To the Bright Edge of the World (2020)

To the Bright Edge of the World An atmospheric transporting tale of adventure love and survival from the bestselling author of The Snow Child finalist for the Pulitzer Prize In the winter of decorated war hero Colonel Alle
  • Title: To the Bright Edge of the World
  • Author: Eowyn Ivey
  • ISBN: 9780316242844
  • Page: 484
  • Format: ebook
  • An atmospheric, transporting tale of adventure, love, and survival from the bestselling author of The Snow Child, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize In the winter of 1885, decorated war hero Colonel Allen Forrester leads a small band of men on an expedition that has been deemed impossible to venture up the Wolverine River and pierce the vast, untamed Alaska Territory LeaviAn atmospheric, transporting tale of adventure, love, and survival from the bestselling author of The Snow Child, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize In the winter of 1885, decorated war hero Colonel Allen Forrester leads a small band of men on an expedition that has been deemed impossible to venture up the Wolverine River and pierce the vast, untamed Alaska Territory Leaving behind Sophie, his newly pregnant wife, Colonel Forrester records his extraordinary experiences in hopes that his journal will reach her if he doesn t return once he passes beyond the edge of the known world, there s no telling what awaits him The Wolverine River Valley is not only breathtaking and forbidding but also terrifying in ways that the colonel and his men never could have imagined As they map the territory and gather information on the native tribes, whose understanding of the natural world is unlike anything they have ever encountered, Forrester and his men discover the blurred lines between human and wild animal, the living and the dead And while the men knew they would face starvation and danger, they cannot escape the sense that some greater, mysterious force threatens their lives Meanwhile, on her own at Vancouver Barracks, Sophie chafes under the social restrictions and yearns to travel alongside her husband She does not know that the winter will require as much of her as it does her husband, that both her courage and faith will be tested to the breaking point Can her exploration of nature through the new art of photography help her to rediscover her sense of beauty and wonder The truths that Allen and Sophie discover over the course of that fateful year change both of their lives and the lives of those who hear their stories long after they re gone forever.
    To the Bright Edge of the World A Novel Aug , To the Bright Edge of the World moves seamlessly through different times and different voices to depict an often harrowing journey that leads the central characters to question all that they have known as real true Ivey s novel is a dazzling depiction of love, endurance, courage, and wonder, and a worthy successor to The Snow Child. To the Bright Edge of the World A Novel Kindle edition Aug , In To the Bright Edge of the World, her second novel, Ivey manages to turn an adventure set in Alaska into much The book begins with a contemporary relative donating to a small museum the journals and other artifacts from an expedition The journals were written by his great uncle, Colonel Alan Forrester, and his great aunt, Sophie. Bright Netflix Official Site Bright TV MA h m Action Adventure In an LA rife with interspecies tensions, a human cop and his orc partner stumble on a powerful object and become embroiled in a prophesied turf war Starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace. To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey Aug , Eowyn Ivey s novel, To the Bright Edge of the World is lovely, the prose is gorgeous, and the varying points of view made this all the compelling Walter, Walt, Forrester wants to find a home for the boxes of lette Bright Dec , Directed by David Ayer With Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramrez A detective must work with an Orc to find a powerful wand before evil creatures do. Bright film Bright is a American urban fantasy action film directed by David Ayer, written by Max Landis, and starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, dgar Ramrez, and Ike Barinholtz.The film is set in an alternate present in which humans and mythical creatures co exist and details an LAPD police officer and his orc partner confronting racism and police corruption while Bright Definition of Bright by Merriam Webster bright, radiant, and brilliant mean shining or glowing with light bright can be used of something that produces or reflects a great amount of light Bright stars shone overhead A bright full moon filled the sky radiant is often used of something that sends forth its own light. Bright light next to Moon What is the bright star next to Apr , The bright light is not a star although it is sometimes called the Evening Star but rather the planet Venus After the Sun and the Moon, Venus is the third brightest object in our skies. The Bright Lands by John Fram The Bright Lands is hands down one of the best debut novels that I ve ever read This Stephen King meets Grindr horror novel will exceed any of your expectations Surrounding small Texan town Bentley, there lies a secret hidden deep within the town s history Joel Whitley, a former resident of the town, has moved to New York to start his life over after growing up with the homophobic ridicule August guide to the bright planets Astronomy Aug , Four of the bright planets are visible in the August sky You ll notice bright Jupiter and Saturn near each for most of these August nights Red Mars rises in the east at mid to late
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    1. I wanted to read this book because The Snow Child is such a beautifully told story and Ivey s writing is so captivating Although this one is a very different kind of story, it is gripping and beautiful as well and told in a unique way It s a different kind of narrative consisting of journal entries, drawings, photos, diary entries, descriptions of artifacts, newspaper articles, official army reports and my favorite selections, the beautiful love letters Ivey does a masterful job of blending thes [...]

