Dinosaur vs. Bedtime (2020)

Dinosaur vs Bedtime Roaaaar Roaar Nothing can stop me Nothing can stop little dinosaur not talking grownups spaghetti or even bath time But what happens when he faces the biggest challenge of all bedtime With spare tex
  • Title: Dinosaur vs. Bedtime
  • Author: Bob Shea
  • ISBN: 9781423113355
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Roaaaar Roaar Nothing can stop me Nothing can stop little dinosaur not talking grownups, spaghetti, or even bath time But what happens when he faces the biggest challenge of all bedtime With spare text and irresistible dinosaur roaaars, little dinosaurs will be begging for this book to be read again and again.
    Dinosaur vs Bedtime A Dinosaur vs Book Bob Shea Mar , This is the short story of all the challenges that dinosaur can take on he takes on the leaves, slides, a bowl of spaghetti, talking grown ups, bath time and tooth brushes, and then he takes on bed time Dinosaur masters every challenge with some mighty roar s and he wins every time That is until he goes up against bedtime. Dinosaur vs Bedtime by Bob Shea Dinosaur vs Bedtime is one of the books that Shortcake can read back to me, including knowing where to turn the pages However, she enjoys it far when I read it to her with silly sounds Dinosaur taking on talking grown ups is a particular favorite and acting out Dinosaur slowly giving into sleep. Dinosaur vs Bedtime Dinosaur vs Bedtime by Bob Shea, Hardcover Barnes Noble Sep , Dinosaur vs Bedtime Editorial Reviews An exuberant and determined little dinosaur faces up to a series of tests, including bath time, tooth brushing and dinner, besting them all roar roar roar until in the final challenge he meets his match. Dinosaur vs Bedtime Reading YouTube Dec , Dino reads Dinosaur vs Bedtime by Bob Shea Dinosaur vs Bedtime on Vimeo Sep , Me and Ryan on Noggin I m reading my new book, Dinosaur vs Bedtime Ryan is the little cute one That isn t a dinosaur bobshea
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    1. You know how stories can be told in completely different ways by inflection, alone Well this is a new story every time I read it to my daughter Some parts get drawn out, embellished, and expanded Others have a very humorous turn that reaches the pure and mighty heights of satire But mostly, it s all about the roars I honestly have a great time hamming this one up I can be as loud and obnoxious as I want, and I don t even have to convert it into semi clever turns of phrase Oh, the Joy Best of all [...]

    2. Oh Mygod How much do children love reading this book Even kids who aren t reading yet can read this book And they love to do it I finally got a chance to read it to my two kids tonight, but even then I didn t really They chimed in with all the ROAR ROAR ROARs, they loved doing a high pitched, hysterical announcer voice for every challenge the dinosaur faces Dinosaur versus A BOWL OF SPAGHETTI and oh GOD did they love Dinosaur versus TALKING GROWN UPS BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH And they even enjoye [...]

    3. Roar, roar, roar The dinosaur takes on falling leaves, talking grownups, spaghetti, and bathtime and wins everytime It is only when he takes on his biggest challenge of all bedtime that the dinosaur meets his match.My 5 year old dinosaurs adored this and we read it over and over Bright and lively illustrations carry the story and allow lots of room for participation with the sound effects This is a fabulous package that is a winner on all levels, design, artwork, palette, and text And best of al [...]

    4. This is probably my favorite Dinosaur vs book My toddlers and pre schoolers really loved roaring along with me.

    5. Shea of the charming New Socks returns with another winning picture book for toddlers and preschoolers Dinosaur meets each challenge in his day with a huge ROAR He wins again and again against dire threats such as leaf piles, the big slide, spaghetti and even talking grownups But there is one thing he has trouble defeating bedtime Will Dinosaur be able to overcome it this time Shea manages to translate the toddler experience directly to the page With few words, a bright red dinosaur with a mouth [...]

    6. I LOVE THIS BOOK I wish something like this, with wide appeal for the masses, would win Caldecott Perfect for Dinosaur storytime Dinosaur can defeat anything bath time, dinner time, just not yawn bedtime.

    7. Checked this out from the libaray Quinn can basically read it to us He of course can t read yet but he can sum up each page before he even turns to it It is so funny to watch him read this and make the dinosaur ROAR noises We are going to have to go and buy this one.

    8. Dinosaur can defeat anything he comes up against but his worthiest challenger will be bedtime Loved it one of my new favorites Great for bedtime Ages 2

    9. This has to be one of my all time favorite childrens book Come onwe have all little dinosaurs at home sometimes, right

    10. Okay, this one was a total suprise Perhaps it was in the reading, but my kids of various ages all loved it and unanimously gave it five stars Spunky little dinosaur.

