The Secret Under My Skin (2020)

The Secret Under My Skin In the year humankind must struggle to survive under dire environmental conditions and strict government control In this startling world one brave young woman begins to unravel a web of lies ab
  • Title: The Secret Under My Skin
  • Author: Janet McNaughton
  • ISBN: 9780060089917
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the year 2368, humankind must struggle to survive under dire environmental conditions and strict government control In this startling world, one brave young woman begins to unravel a web of lies about life on Earth that will empower her to discover, at last, who she really is McNaughton vividly imagines an all too believable future and celebrates the impact that one pIn the year 2368, humankind must struggle to survive under dire environmental conditions and strict government control In this startling world, one brave young woman begins to unravel a web of lies about life on Earth that will empower her to discover, at last, who she really is McNaughton vividly imagines an all too believable future and celebrates the impact that one person can make on the world.
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    1. Blay Raytee was a street child scraping a living together on the streets of St Pearl with Hilary, her protector, until Hilary is taken by the Death Squad and Blay is rounded up by the Commission and sent to a workcamp in Kildevil Like all the children in workcamps, she s given the name of the month she was taken September, but in her heart she holds onto the only name she can remember, Blay Raytee She doesn t know how old she is or where she came from, but when she s not scavenging the local lan [...]

    2. I liked this story of a post global warming misuse of technology world, where there are opposing factions, autocratic rule, resistance movements, etc with children caught in the crossfire The protagonist is in a orphanage labor camp and is chosen to assist a soon to be bio indicator , a person who is like a mine canary for environmental toxins and changes.There s discussion about fear of science being a bad thing, and also a lot of weaving in fact there is a guild called the Weavers of ancient, [...]

    3. Blay Raytee lives in a government work camp in the year 2368 Humanity struggles to heal after the technocaust left the world in ruins The government maintains its control by instilling fear in the people the fear of technology Those few that aren t afraid, eventually become part of the resistance and fight for the return of a democratic society.Blay is saved from a menial life at the work camp when she is chosen to assist the new Bioindicator guardian of the environment Through her missions with [...]

    4. This is a slightly abbreviated version of the review on my blog Note that links in the blog review will not be reproduced hereTE SPOILERS I would gladly well, maybe not gladly try willingly well, maybe not willingly try just suffer through four examples of Charlaine Harris s inane drivel if I could be guaranteed a gem like The Secret Under My Skin at the end of it I was drawn into this from the beginning and grew ever fond of it as I read The main character, Lobelia September, properly known a [...]

    5. Set in 2368, this dystopia describes a future where Democracy is non existent and technology has been outlawed During the Technocaust, thousands of people who worked with technology were killed.Blay lives in a work camp where she sorts through garbage looking for valuable material This is a step up from her former life on the street, where she d lived since she was two She doesn t know how she ended up there, or who she is.Then, suddenly, Blay is swept away from the work camp to assist the new b [...]

    6. This book kept me reading for sure I enjoyed the pace I did find some sections of text confusing as they lacked detail or did not indicate the subject of the sentence properly Sometimes I was like, Who is this sentence talking about I was a bit let down with the ending Although it had a decent resolution, I was hoping for action resulting from Blay being the intuitive one The love story kind of seemed forced, perhaps to appeal to the younger readers By the last few pages, I was fed up with Blay [...]

    7. I liked this book, easy read, similar to hunger games but mild reading level reminds me of hatch, sign of the beaver, tuck everlasting.

    8. It was plainly written and it ll be over before you knew it I liked the story itself about Blay and her journey It s the kind of book you would go back to and re read.

    9. It was just ok I was disappointed as it has been on my to read list for awhile It was hard to understand at first as there was no real explanation of what type of world the main characters were living in, how it came to be, what the year was or location And the plot was just ok.

    10. This is an extremely good book about possible consequences of all the environmental problems that are going on right now The book takes place in the year 2368.The problems with the environment were every bit as bad as expected and worse Rising sea level has caused the destruction of some cities, and other problems have led to the end of democratic rule at least in Canada where the story takes place , and draconian measures by a group called The Commission that has seized power.There was a thing [...]

    11. This novel shows an interesting and not entirely unbelievable vision of the future, after the world has been ruined due to pollution People blaming everyone else, a government struggling to stay in power by fear and tight controls, and everyone, including young children, is put to work in some fashion.McNaughton weaves an interesting future in her novel, and throws in a lot of little details that sometimes go missing in other YA novels, such as the issue of, well, clothing In a world where techn [...]

    12. Blay is an unwanted child, an orphan of the technocaust She lives in a work camp, run by the Comission, where she sorts through a landfill in exchange for a bed and regular meals.Everything changes when William, the Master of the Way up the hill comes to the work camp and chooses her to be the tutor and companion to Marella, the bio indicator that he is preparing Because William and his wife Erica are involved in the resistance against the Comission And for the first time in her life, Blay finds [...]

    13. My history with this book is that I saw it on the shelf all the time in the library in middle school but never bothered to pick it up because the title didn t really catch my interest and it didn t seem to fit with the genre I devoured at the time medieval fantasy Then the other day I was at the library and saw this book and thought Oh, this book Well, I like An Earthly Knight by Janet McNaughton I wonder what this is about I picked it up and flipped it over and read the back and went, No way Li [...]

    14. I was assigned to lead a workshop on this book for Peace Week at my school I got lucky all the other teachers leading book groups had to read memoirs , and it wasn t a bad book There wasn t really anything that made it stand out from other YA fiction, but it was pretty well written, and it dealt with some very interesting ideas the relationship between government, society, technology and the environment, effective ways to produce social change, etc All in all, a good fit for Peace Week.The only [...]

