Broken Verses (2020)

Broken Verses Fourteen years ago famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram disappeared Two years earlier her lover Pakistan s greatest poet was beaten to death by government thugs In present day Karachi her daugh
  • Title: Broken Verses
  • Author: Kamila Shamsie
  • ISBN: 9780156030533
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fourteen years ago, famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram disappeared Two years earlier, her lover, Pakistan s greatest poet, was beaten to death by government thugs In present day Karachi, her daughter Aasmaani has just discovered a letter in the couple s private code a letter that could only have been written recently Aasmaani is thirty, single, drifting from job toFourteen years ago, famous Pakistani activist Samina Akram disappeared Two years earlier, her lover, Pakistan s greatest poet, was beaten to death by government thugs In present day Karachi, her daughter Aasmaani has just discovered a letter in the couple s private code a letter that could only have been written recently Aasmaani is thirty, single, drifting from job to job Always left behind whenever Samina followed the Poet into exile, she had assumed that her mother s disappearance was simply another abandonment Then, while working at Pakistan s first independent TV station, Aasmaani runs into an old friend of Samina s who gives her the first letter, then many Where could the letters have come from And will they lead her to her mother Merging the personal with the political, Broken Verses is at once a sharp, thrilling journey through modern day Pakistan, a carefully coded mystery, and an intimate mother daughter story that asks how we forgive a mother who leaves.
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    1. It took me over a week to read this book, twice of what I d normally have taken This is because I d linger over a phrase, a paragraph and often go back and read the whole page all over again I stretched out the reading to savour the experience I don t remember the last time I wanted to do that with a book The story of Aasmaani Inquilab is interesting enough If the story moves at a slightly slower pace than one is used to in the current fare, it is than made up for by how beautifully language is [...]

    2. Wow I almost gave up on this book before I got 50 pages in, and I am glad I didn t It wasn t the best book I have read, by far, but It was interesting and I loved the writing style whenever the poet would take over in his letters I would love to read a whole book of those letters.The basic story was of a woman who has allowed the disappearnce of her mother, and the death of her Omi a poet and her step father figure to change her entire character It isn t very suprising though, since they seemed [...]

    3. Broken Verses is the fourth of five books in our local library s Muslim Journeys program It takes place in Karachi, Pakistan since 9 11 The main character, a spoiled, whining 30 year old woman, has not learned that she is not the center of the universe It is a lesson she needs to learn to grow.The story did not interest me The author did not make me care what happens I was only mildly curious about who did what and why I was curious as to why this book was chosen for the Muslim Journeys program [...]

    4. Broken Verses by Kamila ShamsieThis is a book I was reading for a group discussion but did not finish I read over two thirds of it, however enough to have a good idea how I felt about it and know that I did not want to spend time on it If you are looking for a window into Pakistan as I was you won t find it here I can t say much for the plot not much of one or the characters either Somehow I felt like an outsider looking at this story never drawn into it, never bonding with the characters, or c [...]

    5. In this novel characters with what seem to be western sensibilities are grafted onto a setting in Pakistan Serious issues are introduced.The story is told by Aasmaani Inqalab who yearns for her mother Samina, an outspoken feminist who has disappeared Is she alive Did Samina flee the police Did she run away her with her lover, the radical poet Omi who is presumed to have been beaten to death Did she commit suicide The story revolves around some clues that arrive through the famous actress, Shehna [...]

    6. A code book for progressive feminist Asians The tale of complexities of emotions and expectations both entwined with Love Activist Samina Akram is in love with poet Omi, and that love is beyond bounds Concurrently, Samina is mother of Aasmani, who is living with her father, a caring stepmother and warm hearted younger stepsister Kamila raises a myraid of feminist concerns in the book, especially from the perspective of a Muslim woman, for example the one is does being a mother means you compromi [...]

    7. Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie is the tale of a twenty something Pakistani girl, the daughter of a famous activist who has disappeared long ago amid despair over the death of her lover, the Poet Aasmani s name recognition lands her a job at a television company and her uncanny resemblance to her mother, Samina, causes others to expect greatness She struggles with the expectations and her sense of abandonment with a sharp tongue and a cynical attitude At the television company she meets the son [...]

    8. Initially, I really enjoyed this novel It s written by a Pakistani woman, and is set in Karachi, Pakistan Shamsie s language is beautiful, and there are many striking turns of phrase Her female protagonist is pleasantly introspective, and the novel attempts to place the story within a specific politico historical context.However, as the novel progresses, those pleasing aspects become annoying The plot, it turns out, is merely a means of allowing her characters to move from one scene of introspec [...]