    2. This is an enthralling and atmospheric historical novel set in late nineteenth century Alaska The narrative takes the form of interwoven articles, photographs, journals, diary, letters etc There are three different storylines Recently married Colonel Allen Forrester is entrusted to map the impassable Wolverine River in Alaska and document information on the various native Indian tribes His journal gives an insight into this harrowing and pioneering expedition, including their experience of folkl [...]

    3. I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did because the premise makes it seem like it s going to be slow and tedious but wow I was so drawn into the story when I actually started reading it The writing was fantastic and I enjoyed all the characters Sophie was particularly enjoyable for me I love how the myths and culture of the natives was weaved into the story line, and I always enjoy books with magic realism in them usually Also the old man was hilarious Really well written and construc [...]

    4. I ve finished the pages, closed my kindle, and yet, I still feel held in this otherworldly moment, unwilling to rejoin this world that is my real life Even that seems untrue, because this story feels so real, it s hard to believe that any part of this is fictional, not real Eowyn Ivey s novel, To the Bright Edge of the World is lovely, the prose is gorgeous, and the varying points of view made this all the compelling Walter, Walt, Forrester wants to find a home for the boxes of letters and jour [...]

    5. How is it that we tell a story The best of them are true extensions of the human spirit relayed through journals, diaries, letters, photos, and the like It s the hand that grips us tightly and takes us deeply into the experiential catacombs of another.Oh, Eowyn Ivey does it so well as she did with such finesse in The Snow Child before this To make us, the readers, feel with this finite acuity is a gift If you take away anything from this novel, just read the letter from Lieutenant Colonel Forres [...]

    6. Eowyn Ivey is one of those rare authors whose talent shines brightly when they are capturing small, quiet moments, as well as dramatic occurrences Her first book, The Snow Child, was an absolute wonder, and it made my list of the best books I read in 2012 In her new book, To the Bright Edge of the World, Ivey returns to her beloved Alaska and dazzles once again.One of the things that s so remarkable about Ivey s talent is that this book is so tremendously compelling despite the fact that the two [...]

    7. When Colonel Forrester leaves from the army barracks in Vancouver, he is charged with exploring the Wolverine River in the newly acquired territory of Alaska He leaves behind his wife, Sophie As he blazes a trail in the wilderness, filled with tribes of different Indians, horrific snowstorms, lack of food, loss of supplies and many surreal and some dangerous happenings, his wife is blazing her own trail After suffering a personal tragedy, Sophie, bored with gossip and teas with the other army wi [...]

    8. I once thought to kill myself so that I would no longer wander through a fog such as this How could it be any greater crime than that which I have already faced, committed, failed to undo Yet I am a coward I had included To the Bright Edge of the World on my list, long before I know of Ivey s The Snow Child a book that touched me deeply My interest was picked for two reasons First, I have a deep love for the region of Alaska, and second, the book synopsis brought to my mind a beautiful film call [...]

    9. Note rereading for my library s book club It was chosen at my recommendation so I am hoping they will love it as much as I did I fell totally head over heels in love with this book Through NetGalley, I ve been fortunate enough to read several books being published this year with advanced reader s copies and this is by far one of the finest many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity Now the question is how to do this gem justice in my review How to describe the ple [...]

