Nightmare Town (2020)

Nightmare Town Introduced by Colin Dexter one of England s greatest writers of detective fiction here are twenty long unavailable stories by Dashiell Hammett the author of The Maltese Falcon and one of the finest
  • Title: Nightmare Town
  • Author: Dashiell Hammett Colin Dexter William F. Nolan
  • ISBN: 9780330481106
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introduced by Colin Dexter, one of England s greatest writers of detective fiction, here are twenty long unavailable stories by Dashiell Hammett, the author of The Maltese Falcon and one of the finest writers of the twentieth century.In the title story, a man on a bender enters a small town and ends up unravelling the dark mystery at its heart A woman confronts the brutalIntroduced by Colin Dexter, one of England s greatest writers of detective fiction, here are twenty long unavailable stories by Dashiell Hammett, the author of The Maltese Falcon and one of the finest writers of the twentieth century.In the title story, a man on a bender enters a small town and ends up unravelling the dark mystery at its heart A woman confronts the brutal truth about her husband in the chilling story, The Ruffian s Wife His Brother s Keeper is a half wit boxer s eulogy to the brother who betrayed him The Second Story Angel recounts one of the most novel cons ever devised In seven stories, the tough and taciturn Continental Op takes on a motley collection of the deceitful, the duped, and the dead, and once again shown his uncanny ability to get at the truth In three stories, Sam Spade confronts the darkness in the human soul while rolling his own cigarettes And the first study for The Thin Man sends John Guild on a murder investigation in which almost every witness may be lying.In Nightmare Town, Dashiell Hammett, America s poet laureate of the dispossessed, shows us a world where people confront a multitude of evils Whether they are trying to right wrongs or just trying to survive, all of them are rendered with Hammett s signature gifts for sharp edged characters and blunt dialogue.Hammett said that his ambition was to elevate mystery fiction to the level of art This collection of masterful stories clearly illustrates Hammett s success, and shows the remarkable range and variety of the fiction he produced.As a novelist of realistic intrigue, Hammett was unsurpassed in his own or any day Ross MacDonaldA legend of a different kind exemplary, not only of a certain kind of American fiction, but also of a certain kind of American life Margaret AtwoodCover photograph Mark Adams
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    1. This is a short story collection a found courtesy somebody on GR, it really has expanded my reading world and this seems to become one of those treasures in a bookish sense I am really very glad to read.Nightmare Town Steve Threefull awakes after a crazy bet in a little town where about everything seems to be off It kind of tickles his curiosity and when he finds out what is going on he can only be surprised.House Dick Why are there three dead people inside an hotel room Continental Op does find [...]

    2. It was a necessary train ride, off the eastcoast grid to the center of the rust belt It was a necessary six hours, even before whistle stops and unexplained lulls were counted in After a high proof holiday and a few sleepless celebrations, the ride back to college was generally comfortable and quiet This was still the era of The National Limited, The Broadway Limited and other time honored routes New fabric protective mats every trip on the shoulders of the seats Smoking cars, Pullman Captains a [...]

    3. Nightmare Town is a collection of short stories from the originator of the hard boiled crime genre, Dashiell Hammett As a private eye for the Pinkerton Detective Agency in San Francisco during the Prohibition Era, Hammett experienced shootouts, knifings, stakeouts, and cold blooded murder for cash These experiences convinced him of one thing everyone is a suspect He began writing short stories based on his detective work for pulp fiction magazines.Nightmare Town is a book of high quality stories [...]

    4. Who wouldn t want to read a collection of 20 great Detective Mystery short stories by the Old Master himself Dashiell Hammett is credited as the writer responsible for the creation of the hard boiled school of detective fiction And why is it so good Authenticity Hammett worked for seven years as a Pinkerton Agent His stories are close enough to some of his actual cases to keep the stories realistic Another positive feature is that all were written in a 12 year time period 1922 1934 This creates [...]

    5. As a writer of mysteries there s much to learn from Hammett s shorter fiction from the 1920s pulp periodicals He s the best Okay, granted, the simplicity of some of the mysteries wouldn t fly today And, truly, I get a bit bored with hardboiled detectives But one has to keep in mind that the cliche hadn t formed yet, that Hammett created the cliche He s a great writer.

    6. This took me alot longer to get through than I expected the Maltese Falcon was just a page turning pleasure, I thought I would buzz through these just a quickly.While you still get an amazing feel of each case, as if you where a witness on the side of the road, it many of these shorter stories there s just a little too much detail There are definitely times where they read like a police report than a story which, given Hammett s background, they may well be.The Continental Op also isn t nearly [...]

