Under By Vengeance (2020)

Under By Vengeance An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here He ruined her career She locked him in chastity Deep undercover a mission to take down an international trafficking ring leads Jenna Tayler into the
  • Title: Under By Vengeance
  • Author: Kayla Stonor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.He ruined her career She locked him in chastity.Deep undercover, a mission to take down an international trafficking ring leads Jenna Tayler into the dark side of sexual slavery an exclusive conspiracy selling wealthy women retribution for their wayward men To infiltrate the Kabas operation, she s forced to turn againsAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.He ruined her career She locked him in chastity.Deep undercover, a mission to take down an international trafficking ring leads Jenna Tayler into the dark side of sexual slavery an exclusive conspiracy selling wealthy women retribution for their wayward men To infiltrate the Kabas operation, she s forced to turn against her fellow agent, Ryan Crichten.Maddeningly arrogant British Sexy alpha male Ryan signed up for any mission, whatever the cost, but his reactions to being abducted must ring true or Jenna s cover is blown Everything Jenna learned about safe, sane and consensual is scrapped To keep Ryan alive and maintain cover, she must force him into submission.She ll do whatever it takes, but he s not making the job easy.Ryan believes Jenna to be CIA, on assignment to London She catches his eye and throws him off balance, but she s in way over her head When he pulls her off the team for her own protection she abducts him The woman s gone off the deep end, hell bent on subjecting him to constant sexual frustration His elite spy training never prepared him for sensual torture, and the mixed signals from Jenna confuse the hell out of him.She s hiding something, and not just the key to his manhood.This romantic suspense international spy novel is part of Kayla Stonor s Surrender Collection 1 Under By Duress 2 Under By Treaty 3 Under By VengeanceReader please note Kayla Stonor s steamy romance novels can be dark and edgy, hot and wicked, punishing and uplifting If you find certain themes uncomfortable reading, these BDSM themed stories may not be for you This erotic story includes tease and denial Please see inside cover for further detail.This book is the revised edition of Locked In Torture.
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    1. How does one change an alpha male into a submissive slave Very carefully with a little help using CBT CBT ah, one of my favourite things when it comes to femdom Ms Stonor does another bang up job with a strong male submitting to a woman The women in Ms Stonor s stories aren t cruel either Still, this is BDSM fantasy despite the contemporary setting For those who want to use this as a guide to BDSM, go buy a non fiction BDSM book While this book does utilize some real BDSM devices, I wouldn t rec [...]

    2. 4.5 bitter sweet painful stars This story kept me engaged from start to finish I read the first edition in 2014 Locked in Torture and didn t bother posting a review due to the issue I had with the plot Honestly, I can t remember entirely what those were now Whether the fact I enjoyed this edition so much was due to the changes made, or how much my reading preferences have altered over the last two years, I m unsure And at the end of the day, it doesn t really matter The story of Jenna and Ryan [...]

    3. I recieved a copy of Locked In Torture in exchange for a honest review.Would it be weird if I said I ve wanted to read a romance novel that involved femdom I hope not because its the truth There are so many books out there with the man being the dominator and he balks when his heroine hints at taking charge I wanted to read a story where she is in the dominate position Author Kayla Stonor was able to weave a convincing BDSM femdom storyline with a hint of suspense and a HEA In the story, we meet [...]

    4. Book exchanged for a honest reviewThis third book in the Surrender Series leaves the other two books in the series in the dust Ms Stonor has proven once again that she knows her stuff when it comes to getting alpha males to surrender themselves to their female counterpart I m blown away by this author s courage to write these books and glad to have read them Here are my thoughts Ryan Crichten is a special agent with a Z rating and doesn t like his missions compromised by brassy American agent Je [...]

    5. 3.75 stars Truth be told, I didn t intend to read Under By Vengeance, but I found myself suffering from a serious case of Qui pheromone withdrawal needed a quick Kayla Stonor fix Pulling off a believable captive male vengeful mistress story on Earth is harder than a story set in an alternate reality or in outer space Writing one about two undercover agents trying to expose a slavery ring is harder still especially a plausible story where the man, a tough as nails alpha to the core operative, is [...]

    6. Another great FemDom in the erotica sub genre of capture slave torture erotica I tend to class these outside of BDSM and inside the general erotica Strong characters drive a strong plot I don t want to put spoilers in but this FBI and Special Agent slant was different than the other two books in the series This has a discipline feel for a relationship due to the motivations but the scenes are not quite as extreme as those in Under By Treaty It always sounds weird for me to say I really liked it [...]

