Cosplayers (2020)

Cosplayers This graphic novel is an ode to the defining element of fandom It celebrates both the culture s theatricality and D I Y beauty as well as its often awkward conflation of fantasy with reality in seven
  • Title: Cosplayers
  • Author: Dash Shaw
  • ISBN: 9781606999486
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This graphic novel is an ode to the defining element of fandom It celebrates both the culture s theatricality and D.I.Y beauty as well as its often awkward conflation of fantasy with reality in seven interconnected short stories about two young women Cosplayers is an affectionate, funny book about how fandom can be much inclusive and humanistic than the stories andThis graphic novel is an ode to the defining element of fandom It celebrates both the culture s theatricality and D.I.Y beauty as well as its often awkward conflation of fantasy with reality in seven interconnected short stories about two young women Cosplayers is an affectionate, funny book about how fandom can be much inclusive and humanistic than the stories and characters it s built upon.
    Cosplay Cosplay Definition of Cosplay by Merriam Webster Definition of cosplay Entry of the activity or practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction such as a comic book, video game, or television show In cosplay, a good costume is as much about creativity with materials and construction as it is about the outcome. Cosplayer Definition of Cosplayer by Merriam Webster Definition of cosplayer someone who engages in cosplay The costume artists, known as cosplayers short for costume play , came from the across the Bay Area to take on the identities of their favorite fictional characters for the San Francisco Anime and Cosplay List of cosplayers rowsList of cosplayers From , the free encyclopedia The following is a list of a notable Best Cosplayers in the World HYPEBEAST Cosplay The World s Largest Cosplay Community Cosplay is the internet s premier cosplay community Join tens of thousands of cosplayers and photographers from around the world sharing photo galleries, forums,
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    1. More like 3.5 stars, but I m rounding down I really liked the metaphysical tributes to Tezuka and Kirby, and the jokes are generally very funny throughout But Shaw doesn t seem particularly interested in his main characters There s no development and very little tension, and in one story he traps them in a tired and extremely basic sitcom plot.

    2. Easily the most conventional and accessible Shaw work I have read About two cosplaying girls, released serially, 7 interlocking stories about the girls, cosplay, comics, fantasy, manga Tezuka, Myazaki , making films, using other people Feels like in large part an homage to Daniel Clowes and Ghost World Some of the drawing here is like Clowes for sure, and there s the two girls growing up comparison, they re in both stories trying to find themselves, coming of age, trying on different clothes, di [...]

    3. I didn t expect to like this one but I was pleasantly surprised The characters in here are complex and their dynamics and interests push against conventional narrative in ways I really appreciate Here s a very long sentence about the book from the fantagraphics site Artfully celebrating both the culture s obvious theatricality and uniquely D.I.Y beauty, as well as its often awkward conflation of fantasy and reality, Cosplayers explores these delicate psychological balancing acts via a series of [...]

    4. I originally rated this 2 stars But, now after a day to contemplate it I m changing it to 1 star Originally I thought I was just bored But, after some contemplation I realize that I feel insulted Overall this illustrates over and over the pathetic lives of comic reading nerds i.e the very people who would read this book And, I feel like my fandom in general has been insulted And, I feel like some of the experts in my field who I highly respect have been insulted Maybe this wasn t intentional But [...]

    5. This just didn t connect with me The stories are unremarkable, and the characters were neither likable enough nor interesting enough to make me want to see of them Very obviously inspired by Ghost World, so I suppose if you re looking for of the same, but geekier, here it is.

    6. This was fun, if rather on the slight side Annie enjoys dressing up in costumes Verti enjoys taking photos and videos of her doing so They start improvising short films and posting them online, and go to a few anime conventions It s a fun celebration of the fan lifestyle Shaw writes with a light touch, never over explaining or wallowing in the minutiae of his subject matter I really like the collage work on some of the covers There s no real ongoing story, just the two girls having adventures It [...]

    7. Episodic story about two cosplayers who start making movies without the consent of some of their stars Also some portraits of cosplayers Although the plot largely occurs at cons and the main characters are cosplayers, it s a teeny bit less cosplay centric than I would have expected At least from a mainstream writer.Originally published as pamphlets Honestly, it s one of the most accessible works I ve read by Shaw Full color illustrations, and a relatively mainstream plotline.

    8. A cute little book A little over a hundred pages Two young women who make no budget movies with cell phone cameras and post them to youtube, encounter random, over the top nerds I agree with other reviewers that this reads like a Daniel Clowes book than Dash Shaw s previous books, in that it s character reaction rather than character driven But the vignette format keeps it from getting tedious I would have liked if it had gone somewhere, though.

    9. I enjoyed reading this book and thought it was a lot of fun I m noticing that it s getting mixed reviews I think people who are into fandom nerd culture, like me, are likely to relate to the stories Also, it is a certain brand of humor wry, witty, a little snarky and sarcastic at times, so it worked for me It is a pretty accurate snapshot of CONs, cosplay events, comic shops, and who tends to frequent them I needed a good laugh during this political season, and this book accomplished that goal [...]

    10. I love what Shaw is doing with his Cosplayer stories, treating his subjects with respect and curiosity and not holding them up for ridicule This Prefect Collection, as it is called, brings together the earlier stories from the two comic books released in 2014, as well as the stories included in the FCBD Hip Hop Family Tree Three in One comic And never before released stories, as well.

    11. I read stuff from lists and reviews and recommendations Often I don t remember why I m reading something until I go to review it and look at the book again This one was one of those where I was thinking, we the heck did I read this And I m thinking it had to be a Steve review and it was so good for me for figuring it out Now I ve just got to understand, what was he thinking It s not that this was awful Umm wait, it was awful Or pointless, umm again The main character was mean spirited and her fr [...]

