Kartography (2020)

Kartography Raheen and her best friend Karim share an idyllic childhood in upper class Karachi Their parents were even once engaged to each others partners until they rematched in what they call the fianc e swa
  • Title: Kartography
  • Author: Kamila Shamsie
  • ISBN: 9780156029735
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raheen and her best friend, Karim, share an idyllic childhood in upper class Karachi Their parents were even once engaged to each others partners until they rematched in what they call the fianc e swap But as adolescence distances the friends, Karim takes refuge in maps while Raheen searches for the secret behind her parents exchange What she uncovers reveals not juRaheen and her best friend, Karim, share an idyllic childhood in upper class Karachi Their parents were even once engaged to each others partners until they rematched in what they call the fianc e swap But as adolescence distances the friends, Karim takes refuge in maps while Raheen searches for the secret behind her parents exchange What she uncovers reveals not just a family s but a country s turbulent history and a grown up Raheen and Karim are caught between strained friendship and fated love A love story with a family mystery at its heart, Kartography is a dazzling novel by a young writer of astonishing maturity and exhilarating style Shamsie transports us to a world we have not often seen in fiction vibrant, dangerous, sensuous Pakistan But even as she takes us far from the familiar, her story of passion and family secrets rings universally true.
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      458 Kamila Shamsie
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    1. Kamila Shamsie is one of the best novelists I ve ever read Period Her grasp of craft is impressive, especially since she s now only published four novels, this one being her second Her characters are always multidimensional, and she s not afraid to make her narrator a bit unsympathetic at times or just good at making mistakes that make you frustrated, even while you keep reading because you want to find out that she fixes them eventually Her evocation of Pakistan both in 1971 during the attack o [...]

    2. The trouble with books that end poorly is that no matter how much you enjoyed the beginning, it s always those last few pages, that collapsed narrative, those damning passages that linger in your memory You forget, several years later, how much you relished the first 200 pages, how tightly the prose gripped you, how quickly you devoured it And so when I slammed Kartography shut, exhausted by the redundance of its last 50 70 pages, I tried to separate the beginning that I did race through from th [...]

    3. Can angels lie spine to spine If not, how they must envy us humansGOD The Ending O O I read and re read it for many times It was kind of out of nowhere Kamila did a great job And she has a way with words I can see you, out there, reading between the lines.Come home, stranger.Come home, untangler of my thoughts.Come home and tell me, what do I do with this breaking heart of mine And thank god, I didn t miss the following paragraph In Karachi s streets even the mourners turn their faces skywards t [...]

    4. I remembered loving the book when I read it a few years ago Yesterday as I finished the book in one sitting, I remembered why I d loved it as much as I did The premise is touted as a love story between soul mates Raheen and Karim, set amidst ethnic and political factions in Karachi This in itself covers a lot of issues such as ethnic, religious and socio economic prejudices, changing history, redemption, forgiveness, whether one big consequential action defines a person, as well as the concept o [...]

    5. A very quick read Not very special Probably good if you want something easy for your next long flight.Though Shamsie depicts some pecularities of Pakistani society very accurately her main theme is not capturing She believes too much in the perfect match and destiny Her message is well intended but her insight to the differences in society rich and poor, generational conflicts, historical implications and the East West culture remain superficial I didn t learn anything new from her.

    6. SPOILERS Ahead Consider yourself warned Kartography is a book set in my dear hometown, Karachi I guess that is reason enough to love it but that is not the only reason At it s heart, Kartography is a beautiful love story between two childhood best friends who are a made for each other couple just takes them some time to reconcile to that fact I loved the description of Karachi and I also hated it at the same time because it was so very true The road near 2 talwar, I guess it s always supposed to [...]

    7. I was all ready to give this book 4 stars until the final 2 pages I m curious to know what others thought of the ending, but without writing a spoiler review I don t understand it AT ALL It s in a completely different writing style than the rest of the book i.e almost a confusing poem style, not a book story style I was left not understanding at all what happened to the main characters in the book I loved the story, even better loved all the book characters Raheen, Karim, Sonia and Zia, and then [...]

    8. I was going to give this a 4, but then had to settle for a 3.5 3 on due to the very fact that the author, in the name of whatever you call it, introduces something at the very end of the book.I was drawn to this book by its title which finds an explanation in the book in a nice way and the blurb Fiction set in Pakistan is always something that I look forward to reading particularly after Moth Smoke and it helps that the author is a native of Pakistan and knows the geography well Set in a timelin [...]

    9. I Love this book with all its faults I accept this book with all its good and bad things Just like I accept my Family with all its faults.While Reminiscing My childhood days spent with my cousins at my grandparents home, It dawns upon me that how innocent we were to never understand the family politics and how our minds were too preoccupied with broken knees and teasing each other that we never thought that we all will one day drift apart How we didn t know about the family secrets, the secrets [...]

    10. This book is too real There are too many feelings here I m sure somebody who isn t a Karachiite wouldn t feel the same way I did when I read this, but to me, it was just a reminder of the insane love I hold for Karachi even when I hate it in my most superficial moments.

    11. spoiler alert The story revolves around Raheen and Karim, two best friends who were born in love with each other and who finish sentences for each other , their other two friends Zia and Sonia, their parents who also happen to be best friends and their other friends all of whom belong to the elite class of a battle scarred Karachi As the story proceeds, we learn that Karim s mother who s of Bengali descent and Raheen s Father were once very much in love and engaged and Karim s father was engaged [...]