    7. This is the first book by Kayla Stonor that I have ready and I am already a big fan This book was a smoking hot read Jenna, a CIA Agent, is on an undercover mission in London to takedown an international human trafficking ring and in order for this to work she needs the help of Ryan, an SI7 agent, only he doesn t know it Theres a saying, There s a fine line between love and hate that Jenna and Ryan are proof of After their first meeting Ryan is convinced that Jenna hates him and when he has her [...]

    8. This was my first time reading anything from Kayla Stonor and she did not disappoint Jenna is an American agent on assignment in London, working with Agent Ryan, who is a member of SI7 British Secret Service They have a history of work interactions that has shaped their relationship she thinks that he views her as an inept agent, and he believes she is a danger to herself Both are attracted to each other, and neither is willing to admit it After Jenna ruins a mission, she is sent deep undercover [...]

    9. I was gifted a copy of Under By Vengeance from Kayla Stonor, in exchange for an honest review.Having read Kayla Stonor s Qui Treaty Collection I was pretty excited to read Under by Vengeance which has absolutely nothing to do with her alien alpha s Under by Vengeance is book 3 in Kyla s Surrender Collection which can be read as a stand alone, as none of the books interract in any way I m not really sure how Kayla does it OH MY GOODNESS WOW, what a story this is it s dark, steamy, suspense filled [...]

    10. Intriguing Plot With Heart pounding SuspenseJenna Taylor is an American CIA operative tasked with a mission that would bring her deep undercover Jenna s cover as a dominatrix frequenting BDSM clubs across two continents gives her the training, plus it creates a lure for factions that target federal agents who have those vices ripe target for manipulation With a perfect cover she can establish a motive for getting into Kabas, a criminal organization who uses weak minded women hell bent on revenge [...]

    11. So there is a pot of gold at the end of this sexual torture I was delightfully gripped by this fast paced spy drama that is an erotic suspense thriller with interesting protagonists and some psychological drama that knowingly violates the safe, sane, consensual tenants of BDSM.Ryan Crichten works for British Intelligence and doesn t suffer fools gladly he therefore feels no option other than to remove Jenna Taylor an FBI agent from his team effectively ending her career What he doesn t realise i [...]

    12. I received this book in exchange for an hones review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This is an amazing, awesome, fantastic book I was addicted the moment I started the book and if it wasn t for having to go to work, I would not have torn myself away from this book It is was addicting to read.Ryan is a by the book so no one gets hurt kind of a special undercover agent But he seems to get paired up with a woman that is so polar opposite He turned away from [...]

    13. After the wild, emotional ride of Kayla Stoner s first two books I was really looking forward to reading Locked In Torture Unfortunately, I found this one disappointing.The idea of how Jenna and Ryan ended up in a non con situation didn t really work for me I would have enjoyed it if Jenna had really been out for revenge because her constant self doubt and second guessing regarding her treatment of Ryan was annoying.I was shocked when Jenna s secret was revealed so early in the story I never fe [...]

    14. I received this as a review copy from the author as a newly reworked and released book, and while I will always accept and read something offered as a review copy by the author, I was unsure at first if I was going to be able to enjoy it Let me be clear, while I had initial doubts, just because of the subgenre, and the authors own thoughts revealed in an email, not to me personally I m not that cool that it was too dark I really enjoyed this book.For the sake of honesty, I usually really dislike [...]

    15. Spectacular, edgy spy story with dark, sexy aspects This story comes with accurate warnings dark and edgy, hot and wicked, punishing and uplifting with BDSM themes.This is first a spy story Jenna Tayler must infiltrate the Kabas operation to take down an international trafficking ring To do so she purposefully ruins an operation and seemingly her career receiving the wrath of British agent Ryan Crichten These two feel an attraction toward each other, but Ryan does not mix business with pleasure. [...]

    16. I received a an ARC of this book for an honest review from the author.Trained operative Jenna is asked to infiltrate the Kabas organisation as information has been revealed they deal in sex trafficking, however this means she needs a partner An unwilling one without his knowledge Ryan has been selected and will endure torture like never before.The plot in the book was well thought out, the sex scenes torturous enough for the situation they found themselves in, reactions as you would expect The t [...]

    17. DNF, life s too short I had my hopes up, but dear me, once again this isn t BDSM, it s tortureporn instead There s not a shred of SSC in this, and on top of that the author seems to misunderstand a few essential facts about chastity and chastity play As a result most of this was painful to read Also, while I appreciate a female Top having self doubts, I don t need things to go to the extent of her not being a Top at all The premise is misleading readers wanting femdom.Too bad I m still taking re [...]