    15. McNaughton continues her brilliant story construction in this dystopic vision of a future Newfoundland The idea of a Technocaust is entirely chilling, and yet in what readers have come to expect of her stories, it is not without rays of hope Her characters are intriguing and strong, from Blay to Erica and Clara, and even Marella They are tinged in some of the traditional Newfoundland traits as well, making the world she sees that much believable The ending does not disappoint, but again, in McN [...]

    16. The Secret Under My Skin is one of the best young adult sci fi novels that I ve read recently Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading the sequel The Raintree Rebellion before I read this, so I was aware of some things that were supposed to be secret However, I didn t think that detracted from my experience Blake or Blay is a likeable, quietly brave character who unexpectedly stumbles into a rebellion that she doesn t understand The rest of the characters are well rounded, especially Lem, an [...]

    17. This was a great dystopia It had some complex themes and a believable world Environmental damage and the planet s ability to recover are central to the plot, while also being written about as almost matter of fact parts of daily life The characters are not very complex, but many of them do develop, change, and become rounded over time I loved reading about a young woman discovering science and enjoying reading and learning despite a lack of formal training It was also nice to see a young adult [...]

    18. It is not difficult to imagine a future where the environment is toxic to humans It is not difficult to imagine a future where quasi governmental agencies rule the remaining populace through fear and intimidation It is perhaps difficult to imagine how citizens might begin to assert their democratic rights in such an environment, but that is exactly what Janet McNaughton attempts to do in The Secret Under My Skin Blay Raytee seems an unlikely choice to be the next savior of her village having be [...]

    19. This book is similar to many that are set in the future after the environment has been severely damaged by man There are evil people involved in the government that tell lies to the orphaned children that live in a loveless institution that is used as a forced labor camp The main character is extremely likeable and the story has imaginative twists and turns She finds people that are willing to help her escape the life she has known as well as ways that she can help others with the secrets that s [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this dystopian young adult novel, but I almost didn t read it because the cover design is just so horrible that I assumed the writing must be sub par too So please don t judge this book by its unfortunate cover return return The political backstory was a little hard to keep up with sometimes, but that could be due to my getting 5 6 hours of sleep a night while taking care of my 7 week old daughter right now The author created a painfully plausible world just imagine what it woul [...]

    21. Well, the concept of this book really excited me I love reading books about life after 2100 But, unfortunately, this book was a disappointing read for me I will start with the positives, I guess I love the writing style, very clear cut and concise, I liked Blay and her no nonsense attitude I also felt like I knew the characters and that is always a good feeling while reading a book The negatives are that there is no action None Zip Nothing It s all so anti climatic that at the end I was like, wa [...]

    22. I have never really had an interest for the genre sci fi, but this one definitely caught my attention The attention to detail at very turn was quite interesting The timeline of every event seemed perfectly in place and the people s accounts of their pasts were so well timed that it hardly seemed like it was created by a person s imagination For example, when they found the birth date of the main character Blake Raintree, it was so in proportion to the other events it was incredibly believable Th [...]

    23. I d give this a 3.5, i think I really liked the premise a lot, and definitely want to read the sequel The writing quality was just okay though It started out pretty good and then kind of went downhill The antagonists were totally one dimensional, and the rebellion that brings down the totalitarian government is miraculously carried out in five days and summed up in a page or two Please And there was the occasional super cheesy sentence that just made me cringe However, really interesting explora [...]

    24. To be honest, I m not even sure of what to say Blake I still think of her as Blay and it s unstoppable has got an interesting past And lucky for her, she wasn t named Milton xD Enough said It s an interesting book, even though it s quite confusing at times, what with the history lessons about the Commission It s not the easiest read for those who prefer to read a book a day , but I did it in parts I read 10 pages on the first day Then 20 Then a hundred Then another 30 Then the last 40 or so you [...]

    25. This is a world where technology is feared and the commission dictates what citizens are allowed to do Blay Raintree has spent the past several years in a government run work camp, and she has always believed what they told her about the world around her When Blay is removed from the camp to help the new bio indicator, Marrella, with her education Blay discovers the world is quite different from what she s been told It s a quick read, but nothing really stands out about either the world or the c [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this one up until the last 3 or 4 chapters The main character was a believable girl I m not quite convinced about the others but it was interesting enough to keep me reading and want to know But the last 3 or 4 chapters fell out of the rhythm the rest of the book had It changed from a first person perspective to a sort of omnipotent summary overview I would have liked to stay in the same mindset as the rest of the book instead of how the conclusion was handled It felt hurried a [...]

    27. I really thought this book was amazing The title was what got me interested and of course recommendations from this site Blake s growth from an orphan to finding a family that loves her is both moving and thought provoking The setting is an Earth in the future where democracy has been deeply buried and replaced by tyranny Blake finds herself in the midst of a rebellion and learns quite alot about herself in the process.

    28. I enjoyed the book The characters were believable, and I especially liked Lem It had an interesting view of life after the apocalypse, though I feel that it was not very in dept We got just enough information on Blake s world to understand the highlights of the story, but no than that There was just a smidge of romance, just enough to satisfy the reader but no where near enough to overwhelm the plot.

    29. I enjoyed this quick read dystopian novel It is a good book for fans of Hunger Games series or Veronica Roth Not as in depth in it s character creation or imaginative landscape as other books of it s kind, but it s fun none the less I read it after it came across a book search to me on environmental books for young adults I would be willing to read another Janet McNaughton book in the future based on my enjoyment of the Secret Under My Skin.

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