Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken (2020)

Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken None
  • Title: Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken
  • Author: Monica Bhide
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  • Page: 188
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      188 Monica Bhide
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    1. Original and full review posted on kitchen frolic Note I was sent an ARC from the author but was not expected to write a review Orphaned at a young age and raised by Buddhist monks, Eshaan grew up knowing hunger So his goal in life is to ensure that no one ever goes hungry But in a world of greed and poverty, his dream seems almost impossible.Eshaan s kind and generous heart makes it difficult for him to save any money towards his restaurant , but slowly, with the help of his friends, Eshaan ope [...]

    2. It s hard not to like and cheer for Eshaan, the protagonist in this lively story The book reads quickly, and the characters are interesting, if a little one dimensional.It s almost like reading another Don t Eat, Pray, Hope for Love book you ll see what I mean when you pick up a copy.

    3. I read this during the time that I needed something simple and heartwarming It explores the human spirit, loss, love and strength to overcome hardship It is written by someone who knows food and India I welcomed the heartwarming end and look forward to reading her next book, Kismet and the Art of Redemption.

    4. I finished this book several days ago I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my daughter, crying as I finished it It s taken me awhile to sit with this and explain why I love this book so much It s beautifully written, which I expected as a person whose read much of Monica s work I also expected the wonderfully wrought descriptions of India and food But here is a writer who is coming into her voice She s always had a strong voice but THIS fiction voice is not simply strong, but just may be h [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book I was given an advance copy The story caught my attention and, as with other books I enjoy, I found myself thinking about the storyline when I was doing other things I liked the characters and I could sense and feel the sights and smells as I read It was a nice change of pace from some of the books I ve been reading Congratulations Monica You did a great job.

    6. I love reading books that take place in different countries, this story takes place in Delhi, India The author writes in such imaginative details that you can almost taste the food mentioned throughout the story and feel the heat and the fragrance and aroma of Delhi The main character Eshaan is raised by monks after the tragic death of his mother His father left him and his mother behind never to return leaving them destitute a few years before the death of Eshaan mother After starving so badly [...]

    7. I won this book from Giveaways Thank you This book.I felt every emotion, smelled each smell, heard each sound, saw every sightl as if I was right in the middle of the story Beautifully written I can t wait for the sequel.

    8. Such a beautiful story about love, loss and the best parts of human nature and kindness Loved, loved, loved it

    9. Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken is the first novel by Monica Bhide, telling the moving story of the orphan Eshaan trying his luck at a popular cooking TV competition Admirably, the author avoid to fall into the trap of a stereotypical Bollywood like stories nothing wrong with Bollywood, but stereotypes in novels are not a sign of talent and creates a page turning story where emotions abund and with every twist of the story you feel the need to just jump in the story and start changing someth [...]

    10. Bhide and Eshaan, the main character had me on page one He smiles as he realizes he may possibly be the only person ever to enter a cooking studio with a monk by his side Then, I hate to say, Bhide lost me for a bit The cast of characters and I mean there are some characters is long and I found myself thinking, Who is this person Let me start with the main character, Eshaan Eshaan was orphaned during his formative years due to an absent father and a tragic loss Hunger plays a major role in the b [...]

    11. Finely developed characters provide nuanced flavor and nourish the mind, as butter chicken nourishes the body I have long loved Indian food, and have since I first experienced it while traveling in New Zealand of all places The subtle nuanced flavors that combine into rich and complex satisfying dishes that nourish the body and soul That s what this book is to mee combination of rich nuanced characters that simmer amidst a wonderful storyline just like my favorite Indian dishes Each person is a [...]

    12. I met Monica Bhide in Washington DC She had this HUGE smile that warmed my spirit I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to her welcoming aura I asked her about her book, Karma instantly, I was compelled to buy it I m glad I did Read Karma in 1 day Enjoyed the rich culture that was presented in this book The underlying tones of spirituality practicality merged beautifully The book also made me EXTREMELY hungry that should be expected from an accomplished cook author I can t wait for the sequel Awesome job Moni [...]

    13. The author Monica Bhide takes the reader by the hand and shows you how one can find beauty in sadness and joy in the most unexpected places Filled with heart tugging moments The poetry verses are a bonus and equally beautiful This book is a must read.

    14. A wonderfully optimistic novel about love and purpose in life I always learn so much about the Indian culture from Bhide s fiction I can see this as a Bollywood film.

    15. Monica Bhide s novel, that is reminiscent of a Bollywood Movie, I could almost imagine the dance sequences is a fun light read, in spite of its underlying serious message reminding us of the inordinate number of people in the world who go hungry and how we well fed ones treat them The book is full of descriptions of cooking and various wonderful sounding dishes It comes with an offer of a Bookclub Cookbook, that naturally, I got how could I not it s free Of course, considering that Butter Chicke [...]

    16. From the reality cooking show prologue, you are quickly drawn into the story How could Eshaan have gotten here and why does he do what he does Why did he bring a monk with him Did he just blow his big chance I ve never been to India, but the vivid descriptions instantly place you there In short order, the book raises many universal questions such as why am I here what is my purpose even if I know my purpose, how do I achieve it how do I make peace with the past and move on to my future who am I [...]

    17. This book is a bit of a jumble in its construction, but it s an endearing story about a young man with a dream A look into modern life in India, too.

    18. I recieved a free copy of this book to review.This is a difficult book for me to rate I had trouble connecting with the characters, perhaps because the culture and worldview is so different than mine.In the book, Eshaan wants to open a free kitchen to feed the poor in Delhi The idea is that the people will donate what they can and help make their meal in the kitchen.However, the kitchen in fraught with problems from the start, some plausible than others.What I really enjoyed was the cooking sho [...]

    19. Definitely not a book I would typically read.Thought I would give it a shot in hopes of finding a new genre to like, but it was just not meant to be.The story has a really great plot line but for some reason I just couldnt click with it I suppose it just didn t catch enough of my attention as I was unable to finish the book, I was easily side tracked and distracted and just couldn t pick up the plot like I do not blame the author for this at all, sometimes you grab a book thinking this is going [...]

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