    11. In Dinosaur vs Bedtime, Bob Shea uses na ve, comic illustration style, combined with bold text, bright colors and a dash of mixed media to create a visually interesting, adventure of a book that will definitely appeal to preschoolers This simple storyline invites reader participation as a very busy little dinosaur tackles everyday challenges like the big slide, a bowl of spaghetti and talking grownups, triumphing over each with a giant roar Roar ROAR With its predictable storyline, repetitive te [...]

    12. I m a big fan of Bob Shea and his books We bought Big Plans after the boys kept taking the book out of the library every chance they could So when my heart sister, Barb, sent along Dinosaur vs Bedtime for my youngest who is going through a dinosaur phase , I was excited to break it out and read it.And none of us were disappointed This book is much shorter on words than Big Plans, and for this book, it works It tells the story in short bursts, showing scenes familiar to any parent of a toddler Di [...]

    13. My mother in law was not pleased when I started roaring in the middle of the bookstore when I first found this bad boy It was instant love, Little Dinosaur and I were meant to be together, and Christmas shopping made a handy excuse to bring him home with me The bright colors, the simple but humorous illustrations, and the chance to roar like a dinosaur make this book a hit with everyone Little Dinosaur, with his mighty roars, can win at everything, no one can stand against him Not a pile of leav [...]

    14. November 1 2008Easy enough for the most beginning of readers, but oh, so fun to read aloud with the ROARING Lots of great ROARs A good one for showing a child how typography suggests volume and tone, without requiring discussion of those issues June 21 2012I did not read it aloud this time I sat on the sofa, with my daughters on either side, all of us reading Given the tendency to share funny lines aloud, it wasn t all that quiet in there with our three books, even though I wasn t ROARing Veroni [...]

    15. This is a picture book for very young children who love dinosaurs but might be reluctant to get ready for bed Bob Shea writes a story about how a tiny red T Rex challenges various nighttime activities as he prepares to go against his worst enemy, bedtime The story is filled with roars as the dinosaur beats activities as sliding down a slide, eating a bowl of spaghetti, brushing his teeth, taking a bath, and others Each activity the dinosaur is declared the winner, until he loses to bedtime as he [...]

    16. Sometimes it may seem like your toddler is part dinosaur and after a long day of very LOUDLY defeating all of the obstacles thrown at them a bowl of spaghetti talking grown ups bathtime and tooth brushing , what is it that finally claims victory over this very enthusiastic dino Why, bedtime, of course.My infant and toddler both LOVE this book, from its bright colors to the dinosaur s ROAR ROAR ROAR as it skips from page to page There s very few words, so it s perfect for the little guys that wan [...]

    17. My wife picked this book out during one of our holy crap we re having a kid trips to BN We re not due until September, but I still read this book out loud on occasion, just for the pure joy of getting to practice my ROAR ROAR ROAR for future story times The book has become part of the waiting for the kid traditions in our house in a way other books haven t yet.And I d be lying if I said I didn t occasionally roar around the house, or declare dinosaur vs fried chickenDINOSAUR WINS at dinner.We pl [...]

    18. What could be wrong with a picture book about a fierce young dinosaur tackling the joys a pile of leaves and hassles grownups talking, bath and toothbrushing of preschool life Each spread is roar roar roar Dinosaur vs and then on the next page the opponent , followed by Dinosaur wins But when Dinosaur faces his toughest opponent, he roooaarss himself off to sleep Kids will love to repeat DINOSAUR WINS and for the rough and tumble crowd this makes a good repetitive bedtime wind down Admittedly, t [...]

    19. In a word, cute Children will enjoy the script, so long as the reader adds appropriate grit to the ample roars Parents will appreciate the test of wills and ultimate victor in this short and colorful bedtime story.

    20. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, everyone Today, we read Dinosaur Vs Bedtime by Bob Shea, the first in the Dinosaur Vs series It s a funny little book about an bold little dino and his unique way of tackling challenges.Meet Dinosaur he is fierce, strong, and wields a mighty ROAR No challenge can intimidate Dinosaur A pile of leaves Demolished A bowl of spaghetti Devoured Grown ups talking Dispersed Dinosaur takes on ever [...]

    21. A story about a little dinosaur who is determined to conquer anything that comes his way I think it s interesting what this dinosaur s thoughts are on defeating or conquering things Sliding down a slide, brushing his teeth, and scaring talking grown ups are all successes to him Pretty cute, overall.

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