    10. This is a put on the fire, heat up some hot chocolate and wrap yourself in a warm fluffy blanket kind of read It is slow paced, atmospheric, detailed, an exchange of letters.The year is 1885 Allen Forrester is on an expedition traversing the Alaskan wilderness with a small group of men to map out the territory He writes to his wife, Sophia, who sits at home in confinement, waiting for her husband to return He writes of the terrain, the hardships.She writes back of her own challenges she faces be [...]

    11. This story is full of adventure and discovery as Colonel Alan Forrester is commissioned to go to the Wolverine River in Alaska, with just a few men, the year is 1885.This story tells of everything the men encountered, how his new wife Sophie got on without him while she stayed in the military barracks, and tells a simultaneous story, in modern day, of Forrester s great nephew and his handling of Forrester s artifacts and journals from the adventureI did like this very much, but not nearly as muc [...]

    12. Beautiful cover, intriguing title, by the same author as The Snow Child this book was just begging to be read So I read it and I am very glad I did Eowyn Ivey knows Alaska well and it shows in her beautiful descriptions and her understanding of the country I have never been there but it is certainly on my bucket list now.I enjoyed the presentation of the story very much There are diary entries and letters from the past between the two main characters, letters in the current day from other intere [...]

    13. Ivashov and his men were sleeping in their sleds when, at a prearranged sign, the Midnooskies crushed each of the men s skulls with axes At first glance this is a story that I shouldn t like it s essentially an account of an expedition into the frozen wilds of Alaska, expressed in the form of diaries and historical documents.Sounds boring, right Wronggg This is in fact an epic tale of love, nature, historical adventure and North American mythology that had me absorbed from start to finish.It s 1 [...]

    14. From sparsely settled and poorly explored, an avalanche of snow, ice, earth, rocks, that spilled down the gully, swept through our camp an adventure of a life time Present Day Rafting trips down the Wolverine River with comfortable sleeping quarters and freshly prepared meals The adventure of a life time It s hard to believe anything about this novel is fiction To The Bright Edge of the World is a novel but feels like a historical biography The storytelling is beautifully woven together through [...]

    15. 5 I don t know if I can explain how much I enjoyed this book I postponed reading it, thinking it might be long and slow, but for me, it was completely absorbing and fascinating.This may be helped because my mother was a Lewis and Clark enthusiast and had a wonderful leather bound edition of their journals I didn t read them, but I did read some of her other mountain men and fur trapper books and about opening up the American West Opening up from a colonial European standpoint, that is I imagine [...]

    16. FROM THE BLURBEowyn Ivey s new novel is a breathtaking story of discovery and adventure, set at the end of the nineteenth century, and of a marriage tested by a closely held secret.Colonel Allen Forrester receives the commission of a lifetime when he is charged to navigate Alaska s hitherto impassable Wolverine River, with only a small group of men The Wolverine is the key to opening up Alaska and its huge reserves of gold to the outside world, but previous attempts have ended in tragedy.For For [...]

    17. 3.5 stars I admired To the Bright Edge of the World than I enjoyed reading it I m not sure if I can put my finger on why, because as I write my review I have mostly positive things to say about this book Essentially, it tells the parallel stories of Colonel Allen Forrester and his wife Sophie in 1885 That year, the Colonel led an expedition into Alaska, while his wife Sophie stayed in Oregon Their story is told through journal entries, letters, articles, artifacts and photographs Added as a lay [...]

    18. I loved this adventure tale of an exploratory U.S Army expedition deep into the Alaskan interior by way of a frozen river, glacier, and mountain pass in 1885, followed by a descent of Yukon River watershed to the northeastern Alaskan coast We are treated to the pleasures of teamwork of a small company against all the dangers you can imagine in this harsh wilderness and the excitement of first contact with certain Alaskan Native tribes Rather than stick to a version of a single comparable histori [...]

    19. Eowyn Ivey returns with another sensational novel set in the heart of Alaska Though completely different from her first piece, it is sure to intrigue curious readers, as did her debut novel, The Snow Child In 1885, Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester received a commission from the Army brass to lead an expedition up the Wolverine River in the Alaskan Territory, where he is to provide topographical sketches, detailed reports, and engage in significant interactions with the local Indian population [...]