    18. Jenna is a CIA agent and is deep undercover and trying to infiltrate Kabas, they sell rich women the opportunity to get revenge on men by having them kidnapped and forced into submission Ryan is an agent in the British S17 and on an elite task force and when Jenna walks into his world seeming to be incompetent he has her removed from his team, the perfect opportunity to seek revenge Ryan on the other had doesn t know he is on a mission for his own protection will they bring down Kabas This is a [...]

    19. This was a first for me and a lot intense than I am used to This story includes what I consider extreme BDSM with a male submissive and I have to admit there were places I had to walk away from and skip over to be able to finish the story The things people will do, enjoy doing or need to do to obtain sexual pleasure are vast and in this book for their job had me cringing The story that surrounds this is strong and well written The main characters handle their rolls well with in interesting endi [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this read Locked In Torture while being a rather graphic erotic novel, managed to give a decent enough backstory to structure the graphic scenes around a common plot, rather than just spontaneous sex I found the male lead to be somewhat relatable, particularly towards the end of the novel, and I found the strong, female lead to be quite attractive Overall I thought the book to be well thought out and quite stimulating I will most certainly read of Kayla Stonor s work.

    21. I liked the strong submissive man, it was kind of hot I didn t think I was going to enjoy a series with the alpha male as a submissive, but I did The situation in this book is a little twisted , I don t mind twisted context It started as a non concent , but I liked that the guy ultimately gave control willingly to the female.

    22. This was the first read in my why don t men read erotica or romance curiosity project, and I won it as part of a competition I can t say that I liked it, but I also didn t not like it Non consensual F m naughtiness nearly the whole time, with bumpers of meh story elements Eye rolling and smiley at moments, I d read from Stonor, but I m not in any rush to do so.

    23. The writer has given a good synopsis in her preface about the key elements of this story Ryan is an agent in the British S17 Jenna called to him, yet every interaction with her left him disappointed and unsettled she scared him, distracted him, commanded his attention and aroused his protective instincts A Code 9 is issued against Ryan, but when he moves to a new safe house he is kidnapped and taken to an Island Jenna feels that Ryan has judged her from the offset He has no idea how hard she had [...]

    24. A complimentary ecopy was given by the Author, in exchange for my honest review This book really had certain emotions going haywire I felt scared yet empowered at the same time Odd, right Well, I wasn t constantly like that, though This is a story of Vengeance on a whole different level These secret agents, which are our female MC, Jenna, has just had her career destroyed by our male MC, Ryan Obviously, there s an attraction there both refuse to acknowledge, until shit hits the proverbial fan Je [...]

    25. Jenna Tayler is an American agent working undercover in London Ryan Crichten is an S17 agent also stationed in London Jenna gets the opportunity to go deep undercover and take down a sex trafficking operation Taking down the operation requires her to enter a high end training facility where wealthy women teach their significant other to obey their every command The stakes are high, because men that can t get with the program, don t survive the program After publically humiliating Jenna, Ryan pro [...]

    26. WARNING BOOK NOT MEANT for minors under 18 if not into BDSM DO NOT READ.i received this book for free late last night, asked for honest review I started reading at lunch got finished by dinner i couldn t put it down i enjoyed the depth of the characters, the story line and sex this is not the run of the mill erotica story if thats what you re looking for the sex was part of the storyline not the other way around i won t lie there were moments where i cringed with sympathy that only means the aut [...]

    27. I liked the story, but found the BDSM distracting The interaction between the two protagonists was so riveting that the BDSM became irrelevant.Jenna and Ryan are both strong characters who are inclined to think that they know best On the island they have to depend on each other, and find that that attraction that they have for each other, since their first meeting at a workshop in the USA, helps to protect each other under perilous circumstances I also liked that the writing was well paced and i [...]

    28. Wow Normally the Domme stories are not to my liking, however, with a couple hundred pages, this author has opened my eyes to something I had not considered before Jenna is undercover in the UK and her latest assignment has her squirming A chance to take down an organization, but at what cost The idea of whipping Crichten into submission exploded a whirlwind mess of conflicting feelings Will Jenna be able to stay in character or will she crumble under the pressure Enjoy I received a copy of this [...]

    29. It was a good story and kept your attention A little too much hard core torture for me I don t mind BDSM but am into the male on the female It seemed she had no limits and I couldn t get past the hardcore cruelty on his privates And being locked in a coffin gives me nightmares Other wise it was well written And something that if you are into it like this you will like it a lot It is up to each individual what they like I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    30. What can you do with a man who thinks because you re the wrong sex that you don t belong there Well a little vengeance goes a long way There is just one problem, in order to keep you both alive and finish what you started you need to become something you re not Can she make it work ad keep them both alive or will it all far apart around her I really enjoyed this book The adventure, the danger and the intrigue on just how fast things would fall apart or come together ARC for honest review from Au [...]

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