    9. No one could have written this book any better The story line was great,however,the ideas represented in the book were like magic My heart is weeping for all the lost passion yet rejoicing at the hope amidst all misery This quote sums up the beauty of this book It s true, that in concrete battles the tyrants may have the upper hand in terms of tactics, weapons, ruthlessness What our means of protest attempt to do is to move the battles towards abstract space Force tyranny to defend itself in lan [...]

    10. I read this book a couple of months ago Then I checked it out from the library last week again to reread it I still hardly have words to describe how much this moved me She has this way of saying things that you ve questioned or thought about at some point in your life Her characters are brave They are willing to rip open their flesh to bare the soul and scrutinize it, and with that those of the readers I loved the ending I honestly believe there couldn t have been a better ending, not without b [...]

    11. Full disclosure I love Kamila s writing Some of it might have to do with the fact that we share a similar, ardent love for Karachi which in her case, is all too evident in her writing Her descriptions of Karachi s life, ambience and of course, the sea, are delectable and heartfelt I became her fan after reading In the City by the Sea Broken Verses is not much of a departure in terms of the scope it has her usual amalgamation of character s angst, political and religious elements interplaying wit [...]

    12. This is very personal I feel like I could be Aasmaani She reminds me almost exactly of myself I especially liked the author s discussion of the nature of one s character on pages 142 143 Character is just an invention, but it s an invention that serves as both reason and justification for our behavior It is the self fulfilling prophecy that guides our lives, worming its way so deep beneath the levels of conscious thought that we forget ther emight have been a time when our defining traits seemed [...]

    13. My love for subcontinental authors stems from the fact that I have so much to relate with them Starting from lifestyle, poverty to turbulent politics, nowadays I think subcontinental authors have better stories to tell about contemporary lives compared to their Western counterparts.Broken Verses is another of those glamorous, glistening Asian English works that fail to leave a heart unmoved Desperate love, politics, activism, depression and a contemporary Karachi life Kamila Shamsie s Broken Ver [...]

    14. A well written, balanced book I enjoyed reading it, not so much for the political thriller suspense, as for the way that Shamsie masterfully writes her protagonist s first person narrative I was pulled into Aasmani s story, her complex character, her authentic voice, and the credibility of her emotional conflicts Another aspect that I liked is that Shamsie is unashamedly depicting the Pakistani educated sophisticated privileged class she is familiar with, rather than pandering to Anglo readers e [...]

    15. Okay, I know I m cheating here but I m done reading this book I made it to the 85% mark and that s it for me Ed wrote the letters Game over I didn t relate to any of the characters Storyline useless Didn t learn much about Pakistani anything There are too many great books out there in which you really get a fantastic understanding of Muslim issues, culture, religion, etc that I m not willing to spend another minute on this one The one star is for fairly decent writing, but after a while you star [...]

    16. I wanted very much to write something good about this book,but I just wasn t all that excited about the story at all None of the characters seemed at all real and I know how that sounds as I realize it is fiction,but I like it when the people seem real at least,the pace was very slow,the plot line was weak,the style of the writing was tedious I just expected much after I had read a few reviews The one thing that I did enjoy were some really great lines and phrases peppered throughout the book,I [...]

    17. Read this after hearing it recommended from the NPR Librarian Nancy Pearl Gorgeous book taking place in Pakistan circa 2005 Story of a young women, child of female political activist who left her father at a young age to be a muse for a poet political dissident Carefully crafted novel about the power of words, passion and parental love Explores themes of abandonment, exile, love and depression Powerful novel that will have an impact long after I read the last word.

    18. My review of this novel is not complicated for a change From start to finish it took me 4 days, probably the quickest I have read through a novel of this size I just couldn t put it down The chapters had a lovely continuity and were the perfect length No overpowering surges in emotion or action, no melodrama I just wanted to read and read and read When I finished it I just wanted to stay up all night and talk about it That s what I felt like doing The principle character, Aasmani is fighting som [...]

    19. In my effort to read all things Shamsie to prepare for reviewing her latest I had the same issue I ve had with most of her books the premise is great but they are so overwritten and issue laden I think she creates overly complex plots It may be why Home Fire is such a success to me because she follows the plot of Antigone fairly closely At the same time, I am grateful for how willing she is to grapple with tough subjects In Broken Verses, a young woman tries to sort out what happened to her moth [...]