    12. Kartography is my book from Pakistan for the Read The World challenge It s a novel set in Karachi in the 90s with flashbacks to the 70s and particularly the 1971 civil war when East Pakistan became Bangladesh Raheen and Karim have a tangled relationship which parallels, and is haunted by, the tangled relationships of their parents twenty years earlier It s a love story, a family saga, a book about ethnic and class tensions in Pakistan.Given that the Read The World challenge has lead me to some p [...]

    13. I am done, done and done with this novel and can t just stop being thankful to the friend who suggested it to me I am so in love with this tale of human errors, decisions and forgiveness and above all my fav fav topic friendships and bonds Reading this book for much like diving headlong into this new world with 3D glasses whereby everything is different and new and so much alive than you can ever have thoughts The strong bond of friendship between these two groups of friends and a huge transfor [...]

    14. Ever eat something that was so good, you had to take breaks, slow down, remember to stop to breathe because it was just so rich or delicious that you just couldn t take it too quickly And by too quickly I mean at a normal to you pace That s what Kartography was for me I found myself finishing a chapter and putting it down to walk around the house, clean something, have a glass of wine, play with the cat, redo my hair, check my email, call my mom I could not ve read this in a single sitting if I [...]

    15. Kartography is an easy novel to fall in love with, perhaps a tad bit difficult to stay in love Shamsie translates the turmoils of a Nation torn by Civil War into intricately explored personal stories of falling in love and falling out of love Karachi, alive and breathing, is perhaps the most vivid character in the novel and the smells and sounds of Karachi stay with you long after you finish the story.

    16. Beautifully overwhelming Masterful storytelling combined with a rich prose make this book an instant favourite Unputdownable

    17. As someone who is from Karachi and who loves living in Karachi my relationship with my home is quite a complicated thing to explain Karachi never gets any good press, its dirty, unattractive, chaotic at the same time to me its charming, energetic, vibrant, challenging, comfortable and thick skinned Also, I read a lot of foreign literature particularly from the West because I often do not connect to local literature for whatever odd reason ive read a lot of books about spices cliche frankly that [...]

    18. This is the second book I have read of hers, the first being Broken Verses, and she just keeps getting better with everything I read of hers I am beginning to think she understands my soul Her tactful and fair handling of the sentiments many people in West Pakistan had towards Bengalis in 71, her mastery in dealing with emotions and building those emotions, and her brilliance with words is just mesmerizing I don t know what it is but I can t seem to be getting enough of her work Read it.

    19. Another brilliant story perfectly capturing the lives of upper class karachiites The characters were believable, easy to relate with Moreover,the impact of Pakistan s history on it s present was depicted to perfection Simply written, with the story evolving as per requirement kareem and raheen are characters I shall remember for quite some time A must read for karachi lovers away from home.

    20. Wow What an amazing story of Karachi,amazingly written A recommended read for anyone who has spent life in Karachi.

    21. My favorite modern novel There s a certain image that I always remember when I think of the book can angels lie spine to spine If not, how they must envy us humans

    22. I read this book 5 years too late, perhaps, 5 years after leaving Karachi.It brought back many memories of Karachi, good and bad It taught me about the Bangladeshi independence war, which has touched the lives of people I know.Most importantly, it so vividly describes why Karachi is such a complicated place At times it reminded me why I kind of preferred Lahore, and it captured so well many feelings I had about Karachi when I worked there It was really important for me to read on a personal leve [...]

    23. I didn t think it was posiible for me to fall in love with novels any, having cheated on them wih poetry for two years now But this novel changed everything I have never been sure, I am going to keep coming back to it, again and again.

    24. Beautiful prose Simple story Complicated Characters Rhythmic Essence of Karachi Could have been a favorite 5 star read if it was not dragged

    25. Summer Bingo One word titleThis is a beautifully told story about love, relationships, and coming of age in war torn Pakistand, I couldn t imagine a perfect ending.

    26. Kartography is the story of Raheen, and her best friend Karim, who grow up together, and are then separated during their teenage years Raheen s father was once engaged to Karim s mother, and her mother was once engaged to his father, yet the families strangely maintained close ties The reasons behind the broken engagements, as well as the sequence in which they happened remains unknown to both Raheen and Karim, and complicates their relationship when hidden truths emerge Their close friends Zia [...]

    27. This was a fairly effortless and enjoyable read The novel traces the lives of young people who live in Karachi, Pakistan All of them from rich backgrounds, which already limits the scope of described environment by a whole lot The main character, Raheen, is a spoiled and somewhat annoying girl, who has a special connection with her all life friend Karim When they get older they inevitably harbor feelings for each other but there is something in their parents past that poses a hefty obstacle to t [...]

    28. Zafar, Maheen, Ali and Yasmin Karim, Raheen, Zia and Sonia Two quartets about to face the same fate but thank God history doesn t repeat itself in its totality I had half believed that it would That there would be partner swapping again but thankfully things take a nice turn Kartography is a gripping novel It brings forward a new meaning of maps Maps as real storytellers which remind an individual of his situatedness in the bigger circle where he finds himself connected to a beggar girl of Khara [...]

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