Salt and Saffron (2020)

Salt and Saffron A beautiful novel detailing the life and loves of a Pakistani girl living in the U S Aliya may not have inherited her family s patrician looks but she is as much a prey to the legends of her family t
  • Title: Salt and Saffron
  • Author: Kamila Shamsie
  • ISBN: 9781582342610
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • A beautiful novel detailing the life and loves of a Pakistani girl living in the U.S.Aliya may not have inherited her family s patrician looks, but she is as much a prey to the legends of her family that stretch back to the days of Timur Lang Aristocratic and eccentric the clan has plenty of stories to tell, and secrets to hide Like salt and saffron, which both flavor foA beautiful novel detailing the life and loves of a Pakistani girl living in the U.S.Aliya may not have inherited her family s patrician looks, but she is as much a prey to the legends of her family that stretch back to the days of Timur Lang Aristocratic and eccentric the clan has plenty of stories to tell, and secrets to hide Like salt and saffron, which both flavor food but in slightly different ways, it is the small, subtle differences that cause the most trouble in Aliya s family The family problems and scandals caused by these minute differences echo the history of the sub continent and the story of Partition A superb storyteller, Kamila Shamsie writes with warmth and gusto Through the many anecdotes about Pakistani family life, she hints at the larger tale of a divided nation Spanning the subcontinent from the Muslim invasions to the Partition, this is a magical novel about the shapes stories can take turning into myths, appearing in history books and entering into our lives.
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    1. Having read five of her six novels, I must say that Kamila Shamsie has set her place in my mind as one of the most powerful contemporary voices of South Asian literature, and literary fiction in general Salt and Saffron is a novel with a very interesting story, weaved across three generations of the Dard e dil family with a royal background in the years preceding partition Shamsie has taken up a rather difficult task of covering different generations, the protagonist Aaliya s, her parents, and h [...]

    2. Aaliya is a global citizen of Pakistani origin But a flirtatious conversation with a stranger on the plane sets her thinking about her roots and the people and stories that have led to her The Dard e dils, Aaliya s family, trace their roots back to the Mughal era, through British occupation, down to the Partition that broke hearts families and finally their current day status as Karachian elite Aaliya skips between past and present as she grapples with the mysterious loss of a beloved cousin, th [...]

    3. The plot of this book is something along the lines of a girl named Aliya becoming interested in Khaleel, a boy who s not from the same social class which forces her to reconsider her entire family history This of course is complicated by the author s attempt in order to incorporate actual history Mughal as well as Partition era into the story, which adds nothing to it except confusion as well as her concept of not quite twins which was interesting but unrelated to Aliya Khaleel.Ultimately, I thi [...]

    4. First of all, though the writer is from Pakistan but she do not have any knowledge of Urdu besides common names and have no idea about the real culture of Pakistan and subcontinent it may be because she is English speaking elite class Pakistani American I didn t like so i didn t finish it Kamila Shamsie is those kind of writer and part of a Pakistani elite class they might be 2 percent of the total population who get their early education in missionary schools, they speak English,they eat fast f [...]

    5. Mia am problem, eby przebrn przez te ksi k Zdecydowanie za du o bajania, p legend p historii rodzinnych, za ma o konkretnej fabu y Ja lubi kiedy w ksi ce przewija si du o tradycji i pewnej dozy mistycyzmu, ale tutaj to by y tak dramatyczne zabobony, opowiedziane w spos b, e totalnie nie wiedzia am kto, po co i dlaczegoe m j klimat Dialogi mocno chaotyczne i cie ko by o mi si w og le skupi na tym, o czym bohaterowie rozmawiali A wielka szkoda, bo z rado ci zabra am si za ksi k w pakista skich kli [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book and am struck by the feeling that I know this person and the milieu of course I don t her being Paki and it being set in Karachi.d me from arch enemy The flavour of the book is so much of the North India that I grew up in that I am positively nostalgic I love a book that bashes prejudicesbut of course, no upper class family from the subcontinent would countenance one of its own running away with the khansama maharaj cook.Did Misha recommend this book because it s b [...]

    7. I keep changing my mind about books My opinions are not only subjective, they re also contextual.This one probably has to do with my disdain for glorifying the likes of Timur the lame History and historians are insensibly and insufferably dull and boring Even KS can t change my mind with attaching all this thrill and intrigue with historical investigation It may take the entire X Men cast parroting historical facts to me to make them interesting Aliya may not have taken up historical study initi [...]

    8. Saffron is a luxury, but salt is a necessity, Aliya learns in this charming, witty exploration of class values Library Journal The utterly sensuous descriptions of food and tea are alone worth the price of admission BooklistThis is my first book that I ve read by Kamila Shamsie Salt and Saffron is a beautiful, interesting, and very well written novel I am eager to read Shamsie s other books All I can remember is the names of mouth watering food DThe story revolves around Aliya a Pakistani girl o [...]

    9. The novel begins as Aliya is on a London bound airplane after graduating from college in Massachusetts Aliya is a young Pakistani woman and is on her way home to Karachi She is a natural storyteller and spends the flight relaying tales of her family, the Dar e Dils, to several of the other passengers Throughout their history, the Dard e Dil family has had sets of not quite twins who bring bad luck or shame to the family Aliya tells tales of her family and these twins back to the time of the Mugh [...]