    7. Clearly, Hammett is a legend The Maltese Falcon and The Glass Key are both great, but I d rate the title piece of this collection, a short novella of 40 pages, just as highly It s got everything it s painstakingly and impeccably written, it s fast, it s fun, it s furious The only reason no one s made a movie out of it yet is surely that it gets hidden away in these kinds of collections It s a hoot It s so ridiculous it verges on metafiction, both a parody of a genre and a supreme example of that [...]

    8. By and large, I found the stories in this collection to be overrated, but I certainly wouldn t argue with the cultural impact they had Hammett put hardboiled fiction on the map and created three of the most memorable detectives in American literary history.That being said, I don t really care for Hammett when he s not writing detective stories Several of the pieces in the first half of this collection fall completely flat But Hammett shines whenever the Continental Op, Sam Spade, or the Thin Man [...]

    9. There s a line in this book that stayed with me If a man says a thing often enough, he is very likely to acquire some sort of faith in it sooner or later That s a quote of our current age.

    10. Nightmare Town contains 20 stories by Dashiell Hammett that haven t seen the light of day in decades It is definitely a nice surprise to have stories from a writer who left us with too few works.The stories in Nightmare Town are mostly what you would expect from Hammett Seven of the stories are about his character, the Continental Op, his qunitessential detective The Continental Op is everything a hardboiled detective should be but not quite the Hollywood version The Op is balding and middle ag [...]

    11. 49 2010.Yep I couldn t just try Chandler without also sampling the other great master of hard boiled mystery fiction, Dashiell Hammett Again, my random library selections yielded a novel and this short story selection It also has an interesting overview of Hammett s life in the introduction These stories contain hard boiled detectives but also, surprisingly, twist ending stories from different points of view as well Hammett is a varied writer than Chandler and I am always amused whenever the ma [...]

    12. An engrossing introduction to Hammett and a delight to lovers of hard boiled crime fiction There isn t a single shocker but neither is there a standout The stories are crisply written with late twists that range from inspired to farcical Some of the stories do appear dated but it isn t too distracting Overall a good concoction of hard boiled sensibilities and old school whodunits but falls well short of greatness, a word often used to describe Hammett s major works Rating 3 5.

    13. This book is exactly what it purports to be A bunch of short crime fiction stories that taken individually deliver a satisfying read in minimal time The Continental Op and Sam Spade are in for many of the stories and there is even one story that cam be taken as a western Good stuff.

    14. The stories her are early introduction to the classic writings of detective turned detective writer Hammett We see early Continental Op, Sam Spade and Thin Man.

    15. Nightmare Town by Dashiell HammettWe have one surprise after another And men fall down, if not like flies, at least in an unusual number But hey, this is the Nightmare Town, remember Dashiell Hammett is best known for The Maltese Falcon that has been included on the TIME list of best novels.And adapted for the big screen, with Humphrey Bogart in the title role, a super star that liked to whine I have learned recently.At the beginning of this story, a Ford car nearly kills a woman and not just on [...]

    16. So much has been said and written about Hammett over the years it is unnecessary for me to comment beyond saying that I admire these stories immensely There are no wasted words, nor do you feel the need to add any They are thin, compact, punchy as the characters who populate the pages, and they unfold with the relentlessness of the Zephyr leaving Davis seven minutes behind, but intent on arriving in San Francisco on time Hammett is one reason I haven t been too tempted to approach the genre from [...]

    17. Here s another collection of hard boiled noir from the Dashiell Hammett vault You might be wondering, with three great collections of his shorter works already out The Continental Op, The Big Knockover Selected Stories and Short Novels and Dashiell Hammett Crime Stories and Other Writings Crime Stories and Other Writings what makes this one worth checking out After all, wouldn t there be a reason why these stories remained unavailable for so long Those are reasonable questions Thankfully, they r [...]

    18. Hammett is Hammett It s tough to conceive of him churning out anything less than 100 percent platinum except towards the end when his craft fell off by a bit a notch and he was reduced to 24 karat gold This is a short story collection, and seven of the stories feature the Continental Op, probably his best if not most well known creation True, the stories are in the hard boiled private eye vein, but those who really know the genre also know that the originators Hammett, Chandler, and the pulp fic [...]

