Losers (2020)

Losers Do you Listen to music that s not popular Hang out with math geeks Read poetry Come from another country Get embarrassed easily in overly social situations Worry that everyone else is hooking up than
  • Title: Losers
  • Author: Matthue Roth
  • ISBN: 9780545068932
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do you Listen to music that s not popular Hang out with math geeks Read poetry Come from another country Get embarrassed easily in overly social situations Worry that everyone else is hooking up than you If you said yes to any of these questions, there are people who think you re a loser But not Jupiter Glazer Jupiter, a Russian born, outcast befriending,Do you Listen to music that s not popular Hang out with math geeks Read poetry Come from another country Get embarrassed easily in overly social situations Worry that everyone else is hooking up than you If you said yes to any of these questions, there are people who think you re a loser But not Jupiter Glazer Jupiter, a Russian born, outcast befriending, sexually insecure brooder who listens to The Cure, is not about to lose out on high school No, it s time for him to win For once This is his story.
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    1. Possibly the best book ever written about Russian Jewish immigrant geeks I m not just saying that because it s probably the only book of that particular genuclature Or because I wrote it.

    2. Sonia cyber introduced me to her old friend Matthue Roth because we re both writers and she thought we should know each other I promptly ordered Losers because it sounded like a book I would have liked when I was a young adult It was It was great I m enjoying reading books written by my peers I can relate to them in a certain special way We were all unpopular kids at the same time, after all Right around the time I got Losers in the mail, I saw that Matthue would be doing a reading in NYC with S [...]

    3. I really liked it Not fitting in, learning the codes of belonging, neighborhood issues, geeks, parental issues, taking on the man, gay friends.

    4. Reviewed by Breanna F for TeensReadTooJupiter Glazer has had a tough life ever since he got dragged from Russia to the United States when he was young He s always been the kid who gets picked on and shoved into lockers He only really has one good friend, Vadim, who is also Russian The night before he starts his first day at a new high school, he decides he s not going to be that kid any He s going to transform himself and actually fit in with the other kids and make friends.Soon, he s listening [...]

    5. In Losers, a socially awkward and sexually insecure Russian 15 year old named Jupiter finds his way through high school and learns how you can become popular and how to be happy He started out as an awkward loser whose thick Russian accent was almost incomprehensible, and turned into an old bands who no one s ever heard of lover and a well respected kid in high school Jupiter goes to his first party in the beginning of the book, and figures out what connections will get you to the top of the soc [...]

    6. The protagonist of Losers , Jupiter, comes to America from Russia to attend school and is, naturally, an outcast at first Being a product of his culture, he has a different take on situations and ideas than most people he comes to attend school with This wasn t my favorite book, but it definitely got better with each page I really liked that the text handled lots of present day issues with teens, namely assimilation, acceptance, bullying, etc Most of these topics aren t high on the list of most [...]

    7. Book review for Losers This book is about a boy who went from having no friends to being populare, just beacuse he was invited to a party and shared a very intrested story ofhim whe he was small I rate this book at a 8 because through the story you learn how it is to become some one you are not I also think this book is a rate of 8 because it teaches you that being popular is not what every one should be, being als a great life I want to know why the author chosed the tittle to be losers Jupitor [...]

    8. Losers wasn t my favorite book, but it got better towards the end The protagonist is from Russia, the wrong side of town, and a target for bullies, but one night at a party begins to change all this He drops his accent and begins his pursuit into popularity I won t tell you if he did or not.I don t think I could use this in the classroom, but it s nice to see main characters from an ethnic stand point This is not a book I would recommend to the reluctant reader, but I see some students liking it [...]

    9. I started reading the copy EP took out of the library MINUTES after she finished it, and read the whole thing in about an hour and a half It kept surprising me with how the story developed, and I loved that it was neither a happy ever after type story nor a life sucks and then you die thing This book just had this great sensibility that had me loving and deeply caring about the main character, faults and all Totally totally recommend to people who love reading YA books about high school sagas.

    10. This book was very fun unpredictable The loser guy didn t end up with the popular hot girl finally The main character was very relateable and made me laugh a few times

    11. Very funny I felt like I was Jupiter through out the book It kept me inspired to read it and I finished it after just a couple of days It made me laugh a lot too absolutely a must

    12. Losers is a entertainment filled book written by Matthue Roth I was able to read this book in less than 2 weeks, and I ve never been excited to go home and read a book in my life The book is about Jupiter, a Russian exchange student who came here as a refugee with his family He only has one real friend, Vadim, and they go to the same school together This book goes into detail about what they do together, and I like how it stays in one character s point of view throughout the book Losers is quit [...]

    13. I think this book is a very good book It talks about a lot of different topics One being the struggle that some people that are from different countries face when being in America and looking or sounding different from other people Which is one of the struggles the main character Jupiter goes through but he makes the best of it I would recommend this.

    14. Socially awkward, geeky Russian Jew growing up and trying to fit in in Philadelphia This is the first Matthue Roth book I have read I hope we have of his work at FLP.The writing is clever and, at times, beautiful I thoroughly enjoyed this book My complaint is that I can t figure out when the story is set The subculture and music referenced in the story do not point to any particular era Perhaps this is intentional It also feels like some important parts of the story are glossed over, but this d [...]

    15. This book captivates an outsider teen by literally making him in outsider Not only is he quiet and a little dorky, he doesn t live in the most lavish community and he didn t always speak English If there was ever a story to captivate a teen who just didn t fit in, this would be it Not only does the main character, Jupiter Glazer, not fit in but in reality doesn t want to, at least not with the typical high school popular crowd It really is a classic story for a transforming teen trying to find t [...]

    16. Losers reminded me a lot of Daniel Pinkwater s wonderful The Education of Robert Nifkin which begins, My father is a son of a bitch from Eastern Europe The main character in Losers has lived in the US for several years, but when he starts high school with all new classmates, his Russian accent and new kid status make him stand out for all the wrong reasons Funny and poignant I especially liked reading about Jupiter s ventures into downtown Philadelphia, where he discovers the world of coffeehous [...]

    17. This book was OK I got it from as a part of a bully prevention feature I loved that the chapter titles all were titles of Cure songs My favorite band of all time I liked that the theme of the story is about finding a way to fit in What I didn t like is the way the story seemed so scattered It jumped around It just didn t seem to flow The main character was kind of annoying, too.Maybe if I was a teenage, angst ridden boy this book would be appealing to me.

    18. When I was in junior high I unfortunately was one of the many mislead pre teens that loathed reading But when I read this book, it changed my whole perspective It was the first book I truly enjoyed, I could step into the shoes of a very realistically portrayed russian refugee teen that experienced Jr High much like I did, like anyone does In summation I Highly recommend this book for a Jr high to high school audience.

    19. Definitely a book I d recommend to high schoolers The main character does get really popular but transcends cliques , gives kind of a new insight into the term losers and generally learns some good lessons about himself and human behavior The characters felt like period 80s or 90s, but they are all well written and appear like any ordinary people we knew growing up.

    20. I like this book so far, it started off with Jupiter getting beat up If that is just the being, I m sure good things will happen later on

    21. This book was just sad Nothing interesting in it happens None of the characters are likeable including the main ones and it s just as unbelievable as it is slow which is very.

    22. i didn t like it because it was too inappropriate for me and i don t really like books with thoses details.

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