    12. Interesting exploration of modern day fandom, YouTube youth culture, and geeky hobbies The stories are a bit disconnected and end abruptly I feel like we re only getting brief glimpses into the lives of some of the main characters and the people they encounter, and I wanted to learn about them Some of the storylines are unusually bleak for a volume that s supposed to be focusing on a creative hobby and its scene the focus on a side character, an anime expert who is fighting both poverty and iss [...]

    13. I adore media about convention life made by people who clearly know their stuff The main characters are a modern day Becky and Enid from Ghost World and I love it PS, if you enjoy this, check out 2Kawaii4Comfort on YouTube It s good.

    14. Is this Ghost World 2017 As a geeky female, I feel insulted The book is described as affectionate , but really, the two main female characters come off as creepy, deluded stalkers They dress up and film themselves tormenting unsuspecting people, and put them for their YouTube videos without consent As nerds, we re supposed to celebrate that How is this book affectionate or kind towards female friendships, or women participating in geek culture This book reinforces gross stereotypes about fandom [...]

    15. The problem with having your magnum opus also be your debut is that everything else you create is gonna be measured up against it and ultimately, feel a little underwhelming than it would in a vacuum Maybe I just loved Bottomless Belly Button too much Cosplayers is a definite improvement over Shaw s last offering Doctors, which was thematically potent but felt half there as a book and while it feels a little too much like an homage to Daniel Clowes, it s still fun and poignant It s still not qu [...]

    16. I m not sure I understood the point of this Is it to make cosplayers sympathetic and understandable Is it making fun of them Or it just cashing in on people who are titillated by the concept of cosplay It fails at all three of those and offers only bland stories with bland art about bland characters.

    17. Ehhh A couple of disaffected youth have a lot of ennui and they cosplay The art is loose and not particularly emotive Definitely a meh for me I wasn t too into the indie comics of the 1990s, and this harkens back to that era in terms of tone.

    18. I hated this The two lead females were terrible people They creepily filmed people without permission They filmed a fake date with an innocent guy where the girl was hiding a knife behind her back inside his home Wtf They started a real fight with people at a bar just for the sake of their stupid YouTube channel They re mean to an old classmate, calling her a bitch and using footage of her without consent They again go on a fake date with another guy.Then, they go to a con There s this Tezuka ex [...]

    19. Dash Shaw is virtually impossible to pigeonhole Just when you think you ve got him figured out, he flips everything around and you re back to Square One with him I first noticed him like a lot of readers after Bottomless Belly Button, a tender and melancholy comic about a family coming apart Then, he started making truly weird books like New School, always experimenting with form and style Recently, I watched an animated movie he directed called My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea which i [...]

    20. Cosplayers is written by Dash Shaw, the same person who wrote Doctors, however this book isn t nearly as interesting and has zero charm I was a cosplayer in my teens, I m still a fan now and have immense respect for people who make cosplays These characters though, are just plain unlikable There s isn t really a story, the book seems to be a series of short comics The first follows the main characters Annie and Verti making a webseries using limited resources This actually would have been intere [...]

    21. The best part of this for me was the small side story where a presenter at a conference can t afford a hotel room and ends up sleeping in a dumpster That part hit home.Otherwise, it is the story of two women who make movies on their own, find a brush with fame, and spoiler alert find that they were better off doing the thing they wanted to do, not doing the thing they wanted to do.I thought it was a bit weirdly episodic, until the end when I read that the stories were supposed to be looser and l [...]

    22. I think what I like most about Dash Shaw s work is he seems to genuinely just love drawing great pictures He has a seriousness about making awesome somewhat over the top art come alive, and it is so fun to look at and read His play with collage and vibrant colors is unique and exciting in an almost innocent way, and he depicts his subjects with a sincerity of action and dialogue that beautifully dovetails this That being said, this book is composed of short stories following the same characters [...]

    23. This is a collection of short stories about cosplayers who like to dress up and play pretend It s a lot of fun, especially given Shaw s appreciation for the pastime I love cosplay because I love how much time people take to make their stuff and get into character, so looking behind the mask with Shaw is a lot of fun The book gets a little metaphorical in places, but that can be interesting and meditative as well I d recommend it for YA readers andGhost World fans.

    24. This book drove me crazy because it has so much potential and I want of this written about for the original nerds , before it became perverted and cool However, the story didn t quite reach the heights that it should have I appreciated the humor I wanted of that as well as a cohesive story Great visuals every page was lovely Oh and the nerd guy and nerd girl love, as brief as it was, was endearing Lovely visuals throughout.

    25. This didn t connect with me much at all Other than the Phoenix part and the Kirby 2001, but only for fleeting moments panels I did chuckle at the the nerdiest thing in the world right now is to be a jock line But this is just light pap for a guy who did Bottomless Belly Button, BodyWorld, New School and My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

    26. Basically Shaw taking Enid and Rebecca from Ghost World and turning them into DIY filmmakers, zine makers, anime fans and convention goers Though he says, Plus some apologies to Daniel Clowes, near the end of his acknowledgements page, the artwork and most of the characters musings are distinctly Shaw s Think of it as the comic equivalent of J.J Abrams Super 8.

    27. Humorous, lighthearted, and satisfyingly relatable to a fandom nerd such as myself A collection of short comic stories following two friends adventures in the world of cosplay and making videos to put up on YouTube I definitely want to read of Shaw s work

    28. It was interesting because it s a world that I know even if I don t cosplay The stories were missing something I felt sometimes things happened to fast and for no reason It was entertaining enough to keep reading.

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