    19. A pretty essential collection of short stories for crime fiction fans, although the essay that opens the book, giving a recap of Hammett s life and career as a real life Pinkerton that parallels his writing, is just as interesting and adds quite a bit to the experience The stories are fascinating as much for how they give a modern reader a window on the corruption and desperation of the times as the mysteries themselves.Many are stand alones, although both of Hammett s recurring characters the C [...]

    20. This book contains stories written during different phases of Hammett s literary career They mostly belong to the hardboiled genre, but their distict styles make it the most representative book by Hammett You will find Continetal Op stories here, as well as those involving amateurs You will find grim action packed stories, ands there are a few poignant few There is an extremely intriguing draft of The Thin Man , which, I am sure, has been tempting numerous mystery writers to take up for completi [...]

    21. So the ending of Nightmare Town please send me a message on how you think it ended I don t want to spoil it for anyone but I m curious of your opinion.Contains the following short stories Nightmare Town, House Dick also known as Bodies Piled Up , Ruffian s Wife, The Man Who Killed Dan Odams, Night Shots, Zigzags of Treachery, The Assistant Murderer, His Brother s Keeper, Two Sharp Knives, Death on Pine Street, The Second Story Angel, Afraid of a Gun, Tom, Dick, or Harry also known as Mike, Alec, [...]

    22. It is tremendously fun to be a fan of an author like Dashiell Hammett and then discover a new collection of stories Not that re reading the Continental Op collection and the novels is boring, but a whole set of stories Continental Op included, and Sam Spade that one hasn t read Nice I think the editors have done a great job, and the biographical sketch told me a lot about Hammett that I didn t know Highly recommended Anyone out there doing the real, complete Dashiell Hammett collection Please Wh [...]

    23. A fun, relaxing read Very tightly paced stories that build up to a surprise ending In some cases, the trick conclusions are very satisfying The Man Who Killed Don Adams Others are subtle in their characterization Ruffian Wife Always interesting how the plots turn from action to exposition at the moment the climax gives way to denouement Nightmare Town a trait of pulp, for better or worse Of course, what will be most interesting for the class will be the two Thin Man stories I doubt many of the [...]

    24. Another collection of short stories, some of which I ve read before but some of which I hadn t, showing Hammett s wide range in writing his slow witted but good hearted boxer speaks with a dictinct diction, as does his wonderfully charming highbrow aspiring poet detective, who s in love with his terrible poetry but dismisses his brilliant detective work as nothing much Also includes an early draft of the beginning of The Thin Man, which doesn t work very well on its own but definitely reveals ho [...]

    25. A mix of Continental Op stories with other unrelated crime fiction I tend to like the Op stuff best, although the title story is really inventive and worth your while if you read no other story in the collection It s so brutal and almost 100 years old The end of the book is an early attempt at the Thin Man with a different plot It s a shame Hammett got lazy with all of that Hollywood money because I wish he had spent the last 30 years of his life writing of these stories Hammett s novels are gr [...]

    26. This collection of short stories by Dashiell Hammett is as diverse as it is exciting There is no central character or plot, but this package does provide Hammett s signature fast paced adventure coupled with his illustrations of who we are as human animals Some are better than others, but all are generally good at least Some seem to have been written to provide action packed pulp that would produce of a paycheck than substance, but overall this collection is solid and is always entertaining.

    27. Sam Spade only appeared 4 times on the page The Maltese Falcon and the three stories included here While the stories are all essentially hard boiled versions of Agatha Christie drawing room mysteries, they re fun and Spade has a better showing than he did in Falcon I didn t read all the stories here, but I did read the ones featuring Hammett s other famous detective, the Continental Op Maybe it s me, but it feels like Hammett put into the Op stories attitude, substance All enjoyable, short re [...]

    28. Hit or miss, with a mediocre or worse story for every good one, but it s still a great read for fans of Dashiell Hammett or detective fiction in general What really makes Dashiell Hammett a great detective writer is his experience in the actual profession, but some of his earlier work is unfortunately wooden, as it took a while for him to find his voice.All in all, it s a very good read, but if you re new to Hammett or detective fiction, I d start with Maltese Falcon or Red Harvest first.

    29. This collection of fast paced stories is eminently readable and thoroughly enjoyable Hammett s dialogue is always unique, though often imitated it is never usually duplicated with success My favorite story was The Man Who Killed Dan Odoms My least favorite was the one about the boxer, the title of which escapes me Although I am certain the sweat and the blood could be tasted and smelled, I could not get into it.Any Hammett fan, mystery fan, or lover of great tales should read this collection.

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