Right Place, Right Time (2020)

Right Place Right Time Kate Dumont is an achiever completely focused on her future Playing the role of brilliant pre med student doesn t leave her much time for anything else But is she working towards the future she wants
  • Title: Right Place, Right Time
  • Author: Jennifer L. Allen
  • ISBN: 9780996456562
  • Page: 418
  • Format: ebook
  • Kate Dumont is an achiever, completely focused on her future Playing the role of brilliant pre med student doesn t leave her much time for anything else But is she working towards the future she wants, or the future her elitist parents have planned out for her Jay Spencer grew up on the wrong side of the tracks He s made some mistakes, and one in particular will followKate Dumont is an achiever, completely focused on her future Playing the role of brilliant pre med student doesn t leave her much time for anything else But is she working towards the future she wants, or the future her elitist parents have planned out for her Jay Spencer grew up on the wrong side of the tracks He s made some mistakes, and one in particular will follow him around for the rest of his life He spends most of his days keeping himself out of trouble by following his passion, riding and repairing motorcycles.Two lost souls met on the side of a South Carolina highway three years ago, neither one knowing what they would eventually mean to each other Reunited in California, Kate and Jay feel a pull towards one another they cannot explain and they re not even sure if they should try.Will they help each other bring out the best in themselves Or are their lives too different to even have a chance Right Place, Right Time is the second book in the Second Chances series Each book can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended that they are read in order.
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    1. This is Book 2 in the Second Chances series by Jennifer Allen It tells the story of Kate Dumont, the very devoted best friend and roommate of Casey Evans from CHANGE OF HEART This story is told with a prologue and then runs parallel to events from the first book If you are a fan of second chance romance, this one is a true find Kate meets Jay when she is still in high school He stops to help her broken down car After agreeing to meet up again, the worst possible event occurs Both their hearts ar [...]

    2. When deciding to read this book, I think I only remembered the things that I liked about the first one of the series It was sweet, but the writing wasn t that great, and besides the secrets lies, it was a little boring That being said, the second book is worse than the first The story is sweet enough, told in alternating povs, the h is a nice person and the H isn t a manwhore, but that s about it The writing just wasn t strong enough for me The MCs sound almost the same and their telling of the [...]

    3. I fell in love with Kate and Jay s characters in Change of Heart, book 1 in the Second Chances series I knew form the glimpses of their stories that I wanted to know it all Boy was I surprised at the turn Jennifer A Allen took their journey, but I absolutely loved it What are the chances you will meet the one person who completes you when your car breaks down on the side of the road What are the chances that after 4 years, and a move across the country that they will walk into the restaurant whe [...]

    4. 5 Stars Just when everything is rainbows and unicorns things always go to crap But what relationship doesn t right It s up to the individuals to make the choice to fight for what is right This is that story I immediately liked Kate from the opening chapter with her stranded on the side of road then comes the white knight Jay Uhhhh I so want him for myself bad boy image, tattoos but a warm heart Kate and Jay are destined for each other even though obstacles are thrown in their way Kate immediatel [...]

    5. This is book 2 in the Second Chances series and in this we meet Kate Casey s Best Friend and Jay I loved reading this book and was very excited to read it after reading Change Of Heart and learing all about Kate.Kate is a very strong, caring character and we get to see just how much it takes to break her Her whole life, Kate has done nothing but try please her parents or even at least get noticed, some attention even, but unless it is 100% in all her studies and she does exactly what they say, t [...]

    6. I love second chance romances as there is something special about them I found this an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.Chance brought Kate and Jay together the first time they met and chance took them apart Kate and Jay are from opposite sides of the tracks The first chance Jay gets he finds his way back to Kate Kate spends her life trying to impress her parents and live the life they want for her Jay brings out her passion for life and helps her see what she wants to do with her life Jay, t [...]

    7. Young love and second chances are the theme of the Second Chances series including CHANGE OF HEART and RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME by Jennifer L Allen While a standalone, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME does contain a few spoilers if you haven t read CHANGE OF HEART However, if you re like me, you ll read both.Jennifer L Allen writes with untold emotion in her stories, making the reader feel the scenes as well as see them It s no mean trick and difficult to do She employs psychology background well Despite [...]

    8. Jennifer L Allen has done another amazing job telling us the story of the sweet, innocent rich girl meeting the poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks in Right Place, Right Time Having been a huge fan of her debut novel, Change of Heart I could not wait to find out about Kate, the roommate Kate had intrigued me before Her life riddled with mystery and little hints being dropped, I couldn t wait for Allen to write her story I had no idea just how much I would fall in love with what Allen wou [...]

    9. Wow Right place, Right time was an amazing read that I enjoyed reading very much Right Place, Right Time is the second in the second chance series and is about the character Kate and Jay who readers are first introduce to in the first book of the series Change of Heart After reading about the characters in the first book, I was fascinated with finding out of the story about the relationship between Kate and Jay Right place, Right time did not disappoint and after reading the story I understand [...]