    20. Although I read Home Fire, Kamila Shamsie s latest novel first and worked back to herearlier work, I must say that the writing in Broken Verses shows her artistry in the written word.She writes beautifully and you can see the eloquence, satire, and deep character developmentin this novel Enjoyed it immensely.

    21. From June 2005 School Library Journal Growing up in modern day Pakistan, Aasmaani Inqalab is no stranger to government corruption and intrigue Her heroes since childhood have been her mother, an outspoken activist, and her mother s lover, a poet known for his criticism of bureaucracy Far from a stable influence while Aasmaani was growing up, the couple had a pattern of disappearing into exile when the government drew too close and reappearing in Aasmaani s life a few months or years later Sixtee [...]

    22. This is a beautifully written story, and a fascinating glimpse into life in modern Pakistan Every time I picked up the book, I was sucked into Aasmaani s world, and I found it very difficult to put the book down Ordinarily, I would have read this far quickly, but I found myself slowing down in order to enjoy Shamsie s writing Her prose is beautiful and evocative.I appreciated Shamsie s inclusion of some of Pakistan s recent history when she was describing the Poet s life Pakistan isn t a countr [...]

    23. I m conflicted about this one This is one of those books that you are so quick to devour that in your hunger to read the next line and then the next page you often miss out on the chance to actually stop and ponder over the words that were written and what they invoke in you So, this is going to be a temporary rating till I reread the book.What I loved about this book was the lyrical prose which flowed so beautifully and easily that really captured you and drew you in I found the character Aasma [...]

    24. Again 1.5 stars it is Replace Sidhwa s overt sexual imagery in favor of Shamsie s Americanization She breathes, drinks Western culture and to introduce it in such a casual manner within the Pakistani society certainly wins her neither credibility nor appreciation Sure there maybe all of 10 percent who do engage in the kind of world Aasmaani inhabits Which not only makes her storyline unidentifiable but shallow as well The plot drags on endlessly with mythological allusions, and I quote a friend, [...]

    25. The mystery isn t compelling, and the love story isn t convincing The writing is on the level of second rate genre fiction, and the dialogue is often hokey and overblown Even in Urdu, I doubt anyone talks like that And in spite of all the things already going on in the story, the author tries to address a bucketful of themes Atheism Feminism Activism Sex outside marriage Lesbianism , succeeding only in showing that she s trying too hard to prove she is a Modern Muslim For heaven s sake, just pic [...]

    26. I was half way through this book when something sparked a memory and I had a feeling that I had already read it At the end, I realized that I had The setting is Pakistan and although it is a story of a missing mother, her murdered lover and a mystery, it is really about the grieving process This process is particularly painful when someone close to you has unexpectedly or violently died Given the amount of introspection, the pace of this novel is slow In the end, the readers just hope that our m [...]

    27. You can lie about the past to destroy the present and you can lie about it to make the present possible The lie you tell matters as much as the truth you champion These lines by Tabish Khair fleetingly touch the essence of this book for me.Every phrase of Shamsie is something I keep going back to, pondering over and falling in love with Kartography is still my favorite of hers, but this is Shamsie at some of her poetic best.

    28. Broken Verses is a heartbreakingly lovely book It is so nice to see another side of Pakistan rather than how it is often depicted in the US news It shows the families, the poets, the artists, the activists, the grandiose, the mundane from their hopes dreams to their disappointments heartbreaks This book had me crying by the end something I normally don t like but was ok within this story world that I was visiting Recommended.

    29. What a hauntingly beautiful book with an unexpected ending The daughter of a Pakistani refugee has grieved her mother s disappearance as well as the government ordered murder of her mother s lover, a beloved poet The daughter unexpectedly received a letter written in the code that her mother and poet used to communicate when the Poet had to go in exile She begins searching in hope that perhaps the Poet and her mother are still living.My favorite librarian, Nancy Pearl, recommended this.

    30. I enjoyed the fact that this book takes place in a different location and culture than I m used to reading I felt compelled to read it knowing that, and I think it was a wonderful backdrop for the story, and gave me a great appreciation for the history and culture of modern Pakistan However, the story didn t captivate me as much as the description of the story would have led me to believe I kept trying, as the main character, Aasmaani does, to figure out the mystery The true story of course, is [...]

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