowly so I wasn t sure whether or not it could grab my attention and keep it through the whole book but I m so glad I stuck with it Although it had a slow build up in the beginning with was well worth it and I will definitely be recommending For Kicks to all of my friends.To read Lee s entire review please visitguiltypleasuresbookreviews

    7. Entertaining story filled with corporate intrigue, sensual temptations, and a slow seduction that will make your heart flutter Full review on Sensual Readssensualreads p 8537

    8. Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley This was an ok book, not bad, but not fantastic, however it is something to do I liked Logan he was a nice guy, I do not understand his obsession with Breeze I get he was attracted to her, but I could not understand why I mean she rejected him constantly, and all she was focused on was work, so ok she had a bad experience when she was in high school, i get that, I get also that it was pretty traumatic for her, then get some professional help, you [...]

    9. Have you ever read a book you wished had was endless Or a book you could ramble about days unending Oh boy I am moon struck Thankfully Okay let s divulge this book.And she backed down the ladder, she missed the last step and tumbled back into Anthony Only it wasn t him Her rib cage tightened and adrenaline rushed through her body These were not Anthony s hands on her waist Not at all _ excerpt from For KicksBreeze is swept down the ladder down to her feet and up again to a merry go round of adv [...]

    10. What a fun trip and a hero to die for Every time I read one of Jenna s books I m amazed by how much authentic detail she brings to the story And lots of schmexy times

    11. Enjoyed this read A great guy that was sweet to his lady not to mention the HOT romance that is in this book Loved

    12. Breeze Cohen doesn t have time for a relationship, not if she wants to accomplish her career goals However, Logan Chandler makes her heart beat faster than she ever thought possible whenever he s near Except with her working hard to make the Nitrous launch party a success, Breeze doesn t have time for the gorgeous man that is her complete opposite with his live in the moment personality Yet, Logan isn t about to let Breeze get away Will Breeze realize that there s to life than work, so she and [...]

    13. Breeze works in retail as an assistant manager, and is currently handling an upcoming launch which means her dating life is on hold She realizes she s missing something, but feels she doesn t have the time to search for it But, sometimes, things land in your lap, or you do in theirs, right when needed.Logan, a former athlete, knows how short life can be after surviving a near fatak accident He s determined to enjoy the life he was given a second chance at, and as such embraces anything that brin [...]

    14. Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review I loved this story and the author s writing style, slowly revealing her main characters pasts, fears, strength and vulnerabilities Logan and Breeze are two great, well rounded protagonists, drawn with complexity and depth They both grow and change throughout the story and that process is smoothly written.The attraction is instantaneous but the build up is slow which makes the desire and yearning almost tangible Logan s strong attracti [...]

    15. For Kicks is a cute, sexy little read Breeze has serious plans on becoming her company s youngest store manager She lives for her work and has no room for anything else in her life, like love or a relationship Then she literally falls into the arms of a hot guy and she slowly starts questioning whether her her career is all that she needs in her life But, Luke works for her company s client, so can Breeze and Luke make a relationship work and keep it a secret I enjoyed For Kicks Breeze and Luke [...]

    16. breeze cohen has one goal, to become the youngest store manager in the history of her company, supplanting her grandmother in the record books when she meets logan chandler in for kicks, she has no idea that he s going to knock her off her path.logan understands ambition but he s also learned how to course correct when life throws obstacles in your way his professional soccer career was cut short with a near fatal accident and since then he s learned to jump into things when he meets breeze his [...]

    17. Such a delightful story I truly enjoyed both characters throughout the entire story I loved how Breeze was written She quite frankly wore me out with all the work she did, without ceasing But I loved how she was dedicated and wanted to excel at her job She was very determined and forthcoming I adored Logan He was sexy hot and was not hesitant in his pursuit of Breeze He had so many fun and creative ways to break through her walls But she also taught him that you do have to take parts of life ser [...]

    18. I have a bit of mixed feelings about this book I didn t really love it but it was OK, cute with developed characters But I was a little bit annoyed with Breeze and her stubbornness and Logan I didn t get his determination to suddenly have Breeze because it was at first sight like really he wanted her because she could t have her And I really didn t understand all their businesses and what was the deal with it Toward the end of the book, it got interesting The chemistry between those was hot and [...]

    19. Please note I received a copy of FOR KICKS from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the publisher and author.Four stars and here s why FOR KICKS was a great read Breeze is focused on her career and doesn t have time for love or dating Logan, who survived a near death accident, is driven in whatever he tackles in a seize the day sort of way, and that includes pursuing Breeze They re complete opposites and that s what makes for a great story Hella hot chemistry and an overall f [...]

    20. A cute read Breeze is driven by her career and doesn t even have love on the horizon Logan never seemed to want to give up on the chase Not even the countless times Breeze turned him down I like the characters both driven and focused One saw life as take it as it comes and don t forget how to live The other there is only work It was a nice change of pace I laughed a bit and wanted to smack Breeze a few times But in the end I loved Breeze and Logan together, The chemistry once they gave in was of [...]

    21. For the life of me I could not get into this book I have to be honest, the last 50 percent I skimmed because it dragged for me Breeze Cohen keeps telling everyone she only wants a career and to make something out of herself in her grandmother s company Logan Chandler keeps telling everyone he wants Breeze and will do whatever it takes to make it happen It was repetitive and boring I almost stopped reading, but I had to see how it ended.

    22. 3.5 stars This book has both cursing and on screen sex If those things bother you, you probably want to skip this story I wanted to love this book, I really did, but I really struggled with it While I really liked Logan, his relentless pursuit of Breeze wasn t charming, it was obnoxious He wasn t pursuing her for a relationship, he was pushing her to have sex CONSTANTLY despite her very articulate and accurate reasons for not wanting to have sex with him until her job was done and there could be [...]

    23. 3.5Slow start to this contemporary romance I guess it should be rom com Short sports romance It was cute.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

    24. What I liked The writing style Standalone HEA I had a hard time staying interested in the story.I look forward to reading from this author.I voluntarily received an ARC from NetGalley.

    25. I loved it Breeze Cohen is funny, smart, driven and very very ambitious She is determined to become the youngest store manage in the history of the retail chain she works for so is willing to take on an impossible project that will show that her job comes first, last and always Logan Chandler is also funny smart and successful, but the former athlete is also a big believer is work life balance after a near fatal accident ended his athletic career The two of them have chemistry and heart in spade [...]

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