    20. Eowyn Ivey s intricate second novel weaves together diaries, letters, photographs, and various other documents and artifacts to tell the gently supernatural story of an exploratory mission along Alaska s Wolverine River in 1885 and its effects through to the present day If you have read Ivey s 2012 debut, The Snow Child, you ll remark once again on her skill in bringing the bleak beauty of Alaska to life on the page and blending magic realism and folktales with a nonetheless realistic view of hi [...]

    21. First off let s start here do yourself and this book a favor, and don t rush this read This is not something to be plowed through or set on a schedule, or read on an airplane or in a noisy room This story should be given the dignity of your time and a special space, and it deserves it.This is one of those rare novels that starts out at a solid 3.5 4.0 rating, and then crawls its way to a 5.0 read and stays there.How good is this book Like, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and National Book Award good [...]

    22. 4 This was such a well developed adventure story An Alaska version of a Lewis and Clarke like exploration with feminine input yet unspoiled by romanticism Inspired by an expedition led in 1885, the author utilizes fictional journals, letters, and photographs and four alternating narrative strands in epistolary style which all come together in a credible and absorbing tale As she did in The Snow Child, Ivey leads the reader into to a ruggedly beautiful and brutal Alaskan wilderness but that is w [...]

    23. 5 Stars for a story that is full of adventure and survival In the winter of 1885, Colonel Allen Forrester and his small company of soldiers began a risky expedition up the Wolverine River Valley in the untamed Alaskan Territory His job was to map the region and gather information from the tribes that they would be encountering Although they were prepared for this mission, they were also hesitant at what they might encounter, as this is uncharted territory and known to be extremely dangerous.This [...]

    24. It is hard to believe that what I just finished reading is fiction This novel is told in beautiful prose and in the form of diaries, letters and descriptions of artifacts from Alaska, which seem to be something that I would find in a museum That is exactly where this book starts Walter Forrester sends boxes of letters and journals from his great aunt and great uncle s 1885 Alaskan expedition to Joshua Sloan who is the curator of a small museum in Alpine, Alaska Mr Sloan isn t really sure that hi [...]

    25. I fell in love with this book it captured both my head and my heart, completely and utterly.My expectations were high, because this is the second novel by Alaskan author Eowyn Ivey, whose first novel, The Snow Child, had me very nearly lost for words I remember reading it when it was shiny and new, and being delighted when my book went on to be a huge success, much loved and much lauded.I was thrilled when a copy of this second book, a rather bigger book, arrived When I examined it closely I sa [...]

    26. There s so much in this book to love, but in the end it just didn t quite get me in the way I hoped it would As a historian, I am drawn to stories like these, based on real events or incredible places, and formatted as a collection of documents letters, newspaper cuttings, diary entries etc Ivey does this well, with an interesting balance between the daily reports of Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester and his attempts to navigate the Wolverine River and his wife Sophie, who suffers her own hards [...]

    27. Excellent book Written in a very unique and clever format The story felt so real with the journal entries, letters, photos, newspaper articles, etc I really enjoyed this

    28. I would give this book 6 stars, if I could I can find numerous superlatives to describe how much I liked it but will try not to gush too much I became enthralled from the first pages when Walter Forrester sends unsolicited boxes of letters and journals of his great uncle s 1885 Alaskan mapping expedition a century ago to Joshua Sloan, exhibits curator of a small museum in Alpine, Alaska The expedition was months long and through a harrowing 1000 miles of uncharted land He also included some of h [...]

    29. Received from the publishers and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Colonel Allen Forrester and his wife Sophie are newlyweds living in Military barracks Their married life has just begun when Allen is asked to take a small group of men to navigate the impassable Wolverine River in Alaska We know this is going to be a difficult if not nearly impossible task Others have tried to navigate the river and their attempts have ended in tragedy Colonel Forrester needs to document what he finds o [...]

    30. 4 starsNo offense, fellow GR amigos, but I was really prepared to hate this one.To the Bright Edge of the World seemed to have to put it in baseball or Family Feud parlance two actually, nearly three strikes against it as I was preliminarily paging through the e reader Strike One a steadfast epistolary format novels comprised solely of diaries and letters usually bore me to tears Strike Two an alarming Ransom Riggs esque array of photos seemigly culled from long forgotten steamer trunks sorry, t [...]

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