All the Nothing We've Done: A Short Story (2020)

All the Nothing We ve Done A Short Story Chevelle Falsetto has died struck down by the Number bus The very bus she should have been riding to work Now instead of explaining to her boss why she s late Chevelle finds herself explaining t
  • Title: All the Nothing We've Done: A Short Story
  • Author: Christina McMullen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chevelle Falsetto has died, struck down by the Number 48 bus The very bus she should have been riding to work Now, instead of explaining to her boss why she s late, Chevelle finds herself explaining to Saint Peter why she s early.
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      108 Christina McMullen
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    1. I liked this It s funny and thought provoking, and whimsical.It pokes holes in a lot of preconceptions in a lighthearted but meaningful way.

    2. This was a fast, lighthearted read Really enjoyable.EDIT after sleeping on it, I still can t get the idea outta my head that everything we do has consequences beyond what we see and or know Great stories stay with you, and this one certainly fits the bill

    3. Fun short story I really enjoyed this short story It was a super quick read and I found myself laughing at quite a few parts, my husband looking at me strange, like, why am I laughing to myself Lol Great read

    4. This was a different style for Ms McMullen Contrarily to her previous work, where I always fell in love with her characters, in this story, her protagonist, Chevelle, is not the most engaging protagonist however, even if the book is short, she has time to grow on you There s not much I can safely talk about without spoilers All I can say is that it made me wonder about St Peter and the judgment day Will I pass the test or will I fail miserably Food for thoughts.

    5. Long story short I really liked this story.Now for the longform I really, really liked this story From the get go, McMullen paints a vivid picture of main character Chevelle Falsetto as being what most people would think of as a shiftless loser She has a bottom of the barrel, dead end job working at a fast food place called Chicken Chateau, she seems hapless and aloof, and, most importantly, inattentive It s that last one that gets her into trouble, when she steps right out in front of the Numbe [...]

    6. An excellent exercise in re framing, I loved the different perspectives it offered on the main character s life and choices The balance of the seriousness of final judgment and humour in the same situation was perfect It was short and sweet, with a sprinkling of sass It s also one that I know I ll be reading again because I enjoyed it so much.

    7. I really enjoyed this short story Humor, sassiness, and smarls What could you ask for in a short story One of the better parts was McMullen s take on the afterlife Definitely a fresh take if I ve ever seen one.

    8. Here s the deal I have read a few of McMullen s books While they have all been good and enjoyable, I always felt she had talent than she was letting on Here we see some of the talent finally coming out This is an excellent story

    9. I ve been wanting to read something by Christina McMullen for awhile now, but honestly, she s written so much that I was unsure where to start until I saw this short story, as I m a sucker for existential humor It was a refreshingly new and irreverent take on the after death experience, and her bluntly ironic writing style really sold it Also, as someone who s spent a lot of time riding city buses, I especially loved her description of that experience

    10. This is a bit of a departure from the norm for Christina McMullen insofar as it s a short story and not quite filled with the LOL inducing humor that I ve come to know and love from her That does not, however, mean that it was not as good as anything she s ever written There s subtle humor in the irony of the situation and it s a good look at how do nothing is just as bad as doing something wrong Excellent, short read

    11. I liked this little story a lot The main character is a charming underachieving fast food worker who gets hit by a bus Most of the story is her c mical conversation with Saint Peter.

    12. Enjoyable and thought provoking If you died suddenly and were confronted with the reality of having to justify your deeds to get into heaven, what would you say All The Nothing We ve Done revolves around this very question in a light hearted and often humorous way, yet it is an interesting and thought provoking read.The reader is reminded that what one person considers sinful might be seen as virtuous by another perspective and interpretation are key factors in how we view and evaluate others ac [...]

    13. Chevelle was overrun by the bus she was going to take and died prematurely She comes to a place where everything is white with a little gold and meets St Peter They discuss what she has done or not done in her life.This short story is entertaining and funny I highly recommend it.

    14. A different view of lifeRather than present God as a heavy handed overbearing judge, Ms McMullen shows him as one who can appreciate the good that comes about as a result of our actions here on earth, regardless of how misguided our approach might be Thia was entertaining and well written, and leaves the reader eith a lot to consider Great job

    15. Sweet, funny little storyThis is a nice little story about an underachiever trying to get into heaven Funny, cute , and a little philosophical.

    16. Warning may be spoilers All the Nothing We ve Done is a very thought provoking and even, at times, humorous read Do not read this expecting a message of salvation by grace as it emphasizes salvation through proving your worth through good deeds This fact does not affect my rating as I do not believe a salvation message was the author s intent Rather this story follows the main character as she is forced to look back on her life and realize there are good and bad sides to every action she has com [...]

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