    10. This is why I make it a point to start reading from an author s most recent publications and then move towards the older ones if I like the author enough and I like Shamsie It is set in an aristocratic family but that doesn t mean that it s an unrelatable tale I see bits of my own family in theirs and I don t imagine it s difficult for others to do so because all families have their set of social scripts deviation from which is punished All that aside, this isn t a memorable book and Shamsie s w [...]

    11. Have you ever read a book and associated it with a song I experienced it for the first time with this book.I generally read in metro while commuting to and from work, with my earphones plugged in I recently got my hand on the new The Cranberries album Something Else It includes acoustic versions of old songs and three new songs again, acoustic And if you have ever heard of The Cranberries, other than the hit song Zombie, you would know Dolores O Riordan is a singer who can shout and wake you up [...]

    12. Update 1 It s 5 47 A.M Trying to convince myself to sleep but my fingers are refusing to close the book so that I can put my head to rest I am in love with Kamila Shamsie s Salt Saffron I am in love with every word she wrote I am almost highlighting all her quotes This is my very first encounter with Shamsie, a totally epic win Update 2 It s 20 03 Just uttered the last words from Salt Saffron Excellent read Messages brilliantly hidden yet very well conveyed Kamila Shamsie has been criticized by [...]

    13. The Dard e Dil family saga, the stories and the secrets, told by the young Aliya is the means by which she attempts to find the rhyme and reason of her attraction to the wrong type of guy, a fellow Paksitani unfortunate to have been born on the opposite side of the tracks as herself Discovering the truth behind the unmentionable, the fate of her starred not quite twin will, she believes, lead her to the right choices she needs to make It sounds just like any other tearjerker love story, but it s [...]

    14. It s been great to go back and read Shamsie s earlier novels after reading Home Fire I feel very mixed about this one blurb said it was like a Rushdie Mitford sister mash up and I can see that the narrator is impossibly witty, the family history incredibly intricate, the politics are complex and love wins in the end This is a weird, prickly, sometimes funny, sometimes boring novel that ends up being very likable despite itself For me, Home Fires was one of the best reads of the year and this isn [...]

    15. How horrifying that morning when you wake up and your first thought is not of the person who has left That s when you know, I will never die of a broken heart Aliya is a Pakistani girl living in the U.S She belongs to a royal family and falls in love sith non rich guy which makes her reconsider her family history The family has many stories to tell and secrets to hide Of course you don t marry an individual You marry a family The book captivates the reader till the very last page.

    16. The joy of good food, the pull of the past and family secrets, the power of caste and class are all interwoven into this story about a young Pakistani woman, newly graduated from an American college, who tries to come to terms with a painful event in her life from four years earlier by following its connections to her family s grand colonial era and pre colonial past in India Another flawed but very much sympathetic character as well as cast of characters from Shamsie.

    17. It was a bit difficult to follow lack of chronology, many unfamiliar names, and a lot of this fictional family s history , but I did enjoy the overall plot and the revelations and epiphanies of the main character Unfortunately, the end was weak and rushed though I wonder if that was intentional and I was left with a feeling of slight dissatisfaction.

    18. Kamila Shamsie is a wonderful author and I can t say that enough This wasn t as good as Kartography or Broken Verses, but it had the magic only she is capable of creating As it tends to happen with her books, soon you forget to do things like eat and sleep because you just want to keep reading Read it I wish there was a bit of Khaleel though.

    19. Kamila is a talented novelist, but did not see that reflect in this book at all Repeated exaggerated unnecessary information Towards the end it was just unashamedly predictable and beyond disappointing

    20. A fun quick read about a Pakistani woman who comes from a royal background and falls in love with a man whose ancestors are from the non wealthy part of the country Also family secrets come out through different connections on the family tree which are funny.

    21. If your from Karachi, it s a great book with a lot of familiarity The plot had some confusing elements, but it was a good read.

    22. So not my favorite Kamila Shamsie book, the ending left a little too much to the imagination and the whole Mughal flavor left me bored

    23. Although it is one of her only works, it has been my favourite The problem she has with some of her books namely the plot loosens and loses its structure, is not here She weaved a intricate family saga but it is not as ambitious nonetheless somewhat without depth as in her best known novel, The Burnt Shadows I know her handling of class the scene with Aliya and Masood s brother will stay with me for a long time The exploration of class and love with enchanting stories and her controlled and defi [...]

    24. Kamila Shamsie back at it again with the spotlight on the amazing and incredible elites of Karachi and showing just how beautifully the rest of Karachi is moulded to fit into the background Perhaps barely touching upon the rest of Karachi will prove to the readers that she has in fact seen Karachi Props to her for at least knowing areas other than Clifton and Defence Four stars She definitely knows how to force emotions out of the reader The writing style of this book did get a bit confusing as [...]

    25. Aliya, of an elite class, meets a stranger, Khaleel who is not from same social class This event forces her to resolve the mystery of her second cousin once removed, Maryam Apa who marries a servant, thus brings shame on her family, Dard e Dils This shows how class difference plays its role in the formation of Pakistani society The title is symbolic and the way in which food has been described one can actually taste food Though language is poetic but too many characters demand struggle from read [...]

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