    10. When Kate meets Jay while stranded on the highway, she never intended to meet the aloof and charismatic Jay who comes to her rescue She never intended to have her heart shattered by that same man 3 yrs after and on the other side of the country Kate is once again faced with the same aloof bad boy and a handful of questions Why now Why after everything you said Simple Because he can no longer stay away Can the reluctant pre med student and the tormented mechanic get their much wanted re do at lov [...]

    11. I love Kate She reminds me of myself in that she s lived for everyone else but herself Kate is a certified genius who is going to medical school at Stanford to appease her mother and father Jay has come to California to see be with Kate his Sunshine Which I love his name for her because my mom used to sing You are my Sunshine to me when I was a kid Anyway, Jay moves across the US to be with Kate but still battles his lack of finances versus Kate s wealth thought process Kate is amazingly strong [...]

    12. Having already read Change of Heart I was looking forward to hearing Kate s side of the story not to mention Jays As much as I loved Casey and Decker, Kate and Jay are my favourites Kate has always tried to make her parents proud of her even at the cost of her own happiness Jay made one poor decision that has changed the direction of his life forever Jay doesn t feel he s good enough for Kate, Kate loves him regardless of his past.Another fantastic book from Jennifer L Allen I cannot wait for

    13. I ll tell you one thing for absolute certain, this author knows how to tell you a story You are gripped from the very first page all the way through to the ending Jennifer is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors Her characters are so real I loved getting to read Kate s story She is such a sweet, caring, non judgemental person She is the PERFECT person for Jay to teach him to love himself and to see himself as she does I also really liked getting to see Kate s side of the events from C [...]

    14. We met Kate and Jay in Change of Heart and they both intrigued me I wondered what the deal was with them and I finally have my answer Ms Allen as yet again weaved a story so real you believe these things can actually happen And again had tears streaming down my face Kate and Jay s story was heart wrenching, the love that poured from them but Jay was too stuck in the past to move forward Another awesome book Can t wait to see what s next for Ms Allen.Ab Fab Review

    15. After reading both of the Second Chances books, one of my favorite things about them is that the heroines are people I could relate to smart introverts focused on school who are likeable but don t have many friends Throughout this book Jay s mistake is alluded to but not revealed until quite a ways into the book it s obvious from the first or second chapter, so there was no need for it to be such a secret from the reader.

    16. I absolutely love reading Jennifer Allen s novels The writing is smooth, easy to read, packed full of emotions, characters that are relatable and beautifully written I was excited to get Kate and Jay s story and I was not disappointed Both of them have to grow and find themselves in order to accept the past and be together Kate reminds me of my best friend and I love her strength and passion Jay is sweet, understanding and a great match to Kate Another wonderful read Review by Raychel

    17. Another amazing read by Jennifer L Allen I love Jennifer s books Kate and Jay s story is amazing I do recommend reading Change of Heart first you won t regret it because in this story it coincides with what happens in the first book You can read this as a standalone but to get the full emotional effect you really should read the first one This book is full of emotion, love, friendships, and an all over great read.

    18. This book is absolutely amazing The details, the characters everything This book is everything When reading anything this author has written be prepared to sit all day because you won t be able to put it down Her words become pictures and soon you will find yourself lost in what I call a book movie Go read this book you will not regret it It s full of hot and steamy scenes and lots of feels P.S Jay is mine

    19. In this second book of the series, we folIlow Kate, Casey s roommate from book 1 We see how Kate meets Jay, and when she meets him Did she meet him while at Stanford, or did she know him before that The relationship that we see between Kate and her parents is interesting to say the least It makes me so happy that I have the parents that I have Watching Jay and Kate learn about the new person the other is interesting What we learn about Jay and why he cut communications with Kate is sad Why he we [...]

    20. This book is the second book in the Second Chances series I am normally not really into second chance books but I enjoyed the first one so I decided to read this one as well Kate is an over achiever and as a result of this she is focused solely on her future and being a pre med student The problem is she is not sure if this is what she really wants or if it is what she has been pushed into by her family Jay is the exact opposite He had trouble in his youth and spends his life trying to stay out [...]

    21. Right Place, Right Time is the follow up of Change Of Heart It is set in the same time as Change Of Heart and situations do overlap so please read that FIRST then proceed to this one This is Kate and Jay s story We learn all about their past, his troubles and how their relationship builds from one of friendship to love Kate and Jay s story is much different than Casey and Decker s I was pleasantly surprised to see the overlap of the first book in this one I remember reading parts of the first bo [...]

    22. I am a big fan of this author, she creates these characters and worlds that you can get lost in and want This is the second book in this series, but can be read as a stand alone, but I personally prefer to read books in order bc I love the follow ups on the previous main characters I really enjoyed, Change of Heart, book one and this was no different I was very excited that Kate got her own story and it was very well delivered Written well, likable characters, great love story.

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